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The New Experience

by Jillian

"Well, then. I'll see you tomorrow," Keri Lewis said to her friend Ann over the phone.

"Bye," Ann said, and the phone clicked down.

Keri thought about what to pack for her trip. She was going to visit her friend Ann at her home in Maine. Keri was a freshman at Westhaven Community College in Vermont. Ann was her best friend who had moved at the end of eighth grade. They were very close. They had shared all of their stories of firsts... kisses,touchings, etc. Keri felt that Ann was the only person she could tell these things to. Keri's parents were divorced and she lived with her dad. Ann was her only female role model.

Keri hadn't seen Ann for awhile though, and Ann had changed. She had been "sleeping around" and doing drugs. She was clean and sober now, but hadn't stopped her promiscuity. She had even kissed girls! Keri passed that thought with disgust. She liked messing around with boys, and masturbating thinking about girls, but would never dare to kiss one!

A few hours before Keri left to go to Maine, she drove to her boyfriend's house to say goodbye. She thought about how much she'd miss him, but she was sure they'd both be faithful. Who would there be for her to cheat with, anyway?

Keri's boyfriend John greeted her with a kiss at the door. "Are your roommates home?" Keri asked. "Shh." John led Keri upstairs and into his room, where he kissed her. He slowly reached his hand around to Keri's back, and unhooked her bra. She softly moaned, and John took this as a sign she liked it. He slowly pinched her nipples, then lifted her shirt and sucked on her breasts. She lay down on the bed and he moved his lips slowly down her tight muscular stomach. He slowly reached for her button fly and undid each button slowly. He looked up at Keri's face, and she smiled, letting him know it was okay. He pulled off her jeans, and her panties. John held her bottom and slowly stuck his tongue into her slit. He licked slowly. They had done this once before, but his roommate had come home before it really got anywhere. He moved his tongue from her slit up and circled around her clit, slowly, then faster. She started thrusting her bottom up off the bed and grabbed onto the back of his head. She shoved his head into her hot pussy as he licked harder and harder. Her body started to quiver and John felt her red pussy throb. The quivering slowed, and John licked up all the juices from her pussy. She hugged him as she pulled her jeans up. They lay on the bed for awhile when Keri started to reach down for John's fly. She unzipped his Levi's and reached in for his penis. She had touched it before, then he went into the bathroom so he wouldn't come in his pants. She jacked him off so he'd get hard, then moved down.

She put her mouth over the head of his penis and started to suck on it. She circled her tongue around it, ever so lightly, while playing with the shaft.

Just as he started to moan in approval, she pulled off of him.

"What the ---?"

"I wanted you to come in me."

"Sure?" John asked, knowing her usual look and answer. They hadn't had sex yet and she always got him excited and let him down. But he was glad to ask. He wouldn't want to force her.

"Fuck me, John."

With that kind of strong answer, he couldn't let HER down, so he ripped off her jeans, and started to mount his beautiful girlfriend.

"No," Keri said.

"What?" John asked. "Oh, condom...Sorry." He pulled a condom from his drawer and put it on his rock-hard dick.

"That too...But I want to..." She stood up and lowered herself onto him.

"Wow.." 'Boy, she's fiesty today,' John thought.

Keri started pushing back and forth, up and down. She touched her clit as she rode him. "Oooh..Mm..MM..OOOH" John came into the condom. Keri backed off, but continued to rub her hard clit. Then, her body quivered again in an explosive orgasm.

When Keri and John woke up, he kissed her goodbye and she left and drove home. She packed her stuff into the car, and started the drive to Ann's house in Maine....

Keri arrived at Ann's house shortly after five. Ann and Keri went out for dinner and to catch up.

"So, have you and John..." Ann asked, "Ya know?"

"mmm," Keri said, chewing on a cracker, "Today."

"Wow, cool...How was it?"

"He didn't make me come...But it was nice."

Keri told Ann every single detail. Then Ann told Keri some of her stories. Ann had done EVERYTHING. Some things that Keri didn't even think about.

"WEll, I'm gonna take a shower now," Ann said.

"Okay.." Talking about Ann's experiences had made Keri very horny. She reached down into her jeans and started to finger herself. That became to restrained, so she took her jeans off. The door was shut, and Keri figured Ann would knock. Keri was really going fast when Ann entered the room. Seeing Keri wildly finger-fuck herself was too much. Ann touched her blood-engorged clit and rubbed herself. She wanted to feel Keri, to touch her clit. Ann decided to let her know. "Mmm.." She moaned. Keri gasped and turned around to see Ann watching her.

"Ann! I didn't see, I mean I knew, didn't-"


Ann knelt down in front of Keri and stuck her tongue into Keri's warm juicy slit. Keri gasped as Ann slowly licked up and down in Keri's puss. Up, down back forth, harder and harder until Keri grabbed Ann's head and came in her face. Ann pulled her own pants off and Keri returned the favor, but before Ann could come she grabbed Keri's ass and grinded her clit against her own. They grinded circular and up and down until both of them groaned. Exhausted, they dropped onto the bed and fell asleep...

To be continued...

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