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(m) John Doe who masturbates "Always!" asks:

I can pull my foreskin back,but it hurts.Should I keep doing this?
Dear ;
Yes, by all means...practice every single day.

(m) Chris who masturbates "2-3 times a day" asks:

Hi, I think this is a great page, I can't help but masturbate everytime I read the questions and answers. Now for my question, i was wondering what enemas is. I never heard of it, thankz
Dear Chris;
An enema is a medical procedure used to cleanse the lower bowels with a liquid solution or formula introduced from a bladder at very low pressure from a tube introduced into the rectum from the anus. To some it is extremely relaxing, pleasurable and theraputic. To others not so inclined it can be not so nice. We don't know which you might be...good luck.

(m) Tom ( [email protected] ) from Central Florida who masturbates "4-5 times/wk" asks:

Are there any specifics available that will tell us what foods or drinks make cum taste better than others?
Dear Tom;
See guys...the idea is for you to experiment and find out what YOU like and what YOU want to taste. It's your sexual life, not ours. Start with coffee, fruits, bitters and the like. Graduate to the fine liquers...amaretto...etc. Good hunting and good tasting.

(m) Person who masturbates "once a day" asks:

I masturbate once a day and never have orgasms!! I wanna have one!!! Can you help?
Dear Person;
Thank you for your question! Not knowing how old you are, how you masturbate (technique) and so forth it would be difficult for us to tell you how to have an orgasm. Keep trying though...and be will come (no pun intended). Practice every day and stroke longer.

(m) Bates ( [email protected] ) from Ottawa who masturbates "5 times a week (?)" asks:

Ok, well this is the first time on your page. I am 19 and a virgin (yessss a virgin...OK???) and my girlfriend wants me to "help" her masturbate! To tell the truth...I don't know what to do!!!! I grew up in a strict sex talk. (I don't even know what a "clit" is!) How exactly can i satisfy her???
Dear Bates;
You are on the virge of something wonderful...go with the flow. You can only have a "first time" ONCE! Enjoy it. Enjoy learning about yourself and her at the same time. Don't rush and above all else...don't worry about you lack of knowledge. Explore...touch...learn...taste, you will only go down this road one time...savor the moment. Songs are written about it and poems shouldn't be any different for either of you. Good luck.

(m) Mitch who masturbates "once a day" asks:

I am 37 and going on 40. My last physical the doctor said I would have to have my prostrate checked yearly. Does masturbation have anything to do with prostrate cancer. i.e. too much or not enough. And of course I do not like to stick things up my anus from time totime, but I am careful and clean. Me and my wife have a normal sex life and enjoy each other through intercourse and masturbation. But the big "c" word worries me. I've been masturbating for over 20 years and not worried about the most asked questions you guys get. So if you could shed some light I would appreciate it. Thanks
Dear Mitch;
As long as you stick to your routine you should have nothing to worry about. We've heard that some men begin to have problems with their prostate if their wife or partner becomes ill or dies, thus changing his sexual schedule. What part grief or stress plays in this game we do not know but as long as everything else holds out you shouldn't have to worry. Besides, your doctor will be checking you reqularly now anyway. Peace be to you both.

(m) quick hands who masturbates "3 times a week" asks:

Every time I masturbate I get a bad feeling like I just didn't something realy wrong. I want to stop jacking off but I'm having a real hard time. What is the best way to go about quitting jacking off. Please don't tell me anything like why would you want to stop. I really want to quit.
Dear Quick Hands;
If you are sincere about stopping we suggest professional counseling for you. Because the sex drive is normal and we don't think you are doing it to excess it will probably be a long time before you trying to get off a nicotine fix from smoking. Good luck and get back with us next year so we will know how you're doing.

(m) HammerHead from Montreal who masturbates "2 a day" asks:

Is it normal for a guy to simulate anal sex to himself (ex: marker in and out of ass)
Dear Hammerhead;
Yes, it is normal...just be careful what and how you put things in there.

(m) Hands Full from Deleware who masturbates "every day" asks:

Is it possible to reach an orgasm without touching yourself, like just thinking about sex?
Dear HF;
Yes it is...keep practicing...that's good.

(m) klaus from stockholm who masturbates "3-4 times a week" asks:

I am a healhthy 66 year old, married, but I still continue to masturbate in between the weekly sex sessions with my wife. When I get obsessed by erotic dreams I hjave to go somewhere alone, wait for wife to be out and then hammer the old penis. Is this normal and how long do you expect I will still feel this urge?
Dear Klaus;
We have no reason to believe that you couldn't continue masturbating the rest of your life. We have heard of men becoming fathers in their 90's...and not by artificial means either. Keep on keepin on!! LG