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by Matt Furze

Your attempts at an afternoon nap had been futile. Two sales calls and a wrong number call in the last forty-five minutes had seen to that. And you couldn’t unplug the phone to get the peace and quiet you wanted, either. A quick glance at the clock told you that he would be calling sometime in the next half hour or so, needing a ride home. Damn! Why had he scheduled his car in for some work now, anyway? Couldn’t it have waited another day or two?

You turned over onto your back and stretched lazily. No point in taking your grouchiness out on him; it really wasn’t his fault. In fact, he’d been particularly understanding this time. Your periods somehow always seemed worse during the summer, and this last one had been extra rough. You’d both wanted it three nights ago, but when things were just starting to feel good, you began cramping, and badly, and you’d had to beg off. You’d offered to relieve him, but he’d seen the discomfort on your face and declined. "We can wait, Hon," he’d said. Thank God this one was finally over. Tonight you’d make it up to him.

And that was another reason for your grouchiness. You were horny, damned horny. The stirrings in your body had put you on edge all day, from the first twinge you’d felt in the shower this morning to the ache in your breasts and puss that had made it hard for you to get comfortable for your nap. The phone calls had only served to jangle your nerves more, and you vowed that the first thing you’d do when the two of you got back home was to unplug every phone in sight. Well, maybe the second thing, you thought, grinning. Nothing could interrupt you when the front door closed behind you!

Idly, you ran your hands across your breasts, feeling their firmness. Once again, as you had many times in the years since they’d developed, you thought how nice they were - your best feature, in your mind. He’d said they were great, but then he thought every bit of you was that. Goes to show you what men know about women and how they think, right? He liked your thighs, but you knew they could be better, and he absolutely loved your bare puss (at least he had some taste), but your breasts were your best feature, no matter what he thought. 38D’s, the nipps pert and ripe, perched perfectly centered on your creamy globes. Swelling now, too, from the light caresses your fingers were giving them. Must be a direct connection to my clit, you thought as you felt your love button begin to stir.

You opened your legs slightly and slipped a hand down your lean body to your puss. Gently, you ran a finger around it, feeling the silkiness of the bikini panties you were wearing. God, this was feeling good! Wouldn’t take much, you thought. Not much at all. Might even help settle your nerves down a bit. You glanced over at the clock. Yeah, plenty of time. You smiled softly, and slipped your hand inside your panties. Leave ‘em on this time, you decided. They’d get wet with your juices, and he’d know what you’d done, and just how ready you were for him.

You stroked slowly at first, not wanting it to be too quick. After a minute you slid a finger down past your now swollen clit to your love hole, and you were amazed at just how wet you were. A smile settled on your lips, and you closed your eyes, imagining his thick, hot member, and how easily it would slid into you right now. A second finger joined the first, and you slowly squeezed down on them, the way you’d squeeze down on him later tonight. Your movements were becoming quicker, and again you slowed down, this time to draw a few drops of your precious honey out of your puss and up onto your throbbing clit. Oh, God, did this feel good! You sped up again; the fire between your legs was quickly getting out of control. Your legs were wide open now, and you could feel your back arching up, your hips raising up off the bed slightly. A dildo would feel great right now, but it was too late for that, and besides, his long, thick cock would be in there soon enough. You stroked harder, faster, and the familiar feelings of an impending orgasm started to spread over your loins. Harder,!!

It was several minutes before your breathing returned to normal, and you slowly slipped your hand out of your panties and pressed the silk material down into your slit, soaking it with your essence. Your clit still ached a bit, and past experience told you you could reach orgasm again with little effort, but your mind told you you’d better be getting ready to head out and pick the man in your life up. You opened your eyes and looked toward the clock. And saw him.

He was standing in the doorway, a silly grin on his face. "Got a ride home from one of the guys," he said as he started to undress. The twinkle in his eyes and the bulge in his pants told you what was to come!

© Matt Furze

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