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Jacking off in public

Share a masturbation Technique!

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Postby Guest » Mon Dec 26, 2005 11:11 am

pnce i was masturbating in the woods behind my house... i had a couple pillows back there from an old couch we threw out... one time when i was masturbating on the pillows i finished up and walked back to my clothes and just as i almost got to them this man walking his dog caught me... it was intense

Jacking off in public

Postby Danny » Mon Dec 26, 2005 8:45 pm

When I was 17 I worked in a gas station where you worked in a booth where people could only see you from the waist up. I had a lady pull in one night wearing tight spandex work out clothes, she seemed to be giving quite a show of her tight little body, she came up to the window and prepaid, she had some of the hardest nipples ive ever seen then continued back to pump her gas with the most perfect ass bent right in front of me. It seemed like I was almost out of control as I justified pulling my hard on out and began to jack off to her under the counter. As she came back for her change I slid out the change drawer to her with one hand and didn't hide the motion of my left arm movement at all, she new exactly what I was doing with a brief smile and turn back to her car I let out an incredible amount of cumm go everywhere under the counter.

Fun at the carwash

Postby nywings » Mon Dec 26, 2005 9:38 pm

It was a hot summer day in the middle of the week. The carwash was empty except for one other car. I went for change and saw the girl washing her car staring over towards me. I had a pair of white sweats on with nothing under them so the shape of my cock was very clear. I often enjoyed doing this so I could see how many ladies would try to get a better look to see the shape of my cock in those sweats. If she just made eye contact and said hello nothing would happen but if she took a good down south I would feel myself getting excited. well this college coed was very interested and took a good look. I could feel my cock swinging back and forth in those sweats and she was staring right down at it as I walked! I normally control my excitement especially if there are other guys around. This day there was just the two of us and she was trying very hard to see the shape of my cock in those sweats. I enjoyed knowing she was trying to see my cock and allowed myself to get semi hard so she got a goot look at it. I even deliberately walked past her stall to say hi and ask her if she had any trouble with the change machine. She greated me with a nice hello and told me she had some change. Standing by her open door with her head inside her car getting change I enjoyed seeing her thong undies showing as her shorts slid down a little showing the crack of her ass. I was tempted to rub up against her but resisted the urge. The thought of this got me quite hard so my cock was stocking out straight and the head of it was very clearly defined. I saw her looking back at it as she bent over even further giving me a very clear view down the back of her pants. I enjoyed the view but then got an even better one as her top was drooping down enough so I could get a quick peek at her white bra cupping her titties! She backed herself out of the car and was looking right at my crotch the whole time! She turned and I got to see her nipples sticking up nice and hard! She dropped a quarter and when she picked it up she was again staring eye level at my crotch. This was a rare time that anything like this happened at the carwash. I often enjoyed watching ladies trace the shape of my cock with their eyes but her this girl was inches away from my fully hard cock making my sweats look like a pup tent! I became embarassed at such attention and quick gave her my dollar and took the change. I looked down as I turned away from her and saw the head of my cock straining so hard at the material you could see the hole at the tip. I hurried back to my car so excited and embarrassed at the same time. When I got my car washed I was able to calm down and be flacid again. I pulled over to the vacuum station and could see my friend drying her car in the bay. She was bending down so far I could see her white bra every time. I started to vacuum my car and was getting very excited about knowing she enjoyed staring at my cock. I think she caught me staring back a few times too. I could hide myself in my car pretending to vacuum it but I was really rubbing my cock the whole time. Fully erect again and feeling so horny I couldn't stop rubbing myself. The big vacuum hose was ribbed and vibrated so when I rubbed it against my hard cock it drove me wild. I was laying across the back seat now moving the hose across my cock feeling the sensations when I was startled by the sound of someone dropping coins in the other vacuum. The girl had pulled up on the other side of the island I was parked at I could see her looking around the vacuum and staring down into my car as she got the hose off the hook! I have no idea how much she saw but it was clear she had to see me rubbing myself with that hose. I quickly rolled over to hide my erection and slipped out of the car. She dropped quickly and started vacuuming her car now. She was bent all the way over as she worked that hose back and forth. her white shorts were pulled up tight on her letting me picture the shape of her pussy lips. The one leg allowed a few black curly hairs to peek out too. Then I got a real treat... I looked for her white bra again as she was bent down but didn't see it. Her top was hanging way down but this time I saw her two tits swinging back and forth without a BRA! Okay I though to myself ... She had a bra on before and now she was braless! The sun was shining in well enough to give me such a clear view. I could see her tits curve toward the end but just shy of seeing her nipples. Well it was clear to me now she was not only enjoying the show but enjoyed giving one as well. I was enjoying watching her tits wiggle and with the vacuum running could rub the hose up against my hard cock to get a great feeling. I saw her looking back a few time so I knew she saw me staring. I had to get some more coins in my vacuum when it stopped and was ready to go crazy if I didn't grab a handfull and jerk myself. I got back down laying across my back seat and slid my hand inside my sweats. From this position I was able to look up out my back window. I could hear her vacuum still going but then saw her shadow as she got back up by the vacuum again and looked down into my car. My hand movements were very clear so she knew what I was playing with. She didn't run or look away but stayed right there staring down at me. I had never let things go this far with a stranger and the only times I exposed myself was done as a joke or streaking in college. She also had to know I knew she was watching me but she seemed to enjoy the show! Thats when I made my mo. With my hand stroking my cock inside those sweats I slid myself up across the sat a little. This tended to pull the sweats down so the waistband was at my wrist. Now as worked my hand up and down I pushed the sweats all the way down fully exposing my hard cock as I stroked myself! This pleasure was short lived though cause I suddenly heard her yell to someone that she would be finished up in a minute. I tried to pull my sweats up quickly but the waistband was under me so I couldn't get them all the way up before she was at my door staring down at me. She whispered that there were two guys in a truck over there that wanted to use the vacuum. Then she said I better be careful cause they might walk over. I quickly lifted myself up to pull my sweats up over my cock and balls while she watched me the whole time! By the time I got up out of my car she was already seated in hers. I saw the two guys but they were still in the wash bay not paying attention. Did she do that just to have an excuse to get a closeup view of my cock? I dodn't know but she sure got a good look at it! Then I looked over and said thanks to her. The vacuum blocked my view from the guys with the truck but she could still see the bulging sweatpants on me. I could see her white bra laying on the floor in her back seat. Then with one leg still outside her car as she sat in her drivers seat she lifted herself up off her seat and with a finger inside each leg of her shorts she pulled them way out away from herself Like she was fixing the material. She slide her fingers up and down quickly a couple times and I got a quick glimpse of her bush hiding inside! Then as she pulled her shoulder harness on I could see all the way down her top and this time saw her hard nipples clear as day! She gave me a big smile and just said "Bye Bye,,," with a big wink! I coldn't even make it home before I finished myself off! Even though I never saw her again I relive that day over and over again!

Oh yeah?

Postby SwissArmyRomantic » Fri Dec 30, 2005 11:41 am

Well, I've jerked off in my 8th grade geometry class. The teacher turned all the lights off and was using the overhead and I got bored and the girl next to me had her back turned, so I just stuck my hand in my pants and started jerking. I stopped myself from cumming though, although I did have an orgasm.

Another time I got pissed at my cousins so I went up to the bathroom while they were out swimming with my brother and I jerked off in their shampoo bottle. Hahaha. I don't know if that counts, but i thought it was funny.

I also jerk off in my highschool bathroom sometimes. It's a good way to avoid the "walking up to the board with an erection" thing.

Re: Oh yeah?

Postby Ashley » Fri Dec 30, 2005 5:23 pm

SwissArmyRomantic wrote:Well, I've jerked off in my 8th grade geometry class. The teacher turned all the lights off and was using the overhead and I got bored and the girl next to me had her back turned, so I just stuck my hand in my pants and started jerking. I stopped myself from cumming though, although I did have an orgasm.

Another time I got pissed at my cousins so I went up to the bathroom while they were out swimming with my brother and I jerked off in their shampoo bottle. Hahaha. I don't know if that counts, but i thought it was funny.

I also jerk off in my highschool bathroom sometimes. It's a good way to avoid the "walking up to the board with an erection" thing.

Lmao, that is funny! But, that's the sort of thing you'd do to a friend not your family!?? That's a bit unfair.
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Postby jason1980 » Sat Dec 31, 2005 5:23 am

did it a lot in school bathroom. Also had to take a makeup test by myself in a room that had windows all around it and the rest of the building could see in, not many people there but I took out my dick and jerked it anyway.

Have done it in changing rooms before too. Once on a city bus. Had it out, driver saw it but didnt say anything, but lways acted weird when i got on the bus after that day. lol
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Postby Guest » Sun Jan 01, 2006 1:04 am

thank you

school jack off

Postby bacon » Sun Jan 01, 2006 7:16 am

When i was 14 i had this really hot MILF teacher, one day she was wearing some sexy short skirt and an exsposing top,we were watching a movie that day and she sat down right in front of me and was leaning over her desk and I could see that hse wassnt wearing any under wear i could almost see half her ass, so about half way throught the movie pulled out my dick and put a jacket over it and began to pump it slowly so no one would notice.She then turned around and saw me doing it and she jsut looked at me with a funny exspression.After the movie was over and everyone was leaving the class she came over to me and bent over right in front of me reaveling her ass to me. I had been geting after school tutoring from her because i wassnt the smartest guy in town.And while she was tutoring me she told me she knew what i was doing and asked if i wanted to get some real serious tutoring from her.I being a virgin was too shy to continue and fuck her but she did let me grab her when no one was around.Has anyone else had a sexual relation with a teacher?

Once now and forever,

Postby goforitMark » Mon Jan 02, 2006 3:53 pm

Just a couple of days ago, walking home from a Christmas party in the early hours, felt myself getting hard as I played through my pocket. It started snowing, and I just dropped my pants and boxers and masturbated in the middle of the path. Blew my load into some bushes at the side. Felt good as the snow kept landing on my naked penis.
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Postby Guest » Sun Jan 08, 2006 5:44 am

one time after gym we were taking showers(enclosed/saperate) and i jacked off right into my hand and let the water wash it off it was sweet

Postby leo » Tue Jan 10, 2006 3:16 am

I've jacked in several public places. In college I had this one restroom I would use. Not too many people coming in but enough to make it a little daring. Usually I would do it in the stall but sometimes in the urinal. I also worked in this office and I had to do a lot of odd jobs in the storage room in the basement. That was a great place. I would cum on the floor in the corner and then just leave it there to dry up. I can only guess how many layers I left behind before I gave that job up.
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jacking with animals

Postby mickster » Fri Jan 13, 2006 5:11 am

i was wondering how many people have ever jacked off with an animal eg: had a dog lick you balls etc..

I have always wanted but dont want to becos of health reasons.

R there any guys/girls from melbourne australia here?


public J/O

Postby cdjim » Sat Jan 21, 2006 6:14 am

I'm a semi crossdresser ( I stick to the womens underwear only) and, I guess, a bit
of an exhibitionist.

Anyway, I used to live in this 2nd floor apartment. Almost every night I would walk around my place with the curtains open and wearing only my underwear. About 2-4 times a week
I would stand in front of the living room window. I would start by playing with myself and changing into various types of underwear.

I would stip naked and put on panties, pantyhose and a slip. By the time I had the slip on my penis would be hard as a rock.

Always on the lookout for neighbors in my building coming home, I would begin to stroke myself through the panties. Eventually I'd pull my panties and hose down just enough to pull my penis out.

This was a common routine for 4 years at this place. I only know of one time when some guy saw me jacking off. He was walking up the street in dark clothes and I didn't see him until I niticed he stopped to see what was going on. I was shocked!

Fearing I was "busted", I pulled back a little and just behind the partition in the window frame. The guy took a couple of steps back to see if he could see, and I got some balls and stepped back into the window to let him see more.

Then he coaxed me on by grabbing at his crotch. So I kept stroking myself and decided to give him the whole show. I stripped naked and contiued to jack off for a minute then I began to "dress-up" again. I think he liked that because he was really rubbing himself for
a bit then.

When I was dressed again, I pulled my panties and hose down again and I rolled my slip
up to expose myself real good. to him. I stroked again for about 10 minutes or so, It was kind of hard to come real quick because all this time I was shaking like a leaf. But finally
I did come. And It was f-ing incredilble!!

That was the first time I ever jacked off in front of someone, and a couple of weeks later I saw the guy walking up the street again. I noticed as he walked by he was looking up at my apartment, so I stood up in front of the window and he stopped to watch. I gave him another complete show.But alas, thet was the last time I saw the guy, and I've been itching to find someone else to J/O in front of.

public J/O

Postby cdjim » Sat Jan 21, 2006 6:45 am

I've jacked off in quite a few other places, but never been caught.

I did it in a K-Mart changing room, the restroom at work, a movie theatre restroom. I did it in a mall parkinglot in my car. Most recently, I've jacked off in my garage at night with the door wide open. And also in my car at highway rest stop.

I must be a real perv...oh guys all do that too!! lol

Re: public J/O

Postby brisjkr » Sat Jan 21, 2006 10:11 pm

cdjim wrote:Most recently, I've jacked off in my garage at night with the door wide open.

I've done that while perving on the woman in the house at the back.
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