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(m) Shag who masturbates "2 times a day." asks:

I am not circumcised, and would like to know if my penis is somewhat normal? The foreskin doesn't roll back to the point where the "head" is exposed. It's kind of like I'm wearing a condom made of my own skin. I've never seen ANY other cock quite like mine.

Dear Shag;
Then you should be very proud and want to show everyone how special you are...we would like to see it too.

(m) Greg who masturbates "sometimes 3 times per day; sometimes once a month" asks:

Whenever someone asks if masturbation has any side effects to health, the answer is "no". I'm not quite sure about this, since obviously there IS a clear loss of vital energy. However, I'm 25 and I've masturbated for years enjoying it, but around 10 days ago for the first time of my life I had the feeling something negative has been happening to my mind - a very light loss of "mind energy" - fantasy, brilliance, etc. - not much, very little, but sensable... I'm really not quite sure if this only me since I know you will tell me "no, no greg, it's all right", my question is: Can you give me a list of any reports of people (today or in history) who have experienced any negative side effects of masturbation, whatever they are??

Dear Greg;
Yes we can. There are reports of situations in the "good-ole-days" where people of power and influence would attempt and in some cases successfully to have people committed to mental institutions because they masturbated. This kind of crap is exactly what we are opposed to.  Therefore, KNOWING that you can't masturbate too much our philsophy has been and remains one of more not less masturbation, period. There is no medical evidence known to us that suggests or concludes any physiological malady due exclusively to masturbation. Bottom line, get some rest and get on with it. Consider all other factors available to you before even thinking that something is wrong with you due to masturbation.

(f) Kat ( [email protected] ) who masturbates "at least once a day" asks:

My ex-husband masterbated 1-2 times a day. When we had sex it was hard for him to ejaculate. He said because he got used to the feeling of masterbating and sex didn't stimulate him enough. Currently my boyfriend and I live 1400 miles apart and we mutually masterbate over the phone often and he masterbates 1-3 times a day. We are worried about penis sensitivity. For instance, like my ex-husband not having sensitivity after masterbating for years 1-2 a day. I know there is nothing wrong with masterbating, but...

Dear Kat;
What you are speaking of is of general concern when you are goal oriented relative to orgasm. Yes, there is some loss of sensitivity to the penis during the course of masturbation but never enough to prohibit orgasm. Look at other factors as well, diet, prescriptive medication etc. Be sure to get plenty of rest as this is always healthy...and will rule out fatigue or exhaustian.

(m) Daddy ( [email protected] ) who masturbates "once in a week" asks:

After masturbation I found my penis little curved specially when I am holding urine. It gets curved in the center. I am pretty upset. Could you please tell me it is normal ? I will be thankful.

Dear Daddy;
It's normal and nothing to worry about.

(m) ultra from new brunswick who masturbates "1-4 times i week" asks:

Alright, here we go again...okay, well sometimes during lovemaking i can have an orgasm and keep on going afterwards. then after doing that sometimes i can almost reach another orgasm and on a couple of occasions i have had like a mini orgasm. the problem is i don't really know what happens if i keep on going because i usually go longer after i cum for my lover to cum but don't get the chance to see what really happens.  i also cannot bring myself to that point while masturbating because i cannot keep going when i'm doing that. so i guess my question is if you can shed some light on what is going on...can i reach another full orgasm or is what i was feeling just extra feelings after my initial orgasm?? i hope this is clear or somewhat clear for you 2 to answer for me... thanks alot,

Dear Ultra;
This on is real simple. Go until you can't go anymore...if you cum, so much the better...right? Enjoy more...worry less.

(m) "jimmy" who masturbates "almost every day" asks:

I was wondering if masturbating while going through puberty had any effects on the growth of the penis. My other question is I have a brown ring around the middle of my penis. I have seen it on guys in pornos as well...what exactly is it and is it bad??

Dear Jimmy;
Yes, it helps you to control yourself later on in life and it does cause the penis to get a little bigger than if you don't masturbate at all.

(f) Me who masturbates "varies - a few times a week or every few weeks" asks:

I was reading some of the questions and saw one in which someone asked how to stop masturbating because he really wanted to which I thought was kinda funny. I first started masturbating some time ago. I thought it was "bad" so I tried to stop. I even remember telling myself a few times "okay, this is the LAST time". To make a long story short, I'm now 22 and still at it, the only difference being I accept it now. Anyway, my question is: how long does an orgasm generally last for? I'm a virgin so I've never had one with a guy but when I masturbate, they last for only a few seconds. Is this normal? Cuz I feel unsatisfied, especially after reading these pages about others' experiences. Also, what is the deal with virgins? Why do so many people want to sleep with them? You'd think they wouldn't be as fun what with their inexperience, etc. Thanks!

Dear Me;
It is not our philosophy to stop or slow down or cut back. We believe in a lifestyle of more...not less. As far as we know there are no particular advantages to being with a virgin or being one. Some people prefer experienced folks beacause you can always learn from someone that knows more than you...otherwise you will be teaching.   Extend your orgasm response time through practice and discipline. Good luck.

(m) Asi ( [email protected] ) from Karachi who masturbates "Twice a week" asks:

how can I masturbate and is it harmful?

Dear Asi;
There are techniques elsewere listed on this same site. It is not harmful to jack off.

(m) nick from skywalker who masturbates "2-4 times a day" asks:

I used to masterbate by laying down on my bed and I would put my hand under my penis and i would apply pressure to the base and after a while i would cum. However, i was getting a bruise on it,and i was wondering If it would cause an effect in any way?

Sounds ok to us, just don't hurt yourself while doing it.

(m) Cooker ( [email protected] ) from Grand Rapids who masturbates "Once a day" asks:

My girlfriend introduced me to shaving my "boys", Which she does for me (Iam very trusting). I really enjoy the feel of the smooth skin. Other than a razor and shaving cream, are there any products that can be used to keep my boys silky smooth? I am thinking about trying nair?

Dear Cook;
Try Nair but be careful as we have heard rumors that it burns. Makes sense as you are trying to remove the chemically removes it.

(m) Steve ( [email protected] ) from Small Town U.S.A who masturbates "every chance I get." asks:

I am a 29 yr. old male w/ blonde hair, blue eyes, 5' 8" 140 lbs. and very proportionate body with a very good professional job, and a professional wife. (job wise) I am sort of making a confession and asking advice at the same time, so you more understand my personality. I have been jerking for a long time. The feeling is awesome!! I do not do any drugs . All the women I have ever been with, I have wanted to do anally, but never have. So I usually get them into the net constantly. (you know sexually I want from her, i.e, do readers of your Q&A column do these things? I hope I didn't upset anyone that reads this.

Dear Steve;
There doesn't seem to be any problem with what you are doing as long as you have control over yourself and your faculties. When your obsession causes you to lose control then would be the time to seek outside help. But until then...enjoy, carefully. The white stuff in women's panties is what you think it is...enjoy that too. 98% of the men we know think like you do even if they don't have the courage to act on those fantasies. Your sensitvity to your wife is laudable...good luck and godspeed to you both.

(m) David who masturbates "once a week" asks:

Very often, I'm using the technique of suppressing ejaculation by pressing the space between anus and testicles. As I've seen by browsing thorugh these pages, this is commonly known. What I just want to know is, if this technique is dangerous in any way. What is happening to the semen? Does it flow back into the testicles or does it flow into the blood circulation? Where does it go?

Dear David;
Nothing to worry about your technique to suppress ejaculation. The suppressed semen is returned to the body via bloodstream.

(m) Spurtz ( [email protected] ) from L.A. who masturbates "usually twice a day." asks:

Last week I ejaculated two times simultaneously. The second was actually much more intense than the first one. It felt fabulous.   I have jacked off thousands of times and never experienced anything like this before. I am just curious if you have heard of this before and if you have any ideas about how I could duplicate it? I suppose that the reason it happened was that I was in an extreme state of arousal but I am sure I have been equally if not more aroused than this in the past without achieving a double cum like that.

Dear Spurtz;
A tried and true and learn...get plenty of rest, watch your in good health and it will cum to you...maybe not everytime but more often than currently experienced. Good luck.

(f) rosie who masturbates "all the time" asks:

i masturbate all the time and wondered if u recommend any particular techniques to cause female ejaculation?? u always talk about it but i cant seem to do it as much as i try...please help!

Dear Rosie;
Yes! Our advice is to try the crystal wand...a curved acrylic rod...used to masturbate with. It never misses and always works!! A google search should return places to purchase this awesome toy.

(m) wonder asks:

I have masterbated for a long time. I seem to have a ring around my dick. Is it because of masterbation?  Can I get rid of it?

Dear Wonder;
The ring you refer to is probably from your circumcision scar. Not knowing your masturbation techniques it would be hard to say what else could be causing the ring. Don't worry about it. We doubt if you would be able to get rid of your ring if it is due to your scar from circ.