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(m) Sal who masturbates "3 times a week" asks:

I have a friend of the opposite sex who is a few years older than me in college. Well I have known her for a long time and we have talked about sex before and do every now and then but I would like to know how I could get her to masturbate with me? Any suggestions?

Dear Sal;
Since you are already friends we suggest that the next time your conversation turns to sex...ask her directly if she would like to join you for some auto-erotic fun. The direct approach always works best in the long we are sure you wouldn't want to injure your relationship.

(m) anonymous from Orlando who masturbates "five times a day" asks:

I love to shave my pubic hair! The problem is that I play many sports and have a lot of physicals with the doctor as a do I continue to shave my pubic hair while not allowing the doctor to become suspicious? It's rather embarrassing

Dear Anon;
Suspicious of what? It's your body isn't it? Your physcian should be interested only in what he's looking for in a physical exam, not passing judgement on you or your asthetics.

(m) Pimp ( [email protected] ) from Dallas who masturbates "every day" asks:

Hello, I love to jerk off, but lately its just not that much fun. What can I do to really get hot and horny so I can shoot the largest load ever? Thanx

Dear Pimp;
Stop doing it alone.

(m) rag from Houston who masturbates "twice a day" asks:

Hi, I have always wanted to eat some of my own cum?? Is it ok.Thanx

Dear Rag;
Yes, it's OK.

(m) Zakk from Texas who masturbates "twice a day at least" asks:

Is it safe to use hand lotion or baby lotion for anal lubrication??? If not, what are some safe lubrications???

Dear Zak;
As long as they (the lubricants) are not petroleum based products there should be no problem. Very light olive oil is good...and healthy too.

(m) Ken from Salt Lake who masturbates "Everyday" asks:

Is the any J&J Clubs Near SLC UT?

Dear Ken;
None that we know of, sorry.

(f) Jessi who masturbates "3 or 4 times a week depending on my mood" asks:

I have been masturbating for a couple of months now and I have stopped using my fingers and I am now using this plastic tube. I have been looking for something else to use something that could give me more sensation. Would something made out of wood harm me on the inside? If so what else could I use ... I'm too embarrassed get a dildo so what should I use?

Dear Youngster;
Have your boyfriend get you one. :) Or make a dildo out of candle wax (u-shape-it, u-size-it!). Wood will not harm you as long as it is polished and smooth so that you won't get any splinters...we assume you don't want those...Cool large vegetables are nice too and they are bio-degradable which means that you can have your fun and eat it sure way to eliminate the evidence...good for regularity too. Good luck.

(m) ace who masturbates "2 times a day" asks:

i'm masturbating the original way by jerking off and i getting bored of this way can u give me an ideas for new ways

Dear Ace;
Vibrators, toys, liver (no onions) and many other things...if you are resourceful...if all else fails to excite and unboar you...get a friend for a helping hand.

(m) JR ([email protected]) from Kansas City who masturbates "2-3 times/week" asks:

Well, let's just start out by saying that I don't have a girlfriend so I have to "fend for myself" so to speak. Anyway I was wondering it there are certain techniques or things you could find around the house to "enhance the experience"? I have taken some advice from others on your page, but I thought an expert opinion may be better. Keep in mind that I do still live with my parents :-( so don't make it too fancy.)

Dear JR;
Yes, there are tons of things around your house that you can employ to your satisfaction. As to techniques...only your mind and the sky are the limits.

(m) queenella who masturbates "1-2x a week" asks:

I am a gay male. My partner and I have been together for just over 2 years now, and I am still concerned about our sex. The issue that I need your help with is that my partner has NEVER been able to reach an orgasm by any other means than masturbation... and only by his own hand, no lube, etc. This has been quite a problem for us. We have even gone to counselling, but with no progress. We have tried MANY different techniques, positions, etc. However, I am not able to get him off by manual, oral, or other stimulation. If you have any suggestions, please post them. We're willing to try just about anything!
Thanks again!

Dear Queenella;
As much as we would like to help we feel that you have done all the right things...pushed all the right buttons, etc.,etc. We feel to get where you are going to...relax and enjoy the trip. Your partner's ability to orgasm or not does not reflect on you...rather them and their problems and hidden or unspoken agenda(s). If your partner WANTS to cum with you...he will eventually.

(m) Joe who masturbates "5-6 times a week" asks:

I am a college man who is not sexually active. I masturbate quite frequently, and just recently noticed that I have what looks like a zit on the shaft of my penis. I was just wondering, what if anything I should do? Is it related to masturbating? How can I prevent this? Thanks, and I love your page.

Dear Joe;
Take care of it (zit) first...keep it clean...bathe often...happens frequently...nothing to worry about....probably not related to masturbation...nothing to do to present.