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Shy London

February 22, 2024 Masturbation Interviews, Yanks Girls No Comments

We love how the Yanks.com crew does their masturbation interview videos. They are, by the way, the only ones who do something like this… It’s hot when women talk about their masturbation habits!!!

London from Yanks.com is a bit on the shy side, so it was difficult to get her to talk about how she likes to masturbate. Once she gets started she talks about how she likes to use both fingers and toys, but mostly toys, and she has no idea what she thinks of when she masturbates – she must go into a trance like state when she masturbates herself! Her breasts are ubber sensitive, and check this – she likes other chicks! She’s a lesbian….


[flv:/videos/london.flv 420 248]

Yanks.com also has a video of London and one of her girlfriends masturbating each other!

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