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Love that Camcorder

by Anonymous

I sometimes tape myself masturbating, and it makes me do it better. I would love to read about others who do this also. Male and Female just post. I'm just not good at putting what I do on paper but others are.


I do this too. I find it fun and very erotic. I set my video camera on a tripod and can stroke myself for hours until I cum. I have close-ups of my cock and ball, leaking pre-cum, cumming, etc. (Once, I came on a mirror. I aimed the video camera at the mirror, and it looked like two cocks cuming at the same time.) I have a dual-deck VCR I use to edit my tapes. I'm making a special edition tapes of my favorite shots for my wife to look at while I'm away on business travel. (It turns me on to know she gets turned on looking at me.)

Different Strokes...

by Ken

Here's another way I get off.

I like it when it's complicated and elaborate. I do go out in this getup, but there is more to it than I put in the story.

Now, I'm 40 in January and have had quite a while to develop my techniques. So let me tell you another story and we'll see if you can follow along. Some of this you will never have heard of before.

I often get a very strong urge to masterbate, but not JUST masterbate. I like to wear my 'accessories' under my clothes. Often panties, bra.

I have a very unique accessory that I often use. This works best with the genitals and groin area clean shaven.

step 1) If you take a Trojan Large condom out of its wrapper and unroll it, and you take a number 61 elastic band (a heavy duty office rubber band about the same diameter as the condom) and re roll the condom with the rubber band at around the openning until 2/3 of the condom is rolled around the Bubber band.

step 2) Now I take a pair of men's underware with a pouch sewn on the front over the fly front. The pouch is made out of a stretch material and is large enough to hold about 2 Ltr. of volume.

step 3) You will need some Johnson's Baby lotion or other lotion that will not damage a condom. Apply lotion to the penis and testicles. Now take the condom and full it with water about 1Ltr. as warm or as cold as you can stand. The next step will require a little practice to do without damaging the condom. With your fingers, expand the openning of the condom large enough to pull it over your penis and testicles and let it hold tight behind the testiles at the base of the penis.

step 4) Put on the underware with the pouch and slide the condom of water through the fly and into the pouch. I usually pull on a couple of pair of some sort of other underware, usually stretchy womans girdle or other.

Then I get dressed over top of this and go out, sometimes all day. Variations would be to leave some air in the condom with the water, and/or put a pair of panties in with the water. The motion of walking sloshes the water around tickling and rubbing the penis. Quite stimulating, especially when you feel it and no one else knows.

Combine this with a butt plug, bra, garters and stockings. What a thrill.

One other thing I do with this set-up is, The wires for my electrodes are very fine and can run under the condom without causing a leak. I have a portable power supply for function generator and it will all fit in a carry case with the wires running up my sleeve down my shirt and in my pants. I can use it while I go for a walk usually in a very public place. WHAT A THRILL.

I know this is very involved and I love it.

Thanks for listening (This is true)

Play Time

by Anonymous

Let me begin by saying simply I love to masturbate, even at 50+ I love masturbation. I do it 4 or 5 times a week. I just cannot get enough. My wife doesn’t mind as long as we do it together now and then. I get real hot watching her stir her pussy with her fingers or one of the vibrators I’ve brought home to enhance our love life. I also have a few videos of women masturbating, the noisier they are, the more they turn me on. I also get a real kick out of visiting Adult Book stores. They should really be adult movie and masturbation centers, since they provide masturbation booths. I guess I am somewhat preoccupied with masturbation. I am getting pretty horny just thinking about cumming in my hand or in one of my toys.
I have a very nice artificial vagina, that I first warm up in hot water and then lube up with lots of K-Y so my dick can slide in easily. I also have a cute gadget that has a ring with an egg size vibrator attached. I slide it on right behind the head of my dick, the vibrator has an adjustable intensity control that goes from slow to, look out, I’m cumming! I like both the pussy and the cock ring vibrator. Both allow me to type what I’m doing and feeling as if someone was with me. That is what I’m about to do, I will use the cock-ring. I have installed fresh batteries, and here we go.
I am already horny, my dick is hard, the ring is in place and running at a slow easy pace. It is located just behind the head of my cock. I have an audio tape playing the sounds of a female masturbating, she has a low sexy voice, describing what she is doing and how good she feels doing it. As I listen to her I increase the intensity a bit. Oh this feels so good, she tells me that her fingers are slipping into her wet hot Cunt. She tells me that she wants me to masturbate with her. I begin to feel that she is with me watching my every move. She tells me that she may cum at any minute. I increase the speed up to midrange. I’m having trouble staying in my chair as I again increase the speed of my cock-ring.. Now she begins telling me how hot she is and that she is ramming two of the three fingers into her dripping pussy. I can visualize her wet glistening pussy lips wet with her sex juice running from her as a wet spot begins to form under her ass. She begins moaning and whimpering as she approaches her climax. I increase the speed of my toy to match her as she gets closer to cumming. She screams out as she lifts her sexy ass off of floor as she declares that she is flooding her hand her female cum juice. I max out the vibrator my dick begins to squirt it’s milky substance under my desk onto the floor. Clean up time, let’s get together later. Bye Now.

A Great Masturbation

by Experimental Guy

I had been surfing the net most of the day, a little frustrated and unusually horny. I had been on some sites and downloaded a few movies. One caught my eye that had this great looking brunette wearing really black stockings, giving a foot job to this guy. In the video, she rubbed him off, he came a load on her feet, then she licked and sucked her own toes – wow – god what an erection that gave me. I have always had a thing for feet and stockings, and this video was a double whammy. So instead of masturbating there and then, I waited, until I could be alone.

I took a bath, alone in my bathroom, and took a bottle of baby oil in with me. Now as I have said before, I have tried many different things, including using oils, but this time, I just went for it – lay on the floor, and poured the entire contents of the bottle all over my genitals, belly and upper thigh area, then masturbated slow and took my time. The bath was filling up whilst I pleasured my entire body, caressing myself all over, but focusing mostly on my iron hard cock. It felt so slippery and nice, and hot too. It was not long before I could feel the familiar tension in my balls, the butterflies in my belly, and the throbbing in my cock. I thought about that girl, her sexy feet in those black stockings. She was so hot…god it turned me on…I massaged my cock harder, pumping it – it was nearly time. I ran my other hand over my thighs, arching my back and lifting my bottom from the floor. It felt so naughty and over the top, covered in baby oil, nobody else around; my own private sexual oasis! Then I was cumming. I like to slow right down then, keeping myself a little off the floor, feet on tip toes. I then stopped pumping the shaft, and instead teased little tremors of orgasm out of it with finger and thumb pressed just under the head, and could feel the sperm pumping through my cock. Then I relaxed my muscles, squeezed the tip to stop the spray, then tensed again, like you would when holding in urine at the same time as releasing my grip, and a huge salvo of sperm shot out to land in my hair! I squeezed again, it pumped some more, then I let go, and another shot out, and landed on my face. I had never shot that far in my life – but knew I was getting the technique down to a fine art. The rest – of which there was quite a bit, just splashed my stomach and dribbled out, but I was so turned on, feeling that semen splash my face, I got up immediately and looked at myself in the mirror – I looked like someone out of a porn film…it was so incredible.

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