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Chat Log from October 4th

<Nightcat> all those who don't want their nick to appear in 
the log, change it now
<Byter> yeah, I'm telling about the time I masturbated outside a sunkist plant :P :-) :-)
LdyAkasha giggles
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<NoIsland> LOL byter
Isuck is now known as Byter
<Nightcat> that'll do!!!
<Nightcat> you go third Byter
<Nightcat> LOL
<NoIsland> that was a quickie!!
<Nightcat> roll call, please :)
<Nightcat> f/38/Toronto
<camguy> m/37/fla
<Cboath^> 29/m/Washington (state)
* NoIsland is m/48/Virginia
<LdyAkasha> F/25/Washington state
<`ekim> m/31/pa
<Diwen> m/27/boston
<Byter> m/29/CWRU/Programmer/Weird/huhuhuhuh?/Cleveland,Oh
<Nightcat> yes!!
<ImJP> m/25/Iowa
<Cboath^> there's the man!!!
<Nightcat> Byter!!
<LdyAkasha> yo Mick
<Nightcat> we're doing roll call, Mick
> m/33/Houston
> Hows that? :)
<Byter> (29 - 9 = 20 :P :-) )
<Nightcat> LOL
<NoIsland> nice try Byter
<Teunim> hmmm, I hope that's not the flavour for the night
*** Teunim is now known as Minuet
<Byter> Either that or I'm 299 :P
<LdyAkasha> I thought it was orange juice tonight, lol
<Nightcat> well, I will still accept volunteers, but we will start the evening off with the one and only NoIsland!!!!!!!
<Nightcat> you're on
<NoIsland> geee er thanks I think NC
<NoIsland> My first "experienced" girlfriend taught me a lot about sex, but the first act of masturbation with a female never er came up, until
<NoIsland> One evening she undressed slowly in front of me. She knew just how that aroused me greatly, and how as I undressed across from her, my cock could hardly wait to "pop" out of my boxer shorts
<NoIsland> She would teasingly strip for me and my hardon would build as I tried to match her pace, clothing item to clothing item. When she slipped her bra off her full breasts, I would lift my shirt off to match her nipples to nipples, our excitement already causing our breathing to labor
<NoIsland> As I suppressed that old schoolboy giggle of delight, I watched as she slid her now wet panties to her ankles, then kicked them off with a flair towards my bulging crotch. I lowered my boxers and my hardon uncoiled to her smiling eyes
<NoIsland> She sat down on the end of the bed facing me raising her legs and spreading them wide, knees bent, and the bottoms of her feet against one another. I grinned as she placed her hands on her knees forming a type of lotus position if I was to discover some new position or what...
<NoIsland> My heart was beating faster and the sexual excitement of trying something new caused my erection to pulse and bob several times. She laughed out loud, then noticing my sudden embarrassment, assured me that she was just very aroused
<NoIsland> She was very turned on by my erect cock, how it stood straight out pointing in the direction of her breasts and seemed to throb on my every breath - boy did this excite me more!
<NoIsland> Then she asked me if I masturbated catching completely off guard, I stuttered but finally admitted I did
<NoIsland> She asked me to show her how I liked to do it right there, standing with my knees separated by her toes. I agreed only if she would do the same as I did it: this was going to be exhilarating first for me!
<NoIsland> Without really thinking I began to slowly run my fingers up and down my rock hard cock My head began to buzz pleasantly and my penis head continued to throb and turned light red Precum oozed from the tip My other hand so lightly circled my balls, it almost electrically tickled them
<NoIsland> I watched as she lowered her back onto the bed and with one hand slowly and softly pinched and circled each nipple of her breast. They were fully erect and seemed to dance in her fingers and thumb. With her other hand she erotically explored her open bush that was already quite wet
<NoIsland> As I stroked faster I just couldn't believe this was happening and in my excitement I felt like I wouldn't be able to hold it very long I had grasped my swollen cock with two fingers and my thumb, stroking my now-moist shaft up and down, up and down
<NoIsland> She was quickly circling her clit with one finger wet from her delightful pussy juices, her moaning and gasping causing me to feel some strange yet delightful loss of control
<NoIsland> Quite suddenly I felt a surge within me oh no! I blinked then quickly opened my eyes as she squirmed there obviously climbing towards a peak of her own orgasm, grinning and then moaning at my rapid stroking
<NoIsland> I felt an electric pulse starting from the back of my buckling knees, rising deep in my groin and surging to the tip of my penis. I uttered a breathless "yes" as I exploded with a large spurt of cum
<NoIsland> This stream and two other smaller ones landed on her arching tummy, followed by a dribble that ran down my hand. I felt drained and totally sated and I could tell immediately from her devilish grin that this 1st had also totally consumed her, too
<NoIsland> While this was the end of this story, it was the beginning of a new dimension of delights for the future
<NoIsland> I yield the stage
<Nightcat> wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Minuet> WOW
<LdyAkasha> mmmmm, wonderful story, NoIsland, <grin>!
<Nightcat> my chair is somewhat damp hmmmmm
* Minuet gasps for breath
<Nightcat> so early
<Cboath^> nice one
<Byter> yery very well told :-)
<`ekim> gotta try that here
<ImJP> very nice
* NoIsland bows and thanks all for allowing him to be 1st!
<Diwen> excellent story!!!
* Minuet saves that one to use again and again and oops, sorry, getting carried away - great story NoI
<NoIsland> LOL, Min
<Nightcat> I have it in my archives already!
> My daughter walked in sorry about that Had to close windows! lol
* Nightcat fans herself furiously
<Nightcat> lol
<Cboath^> lol
<`ekim> gonna reread that one night
<Nightcat> ahhh, parenthood!!
<NoIsland> oh oh getting the fan started early are we, NC??
<Nightcat> yep
> grrrr
> she was standing over my shoulder, and I had to close again
<Nightcat> :) grrrr?
<Nightcat> ohno
<`ekim> gotta hate when that happens
> Very sorry for the interruption
<`ekim> forgiven mick
> OK LdyAkasha is up next, if I'm not mistaken :)
> knowing how things are going tonite, I'm probably dead wrong ;)
<Byter> Mick: just put a picture of an illuminated page on your computer screen that will immediately show up if you hit 2 buttons
<LdyAkasha> This memory is a much cherished and loved one, and the recounting of it is bound to be a turn on for me:) I wanted to do something a little creative for a boyfriend of mine So I went out and bought some things from a grocery store that i knew I would need On my list was a shower curtain, a bottle of sue bee honey, and some razors sure to be home extra early so as not to be caught in the middle
<LdyAkasha> The first thing I did was jump in the shower and get lathered up, I wanted to be all warmed up for the evenings activities so I took my time, lathering and relathering,
<LdyAkasha> I got out my razors and shaved my legs, slowly taking my time on every stroke, tingling in anticipation,
<LdyAkasha> I then began to lather my pubic hair, making sudsy bubbles all over my already swelling pussy I began with slow careful strokes of the razor and finally ended up with a completely bald pussy
<LdyAkasha> rubbing my fingers over it was pure heaven, the feel of it was exhilerating and the sensation was absolutely mind blowing,
<LdyAkasha> I rinsed my body off in the same slow fashion, making sure to be free of soap in every crack and creavice
<LdyAkasha> I got out of the tub and dried off, grinning at myself the entire time, I was soo looking forward to seeing my boyfriends face!
<LdyAkasha> In the kitchen I put the bottle of honey in the microwave, just to heat it up a bit
<LdyAkasha> then I went into the living room and spread out the new shower curtain, I had to move the coffee table to make room for my "stage"
<LdyAkasha> Then I came back for my warm honey, tasted it, and grinned again, I was still wearing my bathtowel and I pinned my hair up in a loose bun on my head
<LdyAkasha> my face was flushed with excitement and my body was already wet in places I had just dried
<LdyAkasha> My boyfriend walked in right on time, he unlocked the door and was shocked to see me standing there in the middle of a shower curtain in the middle of the living room, his face had a big question mark on it
<LdyAkasha> I put my fingers to my lips and made a shh motion, and then waved him over to the couch, which was directly across from my "stage"
<LdyAkasha> then I pulled my bottle of honey from behind my back
<LdyAkasha> I dropped my towel down to my toes with a huge smile on my face
<LdyAkasha> he was smiling, by now he knew I was up to something good and had decided to play along
<LdyAkasha> I knelt down on the shower curtain and began to pour honey all over my erect nipples, making them even stiffer
<LdyAkasha> His eyes travelled all over my naked body, but especially to my freshly shaved pussy, I loved that
<LdyAkasha> I began to rub in the honey and licked a little from my fingers,
<LdyAkasha> I opened my knees a little and leaned back, then I poured honey onto my tummy, letting it drip down slowly
<LdyAkasha> when it reached the folds of my pussy it was really stimulating me! I was getting more and more excited with every drip
<LdyAkasha> Then I sat on my ass with my legs spread out before me and started driping honey directly on my clit, this was driving me nuts!
<LdyAkasha> each drip was pulsing through my body, i was already moist and wet but now my pussy was aching
<LdyAkasha> I slowly started to rub the honey on my belly, I could he was starting to rub his cock through his pants, I grinned
<LdyAkasha> My hand moved down through the slick trail of honey towards my pussy, my face was blushing furiously now, I could feel rivers of honey dripping down towards my ass
<LdyAkasha> I rubbed my honey soaked hand over my enlarged clit and sent a wave of pleasure through me that made moan loudly
<LdyAkasha> he was beginning to rub his hardon faster through his pants, I licked my lips and rubbed my clit again
<LdyAkasha> my fingers slipped into my pussy, and I could feel the honey dripping off my hand, onto my legs, all over my pussy, it felt incredible!
<LdyAkasha> He watched as I began with one and then two fingers in slow motion fucking, I was so turned on by now
<LdyAkasha> I pulled my fingers out of my dripping pussy and brought them up to my lips where I flicked my tongue out an licked off every drop of delicious juice
<LdyAkasha> then I gave him the "come here" with my fingers, he scrambled off the couch and onto his knees
<LdyAkasha> I pointed to my pussy and whispered, "would you like a taste?"
<LdyAkasha> he grinned and nodded, then lowered his face to my pussy, I leaned my head back and enjoyed his tongue dancing over my pussy
<LdyAkasha> he licked and sucked at my clit, I ran my hands over my nipples as I lay there propped up on my elbows, looking down every now and then to watch him as he hungrily lapped at my pussy
<LdyAkasha> my climax hit me out of nowhere it must have been the site of him sucking on my clit, all I know is that I came so hard I screamed and clamped my legs shut on his face,
<LdyAkasha> when I finally released him he was delirious with joy, he'd obviously come in his pants, I was just as happy and we continued that evening with more honey, but that's another tale entirely, :)
<LdyAkasha> the end
<Cboath^> uh, excuse me would someone please pass me a clean towel thank you
* Evie needs some milk to balance out the sweetness of that honey!
<Nightcat> I'll take one too, Cboath
* Diwen succumbs to the forces of gravity, falling off his chair
<fingertip> that was great Ldy I'm breathless YjsyAre you still shaved?
<Minuet> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)
<Evie> milk-n-honey MMmmmmm!
<Byter> Evie: Don't get biblical on us :P :-)
> hehe
<Nightcat> amazing, as usual, LdyA!!!!!
<NoIsland> wow honey will never taste the same again, LdyA!! Great story!!
* Byter was already falling on his back trying to prepare for his story
<Minuet> well done LdyA
* LdyAkasha takes a bow
LdyAkasha> thanks everyone
> No no, thank YOU! ;)
<fingertip> first class
<Cboath^> hip hip
<Cboath^> hooray!!
<LdyAkasha> lol
<LdyAkasha> in case anyone is asking, that was the "first" time with a food item
<Nightcat> food is good!!!
<fingertip> ok, are you still shaved is the question
<LdyAkasha> :)
<LdyAkasha> fingertip: as of today I am, however I'm not always,
* MickNasty thinks she should send a JPG to the group to answer that question
<LdyAkasha> ha ha Mick
> <evil grin>
* Byter thinks she should send an MPEG but he digresses :-) :-)
<Cboath^> anything, man just send it!! ;)
<fingertip> change is always pleasant
<camguy> oh yesssssssssssssssss
> Thank you Ldy :) As usual, a tough act to <camguy> oh yessssssssssssssssss
<fingertip> RIGHT!!!
<Byter> fingertip: Not if 100000000 quarters decended upon your head :P :-)
<fingertip> ????
* LdyAkasha blushes
<Evie> LOL byter!
> OK ok Guess I'm up next Y'all can take a cigarette break now ;)
<Nightcat> after???
<Nightcat> ;)
<LdyAkasha> oooh Mick is tellin a story!
> The first time I ever watched a stranger masturbate...
> Was when I lived in Hawaii I used to visit a nude beach on the North Shore of Oahu
> During the week, it was quite slow Not much going on and it was nice to just lay out in the sun
> The beach was too rocky to enjoy swimming though
> Anyways... One day there was a girl there, probaby about 18 years old, visiting friends in Hawaii.
> Turns out she was from Norway.
> We talked a bit in the club house and played some ping pong (sans clothes... nude beach 'n all)
> We each started talking to a few other folks there and kind of lost track of each other
> Well, about 1/2 hour later I went to look for her.
> Looked all over the place, but couldn't find her, so I went behind the dunes which was fairly isolated...
> There she was, between two sand dunes but close to the shoreline
> still naked... ;)
> lying on her back and pinching her nipples
> Nobody was even nearby... I guess they didn't notice either of us walk off.
> I just made myself comfortable and watched....
> The sun must have been in her eyes because they were either closed or squinting, so I was sure that she didn't see me
> She ran her hands across her breasts and kinda tickled her stomach and worked her way back up...
> she kinda sat up and did a "double-check" to make sure she was alone (hehe) then laid back down.
> This time, her hand made it's way from her breasts down her stomache and started to lightly touch her thighs
> As she tickled herself, her hand made it's way to her pussy...
> She kinda brought her heels closer to herself and spread her legs a bit while she slowly fingered herself.
> I shot a couple quick looks around to make sure *I* was alone while I started to stroke my already hard cock....
> she continued this teasing for about 5 minutes before she really started to get turned on.
> I couldn't hear anything because of the noise from the surf.
> but I could see her mouth make little "O"s as she moaned, and I could only imagine the sounds her hand was making as it increased it's speed rubbing her pussy.
> One hand was tweaking her nipples she kept pushing her feet back and forth in the sand (I would think that the sand would be uncomfortable, but she didn't seem to mind)
> her head would rock from side to side as her hand sped up
> By this time, I was starting to lose control too as my hand tried to match hers I was scared to death someone would bust me, but fate was kind that day.
> Then I actually made out a moan above the sounds of the surf as her legs shot straight out and went rigid
> that pushed *me* over the edge and I blew my load right into the dune.
> She came for about 10 seconds before she started calming down....
> Then she just laid there... recovering...
> Time to make a hasty retreat....
> I started to get up when she looked right at me... smiled... and waved.
> My breath caught in my throat and she started laughing... Then I started...
> We walked back to the club house like nothing had happend.... but I still haven't forgotten it
<Byter> :-) :-) :-) Ettiguite on a nude beach :-)
<Cboath^> great story, mick
> Thanks Hope I didn't go past the 15 minutes lol I didn't have it pre-typed
* LdyAkasha scribbles it down in her list of places to visit
<Nightcat> ettiguite??
<NoIsland> I always thought they did more at nude beaches than catch rays, Mick!!! Great turn on story!! :)
<Nightcat> nope, good time
<fingertip> it's hard to get my mind off LdyAkasha's shave pussy; nevertheless Mick it was a great story!! Nightcat can you top that?
* Byter can't spell, and he admits it :P
* Byter wonders where he is in the order
<Minuet> etiquette
> maners
<Minuet> :)
> manners?
> Hmmm manors
<Minuet> lol
<Nightcat> lol
<fingertip> last time I was in Oahu, couldn't find that place What's manners
<Nightcat> Byter is after me
> It's right near The Turtle Bay Hilton
> Just south
> OK next we have Minuet :))
* Byter was on a de-facto nude beach for exactly 46 minutes
<fingertip> been there, near the windmills
<Minuet> I couldn’t decide which ‘first’ to tell today
<Minuet> then suddenly I thought of a recent first which made a huge impact on me
<Minuet> I may have mentioned before that I write erotica on occasion ;)
<Minuet> One of the things I love is hearing back how turned on it made the reader
<Minuet> Some of the best reviews I have had have included the simple phrase "I came"
<Minuet> Recently I got a very special treat
<Minuet> After I sent a new story off to my ‘reviewer’ he printed it out to read…
<Minuet> And turned on his cuseeme camera
<Minuet> I couldn’t believe it I was actually going to see the effect my writing had on someone for the first time
<Minuet> He lay back on his bed, pages in hand, camera adjusted so I had a perfect view
<Minuet> I asked him to pretend I wasn’t there, so we weren’t typing to each other as we had on other occasions when he had the camera on
<Minuet> So instead of typing I got to just sit and watch while he …… well, I’ll get to what he was doing in a moment meanwhile it would have had to been one of the most nerve wracking times of my life
<Minuet> What if my story wasn’t good enough? What if it didn’t turn him on enough
<Minuet> I sat in my darkened study, the world silent outside the window in the early hours of the morning and watched in nervous anticipation as he shed his tshirt, arranged his pillows and slid his shorts down his long legs
<Minuet> his hand went immediately to his already erect cock, apparently the idea of ‘showing off’ for me aroused him as much as I hoped my story would!
<Minuet> He settled back against the pillows, and picked up my story
<Minuet> his hand firmly stroked up and down his cock as he read
<Minuet> a grin split his face and I ‘knew’ which line he had just read, the story open on my screen to so I could see where he was up to
<Minuet> He shifted around on the bed, lifting his knees, straightening, then settling with one knee raised, lying slightly on one side, his legs slightly apart, giving me the most wonderful view
<Minuet> His hand stroked consistently, but sometimes drawing out his cock, sometimes it seemed squeezing it tightly
<Minuet> Over and over his hand stroked as I watched, becoming mesmerized with the action
<Minuet> his eyes traveled across the page as he read
<Minuet> All too soon I thought, he turned the page
<Minuet> It wasn’t a long story and I desperately hoped he could draw it out long enough
<Minuet> he read on, occasionally putting the story down and lying back stroking, his other hand going to his nipples and caressing them
<Minuet> sometimes stroking against his head with a finger
<Minuet> I cursed the resolution of the picture at times for the lack of detail, but I couldn’t fault what I could see, his fingers always returning to lovingly wrap his hard shaft in his hand and caress it the way it felt best
<Minuet> His cock stood up stiff and thick in his hand and he stroked it then let it sway loosely whilst he lavished attention on his balls
<Minuet> I could just see his fingers wrapped around their fullness, massaging them as he again began to read
<Minuet> Suddenly he seemed to race down the page his hand still slowly stroking his hips occasionally lifting from the bed a little as he drew a long hard caress out, then returning to the same mesmerizing stroke after stroke
<Minuet> and before I knew it he was reading the last lines, a smile crossing his face
<Minuet> he looked up at the camera and although he smiled I felt an incredible disappointment, it hadn’t been enough
<Minuet> I had promised that if it didn’t turn him on enough then I would of course type for him to cum, as we often had in the past
<Minuet> but oh, I didn’t want to do that
<Minuet> the problem is that not being a touch typist I can’t watch the screen and type - so invariably I miss the best part
<Minuet> I had so looked forward to ‘just’ watching
<Minuet> my fingers were sometimes brushing against my nipples erect and hard through my nightdress,
<Minuet> but I didn’t want to be distracted by my own needs either
<Minuet> this had been a session for my mind, my body could wait to relive it later
<Minuet> then
<Minuet> he flipped back to the first page, and began reading again
<Minuet> he seemed to spend ages reading and reading the bottom of the first page, where I assume the scene of ‘her’ in the shower was positioned
<Minuet> his hand moving faster and faster over his erection
<Minuet> he turned the page once again
<Minuet> read for a few moments then spread his legs even wider
<Minuet> and his head went back against the pillows as his hands tightened against his body
<Minuet> He curled forward, his muscles drawing inwards, then his head flew backwards with a cry I could see but not hear and he fell back on the bed, his hips lifting and his legs rigid as his cum spurted in a hot hard stream from his cock
<Minuet> splattering across his chest and I gathered from his surprised look at his shoulder hitting him there too
<Minuet> His hand lifted away but only for a moment before raising himself to stroke again, once, twice then again his body convulsed, his legs tensed and straight, his thighs wide apart, his face screwed up with the effort of forcing his seed from his body
<Minuet> Again he fell back against the pillows, his neck stretched as his body ejected his semen
<Minuet> his arms fell limp against his sides and he lay for a brief moment, his chest heaving and pelvis rocking before again grasping his still hard cock and milking the last of his cum onto his stomach with soft moaning spurts
<Minuet> I sat, my mouth open, my hands pressed to my cheeks in shock, awe, embarrassment?
<Minuet> In wonder
<Minuet> The thought seeped through my mind that my writing had done that to him, that I had the power, even when not physically present to make a man react like that and my body burned
<Minuet> It sizzled right through me, leaving a surge of wetness and an urgent need for release with it’s passing
<Minuet> He smiled at the camera, his chest rising and falling deeply
<Minuet> then his back arched again, and he stretched, looking so much like a huge sleek leopard, his body relaxing on the bed, muscles loose and sated, a look of total bliss upon his face
<Minuet> somehow that stretch turned me on even more than what had gone before
<Minuet> We spoke for a few moments, he telling me of the pleasure of my story, and how he had enjoyed rereading his ‘favourite’ passages again and again
<Minuet> I oohed and ahhed a little, but my mind wasn’t really with me, it was still soaring on the high he had created
<Minuet> We parted and I gazed at the blank screen, the images replaying in my mind
<Minuet> images of him transmitted over thousands of miles, for my pleasure
<Minuet> I shivered, excitement still thrumming through my body
<Minuet> The more I thought about what had just happened the more urgent the need for my own release became
<Minuet> I left the study and threw myself onto my bed, my hands going directly to my nipples and between my thighs, to experience it all again in my mind as I rushed to a most incredible orgasm
<Minuet> my body shaking for minutes afterwards with the intensity
<Minuet> I fell asleep smiling
<Minuet> I wonder what effect reading this will have upon him ;)
<Minuet> the end, maybe ;)
<Nightcat> Ahhh, Minuet I'm glad I got a towel for my chair at the break and turned up the fan!!!!!!!
<Nightcat> and I want a smoke!!
<NoIsland> WoWeeee Minuet! Now I see why vid cams and cuseeme are the 1st accessories to many men's *systems* :)))
<LdyAkasha> omigod, that was awesome!! need to take a break to clean my chair!
* Byter wonders again why cu-seeme keeps trying to transmit signals from his TV-card
<Cboath^> very nice!!!
<Byter> instead of my quickcam :-( :-)
<LdyAkasha> mmmmmmm, Thank you Minuet!!
<Minuet> thank you :)
<Byter> Very very very good utilization of cu-seeme :-) :-)
> teleconferencing at it's finest if you ask me ;)
<Minuet> I thought so - very cheap too - I don't need a cam ;))
<Byter> or lowest if you manage to turn your camera upside down
<Byter> woohoo: did the Indians win?
<woohoo> hehehe
<woohoo> i dunno
<woohoo> :)
<Cboath^> no, byter NY-6 CLE-1
> Byter, I believe that you're up next Ready?
<Byter> yes :-)
> hehe
<Byter> so I was sitting out in the forest with my girlfriend
<Byter> She was sitting in my lap, and I was stroking her hair like she liked me to do.....feeling the wind softly blowing :-)
<Byter> We were talking about idle things.....and she lamented in a joking way that she was having a bad hair day....
<Byter> and I started to console her....and then she said "well, you still won't have the image of me as I am right now if you masturbate tonight, will you?" "After all, you DO masturbate, right?"
  <Byter> And I felt a shot of warmth through my skin....and said "ummm, why yes, I do."
<Byter> and she turned around to face me a lovely kiss on my lips...which I held for a while...and she said "I love how you admit it...I know so many men who state that they never would do such a thing.."
<Byter> and she said "Well, I can tell you that I definately masturbate....and yes..I would keep this image of you in my mind right now.." and I felt another quick flash of warmth and said "and what if I don't believe you" (in a joking fashion)
<Byter> She then started to pull her shirt up...she was now facing me...her legs starting to move around me...and she said "well, I guess I'll have to prove it to you."
<Byter> and I instantly hardened....she felt it and wiggled around a bit and said "You like that thought...don't you??" and kissed me deeper this time :-)
<Byter> when we broke the kiss and I looked down, she already was cupping her breasts in her bra....starting to move her fingers around her breasts...and her breathing already starting to deepen....I could hardly find any words....and she knew it...and was loving it :-)
<Byter> she started to loosen her pants...she was wearing very utilitarian clothes...female jeans....and started to move them down slightly...
<Byter> I could feel her breath...growing hot...against my face...and started to look down as her fingers started to trace around her lovely thighs....and then her lips found mine again...
<Byter> by now, I was burning...growing almost dizzy from the kiss...the feel of her hair running along my skin....the taste of her mouth...
<Byter> she moved around on me a bit...her shirt completely off...lying in the soft leaves around us....her pants moving to follow....and I moaned slightly as she started to rock her panties against my jeans...feeling my pre-cum coming out....loving how free she felt about all this :-)
<Byter> her voice was changing slightly....with her deep breaths...she was telling me how wet she was...and I could see it starting to soak through her panties...feeling her starting to push against her fingers....
<Byter> She said "could you free up one of my hands?" and I felt myself jump against her as I slowly loosened her bra...feeling her gasp as my fingers lightly cupped her breasts...
<Byter> her nipples hard asking her to show me what to do admitting I had never done it before
<Byter> and I felt my face flushing as I saw her slowly and deliberately cupping her breasts....her fingers running over the nipples...licking her fingers and then running them through and down her breasts....
<Byter> she was moving up and down with a steady rhythm on my jeans......she started to loosen them....
<Byter> she reached her fingers slowly inside her body shivering with every touch that she made to herself...every time her breath grew heavier...each time she moaned....and especially every time she kissed me :-)
<Byter> her fingers coming out...very wet...spreading the wetness over her nipples...and her gasping...asking me to lick over her nipples....her fingers back down in her panties...moving in a rhythm that I will never forget...
<Byter> and as I licked over her nipples...she moaned...very very deeply...and her rhythm changed...moving faster now....pulling her panties she could move both fingers into her...she pulled my shirt up and off...and was licking over my nipples....murmering how she knew that they were sensitive :-)
<Byter> she started telling me exactly where she was she knew that she was close to orgasming.....and I told her how tight my balls warm I was...
<Byter> my arms were around her...feeling her warm skin...feeling like I was going to cum any she was grinding very very hard against me....I could smell how wet she was...she ran her wetness over my lips with her fingertips....making me ache to lick her...
<Byter> and then she started to moan that she was on the edge...her rhythm started to make me moan in a sustained fashion...She was moving faster agaisnt me then I ever had gone myself...feeling myself swelling up...growing so hard....
<Byter> and then I felt a surge of warmth over my penis....hearing her moan louder then I had ever imagined.....feeling her shiver and press her breasts against me hard.....and one of her arms going around me...
<Byter> and as she finally stopped orgasming and kissed me deeply once again, she slipped her fingers into my underpants....and caressed me...and I orgasmed almost immediately...
<Byter> my underpants were soaked...both from her juices and mine...and she lay against me....her body wet and warm...and whispered "mmm...gotta teach you to hold back more" in a teasing manner...
<Byter> and I said "Well...then we'll have to do this more often to allow me to learn.." :-) :-)
<Byter> ....end of memory.... :-)
<NoIsland> Great story Byter Wow!!!
<Cboath^> nice first wow!
<Nightcat> woooohoooo
<LdyAkasha> OOWWWWWWW! Byter is da Man!
> That was outstanding! I think I'll remember the speed of her hand too :)
<woohoo> Kewl story byter
<Byter> :-)
<Byter> very very very vivid memory :-) :-) :-)
<Byter> I just closed my eyes and typed what I remembered :-)
<LdyAkasha> very good! awesome descriptions, felt like I was there on your lap even!
<Beefslap> Errr, hi guys I'm new here, but i'd love to hear y'alls stories
* Evie wishes her hubbie would respond like that whenever SHE has a bad hair day!
> You never have bad hair days!
<Nightcat> nice one, Mick!
> hehe
> Up next, please welcome Diwen :)
<Diwen> Oh, goodness already?
> yup :)
<Diwen> O k Where to start There are so many firsts, of course :)
<Diwen> This was from a time of many firsts, when I was trying to get my girlfriend to go down on me
<Diwen> She was interested, but reluctant. And I wasn't one to force the issue
<Diwen> Anyway, I came home after working out one afternoon and sat down on the floor to stretch out
<Diwen> Sitting with my legs crossed, I was stretching my back by pulling my head toward my lap I guess my workout had been relaxing enough, because I opened my eyes to see my nose about 4" from my groin
<Diwen> I was struck with an idea :) I quickly undressed and sat back down. Trying to calm down enough to stretch out again, I started stroking my rising erection
<Diwen> Soon enough, I was there again Nose to penis "I can't do this", I thought to myself
<Diwen> "why not?" came the reply as I reached out my tongue and touched the tip of my dick
<Diwen> When it didn't bite back, I got a little more daring. Licking as far as I could and then placing my lips over my head
<Diwen> I enjoyed the feeling but it was difficult staying down there so I rolled onto my back and threw my legs up over my head
<Diwen> The weight of my legs suspended over my head was enough to bring me into intimate contact with about the first third of my penis
<Diwen> I was no longer in control, trying to inhale as much as I could Stroking whatever was left My tongue suddenly ran across the underside of my dick just behind the head
<Diwen> Almost came on the spot!
<Diwen> My breathing was forcing my body to expand and contract, forcing my cock in and out of my mouth until I felt my orgasm building
<Diwen> I wasn't so sure about taking this to it's potential conclusion
<Diwen> I concentrated on licking the underside of my penis until I couldn't take any more I felt the first splash of cum on my neck and decided, "what the hell!"
<Diwen> I sucked my cock back into my mouth and took in all that was left. When I finished, I laid on the floor for several minutes debating when to show my girlfriend my new trick
<Diwen> That's all folks! :)
<Byter> WHAT???
<Byter> excuse me
> grrrr
<Minuet> what?
<Nightcat> ooops
<NoIsland> mmmhhh gravity and flexibility making for a stiff er neck great story Diwen!!!!!
<Nightcat> wow, Diwen
<Nightcat> wow
<Diwen> very stiff neck, actually
<Minuet> Incredible story Diwen
<LdyAkasha> wow! diwen!! double wow!!
<Beefslap> i wish i could do that!
<Diwen> I can't believe I just told that
<NoIsland> now I really want to know, what did *she* think???
<LdyAkasha> that was very hot!!!!
<Damon> can you still do it Diwen ?
<Nightcat> I'm glad you did!!!
<Diwen> NoI: she REALLY liked it, and I enjoyed what it lead to :)
<NoIsland> LOL
<Diwen> Damon: sometimes
<Beefslap> i can't get anywhere near my schlong!
<Damon> I'm jealous !
<Damon> time to start yoga classes !
<NoIsland> ROFL Damon
> that's it for this evening.... wow Had some great stories this week