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Augusta Jacks


AUGUSTA JACKS is an organization of like-minded men in the Augusta, Georgia area (including Ft. Gordon) who enjoy jacking off together.
Augusta Jacks encourage: Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Nudity, Fantasy/Fetish Wear, Helping Hands, and Friendliness. We discourage: Insertion of Anyone's Anything into Anywhere....... and Attitude.

All men 18 years of age or older are eligible: straight, bisexual, gay, bi-curious, undeclared, and confused! Mutual masturbation between consenting adults is legal AND safe. Probably the safest sexual activity you can do except for solo J/O. We are a friendly group of guys and we’re all there for the same reason and to have fun. You’ll see guys of all ages, body types, and sizes. There will be tall, short, hairy, smooth, well endowed, small endowed, young, older, all races, gay, straight, married, or bi. We don’t discriminate against physical attributes, only inappropriate behavior.