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(m) Tim, one of our married wankers asks:

My wife has for the most part, been sexually inhibited. I have just gotten her to admit that she has masturbated and she said it started early, when reading a love novel. My question is this, can a female jack off and orgasm without fixating on a sexual fantasy? I know when I do it I think about different women, two women and so on. she says it's just the good feeling, and when I came along she fixated on me.

Dear Tim;
The answer to your question is: "yes", and they do frequently! Some women use it to help them to sleep at night with no particular fantasy in mind. The fact that she thinks of you as she does masturbate is a plus for you and your sensual and sexual talents. Don't worry, be happy!

(m) Jeremy and his stroking friends had this to ask:

Hey there. Neither of you know me, but I listen to Dr. Libby on the radio all the time (I called about the non-morally biased sex-ed book) and I stumbled upon the website ( ) last week.
The question: If the penis is a muscle, then can it be made bigger or built up like the biceps or abs?
Well, there you have it.

Dear Jeremy;
Excellent question but: It don't work that way darn it. Your penis muscle like the heart muscle has a specific function built into it that has to do with longevity, procreation and stamina. It is of a different type...the muscle that is. Keep exercising it anyway and who knows, the sky's the limit here.
(Ed Note: There are several websites that deal with this subject exclusively. The only known method with actual results requires a daily exercise for almost a year which is reported to give you and extra inch MAXIMUM. Get your penis is a semi-erect state. Firmly milk your penis from base to tip repeatedly for 20 minutes. Do this every day for a year.)

(m) Chef, ([email protected]), who likes cock jewelry asks:

Is it okay to use a cockring when masturbating and will it help make my cock larger in size?
Please let me know the answer to this question.

Dear Chef;
Yes, it is OK to use a cockring not only during masturbation but many other sex acts as well. Be carefull that you don't leave it on too long however (probably not over an hour with out a small rest period). You may notice a slight enlargement of the shaft and glans while using the cockring (about 7% we are told) and a slight increase in sensitivity as well. If it begins to hurt remove the cock ring and rest for awhile. Other than that enjoy yourself while you play.
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