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The top floor

by GaryIL

It had been a long exhausting week, and the bed felt so warm and inviting that she didn't want to leave its comfort. She turned the alarm off, and fell back down on the pillow. She pulled the sheet up to her neck, and it grazed across her nipples, causing a tinge of excitement, but she reluctantly dragged herself to her feet, and headed to the bathroom. After her shower, she slipped into a nice long terry robe, and parted the drapes to see what awaited her this morning. She didn't enjoy traveling or spending her nights in a hotel, but the mornings in her hotel rooms seemed to be the only time she had to herself anymore. And she always requested the top floor of the hotel, because of its privacy. She wished he was her with her now.

It was a bright, sunny day, and the clear blue sky offered some reprieve from the endless conference rooms that filled her days. At least it was Friday. The sun's warmth caressed her body through the robe, and she wished it was him, instead. She crossed her arms, scanning the big city, and noticed that the robe, which slightly rubbed her nipples, had aroused them to attention. With the thumb and forefinger of each hand, she rolled the nipples and pulled on them. It had been nearly two weeks since she had been with him, and her body craved attention. She thought about their date tomorrow, and felt the tenseness leave her body.

She backed away from the window, out of sight of any 'onlookers', cupped her breasts through the robe, and massaged them. She closed her eyes, and imagined that her hands were his, and that she could feel him pressed against her. She parted the robe, and it fell to the floor at her feet. The sun's rays flooded her body with even more heat, and she again cupped her breasts as she pictured him in front of her. She looked at them and realized they were not as firm as when she was younger, but still her best asset. She lifted one to her lips, and her tongue stabbed at the nipple a few times, and her lips captured the firm nub. She imagined him loving her breasts, pulling at them, licking, sucking, caressing...

She moved back onto the bed, and laid on her side. One hand moved over her stomach, her hip, slid over her buttock, dipped between them, and a finger probed at her outer lips. He knew just how to touch her, to tease her, to will her body to whatever he wanted it to do. She propped a pillow so that one breast was upturned, and her tongue flowed over her distended nipple. She looked down at her other hand, which pulled open her swollen lips, and saw the moisture at her hungering opening. She spread this nectar up along the inner side of her lips, and the more she spread, the more that flowed.

She pulled the nipple into her mouth, and gently nipped at it with her teeth, as he had done so many times before. She winced at the pain, but relished in the pleasure it brought, as she moved closer to her ultimate release. It popped free from her mouth, and she said,"damn", to herself, before she rearranged the pillow. Her aroma had filled the room, and she was excited by her own scent. Her fluids had spread over her thigh, and she dipped a finger in it, and slid her juices over her throbbing clit. Her body shook at the contact, and she released the nipple from her mouth and bit her bottom lip. She moved one finger between her inner folds, and delighted in the pleasure it brought as it slowly teased its way into her burning coals.

Her other hand was very attentive to her clit, which in its aroused state, had peeked up to enjoy the warmth of the sun. She lightly tapped it with her finger, which sent small shocks through her, then pressed it between her thumb and forefinger. He performed magic down here with his touch... his fingers... his lips... his tongue... Her nail grazed along it, which caused pain, but also an erotic throbbing that she craved. Two fingers had worked their way into her pulsing inferno, and simulated the frantic pumping motions that his cock made just before his violent explosion. Her thigh and fingers were flooded with her juices, and her hips pumped at her hand as the crescendo approached. She gasped for air, and her hips thrashed as she tweaked her clit. The rumblings shot through her... she screamed his name... the bed creaked with her... her body tensed and convulsed...

She laid back, exhausted and content, and basked in the morning sun. One more day and a flight home.

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