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(m) Respect ( [email protected] ) from Salt Lake City who masturbates "Daily" asks:

I'm an 18-year-old who still lives with his parents and masturbates a lot. Since I'm a mormon, if either of my parents catch me I'll probably be disowned or something. We don't have a lock on our bathroom and I don't have ANY privacy in the house. What can I do?
Dear Respect;
Not sure what you question is as you are of legal age, soon to be out of the house anyway and we are sure both of your parents already know the score...even if they are Mormon. You could try waiting until everyone else is asleep. Go outside in the woods and commune with nature. Go over to a friends house and do it in his/her bathroom. Or, what is probably the best move...inform your parents that you need some privacy from time to time and discuss the issue like an adult...that is if you want to be treated like an adult.

(f) Isla from chicago who masturbates "Two or three times a day." asks:

I have masturbated two or three times a day for what seems forever, and always have had big good orgasms. My clit is longer than others I have seen. it always protrudes from my labia, even when not aroused. I have always wondered if my big clit is responsible for my good orgasms, or is it the other way around? My girlfriends have always been envious of my clit and my wild orgasms.
Dear Isla;
We don't know which came first...the chicken or the egg! But, in your case does it really matter? You have the good orgasms and a nice piece of meat to play with and are the envy of your friends...enjoy, I have a big one too!

(m) married ( [email protected] ) from seattle who masturbates "once a day keeps the troubles away" asks:

im 31 years old and have been married for 6 years, with 2 kids and one on the way. i have been masturbating for many years. I was wondering should i feel confused that i still like to masturbate practically every day, even though i am married. is it normal for married folk to do this. especially if they are seperated for a period of time. sometimes i feel like i should do it privately, because love making takes too long and is time consuming, when i can just beat it in 10 minutes and its over, kinda like a relief factor.
Dear Married;
It is normal for adult men and women to masturbate...even after they are married and having a wonderful sex life with their spouse. Stress can kill if a little hand play relieves either of your tensions then so much the better. We suggest you do it as often as you need to and the same advice goes for your bride.

(m) Jasen from New York who masturbates " a few times a day" asks:

What is the average size of a man's penis in general? I'm 19 years old? What's the average size for a guy my age? And does ethinicity have any bearing on penis size for example i'm Asian and I heard that most Asian men have small penis compared to other races and I'm sure you heard the stories about black men, Is there any truth here?
Dear Jason;
The average adult male penis is 6.8 inches when erect. All other maen from various ethnic backgrounds are close to that figure. Remember, this is an our years in the lifestyle we have seen some very big ones (10"-12")and some very small ones (1"-2"). We're not sure whether or not the penise size of a black male or the black race in general serves any purpose here because of all the races that make up the world, just as in life, there will be one race that, on average, is larger than others as well as a race that, on average, is smaller than others. The size of your organ however does not determine the sexual response you get from it or the pleasure you are able to impart to your partner(s). We suggest that you concentrate more on technique than on title. Enjoy!

(m) Brian from St, Louis who masturbates "once a day" asks:

At what age does a man's penis stop to grow? For example a man generally stops growing in height at around the early twenties I think? So when does a man's penis reach it's full length,? By the way if you have the time what is the average height of a guy?
Dear Brian;
It seems that a man's penis stops growing when he does...but, the longer you use it and stretch it and play with it the more service you will get out of it. Tom's penis seems to be getting larger as he grows older but of could be an optical illusion or wishfull thinking on my part. But, damn it sure feels good. Oh, by the way globally the average height of man is 5'10.25"...why?

(m) Jimmy from New York who masturbates "twice a day" asks:

I always find myself masturbating in the shower and i end up cumming all over myself. I keep thinking about tasting my own cum Does cum have anything harmful in it that would be unhealthy? How does it taste??
Dear Jimmy;
As long as you yourself are not ill there should be nothing wrong with your semen either. Taste? Ahhh, that is a horse of a different color. Many times your semen can be the flavor or product of what you have been eating...fruits, coffee and the like. There is nothing wrong with tasting your own it. You'll be glad you did.