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(m) Jedi who masturbates "Once in a while" asks:

I'm curios to know if it is safe to swallow your own cum? I've been wanting to try this for a while but every time I orgasm I loose intrest in doing it. Any ideas why? Do most men swallow their cum at least once? Thanks
Dear Jedi;
No problem...go ahead and try it! If you lose interest, freeze it until the next time you play...then taste. Nearly all men try it at least once, so should you.

(m) ZiGGie who masturbates "hmm... dont knoe" asks:

I always wanted to finger my anus but I'm worried my finger might smell like sh!t and have sh!t covering it... what can I do about this?
Dear Ziggie;
Wash your hands both before and after you do your thing!

(m) Teacher from Teacher in NYC who masturbates "Some times" asks:

I'm a teacher at a school in NYC and I teach a Sex. Ed. Class and I have been asked by a number of boys (age 12,13,) if it is ok for them to Masturbate. I do not know what to tell them? if they do will it affect their bodies at all?? Please make sure that the info that you give me is accurate becuase I would hate to relay bad info to them. Thanks alot!
Dear Teach;
Let's teach sex ed in a school in NYC....and you want to know if boys that masturbate in their early teens can be affected physically by this? Teach we honestly think you are pulling our leg on this rather than stroking your pud. We would imagine the school board in your area has a policy on what to tell the boys about your class. We suggest you ask them and stick stricktly to the lesson plan.

(m) Goo ( [email protected] ) from Los Angeles who masturbates "2-6 times a week in general, 8-12 times when especially horny"

Firstly, I am a single male and long time masturbator that wants to actually experience a Jack and Jill party rather then fantasize about it. I have dreamt about this for so long it is kinda driving me crazy. I wish I was here asking you how I can get involved in that scene despite my current single status. However I can't even seem to find any talk about any jack and jill scene in Los Angeles anywhere. What do you suggest? I'm single... I'm inexperienced with group activities or swinging... and I have no idea where to even start looking. Any advice?
Dear Goo;
Post a personal on the forum. I'm sure that you will get tons of responses by others interested in the same thing.

(m) Mark from Dallas who masturbates "once a day" asks:

After I have orgasmed in sex or masturbating my mood changes instantly. It is not a feeling of guilt, it just a feeling of, " I'd rather be doing anything right now besided sex. Why does this happen?
Dear Mark;
It has to do with the "hunt complex" in most male animals. Watch most animals after sex and you will see what we mean. Usually you can discipline yourself out of it but it will take practice. Stick with it.

(m) Joe who masturbates " everyday" asks:

My friend sent me an E - mail that he got it from internet about masturbation, I want you to read that mail, and tell me, is that way dangerous or the side effect of that JO way, Thanks.
The mail (went) like this :
I want to share with you all here a technique to hold ejeculation in masterbation. Orgasm reached by this technique is still good and intense. I tried this technique for more than 15 years, so I sure it is not harmful.
Reasons to hold ejeculation in masterbation:
1. Don't want to mess with cum.
2. To preserve/save your cum - Ancient Chinese described frequent sex activity is harmful to health, but frequent sex without ejeculation is healthy. Cum was described as "blood spirit". If someone have too much sex activity, loosing too much cum is like blooding severely, harmful to health in the long run.
3. Energy come back faster after each masterbation. If you masterbate frequently, and if you feel weak all the time, try this technique, you'll find it helpful.
Here is how to do it: When you stroke your penis to the point before orgasm, hold gentlely the base of your penis with your free hand like this. Thumb place above your penis. Middle finger top place between your balls and anus(but closer to the balls). When you start cumming, give pressure to this point with your middle finger at each stress, release slightly between stresses. Do not give pressure with your thumb, your thumb just help to keep position. Don't press your balls. Don't give pressure with other fingers too. Slowly reduce pressure after the stress stop. You'll become skillful after some practice. Not even waste a drop.
Dear Joe;
Yes, we are familiar with that method too! It is safe to practice and play this way if you wish. Not sure about reasons for adopting this method as outlined in your question 1,2,or 3 but it is a nice diversion.

(m) Master Bater from Lincoln who masturbates "10 times a week" asks:

I am not sure if it is ok to masterbate 10 times a week. Is it? And I want to know if I'm doing it right. So can You tell me specific insturctions on how to masterbate. Thank you
Dear MB;
We easily masturbate more than 10 times per week. And, we could only tell if you were doing it right after we watched your performance, hint, hint.

(m) tim who masturbates "once a day" asks:

i have been masturbating for a while now and i do it alot in the shower. whenever i do it in the shower i put soap all over my hands and whack off till i cum. im getting kinda bored of the soap. what else can i use as a lube?
Dear Tim;
Use anything but vaseline or any product that has petroleum in it. Natural lubes work best...but the best part is in the discovery of what will work for you. Good luck!

(m) confused who masturbates "at least once a day" asks:

I am so confused. I am 18 and i don't know if i am bi, gay or straight. I like to look at guys dicks and read about gay stories on the internet. they turn me on big time! I would even like to jack off with my best friend. However I would never want to live my life with a guy and i don't have feelings for guys like i have for girls. I want to have a family someday and the whole works. Could i be bi? About four years ago I had a few jacking off sessions with a friend but other than that I am a virgin. I still love girls but I like to Look at guys! Help! Sorry if i have confused you more than me
Dear Confused;
We see no reason why, in this day and age, you can't have everything you want...providing you find the right girl. She will be the one that will open all the doors for your growing sexuality. If she is the one she will match you step for step. Good luck.

(m) curious who masturbates "at least once a day" asks:

I am a 21 year old virgin. My first orgasm came when I was "humping" my penis against my bed sheets while watching an erotic movie. Ever since then, I have masturbated in the same manner, by sliding my penis against the sheets of my bed (no hands). Is this a normal means of masturbating? I have tried the common "jerking off" and have not been successful, so I go to what works. Are there any negative effects to this means of masturbating? Thanks for your help.
Dear Curious;
There is no "normal" way to jerk off! What ever works for you is what you're supposed to do. It's your happy!

(m) John Wechter from Saginaw, MI who masturbates "2 Times a Day" asks:

How can I "Carefully" ask another "Straight" male like myself to masturbate with me?
Dear John;
You start by being sensitive to his needs first and not your own. Once you know what they are then work in that direction...eventually moving to sexuality...again, first his then yours. It works every time on both men and women! Be advised, he may say no thank you, in which case you may need to concentrate on another friend. Good luck.

(m) Joel from Birmingham, Al who masturbates "as much as his balls will let him" asks:

I recently had the most erotic and pleasurable masturbation session I have ever had. It came, and so did I, after watching a great porn movie. Yet afterwards the pelvis muscle on my left side is very sore. Is this normal?
Dear Joel;
It is not uncommon for us to have cramps and muscle spasms after we come back to earth from a particularly good masturbation session. During the event we are not always aware of all of the muscles we may or may not be using. Thus, when it's all over, we discover the soreness. The pain should pass although it could last up to several days. If not gone by Friday consider seeing a physician. Good luck.

(m) RaRa ( [email protected] ) from Houston who masturbates "once a day" asks:

Hi, is there anyway I can enlarge my dick?? How can I shoot double the load i am now. Thanx again.
Dear RaRa;
No way known to us to enlarge your penise other than regular stretching and exercise known as masturbation! Same with your ejaculative force.

(m) Alex ( [email protected] ) who masturbates "1-3 times daily" asks:

I must ask two questions. The first is, is it psychologicaly normal that I want someone to watch me masturbate? Please be truthful, and second even though this kind of goes against the first question. Do you know how I would go about getting someone to watch? What I mean is are there some sort groups, places, websites, etc. that will be easy to find people that want to watch other people masturbate. Is there anyone or any place that you all recomend that I try. I'd really appreciate you help and I look foward to you reply.
Dear Alex;
Yes it is normal for you to want other folks to watch you have's called sharing. You can attend a Jack & Jill party or Invest in some cam software and camera and connect on the web. What ever floats your boat though is fine with us. LG

(m) Grant from Baltimore who masturbates "everyday since he was 12" asks:

I recently saw one of your posts about not using vaseline to lube with. I am 18 and I have only used it twice. Do you think I am in danger? Also why can this cause tumors?
Dear Grant;
Since you have only used it twice you don't have anything to worry about. The tumors we mentioned are probably caused by the petroleum products in the vaseline and similar to what might happened if you used terpentine or kerosine as a lube. In addition, the heat generated during the masturbation process sometimes causing blisters and cracks in the skin. Again we recommend you don't use vaseline as a sex lube!

(m) Marlin who masturbates "1 to 2 times a day" asks:

I have a small bump on my right testicle that has gotten me worried. I am embarrased to tell my doctor and im only 18. What should I do.
Dear Marlin;
WE can only advise you to seek a doctor's help asap! The problem with your testicle did not come from masturbation.

(m) Marlin who masturbates "1 to 2 times a day" asks:

I like the way it feels when I stick things up my ass while masturbating. Sometimes when I am watching pornos I want to see the guys dick more than the girl. Does this mean i'm gay or bisexual. Do you know of any other forms of anal stimulation or masturbation techniques i could try.
Dear Marlin;
As long as you are careful about what you stick up your ass you have nothing to worry about. Try things that are long and round though!!! Being turned on by sexually explicit scenes does not mean you are gay. It means you are hot! The masturbation techniques are so many that it would take hours and hours to list them hear and would deprive you of the opportunity for self discovery....good luck. LG

(m) Marlin who masturbates "1 to 2 times a day" asks:

Last time I went to the doctor for a physical I got an erection when I pulled my pants down. After this I tried to slow down on my masturbating in an attempt to keep from getting erections in school or in other inconvenient places. Will slowing down my masturbation habits help me. Do you have any advice.
Dear Marlin;
No! In fact it will make it worse!

(m) Hmmmm who masturbates "Every time I think of it" asks:

Does that stuff called "The Scent" work? Its a cologne that is supposed to "alert" the other person's sex drive to you.
Dear Hmmm;
We're not sure! Why don't you test it for us and get back?

(m) Chris from Winter Park, Florida who masturbates "3 or 4 times a week" asks:

I'm 34 years old. When I wasyounger I could ejaculate really far, into my face or sometimes over my head. Since about the age of 25 I can't shoot as far any more or have as much semen shot out. Could this be a medical problem?
Dear Chris;
No! It just happens, we don't know why!

(m) Melon Head ( [email protected] ) from Bloomfield who masturbates "Once a day" asks:

I am looking for the best way to masturbate when driving on long trips. Preferably hands free (without a partner). It's quite an inconvienience to get your fly open wide enough to do the deed when sitting in a truck bench seat. If there are any toys you recommend please send an address where I can order from or a phone number so I can get the catalog.
Dear Melon Head;
No we don't have any advice for you on this one except this one. Don't drink and drive and don't jack and drive. The risk you are taking is too great for the return on your!

(m) Brad who masturbates "as much as I can in the dorm" asks:

I have a class here at college with a football player with whom I have become good friends. Recently he asked me to come over to his dorm room one Sunday night and "drink and watch pornos". Do you think his intention is to masturbate together? I've have never done anything like that and don't want to get involved with some kind of homosexual activity.
Dear Brad;
Say...No thank you, but thank you for asking!

(m) Cody from Washington DC who masturbates "once a day" asks:

I know you guys are not doctors, but what are the chances that a gay person will have a gay child? Isn't homosexual behavior inherited?
Dear Cody;
Behavior such as you are speaking of is not is learned. What we inherit from our parents, both of whom may not be gay, are personality traits. Be careful how you proceed with this idea as most people we know would be offended by your attitude. Remember, most gays, 99% of them anyway, have straight parents.

(m) TypeHigh who masturbates "Daily" asks:

Are there any studies showing if frequent and continued masturbation lower the incidence of prostate cancer?
Dear TH;
Not that we know of at the moment. It would be in the realm of possibility though.

(m) MadMax from Montreal who masturbates "about 2 times a day" asks:

For the past year-year and a half, I noticed that I have larger than normal nipples. Is this normal? I know this has nothing to do with masturbation, but how can I fix it?

Dear MM;
Nothing to worry about...everyone is different.

(f) shtr from usa who masturbates "every day" asks:

i am a female but i have no dildos. what are some other good things to stick into you like dildos but can be found around the house?? thank you
Dear Shtr;
Broom handles, wooden and plastic, candles can be added to or molded to fit, hairbrush handles, appliance handles, athletic equipment handles, small jars and bottles (be careful with them though) and anything else you find that fills the bill (pun intended). Get yourself a dildo asap.

(m) Nice Guy from DC who masturbates "Hopefully once a day" asks:

I have heard may different opinions on how many times the average 20 year old female masturbates. What would you two say the average is? I am interested because I don't believe women when they say they do it as often as me.
Dear NG;
Masturbating is not a race, therefore, we don't keep data or statistics on is that important in the scheme of things.

(m) james from somewhere in canada who masturbates "I try for every day!!!!!!!" asks:

my new girlfriend was giving me head for the first time, It was the first time i ever got head, i'm not circumsized, and she pulled the skin back, and it hurt, really bad, is that normal??? i mean, i pull it back to urinate and wash it, but that's when i'm not erect, and she pulled it back when i was hard, and she's had experiences like that before, is it just me? or should she stop? PLEASE HELP!!!!! thanks, also, is it normal to have a sore tongue after giving head to my girl??????? thanks.....
Dear James;
Your problem is a common one for folks that are uncut...not to worry, keep practicing and eventually the skin will be able to stretch without pain. Soreness is also common (in your case the tongue) if you have not exercised it that way before...therefore....go down on your girlfriend more frequently until you get in shape.

(f) Saskia from Vancouver who masturbates "As much as ten times per day or as little as once per week" asks:

I'm a twentysomething female, and I simply can't seem to keep my fingers away from my cunt. When I'm sitting at the computer, or watching TV, or any time at all, my hand inevitably wanders to my crotch and I stick a finger or two in my hole. I'm not doing it in a sexual way -- they just kinda sit there. I've heard of an oral fixation -- might I have a vaginal fixation?
Dear Saskia;
Oral fixation, vagina fixation, penise what! Don't worry about it and just enjoy the don't have to cum if you don't want to.

(m) anonymous who masturbates "usually once a day" asks:

More questions, I hope you don't mind. I often read about men and women masturbating in situations where they couldn't easily clean up the mess. Am I the only one making a tremendous sticky (and rather annoying) in getting off? Also, does regular (daily) masturbation make you want to masturbate more than if you were to do it less freqently?
Dear Anon;
However you regard semen and bodily fluids is your business. For most it is part of the equation of they don't mind a little wettness or stickiness now and then. You are not alone. Masturbating more generally means you will want it more...yes!!! Isn't that great!!

(m) anonymous who masturbates "usually once a day" asks:

My penis curves slightly downward and, because of this, I've never been very successful at using anything other than my hand to masturbate. Do you have any recommendation?
Dear Anon;
Generally speaking that is all many men use.

(m) anonymous who masturbates " usually once a day" asks:

I know that you've addressed the dangers of petroleum based products already but, just to be safe, I wanted to ask: is shampoo ok? I didn't see anything on the bottle about petroleum. I haven't noticed any ill affects other than a dry penis if I don't wash it off quickly enough. I like many others who have posted, enjoy `teasing' my asshole (Lately I've begun to use the end of a paintbrush.). I don't put it any more than half and inch or so and I was wondering how far I could go without injury?
Dear Anon;
If it doesn't list petroleum products in the list of ingrediants then it is probably ok. What ever you stick up your butt should be clean before and after the session regardless of how far you stick it. Good luck.

(m) m ( [email protected] ) from hou who masturbates "4 times a day" asks:

how can i tell a friend i want to masturbate with him
Dear m;
Sincerely and gently ask him when you are alone together....honor his answer either way. Get back to us on this, good luck.

(f) Bianca from Los Angeles who masturbates "That's a tricky one, read on!" asks:

I'm twenty years old, going on twenty one and I have never had sex, completely by choice. I've tried masturbating numerous times but I just can't seem to do it. I don't orgasm, I don't even get a little moist. I don't plan on having sex any time soon so I need something to satisfy my sexual appetite. Please help! Am I just doing something wrong? How should a woman masturbate to get optimal pleasure?
Dear Bianca;
Buy some ky jelly at the drugstore, take it home and think of what ever sexy thoughts that you enjoy thinking about! Rub gently around your vaginal and clitoral area...gently...take your time...enjoy the feeling as long as it lasts.

Note from editor: You may also want to find the book called "Sex For One" I'm sure that it will give you some very good pointers.

(m) Fitz ( [email protected] ) from Ashland, VA who masturbates "5x a day" asks:

My penis head hurts when i masterbate or try to put a condom on. It is so sensitive that i cannot put a condom on. Is there something wrong or am i just oversensitive? i mean it actually hurts when i touch it when i am hard or am putting a condom on. It does not hurt when my penis is not hard.
Dear Fitz;
Nothing wrong you are just very sensitive careful and enjoy.

(m) MaTT from ALABAMA who masturbates "at least 1 or 2 times a day" asks:

i have always been very open about masturbation. i have asked my girlfriend if she does it, and she said "never!!! that is disgusting!!!" do you think she is lying? what can i do to convince her that masturbating is fun? she really seems to like it when i masturbate in front of her....i guess i wouldn't do it if she didn't like it. please help.
Dear Matt;
Perhaps she is lying?! If SHE doesn't want to there is NOTHING you can do to convice her to change her mind. We strongly suggest that if you want to watch another female masturbate....then get another female.

(m) Jorgen asks:

Your pages and advice is about the best thing that ever happened to me. Here I have been masturbating for, well 50 years, and at the same time having a good wife, -and a few girls on the side. I have always felt guilty about jacking off, now at last by reading your readers and replies do i finally find out that it is all very normal. Thanks a million, my enjoyment of these lonely moments with my own body have now been improved tenfold! Now for the questions:
1. I have never had sex with another man, but I feel very exited by pictures of penises and always dream of a triangle, enjoying watching another guy fuck my wife. Alas, she is not interested, so i have to close my eyes and imagine someone is fucking her. Is this also normal, or does it mean that I am a closet gay ?????
2. Jacking off with another man next to me I have done from time to time in a porno movie house, but I feel revolted by thinking of actually fucking a guy in the anus. It is the shit problem that turns me off, after sex, I always secrete some faeces, and it would be revolting to think of this stuff on your penis, or the smell of shit. How do gays cope with this, does shit turn them on, or is there a solution, a trick?
I am 64 years old and enjoying it. Fucking my wife about once a week, but jacking off in secrecy about twice a week in between. My wife is very prim and proper and does not want to join any such games. Looking forward to your reply.
Dear J;
#1 Purchase a contact magazine and answer the ads from couples seeking a bi-sexual male! It is the number one fantasy of men to watch their wives being fucked by another man after...being with 2 it is very normal to have and act out this fantasy. You are not gay!
#2 Shit turns most people off...not just you...that's why we have more toilets in the USA than any other place in the world combined. We are very paranoid about shitty things. If you really want to get into anal sex (or else why did you ask the question?)(did we really say this??) then we strongly suggest you use a condom, lubrication, and an enema before and last but not least...a willing partner! Enjoy! Most gays that practice anal sex don't seem to have the problems you are having with it. And, the rectum normally is very clean unless you are about to void, in which case we advise you do so before continuing. As with anything else moderation is the key here and we suggest that at your age you would want to find out what its like....before we get any older.