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Masturbating Hairy Pussy

At the end of the day it’s always the fingers that work their magic the best… And lucky for chicks, their fingers always travel with them.

Mya Valdez seems to be enjoying herself, masturbating her hairy little pussy

mya valdez sexy finger masturbation

Come on now, that’s hot…. It’s always hot watching a woman get off when they masturbate with their fingers like this…

Fingers do indeed work magic when masturbating a women!

Masturbating Standing Up

Women masturbate in all kinds of different positions… Tessa likes to masturbate standing up!

She just stands with her legs spread…. And gently touches herself, making her pussy nice and wet…

tessa mastrubates standing up

Once her pussy is nice and wet, she’s going to bend over and start fingering banging herself quick, hard, and fast!

Hot Blonde Masturbates

It’s always beautiful when a woman masturbates and we get to watch, and for more reasons than one. It’s hot to watch a woman play with herself.

ginger p masturbates

But what makes it even hotter is that a woman is getting herself off, physically getting herself off… It’s not hot enough knowing that she’s getting off, but it’s ten times hotter knowing that she’s getting herself off…

This is Ginger from Yanks.com. After she gets her pussy nice and wet, she’s gonna fuck herself with a hot sex toy – you watch!

Vibrating Too

Just when you think you’ve seen it all… We’ve seen a lot of chicks masturbate and we’ve seen them use every possible method to get off…. Then along comes Stella Haines and her little vibrating toothbrush. It’s like a vibrator in disguise…. And the best part is she can travel with it and no one ever notices a thing!

If anyone ever checks her luggage, they’ll find nothing of interest… But when it’s time to go to bed, well, she pulls out her little toothbrush… And she’s not about to brush her teeth either!

She starts off by using her vibrating toothbrush on her nipples…

stella haines toothbrush masturbation1

And then moves down to her pussy, spreading her pussy lips in the process… This has got to get her off quickly!

stella haines toothbrush masturbation2

Just make sure you don’t use her tooth brush after she does!

All Women Masturbate

It’s always funny how the girls next door are the ones that are secretly the horny ones… All women masturbate, even the quiet ones that will go their grave denying it… And they are so damn sneaky about it too – How many times have you caught your woman masturbating? Exactly… Just because you don’t catch them, don’t be fooled into believing they don’t masturbate. Everyone does.

Star is the girl next door….

star loves masturbating

And she loves masturbating! Any chance she gets… And she’s going to be buck naked on her favorite couch masturbating with her fingers!

Luckily she lives alone!

Plays With Breasts When Masturbating

She calls herself Sinful Sprite, but at the end of the day she’s just another chick that likes to masturbate with her fingers….

Wearing only her panties, she goes to town on herself…. She’s the type of woman who likes to explore her body when she masturbates!

sinful sprite finger masturbation

Playing and touching her breasts has always been a huge turn on for Sinful Sprite, and it’s a huge turn on when she’s masturbating with her fingers!

Little Toy Has Big Punch

Some chicks love using their fingers, others love the toys. It’s a debate women can argue about for years.

Today we have Samantha Belle masturbating with her little pocket rocket… And every time she whips out this little toy she’s stunned that such a small little toy packs such a huge punch….

samantha belle1 39

Her little pocket rocket never fails to get her off when masturbating!

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