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Barbi Caught Masturbating

Barbi lost us at “Hello”.

Barbi is 32, from Washington but sounds very Russian, is easy on the eyes, and loves to use both vibrators and her fingers. She likes to stimulate the clit!

What we love about the Masturbation Interviews is that we get to hear the inside scoop on woman’s masturbation habits. Seems like Barbi got caught masturbating once by her boyfriend, which ended up being hotter than expected!

Then… She tells us about how she first learned how to masturbate!

[flv:/videos/barbii.flv 420 248]

Masturbation Treat

It’s Friday; We made it. To celebrate we are going to put up two video clips…. Meet Roxi!

Roxi loves to masturbate. During her masturbation interview, she tells us about how she learned how to masturbate when she was ten years old. Her and her girlfriend went to the mall and – gasp! – stole a vibrator….


[flv:/videos/roxii.flv 420 248]

But it seems that Roxi learned how to put that vibrator to good use. Clearly show knows what she likes, and she knows how to touch herself just right with her little pocket rocket!


[flv:/videos/roxiv.flv 420 248]

Amber Grand Gets Off

Amber Grand knows what she likes… Two fingers in the pussy! That’s the ticket to get her off when she’s masturbating….

amber grand finger masturbation

Funny how some chicks like their sex toys, and other chicks are all about using their fingers…

Toss in some fondling of the breasts while she’s masturbating and she’s getting off in a hurry!

Scarlet Masturbates

Scarlet is a hot little tart… From Hungry too!

She loves to talk and of course loves to talk about her masturbation habits. She looks like she might be shy, but she has a long term on-going love affair with her shower head. (Most women do!) During her masturbation interview she talks about how she loves pocket rocket, and seems to have fantasies about getting off on a Sybian – the ultimate vibrator…..


[flv:/videos/scar1.flv 420 248]

Then when she starts to masturbate on Yanks.com… With that huge purple vibrator… Smoking hot!

[flv:/videos/scar2.flv 420 248]

Scarlet was hot enough not knowing about her secret masturbation habits, but once we know all about them… That only makes this masturbating queen even hotter!

Cold Masturbation

Just when we thought we’ve heard it all… Along comes Emily. She starts off her masturbation interview by telling us she about a ski trip she recently took where she – you guessed it – masturbated in the snow. Right there you know this Yanks Girl is totally into the masturbation scene! Then with just a little bit of gentle prodding… She tells us about her favorite sex toy. She likes to use her….

Electric toothbrush! (She says it travels well!)

[flv:/videos/em.flv 420 248]

Yeah, you can tell she likes to masturbate all right!

Amber Gets Off

Because it’s Friday we have a special treat for you here at Masturbation Page. Yanks.com has lots of videos of women masturbating, and each woman does a masturbation interview. Usually here on Masturbation Page we show one or the other – either a video of them masturbating or video footage of them talking about their masturbation habits, but with Amber Grand she was so damn interesting we thought we would post both up for a Friday morning update!

Amber Grand is a quiet one, quiet as a mouse… She didn’t discover the joys of masturbating with sex toys until she was in her early twenties… You can tell from her interview how quiet she is!



[flv:/videos/amberg.flv 420 248]


But when you hand Amber Grand a high powered sex toy… She doesn’t hold back, that’s for sure!
[flv:/videos/amberg2.flv 420 248]

Valerie Sampson

It’s been a while since we’ve done a masturbation interview, so let’s start the day off right…

Meet twenty-six year old Valerie Sampson is a waitress who kicks off her interview by telling us she “really likes to masturbate”. There are times to have sex, and times to masturbate, depending on the situation. If she has time she wants sex. If not, she’s going to masturbate and get herself off quickly!

[flv:/videos/valerie1.flv 420 248]

But after talking to her a bit… Turns out she works nights, and has the days free… Being as she loves to masturbate, you can just imagine how she spends her days!

[flv:/videos/valerie2.flv 420 248]

Always always got to love the masturbating hotties at Yanks.com!


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