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Masturbation for Good Health

by Dave

You are not insane. You are not blind. Your have not grown hair on your palms. You are a completely competent member of society - despite all the times you've done it. Kinsey and the latest Sex in America report show there's a whole lot of shaking going on. Today's sex researchers have come to grips with the fact that masturbation has important physical and emotional benefits for both men and women.

Getting a Grip "Masturbation is a normal, natural activity throughout life," says Robert Pollack, a psychology professor at the University of Georgia. It may even contribute to mental health and not doing it may lead to psychosexual problems.

For men, masturbation or regular sex is good for the prostate and can prevent painful prostate blockage. For women it can help reduce cramping and for both men and women has been shown to have a healthy effect on the immune systems as well as reducing overall tension and helping emotions.

Besides being healthy for the body, a private grope can help both a man and a woman better understand their own sexuality. If you can learn to lie back and enjoy it and really pay attention to the pleasure it gives your body - no one knows better than you what gives you maximum pleasure - you can share that knowledge with a partner and have more mutually fulfilling sexual pleasure sharing. The self-awareness gained from masturbation makes it a central feature of many sex therapy programs.

Evolution may have even designed us to be masturbators. Notice when you are standing where your hand falls if you hang it in front of you. Apes do it, dogs and cats do it, elephants do it and even porcupines have been observed doing it, probably very carefully. One reason we may be so programmed, paradoxically, is to increase our odds of producing offspring. Older sperm can lose their ability to swim well. A good masturbatory flush guarantees fresh, robust sperm for mating.

Storing seminal fluids for long periods can also cause prostate congestion, which in turn can lead to urinary and ejaculatory pain. Regular ejaculations, either through masturbation or intercourse, can help ward off this condition, also called non-specific prostatitis and , for obvious reasons, "sailor's disease" and "priest's disease."

Masturbation is also an ever-renewable health resource. In fact, the people who start the earliest and do it the most often are the ones who do it longest into old age. So, as with all sexual activity, it's "use it or lose it."

Another potential concern is reliance on masturbation for sexual pleasure to the exclusion of intimacy with another person. But in such cases, masturbation is probably a symptom, not a cause, of larger psychological barriers to intimacy. Most people want relationships. But if you're scared of them, you might stick with masturbation exclusively.

How masturbation got its bad rap: First came the misunderstanding of the biblical passage related to Onan whose sin, was not masturbation but not impregnating his dead brothers wife. Then came the twisted Christian tradition that sex was only proper for procreation, not just enjoyment. The stigma was later compounded by the 18th century Swiss physician Tissot who believed that while bood-flow changes during any kind of sex would cause nerve damage and insanity, masturbation was especially hazardous.

Tissot's teachings were picked up by American physician Benjamin Rush. Besides signing the Declaration of Independence, Rush wrote several influential articles on masturbation that helped make it one of the most feared activities in the new United States. Antimasturbatory devices became available, including a tube lined with metal spikes that fit over the penis. Until this century, young men were sometimes put to bed in straitjackets or with their hands tied to bedposts to make sure they didn't do it.

Kellogg, of cornflakes fame, was a virulent crusader against masturbation and invented the cereal as one element of a diet he thought would quench the sex drive. (Mr. Graham came up with the Graham cracker for the same purpose.) For those masturbators whom snacks could not cure, Kellogg suggested circumcision without anesthesia.

Finally, around the turn of the century, physicians started to realize that masturbation was not the evil earlier generations thought it was. Still, it was not until 1940 that a respected textbook, "Diseases of Infancy and Childhood," removed its discussion of masturbation from the chapter titled "Functional and Nervous Disorders."

More Detail on the story of Onan In the Jewish Hebrew culture a man achieved immortality through his offspring. For example, Onan practiced coitus interruptus to prevent his deceased brother's wife from conceiving, so the LORD KILLED HIM! The sin was not having sex with dead brothers wife (that was required by law) but the "murderous act" that murdered the dead brothers soul no longer immortal with no children.

Since immortality is passed through the generations, it's clear why the sins for sexual deviation were so savagely condemned. Under those beliefs, homosexual acts, would have been murderous to all of one's forefathers since they did not pass on children to the next generation and jeopardize forefathers afterlife. Adultery was just as bad since it mixed blood lines. Singles sex was seldom an issue since everyone was married (often to many wives) at a young age.

One's state in the afterlife, according to other contemporary documents of the time, was determined by the number of living descendants one had. The more children one had, the more wonderful one's position in the afterlife would be. Hence, it was important to have many children. This may have been why men of wealth had so man wives and concubines

The sin of Onan had nothing to do with masturbation being wrong. Only the sexually repressive Church tried to teach that as one of the many lies about biblical sexuality. Fortunately most Christians have become more informed and even the traditional church has given up on the Onan lie!

Dave, Liberated Christians, Phoenix Az
Teaching Positive Intimacy and Women Centered Sexuality
Exposing False Traditional Biblical Teachings
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The Indianapolis 150

by Indiana 22 SWM

Tonight while driving home (it is about 150 mi) I was feeling pretty horny so I thought that since it was dark, I would strip inside my truck and take a stroke. I removed all my clothes while driving (luckily I was wearing baggy jean shorts) and drove while going at it. What I really wanted to do was to get out in some small town I was passing through and walk the streets nude while stroking my cock. I didn't quite do that because I pulled up right next to a sheriff's car in a town at a red light and that kind of scared me away. Here I was fully nude in my pickup right next to a sheriff at a red light under street lights too. He didn't see me anyway.

In the same town, I passed two college-aged girls who were walking on the sidewalk. If I had more guts I would've hopped out of my truck and show them what I've got. I was really close to doing this, but I could just see them getting my license #.

So I'm driving along, get to I-70, going right through Indianapolis nude and loving it. I take I-74 exit and I got a little way down the road and nobody was behind me so I pulled over and jumped out of my truck and run around in the middle of the interstate naked and free. At least until an oncoming car stopped my fun. I hopped back in and drove on.

So I take a rural highway and there were too many cars on it. I was wanting to stroke myself to orgasm right in the middle of the highway. I turned off in this small town and found a road where nobody was around and I got out and pissed right there in the road. It was great not having to unzip anything.

Anyway, I go farther down the road, now I feel I have to unload so I go off onto a county road and turn around and such. I shut off the truck and get out and walk about 50 ft from the truck. Then I proceed to stroke my cock to one of my better orgasms in my experience of thousands.

I'll not easily forget tonight, this experience of driving 125 miles totally nude, with a climactic ending.

I'd like to hear, and I'm sure most of would, some stories from other people like this one. How do you keep from getting caught? I'm worried about getting arrested or something. I'd love to just flash someone and not worry about getting turned in. Any hints, anyone?


by Chris

I had been on a week-long business trip, driving through upstate New York and it was the end of the week and I was headed for home. On the way, I started thinking and fantasizing about my lover and I got hornier and hotter by the minute. As I came up on a factory outlet mall by the highway, I made a quick decision to pop in and try to find something flimsy and sexy for her.

I drove around the mall, finding several women's stores, a Barbizon's, and another one that I can't remember the name but it had some pretty lingerie in the window. Inside, I found that they had very lovely things so I took my time looking through the teddy's and the baby doll nighties, checking sizes and feeling the soft slippery fabrics. I was half hard during all of this, being excited both by my imagination and the fact that I didn't know anybody here and would probably never be back so I didn't care if anyone noticed my slight bulge! I don't think any of the salesgirls looked; I didn't catch them anyway!

I found a beautiful chemise, cream colored with thin spagetti straps and a small lace trim at the bodice and hem. The fine fabric felt cool and soft in my hands. As I headed back down the road towards home, a little faster than before, I let my imagination take over and quite quickly became fully erect. Oh, I got that warm, tingley feeling in my balls and I had to reach down and stroke myself in my pants. Mmmmmmmmm, that felt great! But I needed more.

I reached over the seat and pulled the sack with the chemise to the front seat and reached into the sack to feel the silky fabric. I love the feel of women's lingerie! Don't get me wrong, I don't have any desire to dress up like a woman, I just love the feel of the material and the wonderful mental images that can conjure up!

Since I was driving, I had to keep at least one hand on the wheel (well, at least one knee!). But I needed more and I was still 5 hours from home. Throwing caution to the wind, I decided to masturbate right there. I didn't think anyone would be able to see that far into the car unless it was a passenger riding in an 18 wheeler and now I was so hot, I didn't care! I reached down and unzipped my pants and sort of shimmyied them halfway down my thighs, then I reached into my lowcut briefs and managed to move my erect cock out, pushing the cotton fabric to the side, letting my balls free too. Ahhh, there was some precum leaking out the tip and I rubbed that around the head, getting it all wet. Boy! that feels good! I imagine it feels the same as when I reach into my lover's pussy and bring her wetness out to lubricate her labia and clitoris; at least we moan the same then!

I reached into the sack and slid the chemise out, bringing the cool fabric to my crotch to caress my balls and the shaft of my rigid prick. Ohhhh, I don't think I can describe how great that feels to me! It makes me feel a syrge of warmth through my whole body and I get a special feeling right in the middle of my ball sac, up inside me, almost like a mini climax. With the right manipulation, I can make that surge happen over and over again! Mmmmmm, the fabric feels so good I almost cum right away but it distracts me so much, I nearly lose control of the car and this brings me back to the present! I swallowed hard as I rubbed myself with the chemise, ohh, it wouldn't be long now! As I got closer, I used another technique to heighten my arousal. As I'm stroking my shaft, circling it with my whole fist, I rythmically open then squeeze my legs together to sort of cause a friction of my balls against the sides of my legs and against whatever I'm sitting on. This feels great and I can feel my nipples like little buds, they get really sensitive as I get close.

I don't want to make a mess of the chemise so as I approached my orgasm, I set it aside then finished myself, taking my cockhead between my forefinger and middle finger on one side and my thumb on the other, stroking faster while continuing to squeeze my legs. The image of my lover, modeling the chemise, then my hands caressing her beautiful breasts through the sexy fabric, pinching her nipples, is flashing through my mind as I cum, squirting up onto my belly and dripping a little onto my bare thighs!!!

As my breathing stills, I wipe myself clean with some McDonald's napkins and press down a little harder on the accelerator to get home to my lover as fast as I can!

Toot your own horn

by Chris

Damn, I thought to myself, where are they? It was after 9:00 oclock saturday night and my friends Sally and Peter hadn't shown up yet. They hadn't even called. They were supposed to pick me up at 8 and we were going out for an erotic night of dinner, drinking and dancing. Sally and Peter are swingers and although they usually like other couples, I've known them both since we were in college. I don't mind swinging Bi so we have a good time together.

I live in a quiet neighborhood and own my own home. The nearest house is at least a half mile away so we can get pretty wild when we want to. Of course, now those two have stood me up; there's not too much going on here. Damn, again! I've been looking forward to tonight all week. My lover's out of town so I could free up some time for some kinky sex with Sally and Peter. Sally is a beautiful nurse whose knowledge of the male anatomy is astounding. One night she had Peter and I lie down on our stomachs while she licked our asses, alternating between a tongue in one ass and a finger up the other. Neither of us knew when she was going to switch! She'd push her face against my ass and spear me with her tongue moving her whole head to spread my asscheeks to get a better shot at my bung hole. Her tongue felt so wet, I could feel my sphincter muscles relaxing, trying to draw her tongue into me. She pulled back and spit a big wad of saliva right up my ass then tongued me again making me thinking she was going to push her tongue in even further. Then, when I least expected it, she pulled back and slipped her forefinger quickly in me. I was so ready she sank all the way up to her hand. When she wiggled her finger tip, it just grazed my sweet spot and I thought my balls were going to erupt and shoot my cock right off!

Before I realized it, I felt Peter turn his face towards mine. His lips were open and he licked them with his wet tongue just as Sally, who was now finger fucking my ass, was tongue fucking his! I was so hot and turned on that I pushed my lips against his and stuck my tongue in his mouth, starting to tongue fuck his mouth just like Sally's tongue job in his ass. He sucked on my tongue and grabbed my head with both hands as we both came, bucking our hips into the floor. Although I admit I'm Bi, I'm basically straight unless I know and like the other guy really well, like Peter. So, damn them, I was looking forward to tonight!

Of course, all this thinking about them has me erect. I'm trying to ignore it because I'm mad at them. But shit, I really don't think they're coming. Well, maybe they are, but obviously not with me!

I might as well go jerk off even though I'm still slightly pissed. Then I think, well, fuck them, I can have a good time all by myself! You see, when I get really horny, like I am now after thinking about what a good ass licker Sally is, I like to toot my own horn, so to speak.

First, I get undressed, totally naked. I run a bath of hot water. When I get in at first, its almost too hot for comfort, but, as I get accustomed to it, I can relax totally. I'm lying in the tub with my feet down by the drain. As I relax, I slowly soap myself, not worrying about rinsing.right now. As i reach my cock, I soap it slowly, just rubbing it with the bar of soap, not my hands. Then I slide the soap down over my balls. I feels sooo good and now my prick seems to be swelling even more. I'm not huge but I've got a full 8 inches when I'm fully erect. My cock isn't perfectly straight either; its bent a little bit so my cockhead points back towards my gut when I'm pumped up. By now, I've soaped up my hands and I caress my cock. I can feel my asshole puckering, hot water seeping in and out. I have to slow down because I'm just getting started so I slow my pace as my cock jerks by itself, precum oozing out of the tip and melting into the water with a pearlescent sheen. My legs are up in the air and I let some of the water out of the tub so I can lean back even further. My back is getting nice and relaxed too so I can bend even further. Incidently, my tub has one of those little prick shaped handles for the drain plug right at the base of the tub and right at the right height for me. I take the soap and start to soap my asshole. I push my finger in slowly, to the first knuckle. Ah, it makes me itch and I want to push in further to scratch that itch. My asshole's clenching now, trying scratch against my finger. When my balls tighten, I slowly pull my finger out and impale myself on the drain plug handle. Now I can really feel my balls and cock and I bend even further, I can see my cock head now and I rub it against my nipples. The juice from my cock feels so good and smooth, like fresh pussy juice. I want to taste it so I lean even further, pushing my ass harder onto the plug. I reach my tongue out and , and I lick the tip of my cock, using my tongue to open the little slit at the end! Ah, it feels sooo good, I start flexing so the head goes into my mouth. My mouth is opened wide so my lips aren't touching my prick and I lap around my cockhead. I start bouncing my cock into my mouth as I rub my finger between my balls and the bathtub plug fucks my ass.

I start jerking the shaft of my dick which throbs with feeling. Umm, UUUUM, Oh my asshole spasms and I push my finger in between my balls like a pussy as my cock erupts! My mouth falls open loosely as I cum, again and again. I let it fill my mouth and swish my tongue around in it and around my cockhead. I swallow a little; my lover says it gives you an upset stomach if you swallow too much but most of its drooling down my chin. My legs are resting against the wall and I slide off the drain plug handle, lightly pinching my nipples and I come down from one of the greatest masturbation sessions of my life!

Another first time

by Henry

I was 18 when I j/o for the first time. Because of the way I was raised I was never exposed to much sexual material so I never really new anything about sex. One day my step-sister's friend told me one of her other friends wanted to give me a blow job because she thought I was to clean and she wanted to break me in. I told my sister's friend I did not think I should only because I was scared and did not know what to expect. She told me I was too uptight and that I should relax because sooner or later your going to have to go thru with it. I then said I don't know what will happen or when I would be finished and how far it should go. She said after but a minute I would probably cum and that would be it. I then said I did not know what she meant about coming and she could not believe that I had never j/o. I said I had never tried it and she thought it was wierd that I did not even know what to do. She the asked me if I wanted to try it and I said I was curious. She then said all's you have to do is take your dick out and start rubbing it. It seemed easy enough but she said she wanted to watch, I said no way but she was interested. I did not want her to see my dick, so she talked me into stroking my dick thru my pants. She then started telling me about blow jobs and how she masturbates with her self, my dick got rock hard and she could see that bulge breaking thru. I then started feeling wierd in my pants and I did not know what to expect, I felt my dick getting hot and then it just shot. I never forgot that explosion and it was the best feeling I had until a few weeks later when I got my first blow job.

Job Training


by Anonymous

My name is Jim and I am over 30, 5' 9" grayish brown hair with a modest 6" cock. My job is ok, with occasional boring meetings and out of town trips, usually uneventful. Recently upper management decided certain level employees would attend sensitivity training seminars to better relate with other employee's problems and needs. We had our choices of when but not where. I was stuck going up north during one of the coldest times of the year. i I packed warm clothes for the weekend and headed to the motel the company set up for the weekend.

Upon arriving at the motel Friday night, I was informed that heat for the motel was only working in only a few sections and that the hotel was asking people to bunk with other guests for free stays in the future at any other locations. I took them up on it, after hearing they had spots in some decent vacation areas. I was paired up with someone who was going to the same meetings I was-John. John was maybe a few years older than me and roughly the same build as me with light brown hair. John and I went to our room and were getting settled in. John had asked me if I did anything wrong to get stuck going the weekend meeting. I told him no and asked if he had done anything wrong. He said that a co-worker had thought he had. I excused myelf to go change into some long johns to get warmer. When I got back from the bathroom, John had changed into a pair of long johns himself and was sitting at the edge of his bed watching tv. His johns were tight and and his crotch was large. I sat down on my bed and asked John what he did to his co-worker that got him into trouble if he didn't mind telling me. John said that his co-worker started talking about jerking off, due to a hot girl that was in their department. John then said he offered to help and ended up being reported to his boss and here he was at the meeting. I must have been excited by what John said, because I was starting to get hard. I asked John if he was serious about his offer. He said his co-worker was always rubbing his crotch when he would mention jerking off to his other co-workers, so he thought it was ok to ask. John then asked if I needed help, because I was visibly hard. I was hard alright, with a precum stain soaked into my long johns. I told John he could help as long as he need help too. He said ok.

John came over as I stood up and he pulled down my long johns and pulled his off and sat next me. John had a 7 " cock at least with a huge head. John immediately grabbed my cock and pushed me on my back. John started to gently roll my balls in his left hand and stroked me with his right hand. He would slowly stroke me up and down and leaned his head down to lick the top of my now drenched cock. The slower he stroked me, the longer he licked the top of my cock, till finally after what was 20 minutes he swung around in front of me and swallowed me whole. As soon as he started to lick up my shaft, all I could utter was oh my god . John grabbed my shaft and stroked as I shot three times, all landing on my chest. John sat me up and said he couldn't wait and placed my hands on his as he stroked and sprayed cum all over my chest. I was amazed. after we cleaned up, John said he hoped the meetings would be short tomorrow. So did I....


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