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MasturbationPage.com has been online since 1997.  We are simply devoted to the art of self-pleasure. We are the place to see all of the latest and sexiest masturbation online.  We’ve amassed 1000’s of stories, chat, post at the forum or check out our exclusive photos and videos of amateurs masturbating.  …

Real Orgasms

  We’re all about amateur masturbation and masturbation is all about the orgasm.  This is the real deal and we capture our girls masturbating just like they do at home.  Some like fingers, some like toys, some have visible contractions, some have vocal orgasms, some even squirt.  These are the …

How do you like it?

We capture orgasms just like they do at home.  Humping pillows and countertops, fucking vegetables or some good, old-fashioned clit play, we leave it up to the girl to show us her personal method.

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Recent Articles:

Kara Duhe Masturbates

The prettier they are, the more often they masturbate. It’s true. It’s because most men are afraid to even talk to someone as hot as Kara Duhe!

But Kara Duhe knows how to get off. She loves her glass dildo; It’s her favorite way to get off – and so much better than a cock!

kara duhe ron harris glass dildo

She might not look like it, but Kara Duhe is the type of chick that likes to be in control… And with her glass dildo she is in complete control of her next orgasm! And what a screamer that will be!

Two Fingers

Some women are just not afraid to go at it…. Some women are just bold and do what needs to be done.

Devin is such a woman. She loves to masturbate, and she knows exactly how she likes it. Then again you would think that after a few years of practice they would be pretty good at it.

Devin likes to masturbate on her exercise ball… Rolling around pretending to exercise is just a huge turn on.

devin finger masturbation

Once she rips of her clothes and she’s naked on top of the ball… It’s time for her to masturbate with her fingers! And she’s not a one finger in the pussy type of girl either!

Two Finger Masturbation

October 20, 2018 Finger Masturbation No Comments

Dilan just looks like one of those chicks who has a dirty little kinky side… And we think it’s because she’s always horny and loves to masturbate!

She’s the type of chick that wears a short little summer dress with no panties so that any time the urge hits her, she can just hike up the skirt and take care of things – and masturbate with her fingers!

ron harris dilian masutrbates fingers

She looks like she knows how to masturbate with her fingers all right – two fingers at a time!

Hurry To Get Off

If funny how when chicks are in such a hurry to get off that they don’t even remove their panties… Tasha Ray from Yanks.com was like that. She wanted to get off so bad that nothing was going to stop her – and surely not her own panties!

She just moved them to the side… And started to play with her pussy quickly!

tasha ray plays with her pussy

You can tell she likes to masturbate, but then again, what women doesn’t?

Bath Tub Fun

We caught Nikki Brooks on the Ron Harris website…. Taking a bath. Hmmmm. You know what women do in the bath, RIGHT? They like to get off in private, usually using the shower head.

And it seems Nikki Brooks has a little shower head that she can use…

nikki brooks ron harris masturbates bath

Nikki Brooks was pretty quick about it, taking that shower head down to her pussy…. We bet all chicks masturbate like this in the tub!

nikki brooks ron harris masturbates bath2

Scarlet Masturbates

Scarlet is a hot little tart… From Hungry too!

She loves to talk and of course loves to talk about her masturbation habits. She looks like she might be shy, but she has a long term on-going love affair with her shower head. (Most women do!) During her masturbation interview she talks about how she loves pocket rocket, and seems to have fantasies about getting off on a Sybian – the ultimate vibrator…..


[flv:/videos/scar1.flv 420 248]

Then when she starts to masturbate on Yanks.com… With that huge purple vibrator… Smoking hot!

[flv:/videos/scar2.flv 420 248]

Scarlet was hot enough not knowing about her secret masturbation habits, but once we know all about them… That only makes this masturbating queen even hotter!

Mya Valdez

Mya Valdez loves to masturbate and loves to masturbate with her fingers… And when she needs to get off, she’s using her fucking fingers. She knows exactly how to touch herself to get herself off – She loves masturbating!

mya valdez finger masturbation

Only a woman knows how to touch herself in the exact way that will ensure she gets off every time – and quickly. This is exactly why all woman masturbate!

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