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Can you do this for me?

by quicksilver

I’m alone in my hotel suite, sipping one of the beer (Canadian) which I lugged across the border and through various airports. I’m half watching the television, half looking at the city spread below me and wondering if the phone will ring. Its been a full day - the conference and my presentation went well, there were a lot of old friends here and many new contacts have been made. The walk in the rain looking for a restaurant that could take our group was a hassle, and we ended up splitting up, but dinner was good . Somehow, our room keys got mixed up but it didn’t lead anywhere (unfortunately ???). So I am alone,. in a lavish hotel suite wondering if you really will call.

Over the net, we have played some marvelous interactive erotic fantasies. In our games, I have caressed , your full breasts and pinched your hard nipples as I kissed your nape and rubbed my rampant prick at the edge of your wet cunt and much more. Our fantasies led to email and exchange of schedules, I mentioned I would be away this week, and mentioned the city. You responded you lived nearby and that if we were to meeting RT, this would be an opportunity. But we agreed we didn’t do these things. Somehow Vox and phone-sex came up, neither of us have done this before but we were curious and now I am waiting uncertainly for your call.

At 11:00 on the dot the phone rings, I answer and it is you. You tried to call last night but the desk had not noted my arrival. We are both nervous, you comment how I sound different than you expected (More American ??), I reply that I honestly had no preconceptions about your voice. We talk about many things, from your busy schedule - you are completing your college and working at the same time, to our fear of being detected by the corporate cybermonitors "Could you imagine being dismissed from your job for erotic fantasy?" Eventually, our conversation turns as it must to the matter at hand *smile*. I excuse myself for a minute as I go to get another beer and move to the bedroom. I lie back on the bed and pick up the phone there.

At my request you describe your outfit - a red Teddy, with a push up half-bra and red thong panties. They are from Victoria’s Secrets, I’d always thought their products were directed at males but evidently this is not the case. You know their product intimately smile, and direct me to a store in the vicinity. I respond that I am in the hotel issue robe and jockey shorts (white) you reply that you’d expected boxers.

"If I were with you" I stammer "I’d run my hands over your shoulders and the upper part of your breasts, then I’d adjust the half-bra so that your nipples poke out and run my palms in slow circles across your nipples - can you do this for me?

You coo "Why yess - but you have to do the same to your nipples - I know that a man’s nipples are sensitive too"

I draw a quick breath - you do know me well and move one hand slowly across my chest and nipples "And then I’d unfasten your bra and cup each of your full breasts in both hands, squeezing , pulsing the flesh and aureole until the nipples stick out like pencil erasers. I’d take each tit into my mouth, to the base of your aureole, and circle your nipple with my tongue. Then I’d press your full breasts together and place a nipple in each corner of my mouth, flitting my tongue from one to the other. Can you do this for me?"

You sigh - I here a fumbling, there is a thud and the line goes dead! I toggle the receiver, nothing - not even a dial tone - then I remember the phone in the other room. I rush to replace it in its cradle, the phone rings again and I pick it up in the bedroom. "Sorry the phone dropped when I tried to put both nipples in my mouth" you explain "Now I want you to pinch your nipples hard as I bite each of mine in turn ONE pause TWO"

UMM we do know each other - my turn "I’d run my hands down your stomach to your navel, which I’d rub with my finger, then I’d grasp the sides of your panties and pull then up so that the thong pulls against the cleft of your ass. I’d cup your wet sex through your panties and gently squeeze, then move my hands and tongue to your feet. Can you do this for me?"

You voice is a bit ragged "That feels so good, and I’d run my hands down your chest and rub my finger in your navel too. Your cock is poling up past the band of your jockey shorts, I’d put my finger on your peehole and push it to the side then snap the bands so that it’s covered. I’d grope your cock and balls through your shorts then trace my fingernails along your thigh to the soles of your feet"

I push my hand against the crotch of my shorts and Moan. "I’d take your feet, kiss each toe, then run my hands up your calves, along the inside of your knee then up along the inside of your thigh. I’d grasp your panties, you would lift your bottom and I’d pull them down your legs over your feet and place a pillow under your ass. I’d run my fingers in circular patterns up your innermost thigh and along the outside of your labia. My fingers would spread your lips and I’d blow a quick hot breath across your erect clit. I’d run my finger in the wetness of your cunt, then as you watched, I’d take the finger to your mouth for you to taste. Can you do this for me?"

It’s your turn to Moan "This is making me so hot and so wet, YESS my cunt is wet and my juices taste soo sweet - Oh baby this is fun. I’d take your cock out from the fly, rub my finger in the precum at the your tip and bring it to your mouth. Then I’d pull your jockey shorts off, your penis would bob upwards as it escaped the waistband, and Oh what a lovely penis it is a nice size, all pink and purple and straining for ME. I’d take your balls in my hand and rub my thumb on the base of your cock, then I’d take the tip in my mouth, running my tongue along your glans and peehole. Then I’d take your whole cock, all seven inches into my mouth going up and down until you are ready to explode. One hand cups, squeezes your balls within your tight scrotum, with the other I run a finger along the edge of your asshole."

I gasp "YESS, I can feel your hands on my cock, I have tasted my salty precum off your fingertip, I feel my erect cock growing larger in your mouth and shudder as you run a finger between my testis and push your finger into the pouch of skin therein. I take you sex in my mouth and gum the inside of each labia, I suck your clit while my tongue moves along its length. I insert one finger, two fingers into your cunt and press the spongy tissue pushing your clit further against my mouth. With my other hand I grasp your breasts and pinch each nipple. Your breath is ragged and you are on the edge of coming. Can you come for me?"

You cry "YESS I am coming, suck my clit lap my pussy juices, stick your thumb up my ass for I am COMINGGG. Your cock quivers, I feel it pulse and you are coming to shooting your salty cum into my throat and mouth, I take my mouth away and it spurts down my chin and onto my breasts and on your stomach and pools in your navel. As you subside in my mouth my tongue plays with your tip _ OH the delicious sensitivity of a postcum cock"

I look down at my diminishing cock and paraphrase Tom Waits "I seem to have taken advantage of myself." My neck is the only part of me thats stiff - from holding the phone when my hands were busy.

"UMM " you murmur "So have I, take your cum and eat it for me, I am licking my cunt juices from my fingers too. I feel soo relaxed and you"


"Sleep well if I ever get up to Canada, I’ll give you a call"

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