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The one on the beach

by Amy

A warm summer storm had descended upon the beach, and sent wave after wave of crashing rains and thunder and lightening down on the sands lining the shore of northern Florida. It was supposed to be the best week. It was the only vacation she was to have the entire summer, a vacation that had been planned for months. A time to escape. A time to be anonymous. No responsibilities, except to work on her tan, enjoy the sights, enjoy being outdoors, feel the wind, the sun, the waves.

Then the rain came. The second day was not so bad, she did get some sun. Maybe about 3 hours. The day before she was to leave, it was still raining, but somehow she didn't care. All of the other vacationers had departed, giving up, feeling defeated. But not her, no, she feel invigorated by this rain. It had become a challenge, to see if she could beat it. And she was determined to do it.

She strolled out onto the gritty sand, towel in hand, a bag filled with oil, a book, a hairbrush, and a bottle of water. The sand felt warm beneath her feet. The wind was blowing slightly, giving her a hint of the impending storm that she could see brewing out in the gulf. She glanced up into the sky above her and saw nothing but the crisp blue sky. How could everyone have given up on this, she thought? It was worth even an hour to be able to feel the warmth of the sun beating down on her body, the breeze blowing through her long hair, and the taste of saltwater on her lips.

But everyone had given up. Everyone else had left the beach, perhaps to return home, perhaps to surrender to the tourist shops along the seawall. Whatever the case, she had the beach completely to herself. It was going to be a wonderful day, she decided. It was her day.

She located a good soft spot in the sand about 20 feet from the edge of the water. Not too close, not too far. She set her bag onto the creamy white sand and flipped her towel into the air, watching as it floated ever so slowly onto the powdery sand below. She glanced down the beach and realized she really was alone here. It was great. She was beginning to be thankful for this ugly summer storm.

She began to dig through her bag and pulled out her hairbrush. She ran it though her silky, sun-lightened hair a few times and felt how soft it was as it flowed through the brush and fell onto her back, tickling her skin there. She tied it into a loose knot on top of her head to keep the tendrils out of the oil that would soon coat her freckled shoulders.

She lowered her body onto the soft dark blue cotton towel and felt the sand shift beneath her. She reclined back on the palms of her hands and turned her face up into the sky, to bask in the sunshine. The breezes were like fingers twirling about her skin. It felt so good, she had to take a deep breath and exhale slowly, relishing the totally relaxed feeling the day was bringing her. She never wanted to leave this spot.

A few minutes passed before she remembered the oil in her bag. She opened her eyes, rummaged through the bag, and felt her hands wrap around the plastic bottle of tanning oil. Withdrawing it from her bag, she flipped the cap off with the thumb of her left hand. She was immediately overwhelmed with the sweet aroma of coconut, fruits and floras as she poured a little into the palm of her other hand. A little of the oil dripped down between her delicate fingers and ran down the back of her hand, falling to the towel below. It was thick and poured out of the bottle like cold honey. It smelled so good blended with the scent of the ocean and the approaching rain.

She put the bottle into the sand and turned her attention to coating her body with the honey in her palm. She first started with her legs. She put her hands together and smeared the oil between them, then used her hands to glide the oil up her right leg, sliding past her calf, over her knee and upwards. She was being careful not to miss a spot and end up with an uneven tan. The oil glistened on her body like shimmering golden glitter.

She repeated the movements over her other leg, her arms, shoulders, stomach, and then her chest. She rubbed slowly as she was not in a hurry to be anywhere, and this felt good. She loved the feel of her own body. She loved the feel of hot skin coated in oil, slimy, sticky, and slick. She had always wanted to sunbathe nude, but never had enough courage to do so. She looked up at the approaching storm which had become progressively darker as time pressed on. She swept her eyes left up the beach and saw no one. The sand stretched out for miles, without any obstruction except an occasional piece of driftwood or rock outcropping. There were no houses down this part of the beach, those were farther north of here. The section that she had chosen was a bit more secluded from the average tourist. She had avoided those areas so as not to be bothered with the kids playing Frisbee and flying kites around her, although that too would have been rare on a day like this one. She wanted to relax, and relax she was doing. The stretch of beach to the right was also deserted. There was not another soul there to see her, not even any boats in the water before her. It was an opportunity she might never have had again and something told her not to pass it up.

She reached up behind her to untie the top of her bikini. It was made of black satin, silky smooth, and very thin. She had worn it to show off what little tan that she already had, however there was no one there to display her delicious curves and graceful moves in front of. The thin straps loosened in her fingers, she felt the top fall into her lap and cast it aside into the sand beside her. There she was, topless on the beach, vulnerable, feeling so daring, and loving every second. She looked left and right up and down the beachfront again, feeling a bit nervous at the prospects of being seen by someone, but also exhilarated. Why had she not tried this before, she wondered?

She felt content to stay like that for a while, to relax and not worry. Besides, what would happen if someone saw her? What would they really see, she thought? She could see them coming from a long way away, and would have had plenty of warning, so what was the big deal really? She settled back down onto the fluffy towel, now sprinkled with sand that blew in from the breeze that had progressed into what felt more like wind. The skies had begun to cloud up, dotted with occasional powder puffs. The smoky undersides threatened the rain that fell upon the beach.

She felt the wind brush against her nipples, which caused them to harden and point. They reached for the still mostly blue sky above her body. The sun beat down upon her skin. She could feel it heating her up, causing her skin to become hot. She didn't want to burn those sensitive white breasts that were still so virgin. As she reached for the tanning oil, she poured out a glob of the sweet smelling stuff onto her chest and watched it roll slowly in between like a river at the bottom of a canyon. She had rather large, very real, voluptuous breasts. She loved touching them, feeling their softness beneath her fingers. She used both hands to smear the oil onto her breasts, making them shine as if they were coated with glass. Feeling the softness like thick dough beneath her firm hands, she kneaded them mindlessly. For several minutes she massaged the oil into them, loving the feel of her own caresses, feeling the roundness of them, feeling her nipples harden even more with her caresses. Her touch had begun to stir some excitement into her body. It just felt so good she didn't want to stop, but she was so afraid of being seen that she was constantly looking left to right for an approaching stranger. There was no one. No one would come. She was totally alone with herself.

She was not sure if she just didn't care anymore, or if she finally did convince herself that she was alone. She surrendered to the pleasure that her own hands were bringing to her. She ran the fingers of her right hand, now slick with oil, down her stomach into the top of her bikini bottoms, where she was yearning for touch. Closing her eyes, completely relaxing, she let herself go. She rubbed her clit, which had swelled red hot from anticipation, rubbed it in tiny circles using her middle finger which had had so much practice. It felt so good, being alone, outside, with no one but the one who knew how to please her better than anyone else, afraid at any moment she would be caught. Her bikini was beginning to annoy her so she took it off. If she could be this brave, then what's one more step, right?

She was just beginning to approach the point of no return when suddenly a raindrop hit her on the shoulder, disrupting her rhythm and concentration. Actually, it scared her to death! She looked around, but still saw no one. She knew it was a long way back to the car, but she didn't want this to end. She thought that maybe the rain would just go past her, barely affecting her, passing her by, leaving her to her self pleasure. So, after a few more drops, she decided that it wasn't so bad. The storm was quickly approaching in front of her, but the raindrops felt good on her skin. They were warm. They were wet. They were beading up on her skin, rolling off of her, tickling her sides slightly, but in a way that only heightened her arousal.

She felt alive. Every drop of rain told her body to feel it there, right there. She felt it right there, she felt it everywhere, all at once, as her body ached for the release that her fingers were bringing her to. Round and around her fingers turned on her slippery clit, sliding upon the oil that coated them so deliciously, occasionally taking a dip into the wetness of the slit that lie below. Her other hand tweaked her nipples as the rain beat down so loudly that she couldn't even hear the seagulls that she knew were there in the distance, only the wind, only the rain, and only the sounds of her heart beating faster inside her heaving chest, and soon the moans came.

Finally, all of the nerves in her body shouted at once. Her whole body shook with the force of the pleasure that had overtaken her. Rain fell on her quivering body in a flood so hard that the pressure of the drops hitting her pussy sent her over the edge, over and over again, for one of the longest, most intense orgasms she had ever had.

Exhausted, she lay there in the pounding rain, unable to open her eyes and see how dark the clouds had become above her. She let her breath flow in and out slower and slower and tried to bring herself back to reality. She felt so totally satisfied, and a little proud of herself. Never in her life had she been so daring. She felt vulnerability creep up on her again, however. She thought that it would be better if she got dressed and got out of the rain for a bit. She was soaked, in more ways than she had ever meant to be. But it felt great!

She sat up and slipped back into her bikini, grabbed her bag, dropped the oil into it, stood and lifted her towel, now sopping wet and weighing a ton. She turned to head towards her car.

When she next looked up, she saw him. She couldn't move. She was in shock. A total stranger had witnessed the whole thing from as few as two feet away and she never even knew it. She didn't know what to do. She didn't know what to say. Her heart was pounding furiously in a panic as a rush of adrenaline ran through her body. The rain was coming down in sheets around us, so loud, so hard. He was just sitting there staring up at her, watching her embarrassment. She realized that she never thought to look behind her. If she had only tilted her head back all the way! She was frozen. Part of her wanted to run to the safety of the car, although she felt that this man was not a danger to her at all. She felt totally exposed and naughty, but only for that moment.

How long had he been watching? She wondered whether he had been there even before she began. Had he waited to see what she would do? Did he lay there knowing she would not see him? Or perhaps he would have spoken to her if she had not been busy. A million panicky thoughts ran through her mind in the few moments that she gazed into this stranger's eyes. She couldn't help but wonder, did it turn him on? Did he like what he saw? She wanted to ask him, and maybe he sensed that, because just as she was about to speak he ran his left hand down to the open zipper of his cut-off blue jean shorts. She had not even noticed this! He reached inside letting his fingers wander and pulled out the proof of his enjoyment.

Water was streaming down upon them. It was hitting his face, causing him to have to close his eyes. It was hitting his chest, causing a flood of rainwater to run down his sides like the flow over a waterfall in the mountains. She quickly glanced up to see who else would be looking, and saw no one. She could not believe this man was doing this right in front of her. She was mesmerized! If she moved one inch she was afraid he would stop, and she didn't want him to. So, she stood there, holding her beach garb, the rain coming in such gushes that she had to squint to see. Oh but what a sight! He was gorgeous. He was pleasuring himself for her, just as he had watched her bring herself to orgasm a few moments before. She watched him with such intensity. She wanted to burn this image into her mind. They were trading.

It was beautiful the way he stroked himself in the pounding rain. He was filled with such overwhelming lust. She wanted to go to him, to help him, to feel him, but she also wanted to watch him bring himself to orgasm in front of her. She had never witnessed a man masturbate before, but had always dreamed of it, late at night, when she was alone with her thoughts. It was an incredible fantasy of hers. One that was happening in front of her at that very moment.

He breathed in and out slowly at first. His eyes closed to keep out the stinging rain. His lips slightly parted, allowing some of the warm raindrops to fall into his mouth, which he swallowed every few seconds. His grip was hard. His hand moved in a steady, strong rhythm. She could see his stomach muscles contract as he thrust his hips up to meet his fist. The water was coming down so fast that it pooled in the little space where his shorts were open, causing a splash as his hand hit it occasionally.

His chest began to rise and fall faster then. His fist took on a determined pace. She didn't want to blink. Suddenly, his eyes opened to look at her, his hand let go and rested behind him. He leaned back and let the rain do the rest. It beat down on him with force. The rush was incredible! She felt her body warm at the sight of this man in front of her. It was something she would never forget. He came all over his stomach and chest in long white spurts that shot out with such force he shook with the intensity of each one.

They didn't say a word to each other, never touched each other, just smiled and parted ways.

That night, the weather man said it would rain again the next day, the last day, just as hard, just as fast, and just as loud. She had one more day, and she knew exactly what she would be fantasizing about. The one on the beach.

His Viewpoint by Anonymous

I didn't mean to end up at the beach. It was warm, sure. But the humidity was keeping people inside. It had been raining off and on for too many days, and the beach was deserted. I had come down to the waterfront to pick up a few things. There's a great wine shop just north of the pier, and I was having company this weekend.

I dropped the bottles in my car and took a walk down to the pier. Since it was so empty, there wasn't much to see. The usual bikini-clad girls were at home. Even the tourists were back in their hotels. I'm not much for people watching, but I must admit that a nice body in very little clothing is a nice diversion.

But, without somebody to smile at, I decided to go back home and finish some yard work. When I got back to the car I jumped in and tried to start it up. Dead. I swore at myself for not taking care of that weak battery earlier. Now what was I going to do? I sat in the car for a minute or two, contemplating my next move. When I looked up, I saw a storm cloud coming in. It was going to be an ugly afternoon. And if I didn't get a jump soon, I was going to get soaked.

I looked around and saw another car in the small beach lot. A sedan. Probably a rental. Some businessman from out of town, wasting time between meetings. Well, I had some cables. So I got out and walked up the small dune that separated the parking lot from the beach. I was just wearing my cutoff jeans and didn't bother putting on my shirt or shoes. So, I was looking down at the sand as I walked. Never can tell when you might step on a piece of glass.

At the top of the dune, I stopped to look around. It was empty. Now this was strange, I have never seen the beach completely empty. Usually there's at least a few people. Maybe a couple walking together. Or a guy running with a dog. Somebody. I got one of those Twilight Zone feelings. Strange.

I kept walking through the tall grass in the sand down the slope. Very careful not to walk on anything sharp. It was because I was looking down that I didn't see her. As it was, I almost stepped on her!

It's amazing what a person can see and absorb in a split second. First, she was attractive. Late twenties, early thirties. Nice hair. Nice body. Nice tits. Not that I was looking, but I can remember exactly how she looked, lying on her towel. She had on a black bikini. A small one. The kind I love. Just enough to keep you wondering.

In that first moment, I took it all in. How she looked, what she was wearing, what he was doing, even her expression. She was rubbing suntan oil on herself. Her hand was under her shoulder strap and I could see how the sun glistened on her chest. It was nothing special. Something I had seen hundreds of women do many times. But there was something about the way she was doing it. As I think about it now, I realize that it was the way she was looking up the beach. She was looking for someone. Or maybe she was just making sure there was no one there. I instantly got the impression that I had caught her at something. She was afraid. Bashful even. And I had intruded on something private.

What could I do? She obviously hadn't heard me. She was still scanning the beach up and down. But she wasn't looking behind her. I guess that the tall grass afforded some level of privacy. The wind in the grass must have masked the noise of my approach and she was unaware of me just a few feet behind her. I wanted to back away. But if she heard me and turned around, she would have thought I was spying on her. I wanted her to know I was there and that it had been an accident. I thought I should cough, rustle some grass, make any noise at all and the awkward moment would pass. I could have her help me get the car started, and we would go our own ways.

But then something happened that I will always remember. I stopped completely still. Completely silent. Her hand brushed her breast. Not just a passing accident. But more of a rub. It pushed the flesh of her tit to bulge at the side of her bikini. Perhaps she had an itch. Maybe not. But in either case, it evoked two responses. The first was that I knew if I made a noise now, she would be embarrassed. And the second was that her nipple hardened. I was hooked. I couldn't back up, and I couldn't go forward. At least not until a few seconds passed. So I waited. As quiet as possible.

But instead of laying back down and letting a decent amount of time passed before I made my entrance, she did the unthinkable. She reached behind her back and untied that wonderful little bikini top. It fell from her breasts. And I panicked. "How could I avoid embarrassing her now." Was what my mind thought. But my body thought, "What a great pair of tits!" I like to think that I'm above the typical lockeroom mentality, but at that moment, I was a pig. I was a drooling, hard-penis, brain-in-the-cock, pig that was just loving what was before me.

While I struggled with my thoughts of lust and etiquette, this angel in front of me laid back down. Her head was just inches from my foot! I slowly stepped back. And as I did, a breeze picked up off the ocean. It was cool and it gave me a chill. And I thought of one thing. Hard nipples! As I looked, they tightened. Goosebumps broke out across her body. It was hard to tell where they stopped and the rough texture of her nipples began. My mouth watered. I wanted to suck them. To pinch them. To bite them.

What was I thinking! This was a stranger. I was spying on her and she might even call the cops. But I honestly didn't know what to do. As I stood there, I watched, hypnotized as her hand moved from her side. She reached for the lotion and opened it. And as she slowly began to rub the oil into the white, soft skin, I felt my cock move. I could see that she was less concerned with a sunburn on her sensitive skin as she was about how hard her nipples had become. A pinch, a twist, a tug, and each was a round, firm, nub that I wanted in my mouth.

It might have been a few seconds, or a few minutes. There's no way I can tell. I was in a spell. This cute, buxom girl-next-door, had me more excited than the last three women I had fucked all rolled into one. Her fingers moved down. She traced the top edge of here bikini bottom. I willed her to go farther, hoping that EPS and all that crap really worked. I wanted to see her fingers disappear under the black shiny material.

By this time, I was as hard as I would ever be. And as her finger slipped quickly under the suit, I heard a moan. It scared me. I thought it came from me. My mind had moaned. God, my cock had moaned! But as I saw her parted lips, her closed eyes, and the subtle movement of her fingers between her legs, I heard the moan again. Deep, thrilling, and oh, so very sexy.

As I watched, her hips moved. She rotated her ass on the towel as her fingers worked. One more moan and she jerked her head up. For a brief second, I thought that she had come. But it was too quiet, too soon. She looked up and then down the beach. And in one smooth and embarrassed move she swept her arms down her legs, taking the bikini with them. And there she was. Naked. Just a bit of a tan, and soft, white, and delicate in all the right places. The light triangle that framed her pussy hair reminded me of every playboy photo I have ever seen. It was a secret. Not to be shared with strangers. But I couldn't leave.

As she laid back, her lips in a slight smile, her hand returned to her pussy. A finger slipped between the lips and came back wet. She smiled more as her finger circled her clit. My cock moved in my shorts and I tore my eyes from her. I looked down to see the head of my cock had reached where my pocket was. And it had left a large wet spot getting there. I moved it up, to a more comfortable position. The head was poking out at me, wet and red. I wanted to pull it out and stoke it. To share this moment with this stranger. But it was my turn to be embarrassed. I looked up and down the beach this time, aware that this woman continued to rub her pussy right in front of me.

My hand went to the head of my penis. I rubbed it as I watched first one, then two fingers disappear into her cunt. I unsnapped the top button as her other hand moved to her nipples and twisted them. I very quietly pulled the zipper down and ever so slowly sat down on the sand. I had never actually seen a woman masturbate before. I was mesmerized. I wanted to come, but even more, I wanted her to come.

Her hand left her pussy, her fingers shiny. She brought them to her mouth and such\ked each finger in turn. Her body shivered as she tasted herself. In a trance, I did the same, bringing my wet fingers to my mouth to lick them clean. And as her hand return for more, so did mine. She repeat this over and over. Placing two or three fingers deep inside herself, circling her clit, then bringing them to her mouth. I had to stop rubbing my dick for fear of coming. I knew that I would make far too much noise if I let myself come. And the strange thing was that I wasn't worried about scaring her. I wasn't even worried that she would call the cops on me. I just didn't want to do anything to take away from what I hoped was going to be a fantastic orgasm for her.

Her fingers were concentrating on her clit now. They alternated between rubbing back and forth, circling, and sliding her clit between her first two fingers. Her hips almost bounced as she worked her pussy faster and faster. She pulled her nipples in what had to be a painful grip, until her tits pointed up at the sky each becoming red and swollen.

At the moment of her orgasm, her left hand grabbed her tit. Tightly. The flesh squeezing out between her fingers. Her right hand grabbed he whole pussy. The fingers were gone, deep inside her cunt. The palm of her hand pushing hard against her clit. Her mouth opened, eyes shut tight, and with each grunt her body spasmed. Back arched, and legs taught, she shook. Over and over with each beat of her heart. Each movement a little smaller than the last. Until there was just the slightest shiver.

It was incredible! I was sweating. I had stopped touching my cock. In fact, it had gone soft just a bit and had slipped back into my open shorts. One hand was grabbing the leg of my shorts, the other had a death-grip on a handful of sand. My breath came in short gulps and I was also shivering in the afternoon heat. It was raining and I hadn't even noticed. The drops fell and I ignored them.

I thought quietly about what had just happened. I had followed her. With each wave, each moan, I had been a part of that wonderful orgasm. My chest rose and fell with hers, my head spun slightly, and I felt as though I had the same smile on my face as I saw on hers. For one perfect moment, I imagined that I knew what an orgasm felt like to a woman. And I was grateful.

And in the next moment, the spell was broken. She sat up. And faster than I could have imagined, she had put her bikini back on. I was sure she saw me as she was packing her bag. She stood. Faced me. Even bent down to gather her rain-soaked towel. And as she stood, she froze. Our eyes met. That Twilight Zone feeling came back in a rush. She started to say something and stopped. I watched as her already flushed chest turn a deeper share of red. Those wonderful lips were parted and her hands clutched at her bag, almost in an attempt to hide from me.

As I looked at her eyes, I noticed that she no longer looked at my face, but she was staring at my crotch. The stiffness I felt returning reminded me of what this beautiful had just shared with me. Without thinking, I reached into my shorts. And as I pulled my cock out, her eyes widened. As my hand grasped at the base, she licked her lips. And I knew that I was close.

My eyes roamed her body. I concentrate on her hard nipples, poking through the bikini. I stared at her pubic hair as it made a pattern in the black material. I noticed the wetness on high thighs that was more than just suntan oil. And with each gaze at her body, my cock moved closer to coming. I put my free hand deep into my shorts, moving them down as I lifted my ass off the sand. I cupped my balls, rubbing and pulling. I was not usually not this aggressive when I masturbated, but I wanted to impress. I had just witnessed the sexiest scene in my life and I was not about to disappoint. The woman stood there, holding her bad tightly as I stroked. With each pump, she took a breath. And as I wiped the tip of my cock and brought it to my mouth, she stuck her tongue out and licked an imaginary cock. Her eyes never left my hand. And I could see her body move with mine. As my hips rose, she swayed. As I breathed, she breathed. And the tighter I gripped my swollen cock, the tighter she held her bag. And in that moment, I could feel her with me.

The base of my dick tensed. And my ass tightened as I felt the orgasm build. I could feel my balls move up in preparation. And I screamed in my head "NO! Not yet!" I couldn't come yet. I needed more! So I let go. My hands went behind me as my cock continued to beat in pace with my racing heart. And as I gripped the soft sand I looked into her eyes.

It was then that I felt the rain. The soft gentle drops hitting every part of my body. It was like a hundred fingers tapping every inch of my skin. It was maddening and thrilling. I looked at her and wanted to scream. My mouth opened and single guttural noise erupted from my gut. It came up from the pit of my stomach and out my mouth and I shut my eyes and threw my head back. And with it, I came.

Without toughing my cock, the drops of water falling onto the head brought me to the edge and over. My heartbeat timed the spurts of come as each reach up my stomach to my chest, my neck, my chin. And with each pulse, I thrust my body forward, pushing at the sand shoving my cock toward this wonderful woman.

Who knows how long an orgasm lasts? It could be seconds, or minutes. But it's always over too soon. My head was spinning as I slowly came to my senses. I could hardly breath, my shoulders ached, my temples throbbed. I could feel the drips of come as they rolled down my chest and collected at my waist. And as I opened my eyes and looked forward, I expected the angel to be gone. A dream? Perhaps.

But she stood there. A foot or two away. For a brief second, our eyes met. We exchanged everything instantly. Our gratitude, our embarrassment, our devotion. For a second, we were lifelong partners. And then we both laughed. Not just a giggle. Not even a chuckle. But a deep, healthy laugh. And with a smile as warm and broad as I could imagine, She walked past me. Up the dune and over top.

Shit! My car! It took me a while to realize why I had come this way in the first place. After putting away my cock and trying zip my shorts, I ran over the sand. As I got to the parking lot, come still running down my chest, She drove past me and waved. She could hear me. Or maybe she did. But she didn't stop. And all of a sudden I was alone.

There I stood, a mess, in the middle of a growing rain storm, a dead battery, and with a huge smile on my face. I walked to my car and pulled some clothes on. As I looked up, I noticed that the rain was coming down harder. And it was starting to turn a bit cold. But I wasn't worried. As the angel in the rental car drove by, I noticed the large hotel folder on the front seat. It was just a few blocks down the street. And I still needed that jump.

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