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Contents of PART ONE: Q's & A's

1Q. What is masturbation?
2Q. How does a man masturbate?
3Q. How does a woman masturbate?
4Q. How many men/women masturbate?
5Q. Can I masturbate too much?
6Q. My penis goes off at an angle! My vaginal lips look strange. Is this from masturbating?
7Q. Will my penis get larger/smaller by masturbating it?
8Q. Will I catch a disease from masturbation?
8aQ. Will I make myself sick if I eat my own cum?
9Q. Will I go blind/bald/insane/grow hair on my palms/penis turn black and fall off from masturbating?
10Q. Can a doctor tell if I've been masturbating?
11Q. Can my parents/guardian/spouse/other tell if I've been masturbating?
13Q. Will I lose my ability to perform with a partner if I masturbate?
14Q. Will I become obsessed with masturbation?
15Q. Masturbation is only for people who can't get laid, right?
16Q. Will I burn in hell for masturbating?
17Q. Should I use a lubricant? What kind of lubricant should I use?
18Q. All my friends can masturbate to orgasm but I am unable to. What's wrong?
19Q. What is the normal size of a penis? Is my penis big enough?
20Q. If I jack off with (get jacked off by) my friend of the same sex, will I become gay (or lesbian)?
21Q. What is (are?) "blue balls"?
22Q. What are poppers?
23Q. I want to start working out to build muscle mass. Some of my friends say masturbation will increase testosterone, but others say it will decrease testosterone. What effect will masturbation have?

Contents of PART TWO

0.0 -This FAQ:
0.0.1. -Summary of Changes
0.0.2. -Who maintains it? Who contributed to it? -Where to find this FAQ
0.0.3. -Disclaimers
0.0.4.-Abbreviations and terms in this FAQ.
1.0 -What is
1.1.0. -Where can I chat or meet others? -Warning: Police Entrapment -Why don't more women post here?
1.1.1. -What are the groups for related interests?
1.1.2. -What can I post at the TMP forums?
1.1.3. -Where should I look for pictures?
2.0 -Bibliography
2.0.1 -Books
2.0.2 -Film and Video -Masturbation depicted in films
2.0.3 -Audio -Masturbation references in popular songs.
2.0.4 -WWW

Contents of PART THREE

3.0 -Techniques
3.1 -Dangers
3.2 -Male Techniques
3.2.1 -Old Reliable
3.2.2 -Not Quite So Reliable
3.2.3 -The Rubdown
3.2.4 -The Waterfall
3.2.5 -The Belly Scratch
3.2.6 -Autofellatio
3.2.7 -The Squeeze
3.3 - Female Techniques
3.3.1 -Old Reliable
3.3.2 -The Squeeze
3.3.3 -The Waterfall
3.3.4 -Autocunnilingus
4.0 -Toys and Things
4.0.1 -Non-sexual Objects
4.0.2 -Food
4.0.3 -Homemade Insertee Devices
4.0.4 -Commercial Sleeves
4.0.5 -Dolls
4.0.6 -Vibrators
4.0.7 -Vacuums
4.0.8 -Dildos
4.0.9 -Lubes
4.0.10 -Jack-off Machines
5.0 -Humor
5.1 -Words and Phrases for Masturbation
5.2 -Why Masturbation is so popular
6.0 -Jacks/Jacks & Jills Clubs