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We capture orgasms just like they do at home.  Humping pillows and countertops, fucking vegetables or some good, old-fashioned clit play, we leave it up to the girl to show us her personal method.

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Huge Vibrator Fuck

February 19, 2018 Yanks Girls No Comments

Women know what they like… And sometimes they aren’t bashful about it either! Well, at least when they aren’t alone that is!

Andrea knows what she likes but she can never ever get it from a man. Not properly anyhow… So when she has the time she takes care of business the old fashion way, like she did when she was younger, by masturbating herself with a huge vibrator… Andrea calls her vibrator “Scooter”, but she’s not sure why. Maybe it’s because it makes her scoot her ass up in the bed!

And it’s oh so heavenly to watch her fuck herself with it!

andrea loves mastrbating

Imagine being in the room with her watching her masturbate by fucking herself with this huge fucking vibrator!

Quiet Masturbation

You now how it is in your dreams – how we like to think all women masturbate loudly, thrashing about…. But that’s not really the case now is it? Some women are, well, very quiet. Quiet as a mouse. Take Amber from Yanks.com. Very, very quiet. You can hear a pin drop!

In fact, if your not watching closely you might even miss her orgasm!

[flv:/videos/amber2.flv 420 248]

Finger Masturbation Fun

Women know how to masturbate in dozens of different ways… And we’ve seen them all! But at the end of the day… The best way for a woman to masturbate and the quickest way for a woman to get off by masturbating… Is by using her fingers!

For us it’s not about the nudity or a sexual act; It’s about watching a woman pleasure herself… It’s about watching her “oh face” when she screams out in ecstasy!

kristy masturbates naked

And then we wonder why women don’t make those same sounds when they are with us…. It’s easy to understand really – Masturbation is about touching themselves in places where a man could never ever hope to touch them!

Visit Yanks.com to see more of Kristy masturbating with her fingers!

Heaven Masturbates

Meet Heaven. Now if she ain’t just a slice of Heaven we don’t know what is…

Just like all of the chicks on Yanks.com, this one loves to explore her body – in this case with her fingers! And other than watching a hot chick fuck herself with a glass dildo, there is nothing hotter than watching a woman explore herself with her fingers all around her body, making her way down to that sweet spot that we all want to watch her touch…

And Heaven is not afraid to stick her fingers in her snatch and take care of business, just like all women all around the world do on a regular basis – even if they won’t admit it!

heaven hot blonde masturbates using fingers2

Here’s a close up… Of Heaven masturbating herself with fingers, right inside of her pussy…

heaven hot blonde masturbates using fingers1

What a beautiful sight, watching a woman sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy…..

Two Fingers Deep

Once again another masturbating women from Yanks.com… Today her name is Anna; She’s blonde, huge boobs, and all real…. And this view just can’t be beat!

She’s got two fingers in her pussy… And it looks like she’s gonna go for three fingers!

anna digs deep with fingers in pussy

Which begs us to ask…. If women use more fingers, does that make them get off quicker?

Check out the rest of Anna at Yanks.com, your masturbation headquarters!

Glass Dildos

Yanks.com has been around for a long time, and the one thing we’ve learned is that there is nothing hotter than watching a woman masturbate when she uses a glass dildo – clear glass.

It’s hot enough when we get to watch a hot women masturbate with a dildo, but when it’s clear and you can see right through it…. Oh what a beautiful sight it is! It’s almost like peering deep inside of her (very pink) soul while she’s getting off! This is Sondra from Yanks masturbating with a glass dildo…

sondra masturbates glass dildo

And who wouldn’t want to watch Sondra from Yanks get off like this?

Jaiden Uses Her Fingers

Meet Jaiden from abbywinters.com…. She’s a horny type; Perhaps too horny for her own good… And when that happens, well, she knows what she needs to do. Half naked, she just needs to slide her panties over to the side a little…, use her fingers… And she knows exactly how to do that!

Looks like this piece of beauty knows all about how to masturbate with her fingers….

jaiden abby winters mastrubates in panties

It’s so beautiful watching woman masturbate… And abbywinters.com seems to have a lot of them – woman masturbating that is!

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