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Masturbating Outside

Some women like to be naked outside. It’s very natural for some women to be naked outside. And when they want to masturbate outside, well, that’s perfectly natural too. Natural and beautiful!

This abbywinters.com beauty isn’t shy about masturbating outside, that’s for sure!

charlotte masturbates outside

A woman masturbating with her fingers is a beautiful sight, but even so much hotter when they are masturbating outside naked!

Masturbation Help

Every now and then we need a little help from our friends – and that goes double when it comes to masturbation! These two chicks from Ron Harris seemed to have figured it out pretty well… It doesn’t really make them lesbians, although most women are at least a little bit bi-curious. In the case of women masturbating other women, it’s more like getting off with a sex toy like a vibrator or a dildo… The other woman’s hand is like a sex toy itself, helping her to get off…

But it’s just super hot when two women their their masturbation sessions with each other!

ronharris-woman masturbating eachother

The question is will these two hotties from Ron Harris share a massive orgasm at the same time?

Masturbation Buddies

Believe it or not Jenny from Ron Harris started off masturbating with her fingers… most women do. But when Jenny discovered her fingers weren’t going to get her off as quick as she had hoped, she moved over to taking care of business with her two best masturbation buddies … Her huge dildo – to act as a dick – and then her favorite little pocket rocket vibrator just to make her pussy vibrate!

It instantly made her soaking wet!

jenny ron harris masturating sex toys

Have you ever seen a woman masturbate like this before? Double about doubling your pleasure!

Jenny is from the Ron Harris website!

Anna Belle Lee

Yanks.com is like the best of all worlds – the all natural women who lives next door AND gets off showing us how they masturbate.

Meet Anna Belle Lee. She’s back at Yanks.com and it’s a wonderful thing. She’s a red head – those are always dangerous – and this redhead knows what the likes when it comes to her masturbation habits… She looks like the girl next door – like she lives in the apartment above you – and she loves to show off!

annabelle loves masturbating1

We knew it was only a matter of time before Anna Belle Lee got naked, and we couldn’t wait to watch her strip down…. We can’t wait to to see her naked!

annabelle loves masturbating2 annabelle loves masturbating3 annabelle loves masturbating4 annabelle loves masturbating5

Then when Anna Belle Lee strips off all of her clothes, spreads her legs… She still looks like the girl next door, hairy pussy and all, but oh so sexy when her fingers massage her pussy lips on the way to orgasm heaven!

annabelle loves masturbating6

Masturbation Video

Welcome to the new and improved Masturbation Page, your home of all things masturbation!!! We’ve made a lot of improvements and tonight we are make yet another improvement. Tonight we are going to put up our first masturbation video!

Her name is Annabelle Lee, and she really knows exactly what it takes to get her off. She uses her fingers, and takes care of business – and she’s not bashful about it!

[flv:/videos/annalee.flv 420 248]

We plan on bringing you videos like this on a regular basis, so be sure to check back for more on a regular basis!

Remember, you can only see Annabelle Lee at Yanks.com! And more pictures of her coming up on Friday!!

Real Masturbation

If your into real girls masturbating, there’s only one place for you – and that’s Yanks.com. They are less concerned with glamour and “pretty chicks” cramming themselves with dildos pretending to get off, and much more concerned with watching real women having real, genuine orgasms…

Take Samantha Belle here… She’s exactly the type of chick you can see living in the apartment above you. She’s a real chick having a real orgasm!

samantha belle yanls masturbation vibrator1

And from the looks of it, Samantha Belle is really into her masturbation session!

samantha belle yanls masturbation vibrator2

Visit Yanks.com to see only the best of real women masturbating!

Blonde Masturbates With Fingers

Sometimes women masturbating is hot and fast paced, sometimes it’s calm and relaxed.. .Sometimes it’s just outright sex…

This is Cayenne from Ron Harris. She looks like she knows what she’s doing when it comes to finger masturbation!

cayenna masturbates fingers

You can bet your next paycheck she’ll be getting off shortly!

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