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0.0 This FAQ:

FAQ stands for "Frequently Asked Questions." Most newsgroups have FAQs. As implied, a FAQ contains the questions most frequently asked in the newsgroup and basic information about the newsgroup and the subject of the newsqroup. Material in a FAQ is not the final word on any subject, but it does contain summaries of issues that have been discussed time and again.

Please learn to spell "masturbation" correctly. We masturbate, we do not masterbate.

0.0.1. Summary of Changes

As usual the FAQ has been edited to tighten up language and correct spelling and grammar.

Question 23 was added to part one of the FAQ (23Q. I want to start working out to build muscle mass. Some of my friends say masturbation will increase testosterone, but others say it will decrease testosterone. What effect will masturbation have?)

0.0.2. Who maintains it? Who contributed to it?

Lars Eighner ([email protected]) volunteered to assemble this FAQ in 1996. It is now maintained by the webmasters. Contributors should indicate whether they want to be credited for specific parts, in general, or not at all. This FAQ is loosely based on anonymously posted FAQs from the past and somewhat later versions in my personal archives. The keeper of the original FAQ has been heard from. He wishes to remain anonymous and wishes the present effort well. If you would like to contribute to the FAQ, please contact [email protected]. Where to find this FAQ

The up to date version of the FAQ will be posted on this site.

The FAQ is permanently posted at The FAQ is currently posted in three parts because it is a lengthy document. There is currently no automatic way to obtain the FAQ by e-mail.

Please do not ask the maintainer to mail parts.

0.0.3. Disclaimers

Nothing in this FAQ should be construed as professional advice. The FAQ represents the distilled opinions of contributors to the FAQ and to who generally are not doctors, lawyers, psychologists, or any other kind of expert. While the maintainer strives to keep the factual information as accurate as possible, those with particular problems or concerns should consult an appropriate professional.

0.0.4. Abbreviations and terms in this FAQ and glossary of terms used on this Masturbation FAQ.

circle jerk: masturbation in a group, may or may not include "mutual masturbation" (=manual contact with others)
dork: person who sends wannafucks
FAQ: Frequently asked questions.
FTP: File transfer protocol; a way of downloading files from remote servers.
HIV: human immunodeficiency virus, the virus that causes AIDS.
http: HyperText Transmission Protocol, the protocol used for the transmission of web pages.
ISP: Internet service provider
Jacks: name for various clubs for group masturbation which may or may not include mutual masturbation. Usually these clubs are for men only.
Jacks & Jills: like Jacks, but for people of both sexes.
JO: jacking off (and/or jilling off), i.e. masturbation
lube: substance used to reduce friction and enhance masturbation
precum: preseminal fluid.
STD: sexually transmitted disease.
wanking: British word for jacking off
wannafucks: inappropriate email responses to newsgroup postings
WWW: World Wide Web

1.0 What is

1.1.0. Where can I chat or meet others with like-minded interests?

You will find an active chat and forum at In the chat, you can talk with others in real time in the group setting, or one-on-one using private messages. The MasturbationPage forum is a lively area where members can post stories, thoughts, comments and photos. You are legally allowed to only post photos that you own. As this is a site devoted to masturbation, we like to stay on topic, so only photos that are masturbation related, please. There are various areas of the forum, so find the one that best suits your interests and post away.
Note: You will be required to register once for both the forum and the chat. You may use the same user/pass at both features. is an accepting an open site that welcomes those of all sexes and sexual orientations. Disrespect and/or rude comments or bashing will result in the inactivation of your account and a permanent banning from the site.

Discussions of masturbation and certain discussions relating to housekeeping of the forum or chat are considered on-topic here. For purposes of this FAQ "masturbation" has historically included, besides sexual self-stimulation of all kinds, mutual masturbation (which probably ought to be called "manual sex") and group masturbation (aka "circle jerks," "jacks clubs," "jack and jill clubs"). But it does not include other kinds of sex that people may fantasize about when they masturbate. That is, oral self-stimulation is on-topic, but oral sex with a partner or fantasies about oral sex with a partner are not.

Commercial ads and pictures are prohibited at the chat and forum.

Feel free to post personal ads in the MasturbationPage forum. We have a "Getting to Know Each Other" section where your post will be welcomed.

Often persons looking for masturbation partners are looking for them in some very limited geographic area, so be sure to give pertinent information. However, cam2cam and phone partners will obviously have no geographic limitations. Post in as many areas as is pertinent to what you are looking for. Certainly ads requesting partners for activities other than masturbation are off-topic.

Please be aware that some people who post these ads have ulterior motives which may range from making money, to law enforcement, to leading people into situations that may involve unwanted sexual activities or physical harm. While many posters here are sincere and are accurate in describing themselves, their interests, and their situations, some are attracted to the net precisely because they can disguise essential facts about themselves. Please use caution when contacting others.

Although warnings about police entrapment follow, there are reasons other than entrapment to be skeptical of personal postings. If, for example, you see something that seems to be too good to be true, it probably is not true. Few people will really post their personal phone number -- no amateur could possibly want that many sex calls. So the odds are either the phone call will cost you or the number was posted by a vindictive ex-boyfriend or ex-spouse. If someone says he is "straight," why is he looking for a male sex partner? If another person describes him- or herself with all kinds of desirable attributes, why is that person placing an ad on the net to meet someone? Yes, yes, there are many reason the personal might be real and accurate, but you ought to consider the possibility that the personal is neither real nor accurate. The person may not even accurately report his or her sex. You can have fun corresponding with someone and in many ways it does not matter if that person's self-description is accurate. But obviously, you shouldn't count on it in any important way. Warning: Police Entrapment


See Laura Kipnis's BOUND AND GAGGED (Grove Press, 1996) for an actual case history of entrapment using USENET and more information regarding how to reconize police entrapment ploys. Why don't more women post here?

A frequently asked question is why more women do not post to the chat or forum. One reason women are reluctant to post to the chat or forum is that when they do, they often receive inappropriate email or messages known as "wannafucks." As the name implies, these are usually fairly crude sexual invitations, usually completely unrelated to the topic of a post. Some dickheads and other pathetic loser types seem to believe that any woman who mentions that she ever masturbated must really be desperate for sex with anyone. This is, of course, completely untrue. If you want more women to share their experiences, observations, and opinions on this newsgroup, do not respond to their posts as if anything they write indicates an urgent sexual interest in you personally. Many more women do read the forum postings and lurk in the chat than post to it, and you might get responses from some of them if you don't act like a dork.

1.1.1. What are the groups for related interests?

We are in the process of populating this area with up-to-date links that are both useful and relevant. For now, here's a few that you may enjoy: - a gay masturbation community site that is enjoyed by mostly gay men, but also many women. - an open masturbation community that also provides high quality masturbation photos and videos.

If there are others that you know of and enjoy, feel free to suggest them to us: [email protected]

1.1.2. What can I post at the MasturbationPage forum?

Stories, comments, questions, personals or just about anything relation to masturbation.

Please be sure that photos that you post are photos that you own. Of course, you must be at least 18 years of age or older at the time of posting and at the time that the photo was taken. Please post pictures ABOUT masturbation, not pictures FOR masturbation.

1.1.3. Where should I look for pictures?

In the forum in the "pics" section. Of course, there are 1000's of additional photos, videos and stories in the member's area. You can join now for instant access to that area.

2.0 Bibliography

(In the old anonymous FAQ credit for compiling the bibliography is given to Richard Lovel. As will be seen most of the entries are dated. Contributions are requested.)

2.0.1 Books Books--Scientific / Scholarly

"Human Autoerotic Practices", ed. Manfred F. DeMartino (Human Sciences Press, New York, 1979). Excellent collection as above.

"Masturbation from Infancy to Senescence", ed. Irwin M. Marcus (International Universities Press, New York, 1975). Yet another collection, more psychology-oriented.

"Sexual Excitement, Sexual Peace", Suzanne & Irving Sarnoff (M. Evans, New York, 1979). Good overall study of masturbation. Reissued as

"Masturbation and Adult Sexuality" Sexual Self-Stimulation", ed. R. E. L. Masters (Sherbourne Press, Los Angeles, 1967). Excellent collection of psychological, sociological and historical essays. Includes good review of the "treatment" of masturbators in earlier times.

"Studies in the psychology of sex", Havelock Ellis. See especially the case-histories in the appendices. Books--Literary / Historical

"The Secret Vice Exposed!", ed Charles Rosenberg, in series "Sex, Marriage and Society" (Arno Press, New York, 1974). Reprints of historical anti-masturbation tracts and medical writings. Includes writings by Tissot, the originator of the 19th century medical hysteria over masturbation.

"The Other Victorians", Steven Marcus (Meridian, New York, 1977) Study of pornography in Victorian England, many references to masturbation.

"The Durable Fig Leaf", Mark Strage (William Morrow, New York, 1980). Historical and literary study of the penis, with several references to masturbation.

"Confessions", Jean J. Rousseau. Rousseau was perhaps history's most famous masturbator after Onan, and his "Confessions" relates several incidents. Books-- Current / Popular

"The Fermata," Nicholson Baker (Vintage/Random House, 1994) A guy who can stop time at will avails himself of the opportunity to spy on women, particularly when they masturbate.

"Men in Love", Nancy Friday (Delacorte Press, New York, 1980). Anthology of male sexual fantasies, many relating to masturbation.

"Men Loving Themselves", Jack Morin (Down There Press, P.O. Box 2086, Burlingame, CA 94010, 1980). Photo and word essays on male masturbation. Personal experiences.

"Portnoy's Complaint," Philip Roth. Novel about a man either obsessed with masturbation or obsessed with being obsessed about it.

"Singular Pleasures" by Harry Matthews. (Turnaround). "An extraordinary miniaturist epic, detailing 61 acts of masturbation- one to a page - dotted across the world, a single-handed global tour of male & female, young & old, from Zaire to Seoul, Glasgow to Zizanga, Paris to Perth. The tools change - a dildo, of course, but also a rugby ball, a turkey-baster, a municipal transit-launch, a hole in the snow, a dentist's drill. Stubbornly constant, though, is the flesh on which the objects & passions work, &, compellingly, the tolerant, humorous, unshockable gaze of the narrator. Shocking, innocent, & bizarrely likable in its lucid acceptance of human need."

"Thy Neighbor's Wife", Gay Talese (Doubleday, New York, 1980). Essay on contemporary American sexual mores; ch. 16 covers massage parlor masturbation. "Vox" by Nicholson Baker (1992, Random House) A man and a woman, strangers, exchange fantasies over and adult party line in this rather lewdly graphic novel. Sexually explicit and quite literate, the fact is that if phone sex were ever really this good, we d never leave the house. Books-- How-To / Self-Help

"Any Man Can" by DR. William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian (St. Martin's Press). Chapters V through IX cover aspects of masturbation.

"The Art of Marathon Masturbation", Karl Adams (Helios Publication, Chatsworth, CA 91311, 1979). Mostly pornographic, in a "sex-manual" style.

"ESO: How You and Your Lover Can Give Each Other Hours of Extended Sexual Orgasm" by Alan P. Brauer, M.D., and Donna J. Brauer (Warner Books). Chapter III has some good masturbation Techniques.

"For Yourself", Lonnie Barbach (Doubleday, New York, 1975) Women's guide to orgasm, using masturbation as therapy. "Good Vibrations", Joani Blank (Down There Press, 1982). Guide to selection and use of vibrators.

"Joys of Masturbation", Hans Richter (Merchandise for Mailers, Palm Springs, CA, 1982). Half factual, half pornographic. Lots of photos, erotic content. Both male and female subjects.

"Liberating Masturbation", Betty Dodson (Bodysex Designs, New York, 1974). Personal experiences of a masturbation advocate.

"Masturbation, Tantra, and Self Love", Margo Woods (Mho and Mho Works, Box 33135 San Diego, CA 92103, 1981). Guidebook on masturbation as meditation.

"Selflove and Orgasm", Betty Dodson (Betty Dodson, PO Box 1933, Murray Hill Station, New York, NY 10156, 1983). Updated version of the same.

"Sex for One", Betty Dodson (Harmony Books, 225 Park Ave. South, 60 New York, NY 10003, 1987). Most recently updated version of the same. Recommended highly!

"Solo Sex: Advanced Techniques", by Dr. Harold Litten (1990, Factor Press, 6920 Airport Boulevard, Box 117-100, Mobile, Alabama 36608) "A scientific, 'devotional' text by the world's leading apostle of autoeroticism" ... "Written for any man who would like to become the true sex connoisseur". Erotica

"The Governess", Miles Underwood (Collectors Publications, Covina, CA and also Grove Press). Modern fiction in Victorian style about a young habitual masturbator placed in the charge of a strict governess. Well written and entertaining. Probably no longer in print.

"Solo Flights - the pleasures of masturbation", (Arlington House, 225 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10003, 1986). Slick, high- production value photo book of women in the act of masturbation.

B. B. Publications, P.O. Box 1033, Grover City, CA 93433. Publishes series of spanking-related short story anthologies. A trilogy from the author Brian Aldiss: The hand-reared boy. 1970 soldier erect; or further confessions of the hand reared boy. 1971. A rude awakening. 1978

2.0.2 Film and Video Masturbation depicted in films

(The following are nonpornographic films with masturbation scenes)

THE BASKETBALL DIARIES: Leonardo DiCaprio on the roof of his apartment building masturbating at night.

BLUE LAGOON: Chris Atkins.

BODY DOUBLE (1982) Melanie Griffith as Holly Body, porn actress famous for her masturbation scenes.

THE BOOK OF LOVE: the character "Spider" in class.


CHAIN OF DESIRE: Linda Fiorentino

DANGEROUS OBSESSION (1989) (Italian) [no description]

FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH (1983) Judge Reinhold strokes away on the toilet as he fantasizes about his sister's best friend, played by Phoebe Cates. A topless scene by Cates accompanies.


MIDNIGHT EXPRESS. Protagonist masturbates while his girlfriend, visiting him in prison, exposes her breasts. Also several male-male nude scenes which in the movie do not become sexual (but in the book they do). Not explicit.

9 1/2 WEEKS (1986) Kim Bassinger watches a slide show.

1900 (mid-1970) Italian made. Robert DeNiro and Gerard Depardieu, a prostitute who gives them simultaneous handjobs in bed, at one point DeNiro grabs Depardieu's cock to try and get him hard! Explicit.

RAMBLING ROSE: Lukas Haas, Laura Dern, mutual masturbation.

REFLECTIONS IN A GOLDEN EYE, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando. Brando is seen apparently masturbating to a postcard of Michealangelo's "David." Not explicit.

REINCARNATION OF PETER PROUD: Margo Kidder in the tub.


SEX, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE: James Spader masturbating to video.

SINGLE WHITE FEMALE: Jenifer Jason Leigh

TATTOO (1981) Maud Adams is locked in a room after Bruce Dern tattoos her body (near the end of the movie). A fair amount of nudity from Ms. Adams.

THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS: Jeaneane Garofalo and Ben Chaplin, phone sex, not explicit.

UP THE ACADEMY Porn videos and films entirely devoted to masturbation (male models)

Backstrokes, Video 10, Directed by John Summers, Written by Lars Eighner. Nine solos involving mostly white-bread surfer type models on a tasteful set. Voice over written by current compiler of this FAQ. Most of John Summers' flicks are of this type, featuring elaborate sets and muscular models.

Masturbation: Four Men, Edan Programs.

"Old Reliable". Series of video tapes of men masturbating. Aimed at gay audience. Usually employs street-hustler type models in someone's living room. Porn videos and films entirely devoted to masturbation (female models)

Betty Dodson / Self Loving: Video portrait of a women's sexuality seminar." Documents one of Betty Dodson's famous seminars. Excellent, authentic. Quotes from the jacket: "We are ten women .... interacting in the nude ... engaging in pleasure ritual designed to enhance sexual self knowledge ... experiment with different sexual positions ... using electric vibrators ... a celebration of self loving filled with authentic orgasms."

Masturbation: Five Women, Edan Programs Porn videos and films entirely devoted to masturbation (male and female models)

"Joys of Masturbation - the video", video tape. (MFM Video). Shares title only with Hans Richter book. Solo and mutual masturbation by women and men.

2.0.3 Audio Masturbation references in popular songs.

Aerosmith. "Blind Man"

DOOKIE, Green Day. A song alternately called "Masturbation" or "All By Myself" occurs about 1:40 after the end of the last listed track on the CD.

Def Lepoard. "Pour Some Sugar On Me"

The Divinals "I Touch Myself"

2.0.4 WWW

The Masturbation Home Page