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Chat Log from September 27th

<Nightcat> Mick sends his best to everyone and regrets he's
unable to be there tonight; he also said he plans on getting some
major updates to the page starting Sunday night :)
<Nightcat> he's in Virginia
<Nightcat> do people mind waiting a bit longer?
[22:10] <LdyAkasha> :(
[22:10] <Minuet> Camguy and Streichen you are BADly lagged - try New Brunswick or Baltimore servers if you can
[22:10] <LdyAkasha> nope, I'm hanging out,
[22:10] <Lissa> How long?
[22:10] <Byter> no problem with waiting...
[22:11] <Diwen> no problem here, either
<Nightcat> another 10 minutes, ok?
[22:11] <Lissa> no problem.
[22:11] <LdyAkasha> 10 mins ok with me, :)
<Nightcat> I have 5 of the 8 here to tell stories, but I want to see them shared with more if possible :)
[22:12] <Minuet> np here I'm still trying to tell my brain to function
<Nightcat> LOL
[22:12] * LdyAkasha wonders what commands Minuet is using...
[22:13] <camguy> tell mick we wish him well and we miss him!
[22:14] <Minuet> /wake /brain on /think!
[22:14] <camguy> ok brb
<Nightcat> I wiill camguy
[22:14] <LdyAkasha> ahhh, well, I might use that on myself the next time I have to wake up at 5am
[22:17] <Minuet> Hi camguy
[22:17] <camguy> hi Min
<Nightcat> well, we have a small, but VERY select group tonight :)
<Nightcat> change your nicks now if you don't want them in the log :)
[22:19] <Minuet> yeah
<Nightcat> lol
[22:20] <LdyAkasha> YAY!!!
<Nightcat> shall we do a roll call?
[22:20] <LdyAkasha> I mean, um oh darn
[22:20] <Minuet> welcome back Streichen
[22:20] <Streichen> thanks. is the lag better?
[22:20] <LdyAkasha> wb Streichen
<Nightcat> f/38/Toronto
[22:20] <LdyAkasha> much
[22:20] <Minuet> 32 /f/ Australia
[22:20] <LdyAkasha> F/25/WA state
<Nightcat> much better, Streichen
[22:20] <Diwen> m/27/boston
[22:20] <Lissa> f/27/toronto
[22:20] <Streichen> m/45 Florida
[22:21] <Byter> m/20/CWRU/Weird/Programmer/Cleveland, Ohio
<Nightcat> lol, Byter
[22:21] <camguy> m/37/fla
<Nightcat> that's everyone?
[22:21] <Minuet> Byter never state the obvious :)
<Nightcat> ok
<Nightcat> LdyAkasha will graciously start us off tonight
[22:22] <Byter> Minuet: the programmer part?
<Nightcat> it's all yours, LdyA :)
[22:23] <LdyAkasha> Well I don't think any of you know this about me but here goes; a long time ago in a land far far away :) I worked in a night
club, the kind where the girls don't wear tops :)
[22:24] <LdyAkasha> I won't go into details but I will say that I loved working there, lots of fun people and great pay
[22:25] <LdyAkasha> I used to get there and before the night got too late I would get a beer and say hi to my favorite bartender for a few minutes, she was a blast, a beautiful blonde with a body that wouldn't quit
[22:26] <LdyAkasha> I would sit and talk to her about the weather, the score of the game whatever just to pass the time looking at her, I'm not sure she ever realized that I had a crush on her, I was way too shy to ever do anything about it
[22:27] <LdyAkasha> Anyway one night I was there on one of my many breaks that slow evening, and this guy I knew was there making small talk, so he starts buying me drinks and flirting
[22:28] <LdyAkasha> so he notices that I keep watching (we'll call her Susan) Susan serve drinks, and he says "Have you told her?"
[22:29] <LdyAkasha> I'm like, Huh? he says "Does she know you want her?" I immiediately blush, yes I blush
[22:29] <LdyAkasha> and I say Are you kidding, I don't want her!
[22:30] <LdyAkasha> any way he doesn't buy it and starts to tell me this story, about him and a girlfriend that was bi, and how this one time he got to have her and a friend, well hes telling me in great detail, and as I'm listening I'm watching Susan and her curvy body,
[22:31] <LdyAkasha> I'm sitting there getting very warm and excited by this wonderfully handsome man who is telling me this very hot story complete with colorful details, and staring at this womans ass
[22:33] <LdyAkasha> He's telling me how he loved watching his girlfriend lick her friends pussy and how she was so wet and that her nipples stood out and that he could tell she was excited because her face was so flushed
[22:33] <LdyAkasha> and I realized he was describing me, I was so very wet and my nipples were harder than diamonds and my face was completely flushed,
[22:34] <LdyAkasha> and then the music changed and Susan left the bar to go to the other side of the club and suddenly I was released from my trance, my pussy was throbbing, and I knew my undies were soaked,
[22:35] <LdyAkasha> I exused myself to the ladies room and he just grinned at me, (all happy with himself I'm sure) and watched me pratically sprint away, (gracefully of course on 5 inch heels, LOL)
[22:36] <LdyAkasha> I made it into the bathroom and dashed into an empty stall, I was so worked up that at firts I just rubbed at my pussy through my undies and at first my touch was soft and delicate
[22:37] <LdyAkasha> but soon I was moaning and whimpering and rubbing harder and faster, There I was perched with one leg on the seat and my hand furiously rubbing my pussy
[22:38] <LdyAkasha> I peeled away my panties and tenatively touched my clit, my finger slid right off, i was so wet, then I pressed it harder and let out a low moan, I was praying there wasn't anyone else in the bathroom
[22:38] <LdyAkasha> since I hadn't bothered to check I was risking having the girls tell this story for weeks to come
[22:39] <LdyAkasha> I fingered my clit some more and gradually began to slide my fingers inside my sopping wet pussy
[22:39] <LdyAkasha> I was thinking about her fingers inside me and I reached down with my other hand and in small circles played with my clit
[22:40] <LdyAkasha> I started thinking about her tongue on my clit, her face buried in my pussy
[22:40] <LdyAkasha> I threw my head back and clenched my teeth against the massive cry that was begging to escape
[22:41] <LdyAkasha> I was thinking about her luscious hair tickling my thighs, and maybe that man at the bar watching it all, that thought was too much
[22:42] <LdyAkasha> I knew I was going to come massively and maybe I'd fall down! but i didnt care I continued to stroke my aching pussy
[22:42] <LdyAkasha> I felt it come over me slowly working its way out from my clit, such sweet smooth pleasure, encompassing everything that was real around me
[22:43] <LdyAkasha> my nipples ached from being hard so long and my fingers were almost numb from all the furious rubbing and fucking
[22:44] <LdyAkasha> for a moment I couldn't breathe and I felt like I was floating and then suddenly everything was more colorful than I ever remember it being, when I floated out of the bathroom I had a huge happy grin on my face
[22:45] <LdyAkasha> I went to my locker and changed into some new undies, (yes some girls put extra undies in their lockers :))
[22:45] <LdyAkasha> that was a good night for me!
[22:45] <LdyAkasha> the end
[22:45] <Minuet> wonderful Ldy!!! "Smile if you're NOT horny anymore "? :)
[22:45] <NickFun> I wish I was here for the beginning of that
[22:45] <LdyAkasha> LOL!!!
[22:46] <LdyAkasha> hello NickFun
[22:46] * Diwen struggles to regain normal breathing
[22:46] <NickFun> Hey Ldy!
<Nightcat> WOW!!!! as usual, awesome, erotic!!!! HOT!!
[22:46] <Byter> :-) ;_) :-)
[22:46] <NickFun> Just the part I heard made me stand up and take notice
[22:46] <Streichen> very nice, Ldy
[22:46] <Lissa> good story!!!
[22:46] <LdyAkasha> Thanks, everyone, <grin> <blush>
[22:46] <RobCat> Wubba!
[22:46] <camguy> as usual you are the best!! having a hard time..well just a hard time!! hahahah
[22:46] <Byter> :-)
[22:47] <LdyAkasha> lol
[22:47] <NickFun> You masturbated at the gym?
<Nightcat> you need the log, Nick!! :)
[22:47] <LdyAkasha> Nick, you'll get it when you read the log
[22:47] <NickFun> Indeed Nightcat!
<Nightcat> thanks for starting us off in such fine style, LdyAkasha
[22:48] <LdyAkasha> anytiem
[22:48] <LdyAkasha> time, even
<Nightcat> next tonight, we have Diwen :)
<Nightcat> all yours, Diwen
[22:49] <Diwen> Hi everyone. This is my first time, so be gentle. I seem to following in the footsteps of greatness :)
[22:50] <Diwen> Anyway, this is a little story from a couple of years ago when i was working through grad school as a Research Assistant.
[22:52] <Diwen> I was working in the lab late one night (as I did every night...). We had just gotten a new computer system and internet connection for teh lab. I had been off the net for a few months at that point and was struggling to catch up with Mick and a few other
[22:52] <Diwen> favorite sites.
[22:53] <Diwen> After a half hour or so, my jeans just didn't quite fit the same :). I had to find some relief.
[22:54] <Diwen> I couldn't just go at it there in my chair, my advisor could come through the door at any time. I also had two other students working on the other side of the lab.
[22:56] <Diwen> I figured I would just excuse myself to the men's room and take care of things. As I stood up, I felt my erection rub across the fabric in my jeans. It felt kinda electric, so I sat right back down and thought, 'this might work'.
[22:58] <Diwen> I started rocking slowly back and forth in my chair, letting things slide as they may. I kept looking through things on the computer as I worked myself up to the edge.
[22:59] <Diwen> Slowly, back and forth, the skin on the underside of my cock slid across the fabric. I had to fight to control my breathing.
[23:00] <Diwen> I felt myself get nearer and ten my body just relaxed as I came. It felt like several minutes before I came out of the feeling, it was amazing.
[23:01] <Diwen> It was also very messy, but with jeans and a sweat shirt, it wasn't noticeable :)
[23:02] <Diwen> In a few minutes, I got up, excused myself to go clean up, and happily got back to work.
[23:02] <Diwen> I think that does it, thanks all
[23:02] * Minuet wishes she had been on the other side of the room watching - she'd have been moving in her chair too
[23:02] <Minuet> great story Diwen
<Nightcat> wow, what an great debut!!!
[23:02] <Byter> great description, diwen :-)
[23:03] <camguy> good job..
[23:03] <Diwen> thanks all, you're very kind.
[23:03] * LdyAkasha applauds with one hand <grin>
<Nightcat> me too, LdyA :)
[23:03] <LdyAkasha> ;)
[23:04] <Diwen> ah, but if you could do as I do. would could keep both hands on the keyboard :)
<Nightcat> goood point!!
<Nightcat> nice to see more regulars with us :)
[23:04] * Diwen wishes his hands would stop this infernal shaking :)
[23:05] * LdyAkasha has to get a chair that rocks (making mental note)
<Nightcat> you could put them in your pockets :)
[23:05] <LdyAkasha> oooooh!
[23:05] * Byter HAS a chair that rocks
[23:05] <robert_St> only if you have holes in your pocket
[23:05] <Diwen> already taking care of that ;)
<Nightcat> lol
[23:05] <Minuet> Next we have the one you've all been waiting for with bated breath....
[23:05] <Minuet> and towels and tissues at the ready...
[23:05] <Minuet> the ONE....the ONLY...... Nightcat!!!!!!! Tada!
[23:05] <robert_St> as confuscious say: Man with hole in pocket feel cocky all day long"
[23:06] <LdyAkasha> LOL!
<Nightcat> I guess you could say this was a topic I should have no problem talking about, given that I work a great deal from my home office :) But the best masturbation experience I ever had at work was in my actual *real* office, after a very stressful afternoon of meetings in my boardroom
<Nightcat> Because the meetings were part of a conference my firm was sponsoring, I was dressed in a business suit, with a garter belt, hose and heels, different from my casual attire when I am at home
<Nightcat> After two hours of sitting in virtually the same position, I realized two things: first, I noticed that I was sitting across the boardroom table from a very attractive man; and as the presentation dragged on, I suddenly found myself daydreaming....eyes wide open,
<Nightcat> about how he would look kneeling between my legs, about how his hands would feel wrapping around my thighs to my outer hips, his face against my wet hot pussy, sucking and licking me.........
<Nightcat> and secondly, I discovered that my panties had somehow bunched up between my legs, the material stretched across the cleft of my ass and tight across my pussy, the labia on either side; and any motion on my part caused the thin cord of material to touch my clit,
<Nightcat> bringing small pleasures with the slightest shift in movement and soaking the panties' silky material; I was so wet, I was sure my scent would be noticable at any moment.
<Nightcat> At the first break in the proceedings, I arose, excused myself, smoothed my skirt and walked out of the room, going directly to my private office with the panties now masturbating my clit with every step
<Nightcat> Knowing there would a roomful of straight-laced business men down the hall, one of whom might come by at any minute, accentuated my arousal and I found myself actually hoping one of them would catch me
<Nightcat> I closed my office door behind me, locking it as I lifted my skirt up around my waist. I took off my suit jacket, unbuttoned my blouse and unclasped my bra, exposing my breasts, the nipples hardening as I brushed them gently with my fingertips
<Nightcat> Removing my garter belt and hose, I left the panties wedged in my crotch, loving how each miniscule motion aroused me more and more. I sat back down in my big chair, spreading my legs wide and putting them up on the footrest
<Nightcat> I put one hand between my legs and started rubbing up and down over my pussy, playing with my clit through the material, while my other hand was inside my blouse, stroking my stiff nipples, piching and pulling them.....and I whimpered out loud at the sensation
<Nightcat> I was so hot now, I needed to feel my wetness on my fingers. I reached one hand into the elastic of my panties and slid them down my legs, over one foot then the other. I could smell the odor of my pussy coming from the white silk panties, soaking wet now
<Nightcat> I spread my dripping wet pussy lips with my fingers, the swollen clit begging for attention. My fingers found the hard button and I moaned out loud as I made slow sensuous circular motions, teasing, making my pussy ache, throb......
<Nightcat> my thighs started to tighten around my hand and my hips were lifting and lowering against my fingers; waves of pleasure made my body jerk and twitch and my juices flowed down my inner thighs onto the fabric of the chair
<Nightcat> I knew I couldn't wait, I needed to cum so badly and my whole body thrust and tightened as my orgasm exploded, my whole body shuddering and bucking as my clit pulsed over and over ........cumming, cumming, my slippery juices all over my fingers.
<Nightcat> As my breathing slowed and my heartbeat calmed from the intense orgasm, I heard the muted sound of a zipper sliding closed and I knew I had been watched. I leaned my head back against the headrest and closed my eyes; then I brought my wet fingers to my lips and tasted my juices, slowly licking each finger....... and smiled.
<Nightcat> THE END
[23:16] * Minuet gulps down the rest of her cold drink and heads out to get another - maybe if I apply it externally I might be able to sit still again?
[23:16] <Byter> WOW :-) :-) :-) (Like to work there :-) )
[23:16] <Diwen> WOW!
[23:16] <Chninkel> lo folks ;)
[23:16] <LdyAkasha> omigod!!!!!!!!!!! That was truly magnificent!!!!!!!
<Nightcat> ----> Blushing
<Nightcat> thank you :)
[23:17] <LdyAkasha> well deserved praise,
[23:17] <camguy> i fear i may not make it to the end of this discussion without expoliding!
[23:17] <robert_St> Oh Gawd, Nightcat! You touch my favorite fantasy there :))
[23:17] * LdyAkasha scurries off to change panties, yet again
[23:17] <icdi_> i got hard of this one..
[23:17] <robert_St> harder than Chinese aritmitic here:))
[23:17] <LdyAkasha> hello Chninkel
[23:18] <Chninkel> hello mlady ;)
[23:18] <Minuet> beautiful tale NC, I wish I had an office like that
<Nightcat> thank you all ....glad you even like my quickies :)
[23:18] <Chninkel> ohooo ! I just missed NC's ??? now i know why everybody is looking for tissues ;()
[23:18] <Chninkel> ;)
[23:18] <robert_St> got pre-cum leaking here - Damn but that made me hott!
<Nightcat> I'll share it with you , Chninkel :)
[23:18] <Chninkel> thanks NC ;)
<Nightcat> thanks..... well, to move the evening along
<Nightcat> next we will hear from camguy :)
[23:19] <robert_St> nice touch at the end, NC would love to have been they guy with the zipper :))
[23:20] <camguy> my stories are kind of a combination work and school..
[23:21] <camguy> when i was in college i used to work at the library and had alot of free time on my to speak
[23:22] <camguy> i had discovered through reading the Hite report that woman could actually masturbate without touching themselves! they could simply squeeze their thighs together and have an orgasm!
[23:23] <camguy> wow i thought this is cool..i need to try and find someone doing this!
[23:24] <camguy> so every free moment i had i would stroll through the library and find a girl who looked like they might be doing it..
[23:25] <camguy> when i found a subject i would get a book,pretend i was reading and observe her..
[23:26] <camguy> watching her legs..cross and uncross..kicking up and down..looking at her face and trying to see if she was 'DOING IT"
[23:27] <camguy> finally after getting myself all worked up i needed some relief..i hadn't done much public masturbation but i couldn't wait to get back to the dorm room..
[23:28] <camguy> my dick was very hard and would rub against my underwear as i sat in the chair watching the girls studying..
[23:29] <camguy> i dare not touch myself right there so i went to the public restroom way in the the last stall..hoping nobody was in there..
[23:31] <camguy> i pulled my dick out and slowly began stroking myself..trying to be very quiet..imagining the girls out there squeezing their legs togetther
[23:32] <camguy> i was getting harder and harder..pumping just a little faster and then a little faster..that warm feeling begining to generate at the head of my dick..
[23:34] <camguy> god if they only knew what i was doing back here..trying to concentrate on my stroking and trying to listen for someone comming in was very difficult..
[23:35] <camguy> i could feel it now..the warmth in my hand concentrating on that spot just below the head of my dick,..
[23:36] <camguy> wondering how many of the girls i watched were actually masturbating..hoping maybe they would cum right along with me!
[23:38] <camguy> finally i couldn't take it any eyes legs stiffened and all that warm cum just shot out all over my hand and crotch..
[23:39] <camguy> i cleaned up and went back to work..and night after night i would go on my quest trying to find that one certain girl who would fulfill my fantasy..(never did see anyone i was 100% sure was doing it)
[23:40] <camguy> either i was unlucky or you girls are very good at doing it unnoticed..
[23:40] <camguy> The End....
[23:40] * LdyAkasha is still breathing heavy, Whoooooohhhooooooo!
<Nightcat> I guess you never came to my school library, camguy :)
[23:41] <Minuet> Great story Camguy :)
[23:41] <Minuet> I think I missed the point of uni - I used to go to the library and study - now I see what I should have been doing...
<Nightcat> Whew!!!!! Hard to moderate and enjoy this too....most distracting, camguy! :)
[23:41] <icdi_> i'm close to do the same camguy did after stiffening his legs! :)
[23:41] <Byter> :-) :-) :-)
[23:42] <camguy> guess i went to the wrong school!!
[23:42] <sean2> a round of applause
[23:42] <sean2> The school of hard knockers
[23:42] <robert_St> never saw a woman cum that way, Cam - but i do know they can stimulate themselves
[23:42] * LdyAkasha can always tell when Byter likes the story, its followed by three smiles up, lol
[23:42] <camguy> thank you all!!
[23:42] <robert_St> at least my wife does when she is in jeans :))
<Nightcat> me too, jeans are the best
[23:42] <LdyAkasha> yeah, tight but not too tight,
<Nightcat> right!!
[23:43] <camguy> any ladies here get off that way?
[23:43] <sean2> tight enough to ride up that lovely valley?
[23:43] <robert_St> my school had hard cocks :))
[23:43] <Byter> Ldy: It's the best way to express it :-)
<Nightcat> yes, camguy, it's easy to do :)
[23:43] <Minuet> never - too impatient :)
<Nightcat> LOL, Min!
[23:43] <LdyAkasha> :) as if I could wait that long
[23:43] <LdyAkasha> lol
<Nightcat> lest Minuet become too impatient with US,
[23:43] <robert_St> Wife likes to move the seam around till it is just right :))
[23:44] <icdi_> any guy cummed off without using hands?
[23:44] <robert_St> teases the sit outa me on trips
<Nightcat> she is up next tonight!
[23:44] <Minuet> :P NC
<Nightcat> the floor is yours :)
[23:44] <Minuet> thank you :)
[23:44] <Minuet> My career as a teacher of young children means even being horny at work is a rarity (there’s nothing like 28 demanding kids to kill a sex drive) and the opportunity to relieve it when it does survive is rarer still - no slipping off to the bathroom or stroking behind desks - there simply is no peace
[23:45] <Minuet> However recently I have it seems started on a new career path which involves sitting at the computer writing erotica. (what a job, just tell me I can make it pay one day!)
[23:45] <Minuet> Now, I have discovered I write best under a couple of conditions
[23:45] <Minuet> The first is that it is usually after midnight, the second is that my best writing comes when I am horny
[23:46] <Minuet> And if I let my body take over and ‘relieve’ my condition then I will generally not return to writing for a while afterwards so I try to avoid coming until I have to sleep, or I finish the story
[23:46] <Minuet> One story recently broke all the rules.
[23:46] <Minuet> I had already started the basic story, a couple of teenagers sneaking around in the night to ‘do it’ for the first time.
[23:47] <Minuet> But when I left it to get some sleep I wasn’t particularly happy with the way it was progressing.
[23:47] <Minuet> However I woke in the mid morning with the ending in mind, and the most delicious plot twist to spice up the story. I couldn’t wait to get to the computer and begin writing
[23:47] <Minuet> I was smiling with delight as I typed in the ending then returned to the beginning to weave the rest of the tale
[23:48] <Minuet> Every part of the scene that I typed seemed to take on a double meaning in my mind with the additional knowledge of how the story closed and I grinned frequently thinking of the readers reactions
[23:48] <Minuet> The story unfolded and I found my self becoming hotter and hotter personally as I made the characters touch and stroke and lick and suck.
[23:49] <Minuet> I was typing as fast as I could trying to get all my ideas down, but eventually I paused and realised my nipples were hard and aching and I was, when I slipped a roving finger down to investigate - dripping wet with arousal
[23:49] <Minuet> I really wanted to get the story finished, I just couldn’t wait to show it to my select group of reviewers, I had a feeling they would like this one, but, obviously I wasn’t going to finish it in a matter of minutes
[23:50] <Minuet> I wrote in a scene where the guy got so excited by the girls actions that he came suddenly and unexpectedly, his semen spurting into her mouth and over her hands
[23:50] <Minuet> and suddenly I decided that I had to take care of my problem
[23:50] <Minuet> To justify it I told myself I was going to relax and visualise the rest of the story, so I could get it down in more detail, of course ;)
[23:50] <Minuet> I moved to my bedroom and stripped off my clothes? What clothes? I had been so anxious to get the ending down when I had awoken that I had simply thrown on a jumper and briefs
[23:51] <Minuet> briefs which were now showing a very large wet patch
[23:51] <Minuet> A few seconds later I was naked and so hot and horny I could scarcely stand it
[23:52] <Minuet> I lay back on my bed and played with my nipples until I was whimpering softly, desperate for more but teasing myself - I knew this wouldn’t take long, so I wanted to get as much as I could from it
[23:52] <Minuet> I reached into my drawer and withdrew my average sized dildo
[23:53] <Minuet> Still not touching myself directly I lifted my knees and stroked it against my well of juices, spreading the warm liquid up and down my slit
[23:53] <Minuet> I was almost desperate to feel it inside me, I arched against it as it stroked over my clit then stroked back down again, rolling and sliding up and down until it was well coated
[23:53] <Minuet> Holding the rounded tip against my entrance, rocking it against the sensitive muscles surrounding my vagina my other hand finally touched my covered clit, pressing down against the tender mound as I urged my hips up to meet it.
[23:54] <Minuet> Unable to wait any longer I began to stroke my clit, rubbing it in circles, moving the thin covering of skin around and around then slipping my fingers either side of the tingling nub and rubbing harder.
[23:54] <Minuet> Around and around then up and down, the tension built and built until I could feel my vagina tensing and squeezing, almost searching for something to push against.
[23:54] <Minuet> Taking a deep breath I eased the dildo inside me, feeling my muscles close against it then open to welcome the intrusion as it slid between my wetly coated lips and down my hot wet tunnel
[23:55] <Minuet> Feeling it touch deep inside me I picked up the pace of my stroking, now adding little thrusts, mostly just keeping the dildo firmly in me as my vagina clamped and squeezed around it as my orgasm approached and I rubbed harder, faster, more urgently.
[23:55] <Minuet> Faster
[23:55] <Minuet> Faster
[23:55] <Minuet> Harder!
[23:55] <Minuet> Grabbing the end of the dildo I withdrew it then pushed it hard back into me, feeling it slide every millimetre into my body.
[23:56] <Minuet> Again I withdrew it, my muscles tugging at it, unwilling to let it go, even as I knew the pleasure would soon increase.
[23:56] <Minuet> With a moan I pushed it hard into me, holding it there as my vagina spasmed, trying to expel it with the force of my orgasm
[23:56] <Minuet> My legs shook , my fingers ached against my clit, but kept stroking harder and harder and I felt myself rise even higher into my pleasure, felt the first wave give way to another strong burst of indescribable relief flowing through me.
[23:57] <Minuet> My body pulsed and pulsed and pulsed with pleasure
[23:57] <Minuet> My fingers dropped from the dildo and I felt it slide from me to lay with it’s wet head just holding me open, my lips still trembling around it.
[23:58] <Minuet> I lay catching my breath for a few moments, then slipped into the bathroom to wipe the beads of perspiration from between my breasts.
[23:58] <Minuet> Quickly dressing I raced back to the computer, my mind buzzing with ideas bursting through the languor of satisfaction. I began to type quickly, the page filling with the scene, details and feelings rushing onto the page.
[23:59] <Minuet> Before too long I found that as I typed I would brush my arms against my breasts.
[0:00] <Minuet> My nipples reacted by hardening instantly.
[0:00] <Minuet> Then I was typing with one hand as my other slipped more and more frequently under my jumper to stroke my breasts and flick at my nipples
[0:00] <Minuet> I wanted so much to finish writing the story, the anticipation of the comments from readers was as strong as my arousal AGAIN
[0:00] <Minuet> I couldn’t believe I was still aroused.
[0:01] <Minuet> I didn’t want to leave the story, so I began to reread it, checking for errors, clarifying descriptions
[0:01] <Minuet> and my hand slipped into my jeans, quickly working it’s way into my knickers until my fingers were stroking into my hot slit, gathering the pooling liquid and stroking it up to my clit.
[0:01] <Minuet> Not wasting time this time, I began stroking the hard mound of my clit
[0:01] <Minuet> the thrill of my touch going deep into my womb
[0:02] <Minuet> Still I read and reread, the scenes I had created coming alive in my mind as I became more and more aroused
[0:02] <Minuet> The constant rubbing pressure on my clit had me breathing hard and so close.
[0:02] <Minuet> Then everything fled from my mind as I closed my eyes, pushed hard and fast against my clit and let my other hand stroke the tip of my hardened nipple as the rush of heat went through me and my legs tightened against the chair, my hips thrusting against my fingers
[0:03] <Minuet> I rocked and rocked against my hand
[0:03] <Minuet> the feelings flowing through me like a liquid heat, burning up all other senses
[0:04] <Minuet> I slumped, my fingers slowly stroking me as I came down until they also came to rest.
[0:04] <Minuet> My body hummed with pleasure.
[0:04] <Minuet> After a few minutes to catch my breath I licked my fingers clean
[0:04] <Minuet> and finished the revisions then sat back, sated and exhausted but smiling - the story was finished.
[0:05] <Minuet> And so was I - except for later that night ......... when I printed it out
[0:05] <sean2> Hey Min, can I read that story?? PLEASE
<Nightcat> WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[0:06] * Diwen nods approval as he slowly rocks in his chair
<Nightcat> I got so excited , I forgot to moderate!
[0:06] <Diwen> Yes, when can we see that story??????
[0:06] <sean2> not only can Min tell a GREAT story but she also types really fast
[0:06] <camguy> holy cow!!!!!!! whew!!!!!!pant pant pant,........
[0:06] * LdyAkasha 's body is pulsing and pulsing and pulsing with pleasure, Thank you Minuet!!!!
[0:07] <Minuet> thank you ppl :))
[0:07] <Malebeast> u got me horny
[0:07] <robert_St> Minuet!
<Nightcat> that was awesome, in Minuet's unmistakeable own style :)
[0:07] <robert_St> I can relate to that a bunch!
[0:08] <robert_St> Have you ever reread your stories and find yourself all excited again?
<Nightcat> yes!!
[0:08] <sean2> min, can i read that story you wrote?
[0:08] <LdyAkasha> almost every time
[0:08] <Malebeast> katie did u get wet
[0:08] * Minuet has her stories in a display folder - with zip out pages - very convenient for taking to bed
[0:08] <robert_St> yes - I cuncur <sp deliberate>
[0:09] * icdi_ has got VERY close....
[0:09] * Katie is feeling very, very warm
[0:09] <icdi_> Katie: very or capitalized very?
[0:09] <Katie> ;-)
[0:09] <robert_St> Minuet, when you figure out a way to make money with your stories, let me know :))
<Nightcat> and speaking of special storytellers......we have one of the masters here tonight :)
[0:10] <LdyAkasha> oooooooh!!!! can't wait
<Nightcat> robert_ST, familiar to you all ....
[0:10] <robert_St> >~ is trying to restrain himself
<Nightcat> the floor is yours
[0:10] <robert_St> like Minuet, must not cum until story is told :))
[0:11] <robert_St> Thanks (humble)
[0:11] <robert_St> well, I guess I can't say much about work/play since
[0:11] <robert_St> I do a lot of work at home and can play att the same time
[0:12] <robert_St> but i will relate an incident that happened tome a college
[0:12] <robert_St> I was taking a course in radio announcing
[0:12] <robert_St> which is cool cause we usually have the studios to ourselves
[0:12] <robert_St> I was on-air and a couple other wanna be dj's were in the advertising studio
[0:12] <robert_St> I had to go tothe head so I put an album on to play while I was gone
[0:12] <robert_St> we only braodcasted into the school
[0:13] <robert_St> so it was cool
[0:13] <robert_St> I was walking down the hall when i passed the ad studio
[0:13] <robert_St> I looked through the 12" square window
[0:13] <robert_St> hold on a sec
[0:14] <robert_St> and I saw the two of them engaged on the table in the middle of the room
[0:14] <robert_St> he had her on her back and was putting it to her in a big way
[0:15] <robert_St> I stood there in the hallway and watched for a bit
[0:15] <robert_St> then I took my cock out and started to stroke it
[0:15] <robert_St> when the gasl looked up and saw my face in the window
[0:15] <robert_St> she just smiled up at me and winked
[0:15] <robert_St> felling ever bold I opened the door and stepped into the room
[0:15] <robert_St> he just looked up and then returned to what he was doing
[0:16] <robert_St> I lowered my trousers and freed myself so I could get a better
[0:16] <robert_St> handle on things. i was stroking and caressing my scrotum while she just looked up into my eyes
[0:16] <robert_St> pretty soon though they started getting real close and she ignored me
[0:17] <robert_St> he started cumming and she screamed out for him to wait for her
[0:17] <robert_St> but he wouldn't be stopped
[0:17] <robert_St> he stepped back and smeared his cock all over her stomach
[0:18] <robert_St> I was still stroking to beat the band and she looked over at me and placed her hand on her clit and started rubbing like hell
[0:18] <robert_St> her hips were boucing up and down on the table as she watched me and tried to finish what he had started
[0:18] <robert_St> I edged next to the table - watching her watching me
[0:19] <robert_St> I told her i was gonna cum and she heaved up and exploded
[0:19] <robert_St> I was still working at it when she started to come down
[0:19] <robert_St> Then she looked up into my eyes and told me to go ahead and cum
[0:19] <robert_St> so I stepped right next to the table and took two hands and pounded
[0:20] <robert_St> my aching meat. Just as the first dribble started out she reaced over and wrapped her lips around my cock
[0:20] <robert_St> that was all it took and I blew like a bad boiler
[0:20] <robert_St> The was only the second time I had ever cum in a woman's mouth and the heat of her hot lips
[0:21] <robert_St> just drove me crazy. I thought my whole body was gonna turn to cum and run out my cock.
[0:21] <robert_St> So my first and only real masturbation expereince in school was more than just onism
[0:21] <robert_St> it was the best head I ever had!
[0:21] <robert_St> I wanted to go down on her after that but she just laughed
[0:22] <robert_St> and put her clothes back on
[0:22] <robert_St> That's it!~
[0:22] <robert_St> But it was at least memorable for me :))
[0:22] <robert_St> END of STORY
[0:22] * Minuet will brb, just got to wring out the towel from my chair WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[0:22] <LdyAkasha> DOUBLE WOW!!!! super story!!!!
[0:23] <Minuet> and the record was still playing? Hope it was a LP ;))
<Nightcat> I'll just quietly clean my chair off!
[0:23] <Diwen> Definitely, super story!!!!!!!
<Nightcat> WOW!!! wonderfully erotic...arousing :)
[0:23] <robert_St> thanks :))
[0:24] <robert_St> yeah, it was an LP, matter of fact it was Beatles "Abby Road"
[0:24] <da-funkym> hi guys
<Nightcat> my favorite Beatles album!
[0:25] <robert_St> the whole incident probably didn't last 15 minutes
[0:25] <robert_St> and of course ABBY ROAD was 32 minutes long on side 2
<Nightcat> but what a lovely 15 minutes :)
[0:26] <robert_St> now you know how long ago that was :))
<Nightcat> yes, don't remind me ;(
[0:26] <LdyAkasha> lol
[0:27] <Diwen> you're never old, if you feel young.
<Nightcat> well, I have no more volunteers for the moment on my list
[0:27] <robert_St> unfortunately, she never came back to the studio :((
[0:27] <robert_St> I always wanted to do more with her :))
<Nightcat> does anyone else wish to share with us this evening/morning?
[0:28] <da-funkym> share what?
[0:28] <robert_St> Funny thing is, I never let a woman give me head again for almost 10 years after that
[0:28] <da-funkym> sorry just joined channel?
<Nightcat> hey, Evie!!!
[0:28] <LdyAkasha> hello Evie!!!
<Nightcat> tonight was our discussion night, da-funkym
[0:28] <Minuet> Hi Evie
[0:29] <da-funkym> sorry first time at this channel
[0:29] <Malebeast> hi evie
[0:29] <LdyAkasha> good lord robert! thats a long time!
<Nightcat> we started two and a half hours ago :)
[0:29] <Evie> Hi there... sorry I'm late... Had some family stay later than I had expected.
[0:29] <LdyAkasha> nice to see you Evie
<Nightcat> and unless anyone else has a story, I'll open the channel again!
[0:29] <LdyAkasha> :)
<Nightcat> thanks all for the great stories
[0:30] <da-funkym> what stories?
<Nightcat> another successful evening :)