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(f) female from U.S who masturbates "at least once a day" asks:

ok i wanna make myself get an orgasm but i can't i usually masturbate in the shower with a bottle and play with my nipples or rub myself when i pull the bottle in and out but i can never cum! why not?
Dear female;
We're not usually does the trick for us! Maybe you don't do it long enough, or the bottle isn't big enough...or long enough. Or, you may be running out of hot water before "it" happens! Relax and enjoy it more...oh, by the way, is the shower the only place you "do" it?

(m) jeff who masturbates "one time a day" asks:

I have two questions I would like to ask you, the first one is I was wondering if you know of any magazines that you can subscripe to that are dedicated to masturbation. second I was wondering if there is a way to continue jerking off right away after cumming the first time. I always try to see if I can cum again but I just cant continue jerking for some reason. thanks and i love your web page
Dear Jeff;
As far as the magazine industry goes...just about anything that floats your boat will work. In the olden days it could be something as simple as the underwear section of the Sears catalog. Now with all the publications out there you can afford to be selective in what you buy or what turns you on. Think about it before you go to the bookstore. Many men can continue jerking off after they cum and some can't, as it doesn't work. The only thing that we can recommend is practice or find someone else that CAN and ask them. Good luck.

(m) LuvSex from Cedar Rapids who masturbates "every night" asks:

My question is, i was wondering if there is any natural way of making my penis grow, such as exersize, eating sertain foods, or anything like that.
Dear N;
Currently there is no way we know of to increase the size of your penis. If you masturbate frequently...twice a day, should sustain your length at it's largest...but, unfortunately, probably not the length you want it to be. As long as you have orgasms and everything else happy!

(m) buttonhead from London who masturbates "once a day" asks:

How can I learn about different ways to enjoy masturbation. It's not very often that I get a real feeling. Can you show me new ways?
Dear Buttonhead;
We would be glad to show you the different ways to masturbate...come on over!! Failing that we would recommend a good sex book or even better a girl friend!!

(m) avg guy from Milwaukee who masturbates "1- 3 times a day" asks:

1st time writer, long time reader, great topic, love the page. I'm a 22 y/o M and have been jacking off for years. But recently, I've found that I can only get an orgasm by watching a video or having sounds of sex in the background if i am looking at a pic or magazine.Could I be becoming desensitized to sex so that I not only require visual but audio stimuli as well? If so, is there anything that I can do to change this. Could it be that my last three girlfrends were not vocal at all when we were having sex? any suggestions? thanx
Dear AG;
Your sensuality is not an address that you drive to and park! It is constantly changing until you die. With that in mind, relax and enjoy the ride. Play videos and watch, play sexy records or cds or tapes and masturbate to those...what's wrong with that as long as you can get off. When the right person comes along (or cums along) you will be changing again. Enjoy yourself first!