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(m) chip from fresno who masturbates "2 times/day" asks:

I've recently discovered the joy of anal sex while masturbating. Anal sex in the form of a large dildo. One of the main reasons that this has recently become enjoyable is that I began performing enemas before anal sex. My question is; "Are there any negative or harmful effects from performing enemas on a long term regular basis.
Dear Chip;
Since the tissue surrounding the rectal area (the area where the enema is administered) is a highly soluable area, any drug or liquid introduced there is immediately transferred to the body...very quickly! Faster than if administered by mouth! We advise care in how you do enemas and what you use in your enema. For example, it is possible to become intoxicated if you use a mixture of water and another alchoholic beverage in your enema solution! No problem as long as you don't drive...or operate heavy equipment!! Right!

(m) Biccus Dikkus from Johannesburg who masturbates "3-4 daily" asks:

Hi. I'm a 19 year old virgin .I have 2 questions ,When I jerkoff , I only cum when I'm lying on my stomach, why? .If I masturbate on my back I only seem to ejaculate loads of pre-cum no CUM ! I use vaseline ,baby oil etc ;to lube myself . ANY SUGGESTIONS ?? When I'm just about to release my dick goes soft ,is this all part of masturbation or 'cause I have'nt fucked anyone yet ???
Dear Biccus Dikkus;
The fact that you can only cum lying face down suggests that you may have a mental block to doing it any other way. We suggest you seek professional counseling for guidance in this matter. Although it really doesn't make any difference how you could become a problem if you ever marry down the road. DON'T USE VASELINE FOR LUBE!!! Use a sex lube! The fact that you have not yet had intercourse yet has no affect on your position problem.

(m) Warren from Richmond,VA who masturbates "1-2 times a day" asks:

My friends and I have a question that maybe you can answer. We are all over 19 and are very interested in giving at a sperm bank. We understand they pay like 50 bucks just to do something we love to do anyway. What is involved and can some kid come looking for us someday?
Dear Warren;
Yes! Unfortunately though it is a little more complicated than that! We don't know what they may pay you for donating your sperm, IF it is acceptable to them, but, we think that you may have better things to do with your time. Medical tests, screening and many other hoops to jump through before you get your check! As to the kid come looking for you later, we can only answer that question by asking this one in it's place! What would each of you do if you found out you were the product of a sperm donor? Talk it over. Your answers, we are sure will surprise you!

(m) some 1 ( [email protected] ) from Cleveland who masturbates "1-2 times a week" asks:

How long is the average 25 year old erect penis?
Dear Some 1;
About 6.8 inches, why!

(m) Dan from SANTIAGO, CHILE who masturbates "10 timeas a week" asks:

Im a straight guy but i always dreamed about how asking my friend if I could chew his dick or masturbate him, but I don t know how (because he will think I'm gay)
Dear Dan;
Ignorance does not stop some people from thinking or saying foolish things, in fact it usually contributes to poor judgement on their part. We suggest that the most that your friend could think of you is that you are bi-sexual...and isn't that the best of both worlds. Should all else fail we advise you let him read your's quite self-explanatory.

(m) Dashi who masturbates "4-5 every week" asks:

I masturbate alot and I am not gay but I want to masturbate with a friend who I think masturbates how should I do I tell him that I want to masturbate with him and not look gay
Dear Dashi;
The best approach that we could recommend would of course be the honest one! Test the waters first by discussing the issue of bi-sexuality as well as homosexuality with him. Say you have never done anything like this before and would only consider doing it with him if he would like. You both could learn together! Good Luck.