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by Anonymous

I had always felt attraction for my roomate, a secret that I probably would have hidden if not for a certain occurence.

My roommate was away at work and I feeling rather horny took it upon myself to masterbate. I gently took of my clothing and grabbed, some ky Jelly a vibrator and some lotion.

I put some lotion on my hand and started to massage my brest, carefully circling the nipple to make sure it became hard, I reached for more lotion and massaged my other brest, I let my hands wander around my body, exploring each and every crevise for enjoyment. I then couldnt take it any more, I put a little ky jelly on my fingers and started to massage my clit.

I moaned in ecstasy wanting more, I then grabbed the viabrator put it on full spead and started to push it in and out of my wanting cunt.

Suddenly I felt another hand grab the vibrator, it was her, she had stood watching me and undressed her self, she kissed my brest and started to suckle on my naked brest, her hands wandered around my body, her kissed went down my body, then she started to lick me, he tongue gentle at first then demanding to taste my juices, my body quivered, knowing I was close to an orgasim she took the dildo and started to thruse it in me, I couldnt take it any longer I started to scream, and writhe in extasy, my entire body starting to thrust upward, suddenly I felt my whole body quiver with delight, I was out of breath, my roommate looked at me and simply said, I knew you wanted me.

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