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Club Relate - Organized Masturbation Club in Florida

Details updated Jul 2004

Note from editor: This was sent to me by Tom and Lynda Gayle who founded Club Relate. I'm very excited about it's potential and I know it's exactly what many of you have been looking for! You can e-mail them directly at It should be : [email protected] Their web site is for more information.

Thank You For Responding To Our Ad About Club Relate!

We are glad you're here. If you would like to become involved with new people that share and live an alternate lifestyle but don't know how..... maybe we can help? We think we have a lot to offer folks that are interested in masturbation.

Now, a little history about us! Club RELATE grew out of a tremendous response to our specific ad. When we first started swinging we wrote a very general ad and received, as might be expected, a very general response. We thought we would reduce the response and increase our rate of success by narrowing the scope of our ad. WRONG!!! We simply opened another door for hundreds of people that enjoy masturbation as much as we do but had no outlet for sharing this pleasure except through swinging. Swinging is great, but there's no guarantee that you will find another couple or people with similar interests, MASTURBATION!!!

The response to our ad was so fantastic we decided to try to link everyone by way of RELATE, the newsletter and Club RELATE was born! RELATE, the newsletter, covers masturbation in all its forms; watching, being watched, helping, photos, movies, books, stories, toys, talking, listening to others fantasies, parties and perhaps most important, contact with others through a specific form of communication....your letters to RELATE!!! Through RELATE we all belong to one family. We publish monthly and have many corresponding members that contribute regularly.

Club RELATE is a private membership club for people that enjoy and include masturbation in their sex play and desire meeting other people in a party setting for group masturbation. Club RELATE has been inoperation for over six years and has, as you might expect, an enthusiastic membership. Club RELATE's members generally have three things in common: ONE-A tremendous attitude and desire to have fun. TWO - To make new friends within our lifestyle that share our/your interests in Masturbation. THREE- To broaden their sexual experiences with masturbation by intimate involvement with others.

Currently, the Club's parties are held once a month in many of Florida's favorite cities including Daytona Beach, Orlando, and Tampa to name a few. Having Club Relate functions in this way in these cities offers everyone an opportunity to participate and have fun! We are not shy and are always looking for new members to join our parties. Swinging and/or penetration is an option among consenting participants but is NEVER forced and no one is obligated to participate with anyone that they don't wish to be with. Again, the primary reason for Club RELATE's existence is masturbation so most of the people enjoy watching and being watched while practicing their favorite sport in a group setting. It is a totally safe and emotionally protective environment.

Because of the nature of our lifestyle and Club, discretion is of the utmost importance. We are sure you understand the need for this philosophy and agree. ALL Club RELATE members have attended an informal orientation session designed to fully answer all of your questions and ours regarding the lifestyle, masturbation and Club RELATE in a non-threatening atmosphere. The orientation session must be accomplished BEFORE attending any other Club RELATE party or social.

We hope that this letter has answered some of your questions, if not your prayers about our favorite sexual pastime - - MASTURBATION, and peaked your interest in Club RELATE so that you would like to join us for one of our parties in the near future. Currently our fee structure is as follows: Annual dues $50.00. Orientation fee $75.00. Each Relate party fee is $35.00.

The ages of the members range from late 20's to mid-50's with a very few on both sides of these numbers. A typical party will see approximately 8 couples along with the same amount of single males and females in attendance. Lately there have been more single females to attend over the last year than single males. Respond if you are interested to:
Club Relate,
PO Box 574584
Orlando, FL 32857

email: [email protected]

We are waiting to hear from you soon. We don't want to start our next party without you.


Tom & Lynda Gayle