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Please me, please you

by Pultrude

You looked delightfully wicked tonight, lying there on the couch in the living room. You are wearing the silk chemise I got you last week and it looks beautiful on you. We were watching the evening news and you didn't notice that I was raping you with my eyes. You must have had a small itch because your hand went to your crotch for a few seconds. Of course, you spread your legs apart to reach the itch but what caught my eye was that you didn't close them then. Oh baby, if you only knew how wanton and naughty you looked with your bush just showing under the hem of the chemise. That's when I started getting an erection and began to think about what I wanted to do with you.

I decided that tonight would be the night to try something new, something different. I love making love to you in all the usual ways and I love your arousal when you have to grab me, to feel my manliness and push your sex towards it. I love it when you want me, when you lick your lips in anticipation of the shaft of my rigid penis sliding between them, when your hand steals between your legs to spread your outer lips so your inner swelling labia have room for me.

All these thoughts paraded through my mind as the news flickered on the TV screen. I thought about how much we both like to masturbate together over the phone when I'm off on business and I knew then what I wanted to do. You stretched your arms up over your head as the news ended, causing the silky fabric of the chemise to slide over your nipples. They became erect and my cock jerked in response. As I got up and walked over to stand beside you and help you off the couch, you noticed my semierect penis and a small smile swept up the corners of your mouth. I took your hands in mine and helped you up, continuing to raise your arms above your head, pulling your body next to mine so your breasts rubbed against my chest.

You kissed me, passionately, bringing your arms down to wrap around my neck. Your hot tongue licked my lips and stole sweet plunges between my teeth. I shifted slightly and pushed my knee between your legs so you could rub your crotch against my leg. Ahhhh, I can feel the heat of your sex burning my leg! My cock has grown now and I can feel the semen dribbling out the tip as precum wells up in my balls. Your insistent sex wants more so I reach down and caress your ass. Oh baby, I love the curve of your hips, how smooth and erotic your asscheeks feel as I slide my hands around from the outside of your hips inwards, towards your backdoor and moistening pussy.

You surprised me then, jumping slightly and wrapping your legs around my waist but oh the feel of your heat rubbing against my cock under the silk boxer shorts I was wearing was heavenly. I thrust upwards into your crotch and the tip of my cock slides out the edge of my shorts, searching for its soulmate deep between your legs. I can't hold you long and you know that as your legs slide down my thighs.

We're both panting now as we step back and look at each other. You shudder slightly and pull my shorts down my legs as you kneel before me. The lust in your eyes in unmistakable and your wet glistening tongue lashes out to taste my juice from the tip of my cock. I take your head in my hands and encourage you, letting you know how hot this makes me. But before you can swallow me, I kneel down beside you and lay you down right there kissing you again. I whisper into your ear what I plan to do and what I hope it will do to you. Ummm, you respond.

Oh, your curves, the way your hair fans out from your head, all of these turn me on even more. I lean back and spread your legs apart wickedly so I can see how wet you are. You moan to me how much you want me. I take my cock and approach your cunt letting you feel it brush you lightly. Using my cock like a plow, I spread you lips apart, pushing in slightly at the entrance to your creamy hole to wet the head then rub you, using my cock like a dildo. You see, that's what I told you, close your eyes and pretend that you are alone, masturbating while you think about my hard cock. And I'll do the same, pretend I'm masturbating while thinking about your sweet pussy.

Your hips are fucking back at me now, it won't be long for your first orgasm and I want it to be exceptional. I tell you to pinch your nipples and you do then lift one to your mouth to suck on it, circling it faster and faster with the tip of your tongue. My cock gets harder and I focus on your clit, rubbing the tip of my cock around it in little circles setting off fireworks in you. I can see the flush of orgasm turning your chest and face redder and I pump the shaft of my cock to join you. Oh NOW, my love NOW, I'm cumming on your clitoris as you shout your pleasure, your body shaking as you cum too. I keep pumping the shaft of my cock to give you all of my juice, to let you feel the heat of my semen and sperm washing over your hard, pointly clitoris. As I start to soften, your pussy literally sucks me deep into you and we collapse in each other's arms before heading to bedroom to join each other, together this time. But Ah, lover, that's another story, isn't it!

My First Three-way

by MarcusP

First, a little biographical history. I am a 50 yr. old widower who has been enjoying the pleasures of masturbation for many, many years, before, during and after 4 marriages. No, it isn't that I can't get it right, marriage that is, it's just the way it's turned out. Anyway...I'm an active bisexual who doesn't believe that one should limit oneself to the variety available for mutual self-satisfaction. This leads into one of my more enjoyable experiences in masturbation. During my early twenties I had the opportunity to share a house in the country with a rather charming woman, Linda. Linda was near thirty, and had a pleasing "hippy" shape, with smallish breasts. Her long brunette hair, dazzling smile and 5' 9" 155 lbs. frame made her very enticing when wearing tight jeans and a camisole top. There were many nights I would lie in bed stroking myself to sleep imagining what waited beneath those jeans.

We both shared a love of motorcycling and rode the same model bike. We had been sharing the house, not the bedroom, for about a nine months when one Friday evening she came home with a very nice female "friend", Toni. Up to now I hadn't considered Linda bisexual or lesbian, but in afterthought it made sense. Toni was very different in shape from Linda. Toni was around 120 lbs, 5' 4" with an athletic torso, slim hips and full 38DD breasts. We all spent the evening together talking, having dinner and watching a movie on the tube. It finally got late and I excused myself for the night. I went to the bathroom, going through the normal routine of preparing for bed. I then slipped under the covers and tried to sleep, but my mind kept wandering as to the goings on in Linda's room. My cock grew to full hardness as I imagined their naked bodies entwined in passion.

I could see Toni's eyes clenched in pleasure as Linda's chin buried itself into her vagina as her tongue flicked across her clitoris. I slowly pumped my fist along the shaft as I envisioned Toni's heaving breasts as Linda brought her to the edge of orgasm. I was near cumming, the images so tantalizing in my mind, when I heard soft moaning from outside my room, in the living room. Resisting the urge to finish myself off, I got up and quietly stepped to the edge of the living room entranceway.

I looked around the edge of the entrance and saw Toni and Linda naked on the couch and floor, but their positions were the opposite of my fantasy!!! Toni was munching on Linda's mound and kneading her small breasts as Linda moved to ecstacy!! This was much more than I had expected, or anticipated and better than any porn flick. This was "live and in living color"!!!. As I watched with an intensity I had never known before I latched onto my throbbing cock and began stroking it in time with Toni's tongue. Because of my earlier pumping the head was very sensitive and I approached orgasm quickly. Just as I was ready to blast I heard Linda's voice: "Hey there fella, what'cha got there?" I froze, suddenly realizing I had closed my eyes just before shooting and had inadvertantly leaned into the open of the doorway. There I was, cock in hand, with two naked, sweaty, lusting women staring up at me. "Don't just stand there in the shadows, come out here where we can get a better look." Her invitation caught me off-guard (no kidding!?) and I stood there like a statue. "Toni, why don't you go bring him over here so he can get a closer look too." Toni eased herself up from the floor, her face glistening with the juices from her licking at Linda's pussy. She slowly walked over to me, her pillowy breasts gently swaying with her steps. She wrapped one hand around mine, which still had a hold of my cock. She brought the other up behind my neck and pulled my lips down to hers. As she kissed me deeply, probing my mouth with her tongue, she began stroking my cock with both our hands.

My mind was into overdrive, this was a fantasy coming to true life. I could taste Linda's juices and feel the softness of Toni's breasts pressing into my body. I released my cock and slid my hand to Toni's dripping pussy and began to gently rub the length of her hot snatch. Her kissing and stroking intensified as I rotated the heel of my hand around her clitoris. After what seemed like an hour she broke the kiss and led me by the cock over to where Linda still laid spread-legged at the edge of the couch. Toni released my aching cock and slipped back to the floor. She winked up at me and lowered her face back into Linda's waiting pussy. Linda smiled at me as I grabbed a hold of my cock and stroked in time, again, to Toni's tongueing. By this time I was so built up that it only took about a minute before I had to cum. My eyes clenched in orgasm as my body shuddered and I began to shoot over the two of them. Globs of cum landed on Linda's tits and Toni's back as my cock pulsed. Toni intensified her lapping and Linda arched up into orgasm herself as she watched my spurting cock. Together the three of us licked up my cum and then Linda and I worked on Toni together until she too had a gushing orgasm, her juices flowing so that they were literally running down her legs. Toni stayed with us for several months, and we all explored each others fanatsies during that sweet, wonderful time. After she left, it took me awhile to come up with some new ones, but that's another time, and another story.

Women and traffic

by arriman37

Just got back from work and let me tell you today was the best ride home ever. I was stuck in traffic for a few minutes as the bridge was open to allow the ship to go through. Next to me was this woman in a 300ZX with tinted windows. She had a sunroof on the car and it was removed. Well let me tell you the sight I was getting of those lovely tits. No bra and nipples just busting through.

She must of been playing with her pussy cause as I pulled up next to her, I saw she was digging that hand of hers down her sweatpants. She continued for a few minutes. I drive a truck for a living and I had a great over the top view. Well, I whipped out my cock and started stroking it!!! It was great. She saw me looking at her and she smiled. I know she knew that I was jerking off and she loved the idea. Being the nice guy that I am, I tried to share my load with her by shooting it out the window towards her. It went out the window allright but made it halfway.

When she gets home, I guess she can lick it off of her door handle. Hope she isn't picking up a passanger!!! Time to go spank the monkey again. Bye:)

Goin' solo together

by Anonymous

My beautiful wife and I are very much into mutual masturbation (especially when it's her time of the month, and we can't have intercourse). We recently had a masturbation experience that (for me, at least) ranks as one of our best.

It was a Saturday afternoon. She had her period, and I had a sinus infection, but we were both feeling horny, so we decided to have a little fun. We spread a blanket on the living room couch and got out our favorite toys. I popped a fuck flick in the VCR and sat down next to her. (We both enjoy watching X-rated videos which really make her hot, and me too!)

We started in the middle of a scene where this guy was eating out this chick on the floor of her apartment. (She was naked and really cute, with curly, blonde hair, firm tits and large, pink nipples.) My cock stirred in my shorts as I leaned over and tongue kissed my wife. With a hand, I massaged one of her breasts through her T-shirt. She was getting hot and wanted me to undress her, so I stripped her naked down to her panties.

I reached over for the electric back massager, turned it on, and placed it over her clit against her panties. The pleasant vibrations stimulated her love bud, and she arched her back, moaning with pleasure. While she watched the TV, I sucked one of her nipples to hardness while gently pressing the vibrating massager against her clit. Needless to say, it didn't take her long to come.

After she came, she helped me remove my clothes, and I soon sat naked beside her. My rigid cock strained toward the ceiling, drooling pre-cum down my shaft and onto my belly. She lubed my stick with some Astroglide and started stroking it (Oh, how I love the feel of her hand on my hard dick.) I placed the massager back on her clit as we both watched the TV together.

By now the scene had changed. There was a guy and two girls (one of my favorite fantasies), one blonde, the other brunette. The blonde sat in the guy's lap, riding his stiff prick, while he kissed and sucked the brunette's tits. My slippery cock got harder, and my wife started stroking me faster. I kissed her, deeply, telling her I wanted her to come again. (I love watching her cum.) I teased her clit through her panties with the massager as she bucked her hips, edging closer to orgasm.

After she came a second time, I took the massager and placed it against my balls. The sensation produced by the vibrating massager and her stroking were out of this world. I alternated kissing her and watching the TV. Pre-cum continued to leak from my rigid cock, mixing with the Astroglide, increasing the slickness. I was in heaven!

I felt myself nearing orgasm and told her I was ready to come. (I know she enjoys watching me pump out my sticky load.) She began tugging on my cock as I watched the dude doing the two chicks on TV, imagining I was him. The visual and manual stimulation were too much for me, and

I exploded in a delicious orgasm, squirting high into the air. My seed splashed everywhere, on me, on my wife, on the couch, but I didn't care. I stared at my cock in an orgasmic stupor, enjoying each contraction.

When I was finally through, I turned off the VCR, kissed my wife and thanked her (very important). We didn't even bother to get dressed or clean up, but just sat on the couch cuddling for the next 20 minutes, basking in the afterglow.

Although I enjoy masturbating alone, nothing compares to sharing the experience with my very special lady!

Helpless Pleasuring

by Anonymous

I have found that by far the greatest sexual peaks of my life have come when I have been made helpless to do anything except experience the pleasure. As a man, I am used to being in the role of trying to control my own sexual response. For most of my life, this meant learning to hold back and not come too quickly. Until I allowed a woman to assume complete control in pleasuring me, I never knew the incredible ecstasy of being totally aroused, wanting and trying to come, but not being able to do so. The tension built up through repeated arousals to the brink of orgasm, only to be denied release, is both exquisite and totally novel. At the hands (literally) of a talented woman, I have been kept in a sexual frenzy for ninety minutes and more, and have experienced orgasms which completely redefined the meaning of the word for me.

My first experiences were in long episodes of foreplay. I have always enjoyed slow, sensuous lovemaking and my wife loves erotic massage. I would follow this up with long sessions of cunnilingus which drives my wife wild. Fortunately, my wife also wanted to pleasure me in this way. She began by having me lie on my back and kneeling between my outstretched legs. Then she would stroke and fondle me with her hands and body. I often come quickly in response to oral sex, so she usually prefers to finish with a slow, excruciating hand job that would have me squirming and writhing. Whenever my feelings would get too intense, however, I tended to move so wildly that she could not control me. So she next began sitting over my thighs, holding me down on the bed with her body weight. This increased my feelings of helplessness, and greatly increased her ability to control my coming. Now, when I would begin getting too close, she could change her stroking so that I would plateau without coming. Because I could not press my legs together, she could also tease my balls and apply pressure to them that also kept me from coming too quickly. Still, when the feeling became very intense, I would grasp her hand as she was teasing me, forcing enough friction to make myself come. The obvious solution was making me completely helpless.

Now, when my wife is in one of her giving moods, she begins by placing two large pillows in the lower center of the bed and having me lie down on them so that my ass is on the pillows. This arches my back and provides her with better access to my cock and balls. Then she lovingly secures my hands and feet so that I am spread-eagled on the bed. An extra wide strap across my hips makes certain that I can't buck too high. She is very creative, and constantly finds new ways to increase my excitement. For instance, I am a "leg man", and have always enjoyed having my wife wear garterbelts and stockings during sex. She now makes foot sex a regular part of her teasing, using my preference to drive me even more wild. One of her favorite techniques is done after she has me thoroughly aroused and very sensitive. She will lie back on the bed, with her head opposite mine, and start with a long, slow sess on of stockinged-foot sex. This begins with her bringing her feet together and pumping me between the soles. Once I am moaning, she will hold my cock with one foot and stroke up, down, and all around with the other. The feel of fine, reinforced toe hose rubbing over the swollen, throbbing head of my penis is simply wonderful. And, since I'm helpless, she can do it as long as she likes, and she likes to do it for V E R Y long. Reaching down, she can reach my hanging balls with her hands, and the feeling of having my balls stroked, raked, teased, and tickled while her feet drive my cock crazy is completely maddening. Then comes one of her favorite tricks. As I begin to squirm and hump wildly, she will hold my cock with one foot and S L O W L Y slide the other foot and leg along the opposite side, moving in one tortuously slow motion from toes to past her knee. This long, sensual caress is exquisitely erotic and literally takes my breath away. Sometimes she will do this as I begin to orgasm, and sensation is simply unbearably good. On a recent holiday trip, we were staying in a motel and my moans were so loud she had to give me the corner of a pillow to bite on. When she made me come in this fashion, I literally bit threw the pillow case!

I have dozens of similar experiences about which I could write, if others are interested. I would greatly enjoy reading the experiences of others who enjoy this sensual form of bondage. It is so good, I can't believe there aren't many men who have discovered it! Let's hear from you. I'd also like to hear of other women's techniques (my wife loves to torment me with such descriptions, so be as graphic as you can).

Who said school was boring

by JMattox

Probably the one place that took the most nerve was way back in college in my Bio 101 class. There are times when just squirming around rubbing against my jeans has caused me to blow, but this particular time I felt particulary couragous. I was sitting in the last seat on the last row in the room. That means the back corner. There was a large coat rack on the wall right above my head. Well I was lucky enough that this cold winter day plenty of coats were there. I fluffed out a rather nice long overcoat (to block the view of the person in the next row.) I unzipped my pants, pushed down my underwear, and with one had I started at it, while cleverly propping my head on the other very much looking interested in the lecture. It was incredible. I had to leave class afterward and run to the bathroom to jack off again at the thought of what I had just done. I guess I didn't learn everything I should have that day, but oh well, you just can't pass up the moment.

Saved by the Bell

by Anonymous

Last night my gf came over with a few movies to watch them at my place. We made out for a while, and I wanted a quick fuck before the flicks. Well, it turns out that Sarah had rented Showgirls, figuring I would get excited by it, and she wanted me to masturbate watching it so that she could get herself off watching me (we have a pretty varied sex life).

We watched the movie, and I'm heartened by the early scenes because Elizabeth Berkeley has a great ass and they show it nicely in tight jeans. Sarah and I rubbed ourselves some. I decide to make sure to cum to the movie and not to Sarah and this is the problem. I've never seen a movie with more skin that was less exciting. There are some great bodies flashing around the screen, but I just wasn't getting off on it. I whipped my dick out and managed to get hard but I wasn't going to cum unless I concentrated on Sarah or my dick and not on the movie. It was pretty terrible.

I did end up spurting to the lap dancing scene but only because Sarah was playing it in slow motion over and over (showing off that ass). Really I'll admit I shot my wad because Sarah was lying on her stomach humping her hand and watching the movie and telling me a bi fantasy of hers and because I was watching her ass buck up and down. I had a good cum but not because of Showgirls.

Mutual Masturbation

by RandyRay

Again last night. I licked her to climax and then brought her hand down and jacked off watching her play with her pussy a foot in front of my face. I'd kiss her fingers and pussy as she played. She'd spread her lips with her 1st and 3rd fingers and tickle her clit with her index finger. Whoa. When I was ready to cum, I knelt in front of her and came on her (still rubbing) hand and pussy.

Next thing I want to get her to do is masturbate while I fuck her.

This Girl Likes Watching

by Jon Dom

Annette wrote:

- I think it's one of the biggest turn ons for me! I watched my last boyfriend masturbate, and by the time he was finished, I had a large wet spot in my jeans, and could barely get out of them in time to sit on him!


I do not konw if women as a whole like to watch, but my ex wife seemed to do so. She actually asked me to masturbate for her.

The first time was in the living room while we were watching an xxx video. I was kinda shocked! But on the other hand I am also kinda an exhibitionist so I agreed.
Over the next few months she had watched me perform in every room of the house as well as a couple of times in the back yard. Every time I/we did this.... well, real sex later was always great!

At her request, I almost never wore any clothes at home.

I miss her sometimes...

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