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The drive home

by GavinT

"God you get me so wet........Feel."

Normally I would have jumped at the oppurtunity at such an offer, but in the confines of a formal restaurant, I was taken a little off - guard.

"Don't you want to touch me?"

All I could do was drop my jaw in disbelief.

"Oh here...."

As I glanced over each shoulder to see if anyone else had heard her, I felt her hand under the table grab mine. With little resistence from me she pulled it towards the full length split in the front of her dress and lead it past her stocking tops and up against the damp crotch of her panties.

"And that's just from talking to me, imagine what else you could do with that tongue of yours." The glint in her beautiful blue eyes told me she meant it.

"So...." she said, releasing her grip on my hand and leaning back in her chair. "I don't look good enough to make you come in your pants?"

She was refering to a comment that I had made several nights earlier when we had first been introduced by a mutual friend.

"Don't you think she looks like Josie Bissett from Melrose Place?"

Covering her ears in a mock gesture to stop her hearing me, I replied that, "If she looked like Josie Bissett... I'd be cumming in my pants right now."

"I didn't mean it that way," I said, trying to recover the situation. "It's just that I was wearing light coloured pants at the time." Corny I know, but it was all I could think of at the time.

"Is everything fine here?" Ah, saved by the waitress.

"It would be if he wasn't leaving for Darwin in the morning." What happened to that horny seductress of just a few seconds earlier? The glint in her eye had been replaced by an icey glare.

"Yes, fine thanks. Just the cheque please."

We left the restaurant and walked to the car in silence. Even though it was December, the Melbourne night air was chilly and so I offered her my jacket which she accepted without saying a word. We reached the car and I opened the door for her. Quetily she hopped inside giving me just the briefest view of her dark stocking tops against her pale flesh before pulling the dress together. I closed the door and walked around to my side of the car and got in. As I started to fasten my seat belt she began to talk again.

"Thanks for a wonderful dinner," she said, leaning towards me and placing her still chilly lips against mine. Although not heated and passionate, it was more than just a 'thank you' kiss and being this close to her for the first time this evening, I could smell the sweet scent that no perfume could ever duplicate. The kiss was over all to quickly and as we drove off, I placed my hand on her leg and began to run my finger along her stockinged inner thigh.

"Don't do that or I wont be responsible for what happens." The huskiness of her voice and the slight parting of her legs told me that this was a request that she wanted me to ignore and so I continued to lightly stroke her. Without receiving any further objections, I moved my hand up just a little, to stroke between stocking top and flesh. Her head was now back against the head rest of the seat, eyes closed and her lips parted ever so slightly as she enjoyed the gentle touch of my hand against her soft skin.

"I warned you" she said and reached out with one of her hands to find my cock which had been half hard since the earlier kiss. At her touch it grew to it's full size and would have been uncomfortable within the constraints of my trousers had it not been for the pleasurable sensations her fingers were conveying to me through the pants fabric. With this encouragement I moved my hands even further up her thigh to run my fingers along the line of her panties. With my index finger, I lifted the elastic and slide my middlee finger along her moist pubic hair.

"Oh shit!" she said, pulling her hand away from me and moving her legs so as to disengage my hand.

"What now?" I thought, having already witnessed at the restaurant just how quickly her mood could change. She then turned in her seat to face me, leaning back against the door so that only her head was above the window sill and began to run her hands over her breasts. Then, while she looked me in the eye for a reaction, she slid her hand under the material of her dress and began to pinch at her nipple. Not convinced that she had my full attention, she pulled the off- the-shoulder dress down, exposing to me for the first time her beautiful breasts, the nipples already hard from the previous attention she had been giving them.

She seemed oblivious to the occassional car that zoomed past us as she cupped both breasts in her hands, the whole time not taking her eyes off of my face.

By now it was becoming increasingly difficult to drive, due to the fact that it was hard to keep my eyes on the road and the discomfort that my cock was causing straining against my suit trousers. Deciding to do something about the later I reached down to relieve some of the pressure by adjusting the position of my prick. As I did this, a soft moan escaped from her lips.

"Oooh yes, that's it. Take it out and let me see."

Considering what she was doing, even if I could think of plausable excuse, I doubt I would have used it.

Slowly undoing my zip, I watched as she lifted one of her legs onto the seat and moved a hand from those beautiful tits to rub herself through her panties. I reached into my pants and pulled out my hard cock. So as to get more comfortable, I undid my belt and unbuttoned the pants before begining to slowly stroke myself.

"Oh yes, I love to see a man touching himself. Keep going."

As I continued to rub my fingers over the head of my prick, she reached down and slid her knickers off and then resumed her previous position. One hand kneading a breast and nipple, while the other lightly stroked her swollen clit and then, with increasing frequency, her cunt lips opened to allow access to her probing finger. Her juices causing her finger to glisten as we drove under each street light. The whole time she was looking at me, closing her eyes only when lightly moaning in response to her physical and visual stimulation.

Her gaze alternated from my face to my hand spreading the precum over the head of my cock as she continued to rub her clit and finger - fuck herself at an increasing pace. At first I thought she had started to insert two fingers into her cunt but as I watched I could see that one was enclosed by her pussy lips while the other was massaging her arsehole.

The frequency of her moans increased to match the pace of her fingers, but her eyes closed less often and her stare lingered on my hand which was now working up and down the shaft of my cock. Her nipple was red from the attention it had been receiving and the seat had started to develop a wet spot from the juices running down her hand. Her second finger was no longer just massaging her arsehole but, aided by the plentiful lubrication, was disappearing into that tight hole in unison with the one buried deep in her pussy.

"Oh God yes!" This time, after pushing her fingers all the way inside her, she left them there and although her eyes never closed, still staring at my cock, I could tell she came by the little shivers and the way her cunt and arsehole visibly tightened around her fingers.

Without giving her orgasm time to subside, she straightened up in her seat and for a moment, I thought that that was it. Instead, she undid her seatbelt, brushed my hand aside and lowered her face into my lap.

I've always thought that you could tell how much a women enjoys sex by the enthusiasm with which she gives head and from the way she began to devour and pump my aching cock, this one must love it. With her mouth wrapt around me, she worked the shaft with her thumb and forefinger and cradelled my swollen balls with her remaining three fingers. Nipping lightly with her teeth and flicking her tongue over the sensitive underside of my cock head, I knew I wouldn't last long.

Her fingers, wet from a mixture of her saliva and pussy juices from her earlier masturbation, moved down towards the base of my cock. I felt her middle finger move away from it's ministrations on my balls and the finger that only minutes before had been buried up her arse, was now seeking out the entrance to mine. I lifted my arse off the seat slightly to ease her search until I felt her pressing against it's tight muscle. All these sensations were starting to work and even concentrating on driving was not able to stop the feeling of impending orgasm. I began to buck my hips trying to force myself further into the warmth of her mouth as she continued with her co - ordinated orchestrations.

"I'm going to cum," I warned her, but instead of lifting her head, I felt her lips tighten around me and her tongue work that much faster. As the orgasm continued to build in me, she literally pressed the release button by forcing her finger into my arse.

The pressure of the orgasm rushing through my cock caused the shaft to swell and subside just a little as each shot of cum pulsed into her eager mouth. Once she was sure that I had finnished, she removeed her finger from my arse and licked my prick clean. Very slowly she sat back up in her seat, brushed the hair from her face and pulled her dress back up over those beautiful breasts.

"I warned you not to rub my legs like that." Some warning, but all I could do was wonder what she could do outside the confines of the car.

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