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MasturbationPage.com has been online since 1997.  We are simply devoted to the art of self-pleasure. We are the place to see all of the latest and sexiest masturbation online.  We’ve amassed 1000’s of stories, chat, post at the forum or check out our exclusive photos and videos of amateurs masturbating.  …

Real Orgasms

  We’re all about amateur masturbation and masturbation is all about the orgasm.  This is the real deal and we capture our girls masturbating just like they do at home.  Some like fingers, some like toys, some have visible contractions, some have vocal orgasms, some even squirt.  These are the …

How do you like it?

We capture orgasms just like they do at home.  Humping pillows and countertops, fucking vegetables or some good, old-fashioned clit play, we leave it up to the girl to show us her personal method.

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Recent Articles:

Melody Gets Off

Melody is not only hot, but she’s wild. She’s right up the middle when it comes to volume – She’s not a screamer, but she will not go quietly into that dark night. Watching her get off like this…. Well this Yanks.com girl really gets us going!

That’s the best way we can describe Melody!


[flv:/videos/melody.flv 420 248]

Fingers Under Panties

Some women just love getting off… Some more than others! This hot blonde loves nothing more than sliding her fingers down under her panties and playing with her snatch patch…. Looks like the need to masturbate suddenly came over her and she wasn’t ready; This hot blonde teen just hiked up her shirt, exposing her bra, and pulled down her pants just enough so she could get at her panties… And once she slid her hands down her panties she was quick to get off!

michelle moist mastrubation

And you wonder why we love the Female Orgasm site? Always hot!

Maggie Masturbates

There is nothing we like more than posting up masturbation videos!

Maggie was a special treat. Her masturbation video is long, and all we can show you here is the last thirty seconds or so. The trip to get there was wild, but watching her get off… Is just fucking priceless! It’s always fun watching women masturbate on video, and Maggie just reminded us of exactly how much we like watching women masturbate!


[flv:/videos/maggie.flv 420 248]

Masturbation Close Up

Phillipa from abbywinters.com loves to masturbate, but don’t all woman just love to masturbate? Of course they do. Even when they are getting it on a regular basis they still love to get off on their own, with their fingers or sex toys – maybe even with their friends – because the dirty truth is that women enjoy masturbating more than anything else.

Here’s a close up of Phillipa and her pussy while she’s masturbating…

Phillipa masturbates fingers pussy

We’ve seen it all when it comes to women masturbating, but we don’t usually get to see close up shots like this!

Poolside Masturbation

Now this looks like a fine way for a beautiful young woman to spend an afternoon… Poolside in her bikini masturbating with her favorite dildo… Well, guess she doesn’t really have her bikini on any more now does she?

When that urge hits a woman, even if she’s getting some here and there, she still has to scratch that itch… Nothing is going to stop them either! Michelle from FTV Girls knew she was all alone and just decided to take care of business right there and then!

ftv girls masturbating in pool

No one would see and even if they did, who cares…. It’s not like this FTV girl hasn’t masturbated in front of people before!!!

Masturbating Outside

Some women like to be naked outside. It’s very natural for some women to be naked outside. And when they want to masturbate outside, well, that’s perfectly natural too. Natural and beautiful!

This abbywinters.com beauty isn’t shy about masturbating outside, that’s for sure!

charlotte masturbates outside

A woman masturbating with her fingers is a beautiful sight, but even so much hotter when they are masturbating outside naked!

Tender Beautiful Masturbation

Watching woman masturbate is always a beautiful sight. It’s amazing how when they are getting fucked it’s hard, fast, and sometimes brutal, yet when they masturbate themselves on their own they are gentle, almost timid like. Vienna from Yanks.com is a perfect example. Oh, she likes getting drilled like the rest of them. But she likes to masturbate herself also – she likes being tender with herself. This video says it all and speaks volumes… She’s interested in getting herself off by masturbating herself, but she’s not in a hurry… She just slowly slide her finger in and out of pussy, but barely so; Just enough to get her wet and excited…. No need to go deep at this point!

[flv:/videos/vie.flv 420 248]

If you want see her “oh face”, well, you’ll have to check out Yanks.com for the rest!!

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