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(m) curious from Southern CA who masturbates "1-2 times a day everyday" asks:

Why is it that women never will tell the truth about masturbating, either in person or in surveys. I know men usually will not talk about it to other males, but when it comes to the surveys they will at least say they do masturbate, but women still have no where close to the percentages that men do. I am almost certain that something is a bit fishy, (not meant to be a pun) about the females and the real numbers. What really gives?
Dear Cur;
Women are brought up to keep their feelings a little closer to their bosom, if you know what we mean. What difference does it make your own survey and make that part of your question. Let us know how it cums out.

(m) Jack who masturbates "once a week" asks:

Is it harmful or is there any effect in using soap to masturbate. Pls advise
Dear Jack;
No harm...enjoy.

(m) Chaoslord who masturbates "least once a day" asks:

actually its not a question its advice for melon head who asked about masterbating and driving. I'm a truck driver and know they sell a "pocket pussy" at some adult book stores some with lighter adaptors, and its relatively safe as long as you can maintain concentration. matter of fact it is alot of fun trying to feel good and concentrate at the same time and if it gets to intense you can always pull over and relax *SMILE*
Dear Chaos;
We don't feel free to endorse your advice for the simple fact you stated in your reply of maintaining concentration while you drive, maintaining concentration while you drive, maintaining concentration while you drive, get it?

(m) Bob ( [email protected] ) from CENTRAL ny who masturbates "5-7 times weekly" asks:

I had asked if you know, or can estimate, how many women enjoy using their breasts as part of their masturbation technique, and (separate question, I guess) what percentage of women can have an orgasm just from breast/nipple stimulation?
If you have no idea about one or both of these, that's fine - just tell me.
Dear Bob;
Probably about 10% of women who are orgasmic can cum from nipple stimualtion alone! From our experience, fully half of the women we deal with enjoy using their breasts in sex play to one degree or another.

(f) Ann who masturbates "sometimes once a week" asks:

I am over 40 and find that I can go for weeks without masturbating sometimes, while there are other times that I can't wait for the opportunity. I never have used anything to penetrate myself. I just rub my clit. Is there a correct way to hold whatever object I use? Also, why do I feel the need more strongly sometimes?
Dear Ann;
It could be that your desire is more directly related to your time of the month! As far as penetration goes it doesn't make any difference as long as it feels good to you. Why wait weeks, why wait days....get in the habit of at least once a day and see what that will do for you.

(m) Aubie asks:

this isn't exactly about masturbation..but here goes: my girlfriend and i were in the shower the other day, and we were foolin around, of course. we decided to shave our pubic hair. my question is: how long will it take to grow back, and will it cause me any other problems?? also, is it a good idea to do this?
thanks for your help
Dear Aubie;
It will take about 6 weeks to fully grow back and will itch like hell when it starts to come out on your skin...other than discomfort there should be no problem with it.

(m) ace from s.fla who masturbates " 7-10 a week" asks:

i love to masterbate and fantasize about almost anything, but i've been dreaming alot about masterbating with other men. i'm not gay but would love to act on this. can you please tell me how to go about it?
Dear Ace;
Go to a gay hot spot and get to know the folks there. Soon you will find someone willing to help you with your hard problem and you will probably enjoy it too.

(m) Ville ( [email protected] ) from Tampere who masturbates "some years ago 2 - 3 times per day" asks:

Me and my girlfriend (we both are over 50`s) masturbate each other at least two times or once a day before we start to make love and sometimes it is enough we are satisfied. But that is not a point. My friend has an cousin (woman), who is about 55 years now (?), she in very religious (Jehova), her husband doesn`t touch her any more for several years (10 years), she has still very severe emotions and feelings concerning sexuality but she doesn`t know how to satify herself??. How can we, I mean how can my lady friend help her.??
Dear Villie;
You can help her by being her friend first! Then, if she is inclined to seek sexual satisfaction you may guide her through all that you both know about pleasures derived from masturbation. This is something that she must want...Not you and your lady friend. If you are sincere and she wants help...give it. If not honor it.

(m) Wanker from Kansas City who masturbates "2-3 x per day" asks:

I've been stimulating myself anally for about a year. recently I got over my embarrasment and bought a dildo. I'm wondering, with my ass lubed up, and both hands on my shaft, how can I keep the object in my ass, esp. during orgasm?
Dear Wanker;
Kneel on your bed on your knees and feet. After insertion sit down on dildo and rock back and forth...steady the dildo with your feet. Good luck.

(m) Penis from St. Louis who masturbates "1-3 times a day" asks:

My question is directed towards men? do you look at guys penises in bathroom urinals? Is this gay? I am obsessed with it and sometimes wait for a hot guy to go in so I can see him. I don't consider myself gay or bi. Is this abnormal?Could others please post if you do the same thing? Thanks!
Dear Pen;
When I was younger I did look, as much for curiosity as anything else. I guess I was looking to make sure that mine was "normal", whatever that is, and to make sure that someone out there didn't have one with two heads or something like that....I'd heard that snakes had two penises and at that age just really didn't know what to expect. I enjoy viewing and observing explicit sexual scenes and of course in them you see many erect penises, nipples, clits and the like. It stimulates me to see these things in the context in which they are presented so I don't feel that I am gay but can honestly say that it wouldn't bother me if I was. You only go one way one time so, go for it what ever it is that turns you on.

(m) Pee Wee from NYC who masturbates "3-5 times a week" asks:

i was just wondering what an average size of a penis would be, when erect. and also i was to know if the skin below the head would stretch to such extent that it will rip?, i masturbate quite often and i was wondering if that would be a danger to my penis?
Dear PW;
The average erect dick is 6.75" in length. Depending on how rough you are with your masturbation should determine whether or not you could tear that piece of skin. Be careful in any case.

(m) Ra ( [email protected] ) from Houston who masturbates "once a day" asks:

I do masturbate everyday, it i think its getting a little boring. It takes me about 3-10 minutes to explode, and then im done. I always want to go again but for some reason i never do. Why cant i go again?
Dear Ra;
There is only ONE reason why you can't do it is because you don't want to.

(m) Horney in my Dorm who masturbates "at least twice a day" asks:

I live alone in my dorm room, and I see guys all the time (although I'm not gay) and it turns me on. I immediatly leave the showers and go back to my room and jack off. Sometimes though this does not settle my urges completely. One guy was telling me that he has developed the ability to give himself a blow job. How can I do this also?
Dear Horney;
#1 Ask him to show you how he does will be easier than us trying to give you a formula for it. We will say that those that can do it are very limber from stretching and exercising routinely so if you are goal oriented...have at it.