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(m) confused asks:

I do not know how to masturbate! Can u please specify the actual details on going about a masturbation. I am 18 and I think I should be able to.
Dear Confused;
This one is easy...take whichever hand you wish, grip the penis tenderly, and approximate the motions of intercourse...up,down,up,down,up, this over and over....many times...get the picture?

(m) needs it all the time who masturbates "4 x a day" asks:

I was wondering if there is anyway to increase the amount of cum you let out aside from waiting a few days because I just can't, I let out very little and want to know if there is maybe something I could take or do to increase it ?
Dear Needs;
Unfortunately, ... NO! We think it is every man's dream to cum gallons!! And it certainly would solve the water problem in some areas too.

(m) What the Hell happened? from FL who masturbates "whenever" asks:

My three questions are:
1) Is it normal to have a sparp decline in a 22 YO's sexdrive?
2) Do people atullaly have a masturbation/sex burnout?
3) Assuming it's all in my head (the one on my shoulders) how do I start to fix it?
Creativity with sex and masturbation has always been my strong points I have alway's prided myself in giving new meaning to: Been there done that! About the only place I haven't cum is in free fall (but it has always been a fantasy) adrenaline has always gotton me off. Go have an orgasm while hang gliding and you'll see what I mean. Is it possible that I neef to find a respect for sensual touch for myself as well as others? To me it has always seemed...well boring! However in light of my recent events it seems that I would need to take a break from my bodies natural ability to release adrinaline & morphine. Now if this be the case how would I get myself to respond in a positive way to something it should already know? I have always been under the impression that sexual ecstasy is a state of mind. The actions I take is just a reflection to my body the state of excitement my mind and soal feel's on a higher level and thus the need for natural chemical release into my system. Suggestions for books movies and the like would come in handy and thanks again.....Sid
Dear WTHH!!
For answers to questions 1 & 2 the answer is YES! The answer to #3 is a little more complex as it has to do with your envrionment, state of mind, current stress levels, health habits (or none), diet (or none)... and ALL OF THE ABOVE... Our most competent advice is: to get as much rest as you can, try to eliminate the distractions of stress (meditate more), if you do drugs other than the natural endorphines that you spoke of STOP!, eat regularly (food, not the other!). As we have said before, it is impossible to masturbate too much...the body simply will not allow shuts down first...getting the hint. If you are younger, which you are, it doesn't take long to recover...but the body will force you to rest in the long run. How long you want to sleep is dependant on how quickly you want to get back on the! Good luck and keep in touch!

(m) Ken who masturbates "5 times per week" asks:

Some times when I am jacking off I will have a flood of love juice come out but I don't get an orgasm out of it. At other times if I go on jacking I will have a great orgams in a few more strokes but no more seed. This does not happen all the time and does not seem to have any relationship to when I last jacked off. I am 57 y/o in good health and don't have a sex partner. One more question please. Once in a while when I do have a lady over for the night I cannot get hard to save my soul. At other time I can fuck her for an hour and not climax but will pass a flood of juice to her along the line.
Thank you
Dear Ken;
We ourselves being very close to your age group hate to use that phrase, "at your age", therefore, we advise you that you need to get more rest, eat healthy foods and don't worry about the rest. Things happen as they for your partners...there are too many other things you can do to satisfy and please a woman...besides your dick! Hold her, cuddle her, finger her,eat her. this is the 21st century and we are no longer monotheistic in our attitudes! Get it?

(m) Ken who masturbates "once daily without fail" asks:

Me and my wife have a pretty open sex life. We use a dildo only when it concerns masturbation and eating her out. Now I have been sticking things up my butt for sometime and would reallly like her to stroke me off while using our dildo. She had an ex who forced her into anal sex and she didnt't like it. How do I approach this with her? Because I really like it when I do it to myself and she does use a finger on the rim when we are making love, but won't quite stick it in.
Dear Ken;
We assume that you want your wife to use the dildo on you! Right? IF that is the case, tell her exactly that and that you won't use it on her at all. After she sees how much fun you are having she will ask for a session herself...honest.

(m) John Doe who masturbates "usually once a day" asks:

most of the time, after I ejaculate, I notice a dull, aching pain either on the left or right side of my penis. Should I ease up a bit? This also occurs when I try to masturbate a second time in a short time period.
Dear JD;
If anyone has pain while masturbating they should stop, slow down or change strokes until the pain subsides.

(m) Peavey ( [email protected] ) from New Orleans who masturbates "twice a day" asks:

Im 18 yrs old and I love to masturbate. And I also love anal fun. I was wondering what is a good toy to use for this. I really dont wanna go buy a sex toy I was wondering if there is something around the house I could use.
Dear Peavy;
Yes, use screwdriver handles, brush handles, paint brush handles, broom handles, fruits and vegetables and anything else that might fit careful.

(m) spanky ( [email protected] ) from new york who masturbates "as much as possible!" asks:

Is it ok to use baby oil as a lube? And also, I have this friend that is a female, we often talk about sex and mastubation, we are not dating but are both single, would it be ok to ask her to masterbate with me or not, thank U.
Dear Spanky;
Do not use petroleum based lubes/oils period. Use others instead. Yes we encourage you to ask your girlfriend to masturbate with you.

(m) cums o lot from chicago who masturbates "alot" asks:

my penis is 6 inchs long and has a downward curve in it, will this affect my performance in bed, will this create more or less enjoyment for my lover, thaxs.
Dear COL;
No it will not affect your performance in bed. The enjoyment each partner feels from your boner will vary depending on what they like and the positions used. Try them all and keep the ones you like best!!!

(m) Dave who masturbates "Quite often" asks:

At the begininng of the year I noticed a red mark on the head of my penis where it meets the shaft. It became quite sore but after a while it got better. It happened about three times and took a couple of days to get heal. However it has left a mark, which sometimes gets a little red when I masturbate. When I'm not, there is a dis-colouration and it is a little rare. The doctor said it was not herpes but he saw it when it was not red and sore. I have no idea what it is. Any ideas?
Dear Dave;
NO! But, keep your doctor posted in any case.

(m) Randy ( [email protected] ) from Minneapolis who masturbates "2-4 times a day" asks:

I masterbate alot and I noticed I have a line on my penis, right where I hold my hand. I was wondering if that means there is too much masterbation involved, or am doing something wrong? And is there anyway to get rid of it?
Dear Randy
The line you mentioned may be from your circumcision scar...if you are...if not we are not sure what it would be from...except we know it is not from too much masturbation.

(m) Ra ( [email protected] ) from Houston who masturbates "once a day" asks:

Hi, I love jerking off, but I want to know if I could make it last longer. My other question: is it ok to eat some of my own cum?? Thanx a lot.
Dear Ra;
Eat as much of your cum as you like...lasting longer has to do with discipline and stroke management. You may also apply the squeeze tecnique...squeeze the head of your penis just before you cum...when the feeling subsides begin again.

(m) Alex from ( [email protected] ) from Deland who masturbates 1-3 times a day asks:

I am 21 years old and a virgin. I not bad looking, infact I have on some occasions, been told I was cute. But I still have no luck with women. I have have a few girlfriends in the past, but I feel I have not met the right one. I may not wait until marrage, but I want it to be special. So for now I will live with masturbating. Which brings up my question. I have tried to make masturbation more fun. I have done it out on the beach and in the woods (out in the open basically) , I have also used electricity and anal stimulation but alas nothing special. I do reach orgasm, its just not that exciting. I think the best orgasm I have had was when a friend of mine watched, needless to say she also enjoyed the show. I was wondering if you might know some techniques that would make things a little more interesting. Or if possible in one extreme. How would I go about getting someone to watch me (i.e. online or in person)? Thanks, Alex
Dear Alex;
Getting people to watch is easy enough if you just ask...which should be no problem given the places you already have tried and the fact that your girlfriend watched too. As far as exciting goes...your exciting orgasms are not tied to where you are physicially...but rather mentally...think about it. And, think about where you will be and what you will do to solve this problem 10 years from now...the ball is in your court.

(f) zoot who masturbates "3 times daily" asks:

whenever i give head to my boyfriend he always cums just after we start, is this because he jacks off a lot or am i just the best when it comes to giving head .
Dear Zoot;
Darlin', you didn't think we would fall for that trap did you??? It is because you are soooo good!! The reason he jacks off alot is because he is thinking of you.

(m) Mark from Sydney who masturbates "1-2 Times a day" asks:

I am 18 years old and I was wondering how I could get another "Straight" male the same age to masturbate with me? I have always wanted to jack off with another guy, but never had the chance to. Dose this mean I'm Gay? (I Have A Girlfriend)
No it doesn't mean your gay, bisexual maybe? You get straight males to masturbate with you by asking them.....very carefully!

(m) Lbdn ( [email protected] ) who masturbates "Once a day" asks:

Sometimes, I can masturbates 2-3 hours before I cum. I love to rub my cock with precum while I'm looking at dirty pictures or reading stories. I also like to masturbate with someone else on Chat and cam. I have a camera and I like to masturbate in front of stangers. The problem is that I get turned on by real dirty thing that I'm too shy to describe here (I know my friends would not approve or get turned on by these things). Am I becoming a real pervert? I really like to fantasize about these DIRTY things (It's only fantasies). Is it normal to have these REALLY DIRTY fantasies?
Dear LGDN;
The beauty of fantasies is that they can be anything you want them to be and no one else has to know that you have them....What ever floats your boat is OK in fantasy even if it is not approved of in real life. Go ahead and enjoy yourself...and in your search for other like minded folks (and there will be some out there believe us) good luck.

(m) DeeJay who masturbates "2 times a day" asks:

Hi I masturbate 2-3 times a day. I always wonder what kind of lubbing I am supposed to use. I use Crisco or Vaseline. Is there anything else??
Dear DJ;
One more time for the boys not use petroleum base lubes to jack off with...they can cause tumors, lesions and a whole bunch of nasty shit!

(m) Me from Seatle who masturbates "When I can" asks:

I used to use Vaseline to Masturbate but have quit since seeing your "DO NOT USE VASELINE" in one of your responses... (1) What makes Vasaline bad? (2) Can I try Aloe Vera for Masturbating? Or is that a No No?
Dear ME;
Petroleum based lubes can cause tumors, leasions and a whole host of other skin problems...including burns. Yes, Aloe Vera is better.

(m) Sean from New York asks:

This is gonna be a long question. I'm 19 and still a virgin. It's true. I was raised in a very religious family and was taught to wait until marraige for sex and so I plan to. My question is are there any other "activities" that I can do with a girl besides acutal intercourse? And if I masturbate infront of her, or if she jerks me off, or if we just give each other oral sex does that count as "losing your virginity?" What is the average age a guy loses his virginity anyways? Can I ask the two of you how old you are? I want to know what your perspective is of a guy my age still a virgin and waiting until marriage, I want to hear a man and woman's point of view. Would a girl think I was akward about not losing my virginity yet? How should I go about dealing with this with any future girlfriends? Thanks
Dear Sean;
Usually a boy becomes a man between 15-16 years of age...if that is important to you. The definition of virginity, or losing it, in the dictionary does not include any of the above as long as intercourse is not involved, so play away. We are both middle-aged people that have been in the lifestyle known as swinging for over 16 years.
From our point of view relative to your virginity we say and believe that, "It is your life, so whatever makes you happy makes us happy!" LG thinks that eventually you will meet a girl that will make you both forget all about the virginity issue, pro or con. Sean, it's called love. He also wants to remind you that in the olden days they sacrificed virgins on alters to the gods, so keep that in mind as you are saving yours! Good luck and good hunting.

(m) OiBoy from Cleveland who masturbates "3 or 4 times a day sometimes more" asks:

i know im a guy but i really want to know anything you can tell me about female ejaculation. My girlfriend masturbates a lot and she doesn't get too wet. she wants to know about whether she should be able to ejaculate. and i want to know, what actually comes out when a girl cums?
Dear Oiboy;
The fact that you are a guy and want to know about female ejaculation is good! We suggest that your girl friend try a product known as the Crystal Wand (it is clear acrylic..plastic..and it looks like an "S" turned on it's side). We use, exhibit and sell this product at Club Relate and the amazing thing is that it always works! ALWAYS!! Women and men report some very powerful climaxes that often include female ejaculation...a clear, non-urine fluid, that is excreted forcefully sometimes by the Bartholin gland at the mouth of the vagina. It rarely has taste and can vary in viscosity from female to female. It has been describe by some men as "nectar from the gods", but you should judge for yourself. Although they are rare (ejaculating women, that is) we have found an astounding proportion of women in the swinging lifestyle that can!! The fact that your girl friend wants to ejaculate is a very important step in the trip to la la land. Help her, guide her and you will be rewarded! Good luck.

(f) DumbBlonds from Hollywood Fl who masturbates "our house average is 1.5 times a day" asks:

We just wanted to say hi and let you know that this happy house of hetro, homo, and bi sexuals, has a few questions.
#1) comes from our resident "bisexual" female who asks," If I fantasize more about females than males should I give up on men and just be gay?"
#2)comes from our resident "hetrosexual" male who asks," What is the size of the average erect penis? You know what is "normal"?
#3) comes from our resident "homosexual" male who asks," As a happy homosexual why praytell would I masturbate thinking of my two best female friends"?
Are we all just confussed? Obviously we need help or are we all in our mid life crisis the house average age is 29.333.
Dear DB;
Not to worry help is on the way.
#1 NO! Being bisexual myself I can tell you is definately the best of both worlds
#2 6'7" when erect
#3 There is a difference between fantasy and reality...appreciating female beauty is just one of them...dream on, you won't lose it.

(m) Rodriguez ( [email protected] ) from Buenos Aires who masturbates "once a day" asks:

I have a small penis ( 4.5 ) so there are a lot of techniques that i can´t do, so tell me please techniques for a small penis because i don´t like fisting all the time
Dear Rod;
Beauty as they say is in the eyes of the beholder so be glad whenever you are beholden yourself...! We know of no techniques available that would be available to possesors of men with small, medium or large size penes. There are just as many ways to beat off as YOU can think of...then you can add to that...and extra hand or two...errr, for help that is.

(m) richard who masturbates "3 times a week" asks:

Will my foreskin tear if I force it back? I've tried to pull it back but it always hurts and I have to stop..
Dear Richard;
Continue to exercise the head and foreskin of your penis very gently but also very regularly...several times a day if fact...use some non-petroleum lubes to assist in this process. Keep at it and you wil succeed.

(m) bob from anderson who masturbates "once to twice a day" asks:

When i masturbate i like the feling of something up my ass. Am i gay or bisexual, because when i see a man's dick in a porno it gives me a hard on. Also i like to taste my own cum, also is there other kind of activity you think i might enjoy?
Dear Bob;
No you are not gay because you like stuff up your ass (no pun intended)!! Viewing explicit scenes envolving both males and females excites everyone, that's what they are supposed to do.

(m) pall from etobicoke who masturbates "minimum 2 times a day" asks:

I'm, Adam and I masturbate often, should I be ashamed?
Dear Pall;
One should never be ashamed of one's gifts. If we were not meant to masturbate then we wouldn't have sexual organs or desires to go with them.

(m) pall from etobicoke who masturbates "minimum 2 times a day" asks:

My name is Adam, and I am A 21 year old virgin in need of help, I Think? Should my Virginity Force me to seek help? Do I Need Help! Is my Life over ? I know it is !!
Dear Pail;
No your life is not over it just hasn't started paitient it will are still very, very young. You shouldn't worry about it until maybe 10 or 15 years down the road. If you still have it by then, get in touch.

(m) Adam from Islington who masturbates "once a day" asks:

I'am a virgin, and of couce I masturbate everyday. Many days I jerk off two or three times a day. I feel that I need to over come this habit. Can you help me ?
Dear Adam;
No! You do not need to overcum this habit!