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(m) biggun' who masturbates "4-6 times a week" asks:

A few years ago I went to the doctor thinking I had a hernia. It turned out good as I did not. The doctor said that what i thought was a hernia were just swollen lymph node glands and were like that cuz I was sick(which I was). I said okay and I figured they would go away. They did I think but now they like that again but a little bigger. What is this from...masturbating? If not...what is it and what should I do about it?

Dear Biggun;
Your glands swell and recede due to many reasons. As long as you are not medically ill do not worry. If you have a cold or flu then you should seek medical advice.

(m) Rick from Dallas who masturbates "3-7 times daily" asks:

I have on occasions of high excitement, produced huge loads after short periods of rubbing, even after masturbating 4 or five times previously that day, it just doesn't seem physiologically possible sometimes. Thanks for your help and interest.

Dear Rick;
Usually the amount of sperm diminishes with each succeeding orgasm even though it is a renewable resource. Guess you must be lucky?

(m) sloppy ( [email protected] ) from dallas who masturbates "every day" asks:

Hi, i have masturbating for a while now, and every time i do it, it feels like i'm just going through it without enjoying jerking off?? How can i enjoy it more??? Thanx

Dear Sloppy;
Frankly we don't understand your attitude? If you don't enjoy...why bother...just go bowling instead! lgt

(m) Mid size ranger from Los Angeles who masturbates "3-5X' daily but now since I work I have a superwank on Friday and Saturday nights" asks:

I have several BIG questions that I need to get answered:
(1)Is it natural to think of other guys while I am jacking off  (I am a guy). Especially your best friend. Sometimes I fantasize that either one is jerking another off. If feels good but kind of weird. If it actually led to some oral, anal sex with some experimental kissing (for a couple of times) would that mean your gay or bi.
(2)I visited a web page that claimed to enlarge the dick by quite an amount. Is that legit? It seems safer than penile pumps and surgery. What natural ways do you recommend to enlargen it (my erect dick is 5 inches long and 12 centimeters around for a 5foot 7.5in guy. I would love it to be 7.5inches long and 14.5cm thick. Not too thick so a chick can't suck it.
(3) what are the best books on how to perform all kinds of sex  and french kissing. What can you recommend to try out on a first date. Something that would make me cum an incredible amount of spooge, and have lots of energy left over for french kissing and a nice slow very intense fucking.
Thank you

Dear MSR;
It is OK if you think of other guys when you does not mean you're gay even if you have a session or two w/another male. We don't know if the web site you refer to regarding penis size is legit or not but the best way to exercise it is to play with it! Right! The day that someone comes up with a sure-fire way to enlarge a penis that person will be a gazzillionnaire overnight. Everybody wants a large one and from what we hear women want fat ones! We would never suggest or recommend a best book or two because we would make a friend or two and lose many friends. Find the books and read them yourself. The best way to french kiss is to kiss many girls...pick out the one you like the best. What you should try on the first date is to be a gentleman first, everything else will come after that. Vitamins work! Good hunting!

(f) Horny from Saginaw who masturbates "2-3 times a week" asks:

I just have a quick question that is sort of related to masterbation. One day a few months back when i was masterbating I thought it might be fun to use a straw in myself somehow. Well, the straw had little ridges on it and I put it really far in. When I pulled it out it was a little bloody. I am a virgin..but I was wondering, could I had just lost my virginity to a straw? And will i still bleed the first time I have sex? Thanks.

Dear Horny;
No you probably did not break your hymen (if you still have one intact)!  More likely you cut yourself on the walls of your vagina...and rectum if  you tried it there which is why you bled a little. The edges of the straw are sharp and with the proper jabbing motions could cause you some  harm. IF you still have your hymen intact when you have intercourse for the first time and your male friend causes it to tear upon insertion of his penis you may bleed a is usually nothing to worry about. We suggest however, that you use a dildo to break it yourself instead, that way you will have nothing to worry about when the time comes.

(m) The Second from Ogden who masturbates "4 times a week" asks:

I have a couple questions that i have been wanting to ask   ~someone~ for a long time. First, when i masterbate i dont "jack off" as you see in movies. Instead, i basically cup the penis and simulate having sex. Is that a common technique? Second, I often keep pressure on the penis to prevent the semen from flowing. Is this dangerous? I ask because i hear all these tales of "explosions" and huge quantities of cum at ejaculation, but i dont seem to put that large a supply. have i done something to damage this "propulsion system", so to speak? how much semen should come out in the normal jack-o scenario?  again, thanks for any answers you can give.

Dear 2nd:
Whether it is normal or not don't worry it won't hurt you!! The concerns you have for controlling emissions is not health threathening.

(m) Gunner who masturbates "3 times a week" asks:

I'm 21 years old and have been masturbating for about 3 years and I am wondering if too much masturbating will cause my penis to 'die out' by the time I get old?

Dear Gunner;
While we are not sure what old is...and when you get thing is for sure though, if you don't use it you lose it. You can't masturbate too much.

(m) Clint from Atlanta who masturbates "a whole bunch" asks:

Sometimes I masturbate as much as three times a day. But I have noticed when I do this my left hip bone hurts. Any idea as to why? Can masturbating cause inflamation of the bones?

Dear Clint;
Not knowing how you "do it" we would hesitate advising you why your hip hurts...probably just arthritis. To the second part of your question ... absolutely not.

(m) SHAAN ( [email protected] ) from TAMPA asks:

HI, this is how i masturbate so tell me if its ok i do it everyday but the thing i do is that i use the rub down method and when its about to come out i just hold it back (not by holding it with my hand or anything) but just contract my penis and it doesn't come out and i get the satisfaction i would have gotten from masturbation, but do let it come out like once in a while, so is this ok or does it create any problems because i hold it back as it is about to come out?

Dear Saan;
Nope...looks good to us.

(m) Eric ( [email protected] ) from Fort Wayne who masturbates "3-4 times a day" asks:

Why can one day I masterbate 6 or 7 times in a row without lube and not be sore, then a week later do it once and I bleed?

Dear Blank;
Not knowing what else is going on and the fact that you jack off different one day to the happens.

(m) Mark (  [email protected] ) from Newport Beach who masturbates "almost daily" asks:

I'm forty one years old now and have been masturbating for quite some time. Should I be concerned if my penis bends slightly to the right now, and can it be corrected?

Dear Mark;
Don't worry...and you can't correct it...just keep on keepin on.

(m) Marc G. ( [email protected] ) from Nashville who masturbates "a few times a day" asks:

I am a 19 year-old guy and although I don't take anal sex I sometimes stick pens or other slender things in my ass when I masturbate. It gives me the best orgasm, so I want to know if you have any ideas of something more substantial, but not too substatntial to plug myself with. Also, what lube should I use for this?

Dear Marc;
As long as you don't injure yourself you can stick just about anything up there you want, from A thru Z. Use any non-petroleum based lube to aid you in your pleasures.

(m) Knights ( [email protected] ) from SLC who masturbates "everyday" asks:

Hi there,
I am 25 years old, single. I have a very demanding job, which keeps me busy.When I return home I masturbate, almost daily. What I want to ask is that, is it ok.I don't feel any exhaustion after that, in fact it makes me quite good.

Dear Knights;
That is what it is for.