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Layla’s Oh Face


It’s not often we get to post these videos but they are oh so hot!
The most erotic thing in the world is watching a woman masturbate. It’s not the act of masturbating itself, but watching them get off in the final few seconds when they are having their orgasm.
Layla loves masturbating, and loves masturbating on camera… And when she hits that spot and shows off her oh face, it’s twenty seconds of masturbation video heaven!

[flv:/videos/laylaf.flv 420 248]

We love how Yanks.com puts up these “oh face” videos!

Oh Face Video

The “Oh Face Videos” are something we don’t do nearly enough here on Masturbation Page, the internet’s best masturbation blog. After all, this is what it’s all about – watching women masturbate is hot, but watching women when they are getting off is the very best! It’s the climax, the best part of masturbating…

And also you get to seem women at their most vulnerable… Raw and passionate!

This is Lexi from Yanks.com…. Right in the middle of her orgasm!

[flv:/videos/lexif.flv 420 248]

Quiet, but oh so fucking sexy!

Melody Gets Off

Melody is not only hot, but she’s wild. She’s right up the middle when it comes to volume – She’s not a screamer, but she will not go quietly into that dark night. Watching her get off like this…. Well this Yanks.com girl really gets us going!

That’s the best way we can describe Melody!


[flv:/videos/melody.flv 420 248]

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