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Male pregnancy clinic

by Anonymous

Note: This is a review of a Midwest facility specializing in the simulation of pregnancy and delivery for men. For obvious reasons, the exact name and location of this facility cannot be divulged. Enjoy!

I arrived at the clinic Saturday morning, according to my scheduled time. I had been instructed to take a full series of four fleet cleansing enemas the previous evening to ensure my complete internal cleanliness and as directed, had abstained from all sexual activity, including masturbation, for the previous 30 days. While my wife, who was to accompany me throughout my weekend pregnancy, brought a small overnight bag, I was told I would be needing no change of clothing and brought only a toothbrush.

We were checked in to our private room by a friendly woman in a nurse's uniform. "Welcome to the MPC", she greeted. She was stunning; tall, with a heavenly figure and a deep golden tan. Her blonde hair was to her shoulders framing a beautiful face with delicate gold wire-rim glasses screening light blue eyes. Her sleeveless blouse was pale blue latex and clearly showed the outline of her bare nipples underneath. Latex gloves hugged her to the top of her arms. Her tight white skirt was was also latex and ended well above her knees. A nurse's cap and mask and 5" white "fuck-me" pumps over flesh colored latex hose completed her outfit.

Having a month's worth of sex in my system, I couldn't help but stare! She continued, "In this facility we strive to give our patients as close a delivery experience as is possible for the male. Under my guidance you will be prepared for pregnancy and delivery. You will also experience the woman's pain and ecstasy. The pain of delivery will eventually give way to an induced orgasm the likes of which you have never experienced nor are ever likely to experience again!"

I almost came in my pants right there! My wife looked at the nurse and then at me. As our eyes met, she just winked, licked her lips and smiled that smile of hers that always promised sex.

My nurse, whose name was Lori, had me strip and prepare for a complete physical. As this was to be a strenuous weekend, she wanted to be sure I was in physical shape for what was to come. After the exam, I was told it was time to be prepared for pregnancy. I would have to be put to sleep for this process for it was unpleasant, and it would also spoil the surprises to be had later. A shot in the ass and I felt the world slip away.

I awoke sometime later and my first impressions were PAIN, PAIN and PAIN. It felt like my insides were on fire. I couldn't breath, I had cramps like I've never had before and I was sick in my stomach. I started to get up, but found I was bound to an exam table like in my doctor's office. Only this wasn't like his table, this one had stirrups and a dropaway section by my ass. My arms were spread out on an operating room cross, one arm in a blood pressure cuff and the other one hooked to an IV solution tree. A waist strap held me down to the table, and another strap was tightly cinched around my hips and buttocks, but not attached to the table. My legs went up and over supports and my ankles were firmly secured to the stirrups. My upper body was supported by the table and raised about two feet above my waist, so I could see what was happening. And surprisingly enough, my penis was fully erect and pulsing with my heartbeat!

As I regained my senses I saw my wife was seated to my right and was stroking my forehead, while Lori was to my left checking my monitors. "Good evening, Rick, and welcome back.", Lori said,"and congratulations, you're going to have a baby! While you were asleep, an anatomical model of a six pound infant was introduced into your anus and up into your large colon. You may feel a great deal of discomfort now, but this is nothing compared to what it will be like during delivery."

I started pleading with Lori and my wife,"Please, I'm done, I don't want to go on with this..." Lori interrupted,"Rick, the only way to end this is through birth; I really don't think a C-section is an alternative here, do you?" She continued, "The strap around you buttocks is to help you retain your baby until I feel you've had enough labor. Your dear wife may soothe you, and like any good partner she will time your contractions."

"Rick, while you were asleep I explained to your wife that she will truly time your contractions! She has by her chair a variable control. It's calibrated from one to ten and has a start button. This controls delivery of a varying amount of Pitocin into your IV. Of course you know Pitocin is used to induce labor, and is one of the most powerful muscle stimulants known. She will guide your labor by steadily increasing your intensity of contractions while decreasing the time between them. Early in your labor, she may try to take your mind off the pain by stroking your penis or any of your other erogenous zones. Later on I have a surprise for you in that regard. By the way, the pressure of the baby on your prostate will prevent ejaculation, but will have no effect on orgasmic sensations. If she so wishes, you may have an almost constant orgasm during this early time, however, I recommend against it as you may become dangerously exhaused during the later phases! Your IV also has drugs added to stop urine production and intestinal function as well as nutrients. You will not need to leave the table until after your delivery tomorrow. I think we're ready to begin. It's now 8PM, let's plan on this first phase of labor lasting until midnight. Your wife knows what to do; I'll check in on you later."

As Lori walked out the door, my wife kissed me deeply. I started to ask to be released, but before I could finish my sentence she pushed a gag into my mouth and tied it around my head. "We can't have you keeping everyone else awake, can we?", she asked, "You can breathe through the big hole in the center. Honey, I love you and I'll be here throughout your ordeal." She placed her hand on my stomach, showed be the control set to 1 and with her other hand pressed the button.

My whole body tensed like it was getting an electrical shock. My abdomen tried to push out the intruder, but with my cheeks bound by the wide strap, there was no possible way to expell it. I felt like I would explode! By the clock on the wall only two minutes had passed, but it had seemed like a lifetime.

I relaxed, sweat on my brow, waiting for the next contraction. This time, when it came, so did I. My wife had taken my penis in her hand and had stroked it until she felt it pulse with an orgasm. Of course, she had nothing in her hand to show for the effort; all ejaculate had been stopped at its source. My penis was as hard as it was before the orgasm. Lori had been correct.

My darling alternated between letting me rest and giving me contractions. Sometimes during a contraction she left me be, other times I was jerked to orgasm. Still others gave me the opportunity to savor her lips on my nipples, my eyes and my stomach. And the thrill of an orgasm deep within her throat was incredible, for she didn't have to contend with any sperm and could keep me deep within her velvety embrace while I came down from my orgasm.

Finally, midnight came and Lori appeared at the door. A serenity of impending birth mixed with multiple orgasms had come over me and I was doing much better coping with the pain. "Rick, you and your wife are doing splendidly! I've been monitoring you from the nurse's station, you've made it to level 5 and I think you're ready to begin your final labor. And Rick, I've got that surprise for you!" Lori came fully into the room carrying a strange contraption. She fastened what looked like an EKG electrode to the skin just below my belly button. She placed a stainless steel tube over my penis and fastened it between my legs and around each leg at the crease of my groin. This kept the device firmly implanted on the length of my penis with just the tip of the head sticking through the open top of the tube. It was curiously soft and slippery inside the tube. At it's base, a soft rubber cup enveloped my testicles. As she hooked the electrode and the tube to a small electronic box, the tube and it's testicle cup pulsed slightly around my cock and balls, keeping time to my breathing. "This is our proudest innovation at the MPC," Lori beamed, "The Ejaculatron will masturbate you, keeping time with and in direct relative intensity to your remaining contractions. Rick, I promised you the orgasm of an intensity few men will experience; I will soon fulfill that promise. I will take over control of your labor now, and we'll build up to the maximum intensity your heart and body will allow. I see you wife brought the video camera; she's welcome to film your delivery as many other proud papa's now do."

I would have screamed not for the gag. I was scared. But I was also anticipating what was to come. I didn't have long to wait! The control was set to 7, the button was pushed and the contraction hit me like a freight train. The Ejaculatron, reading the spasm of my abdominal muscles kicked into gear. It felt like the tenderest caresse of a lovers lips but built in intensity as the full force of the contraction hit me. My orgasm, which lasted the entire two minutes of the contraction left me drained. The ball cup massaged my now aching testicles and did provide some relief, but I longed to actually ejaculate, to feel the spurts of what must be by now a gallon of cum.

My wife zoomed in on my penis in the machine. "Honey, when we are home and we view the tape, you just won't believe how hard you are or how long you pulse during each orgasm! I'll do my best to match this thrill when we get home, but don't be disappointed if we can only get close."

Lori kept me going for hours, gradually building to intensity 9, with the last eight or nine contractions (and orgasms) lasting four minutes each with only a one minute rest period in between. Every muscle in my body ached from the tension and I was about to give up. She sensed this and gave me a short rest. "Rick, it's almost noon on Sunday, you've been in labor for 16 hours and final labor for twelve of those. You've done well, experienced both pain and pleasure, and I think you're ready to deliver."

She adjusted her gloves and mask, pulled up a stool between my legs and dropped the bottom section of the table. I hung out over the end of the table supported by my back on the table and by my legs in the stirrups. My wife reached over and removed my gag. "Good luck honey," she said. "I love you," was all I could reply. She kissed me deeply on the lips.

Lori continued,"This final contraction will last about ten minutes. The first seven or eight minutes will be at intensity 9. I will then unlock the strap holding your buttocks closed, increase your intensity to 10 which will allow your contractions to cause your baby to be delivered through your anus, the pressure on your prostate will be relaxed and the pitocin acting on it will cause an ejaculation of unbelievable intensity and volume. Your ultimate orgasm will finally be reached and will be captured on tape for your review later. I will say that most of our couples use these tapes while lovemaking; the effect on the man is considerable and he tends to increase his female's sexual pleasure as well. Good luck Rick, and concentrate on these next few sensations."

Lori smiled, rubbed both my thighs and up to my stomach, glanced at the monitors and pushed the button. The pitocin coursed through my veins, my contraction began, and the Ejaculatron right along with it. By the second minute I was in full orgasm, my breathing ragged, screaming at the top of my lungs, and straining at my bonds. My penis pulsed in the unrelenting grasp of the machine, my anus clamped tight strained to release my baby, and my whole body shook with pain, pleasure and anticipation.

Just when I felt that my world was collapsing and I couldn't go on, Lori reached up and triggered the quick release buckle of the buttock strap as she pushed the pitocin button one last time. My body tensed even more, the Ejaculatron pulsed even faster and my pain got even worse.

"I see the head," Lori coaxed,"push hard NOW!"

"It's coming!" screamed my wife. "Oh honey, it's beautiful."

With my last ounce of strength I tensed my abdomen and buttocks and pushed for all I was worth. The Ejaculatron sensed this and went even faster. I felt Lori's hands between my legs and under my balls, at my anus slightly tugging at my baby. A final push, a small tug and my baby was born!

With a deft movement, Lori laid the infant on a nearby table and turned back to me, yanking down her face mask and pulling the tube from around my penis just as my long-awaited ejaculation began. She substituted her one latex gloved hand for the Ejaculatron while the other reached under me into my still distended anus and began to massage my battered prostate. Jet after jet of sperm splashed into her face, coating her lips and nose and hair and almost covering the lenses of her glasses. I continued to orgasm, wailing and trembling. She took my still spurting penis into her mouth and drew me into her throat. Her swallowing only served to prolong my orgasm. My wife captured every movement on tape, every loving moment of this release for our future pleasure.

As my pulsing subsided, Lori kept me in her mouth and soothed me with her tongue gently. Still caressing me orally, she reached over and pushed another button on the IV. Quickly I felt woozy and fell into a deep sleep.

When I awoke, it was 6PM Sunday evening. While I slept, I had been bathed and re-dressed in my street clothes. My wife was beside me on the bed as was Lori. As we awoke my wife kissed and hugged me and Lori joined us in warmth. As we left our room, Lori was the first to speak.

"You've both shared something wonderful here this weekend, something few couples have shared. Leave here with a new appreciation of each other's role in the experience of labor and birth. Your tape of this experience will give you a goal to reach for in your orgasmic lovemaking; you will strive to achieve this level again, and you'll have one hell of a time trying!"

A smile and a kiss and we were into the cool night air, a couple joined even closer together by this incredible experience.

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