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Layla’s Oh Face


It’s not often we get to post these videos but they are oh so hot!
The most erotic thing in the world is watching a woman masturbate. It’s not the act of masturbating itself, but watching them get off in the final few seconds when they are having their orgasm.
Layla loves masturbating, and loves masturbating on camera… And when she hits that spot and shows off her oh face, it’s twenty seconds of masturbation video heaven!

[flv:/videos/laylaf.flv 420 248]

We love how Yanks.com puts up these “oh face” videos!

Jennisin Part One

All women have different stories about how they learned about masturbation. Jennisin here learned how to get off… Not in the bath, but in a hot tub!

That must have been interesting to see!

The first thing when you see when you first meet Jennsin is her huge knockers, so of course those come into play also!

[flv:/videos/jennsini.flv 420 248]

Only from Yanks.com!

Ellorie Jayne Masturbates

There are women who like to masturbate, and then there are beautiful women who love to masturbate. Clearly Ellorie Jayne is a beautiful women who loves to masturbate. Brought to you by your friends at Yanks.com!

Ellorie Jayne was on the couch when it hit her. She knows when that feeling is coming on, and she knows she’ll have the urge sneaking up on her… Today it seems to have hit her when she was on the couch reading. Quickly she dipped her hands into her short shorts and started to turn herself on by playing with her pussy, eventually spreading her pussy lips with her fingers through her panties….

ellorie jayne masturbation

Things progressed quickly, and moments later she had her panties off and her top off… She was standing up, wearing only her bra, legs spread, fingering her pussy…. She’s always liked to masturbate standing up, and today is no different!

ellorie jayne masturbation2

This babe from Yanks.com loves to masturbate!

Kinky Masturbation

Just when we think we’ve seen every kind of masturbation… Along comes something we never even thought of.

Of course we at Yanks.com have seen those dildos with the suction cups on the bottom. Usually women use them on a sliding glass door or a mirror mounted to a wall. But not Giullietta. She had to be different.

Instead she decided to mount it to a clear glass chair… So she sits on the chair backwards and fucks herself while pressing up her breasts on the top of the chair…

giullietta kinky masturbation

So it’s like masturbating while playing with her breasts at the very same time!

Now that’s an original way to masturbate!

Tasha Ray Gets Off

We can watch women masturbate all day – which explains a few things including why we have a masturbation blog!

Then we watch Tasha Ray getting off with her favorite vibrator and then we remember exactly how intense a woman with a little vibrator can be when masturbating… The look on her face is priceless as sexy Tasha Ray goes faster, then slows down, then faster. Clearly Tasha Ray loves masturbating with her vibrator because she loves being in control…


[flv:/videos/tasharayv.flv 420 248]

Isn’t that just intense?

We can watch Tasha Ray masturbate all day!

Camille Uses Fingers

Camille is old enough to know what she wants – and exactly how to go about getting it too! And that requires her fingers on her naked pussy…

Laying down in her bed, she has no need for sex toys. A few minutes of privacy with her fingers will work just fine!

camille sexy finger masturbation

There are so many amazing masturbation sites but none quite like Yanks that bring you girls like Camille.

This big breasted goddess looks beautiful with her legs spread and her fingers bringing her pleasure like this….

Barbi Caught Masturbating

Barbi lost us at “Hello”.

Barbi is 32, from Washington but sounds very Russian, is easy on the eyes, and loves to use both vibrators and her fingers. She likes to stimulate the clit!

What we love about the Masturbation Interviews is that we get to hear the inside scoop on woman’s masturbation habits. Seems like Barbi got caught masturbating once by her boyfriend, which ended up being hotter than expected!

Then… She tells us about how she first learned how to masturbate!

[flv:/videos/barbii.flv 420 248]

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