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Chat Log from October 18th

> Let's get this show on the road :))
<jim_____> hello to all
<Phil> Hi Mick
<NoIsland> yeppers!!
> MickNasty Roll call, count off now. ;)
* MickNasty m/33/Houston
<Nightcat> <-------f/38/Toronto
<Nite> 34/male/Columbus, Ohio
* NoIsland m/48/Virginia
<Chninkel> yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;)
<jim_____> m/28/socal
<Chninkel> m/26/Geneva, Switzerland
* fingertip fintertip m/58/Baltimore
<Ginger69> f/20/Lyon/France
<Phil> Phil m/48/KCMO
<TOC> male 28 United Kingdom
> To start off this evening of stories about phonesex/Videocam sex etc... is Jim
<jim_____> ok, this is a story of my very first phonesex
<jim_____> i was probably about 19 years old
<jim_____> i had wanted to try phonesex for a long time, but never had the means or prviacy
<jim_____> anyway, i'm finally in an apartment with a roommate
<jim_____> i didnt have a credit card, and i didnt want it charged to my phone
<jim_____> so, when i saw an ad in the back of a hustler that allowed pre-pay, i snet in
<jim_____> about 15 dollars. I gaqve it about a week to get there
<jim_____> about 25 dollars, typo
<jim_____> well, the anixity was killing me
<jim_____> all week long, i was jerking off
<jim_____> i couldnt help but theink about the first phone cum to cum
<jim_____> it was driving me crazy
<jim_____> anyway, after a few calls, seeing if my $ had arrived thru the mail
<jim_____> there were several times there would be no answer
<jim_____> finally, the voice on the other end said they had recd my money
<jim_____> i was so excited, that i couldnt even remove my jeans
<jim_____> and i came in the first 2 minutes, simply rubbing my cock thru my jeans
<jim_____> i did a few calls with that service since, and drew them out, but the first time wa, for me, so quick, but the anticipation of the week before, was the hottest part
<jim_____> finis
<Nightcat> wow!!!!!
<Chninkel> pretty neat 8) I can understand the eagerness ;)
> I've never tried a service before.... I might just start ;)
<Nightcat> that sets the mood :)
<NoIsland> greta first timer there Jim!!!
<NoIsland> Great
<jim_____> they were a nice pair of women, in san francisco, not a big company, they turned out to be very....imaginitive
<jim_____> thanks for the kind words
<Nite> must have been very descriptive with words to make you cum before you even take your pants off
<jim_____> yes, they were very good at their jobs.... took it seriously, determined to turn you on
<NoIsland> the first time excitement sure adds to the heat of those moments!!
> Hold on to your hats (or whatever you feel comfortable holding on to ;) Next up is Nightcat....
<Nightcat> My lover and I are presently commuting between two cities as well as two countries and consequently, we have learned to use all the media available to us to keep our relationship exciting and sensuous.
<Nightcat> For months, we would rely on the IRC and the telephone to play together when apart, and we practiced the art of phone sex to the point of almost perfection; I'm sure my neighbours don't know that he isn't really here with me when things get really hot.....the moans and sounds are that loud and graphic!
<Nightcat> We recently decided that we could enhance our experience by purchasing top-of-the-line colour video cameras and high-tech phone head sets; this would allow us to play hands-free and talk to each other without any distortion or distraction. :)
<Nightcat> The first night we tried it was only a few weeks ago, and I only told him that to begin with, I would set up the camera facing the chair at my vanity table, where I could watch myself in the mirror at the same time.
<Nightcat> I had prepared carefully, starting with a long, luxurious shower where I used my Water-Pik shower head to tease my clit from out of the hood; afterwards, I spent a great deal of time spreading lotion all over my body to help arouse myself even more, brushing my hands over my nipples and my mound.
<Nightcat> I wanted the first time to be a situation where he would watch me and I would listen to him talk to me as he masturbated. I turned on the camera and made sure we were connected, then sat down in the chair facing the mirror and the camera wearing only a low-cut silk and lace black bra and matching bikini panties.
<Nightcat> I had the phone headset on and I could hear his breathing quicken as I sat astride the chair, my legs spread slightly. I let my arms stretch above my body, reached up and undid my hair from its ponytail, letting it fall over and around my shoulders.
<Nightcat> I placed my hands on my waist and slid them up and across my tummy, reaching up to cup my breasts, one in each hand; palming and caressing them....slowly and deliberately through the fabric of my bra, my back arching gently back and forth with the rhythm of my hands.
<Nightcat> I would turn my body just so as he directed me over the phone, wanting to please him as he told me how he had taken his cock out of his pants and begun to slowly play with it, describing how the head was engorged, the veins growing as he stroked the underside of the rim....milking it slowly
<Nightcat> While still moving up and down on the chair to keep the pressure on my clit which was responding to the stimulation of my nipples, I reached up and unclasped my bra. My breasts swung free and full, the nipples standing firm and erect as my lover continued to tell me how he was jerking himself watching me undress.
<Nightcat> I bent over and brought up a small bottle of oil, and cupping my left breast, I let a few drops of oil to fall on the top of it, gravity moving the drops to my nipple, surrounding it; I then repeated the same thing with my right breast, slowing massaging the oil all over them covering them so they glistened
<Nightcat> I began to work the oil on and around each slippery nipple, sending shivers through my body, tweaking them lowly watching myself in the mirror; I squeezed both of my breasts tightly together, rubbing them and bouncing them gently up and down, as my responses quickened.
<Nightcat> I was getting so wet now and one hand slipped into my skimpy silk panties, my fingers reaching back to find the cleft between my cheeks, circling my anus with my oiled fingertips. I moaned out loud for my lover and I heard him gasp as he knew I had slid one finger into my anus.
<Nightcat> I slowly slid the lacy undies down and spread my legs wider, so he could see the vivid, juicy wetness of my pussy. My other hand moved down and found the warm, wet folds of my labia and my eyes closed; the idea of my lover excited and erect and imagining his penis engorged, purple in colour and stroking while watching me masturbate, enflamed me.
<Nightcat> I slipped two fingers into my hot, dripping vagina, my thumb strumming my engorged clit, moaning aloud; my breathing became shallow as he told me to imagine his tongue there as he knelt between my legs, his face buried in my mound.
<Nightcat> My legs trembled as he told me he was savouring my juices, probing me with his lips and tongue but avoiding my clit, lapping over my entire pussy. My fingers were lodged deeply inside of me, sliding in and out as I fucked myself with long deep strokes.
<Nightcat> I took my left breast in my other hand and raised it towards my mouth, my tongue just flicking the nipple and the resulting sensations were beginning to drive me towards the top.
<Nightcat> Then he told me how his tongue had found my hard clit, teasing it out from the hood, licking the tip of it. His wet hot mouth sucked on it, swirling around my labia and I imagined his tongue darting in and out of me, fucking me like a little penis. I began rocking up and down hard against my hand, the sensation of my orgasm building.
<Nightcat> The tension enveloped my body as I was so close to release, my middle finger found my clitoris, rubbing it frantically, reveling in the pleasure of playing with myself; my lover then lowered the phone let me hear the sound of his hand beating his wet cock, faster and faster.......and I knew I couldn't stop from cumming
<Nightcat> My body began twitching wildly, my hips shaking and throwing my head back I came in a burst that startled me, and I shuddered again and again.....then I felt another wave building and I thrust my body against the finger on my clit at the same time, my legs tightened as I rode the second, stronger orgasm, my whole body rocking with pleasure.
<Nightcat> I was cumming over and over, my hips straining against my frantic fingers; my thighs were so hot and the heat traveled up from the inside...groin....belly...chest, filling with pleasure. I slumped down, trying to catch my breath and I could hear my lover moaning loudly
<Nightcat> The stimulation, both visual and oral was too much for him and I heard him yell as he started to cum......telling me how it shot straight up, spurting five or six times...... onto his chest, his stomach. My fingers come up from my pussy, wet and coated with my juices and I slowly suck each finger one by one, smiling for him and I lean forward........ and shut off the camera.
Nightcat> THE END
<Nightcat> :)
<Beefslap> i think i squirted.
> grrrrr
<Ginger69> wooooooowwwwwwwwww!!!i need a cammmm!!!!!!
<Cboath^> uhh. you're like, good at this.
<jim_____> mmmmmm, that was a yummy story
* Nite counts his pennies to see if he has enough for a vid cam...
<Chninkel> someone pass me the tissues please !!!??? ;)
<hopless> wow
<NoIsland> Wow...what a super sexy story always!!!:)
<Beefslap> my wang is engorged!
<Phil> I need a smoke..... wow
<Ginger69> ccoooolll:)
<Minuet> incredible NC :)
<Nightcat> thank you all
<camguy> the master has spoken!
<Beefslap> I masturbating as we speak!!!
<jim_____> the last sentence was especially hot
<Nightcat> LOL
<NoIsland> LOL
<Nightcat> thanks jim____ you mean THE END?
<Nightcat> :)
<Beefslap> I have to change my drawers....mine are soaked.
<Ginger69> i've explosed at the last paragraph:)
<TOC> you made me cum Nightcat
<Ginger69> lol
<Nightcat> someone buy beefslap a good washing machine
<NoIsland> LOL
<Chninkel> geeeeeeeez.... and what's left for poooor me who's coming after ? 8)
<Nightcat> you can do this Chninkel :)
<jim_____> nightcat, you know i mean just before the end... thats such the turnon
<Chninkel> yeah, right ;)
<Nightcat> thanks jim___________
Cboath^ thinks this room should have one night a week set aside *only* for stories from Nightcat
> Next up.... We have a story from Chninkel! :)
<Chninkel> poor me ;) here we go...
<Chninkel> phonesex or videocam sex ??? that is the question...
<Chninkel> You see, I've been lucky enough to experience with both 8) and it's a tough choice when it comes to pick just one or the other to tell a story...
<Chninkel> so I've decided to tell you a story which is very personal to me, since it actually covers my first ever sexual experience with a woman... and it was through the phone ;)
<Chninkel> I met her through a kind of chat system in Switzerland, her nickname was "the Bomb" and I was 18 at the time... (damn ! that was 12 years ago !!! )and as any good healthy teenager, my hormones were on overdrive ;)
<Chninkel> we chatted a bit on this "kind-of-irc" system... and I eventually managed to convince her to give me her phone number...
<Chninkel> so we arranged a time for a call... so we could talk a bit... it was late Saturday night... after her boyfriend had left her to go clubbing...
<Chninkel> I called her place... and was quite amazed when an actual young woman (as far as i could judge from her voice and intonations) picked up the line...
<Chninkel> her name was Nathalie, 28 yo, brunette (I had confirmation of that on pictures later ;) ) and VERY pretty... but that was the least of my surprises...
<Chninkel> we chatted about this and that... I was of course extremely nervous... but tried to sound cool... couldn't speak too loud neither... my mother was sleeping in the other room... and that didn't help the situation of course...
<Chninkel> after a while the situation began to get a bit more relaxed... she told me about where she was installed as we talked... on her couch, laying down under a quilt cozy with her cat on her stomach...
<Chninkel> I told her I was in my bed, under the covers... with a dim light on... and that I was very happy to be able to talk to her directly...
<Chninkel> after a while, there was a bit of an "uncomfortable silence"... I could feel the knot in my stomach and didn't know what to talk about after one hour of idle chat...
<Chninkel> and then I heard a sigh... and I swear it was the sexiest *siiiiigh* I had ever heard in my life !
<Chninkel> ok... I admit it was the only one too ! but I can still hear it sometimes when I think about her... 8)
<Chninkel> I asked her what she was sighing about...
<Chninkel> "nothing much... just loving the moment and enjoying the sound of your voice..."
<Chninkel> now THAT got me stunned !
<Chninkel> she went on... "you sound nice... sweet... and very sexy and I like that..."
<Chninkel> now, I had never (and still can't) think about my voice as being sexy... or seductive... or whatever... and I could feel my blood boiling at the thought...
<Chninkel> we started talking a bit more sensuously... exchanging details about what we liked or not... I do admit I took most of my experiences from books I had read and stories I had heard...
<Chninkel> she never seemed to notice however... we started undressing each other... because somehow the temperature seemed to be rising by the minute...
<Chninkel> I asked her to describe what she liked... how much she enjoyed sex... and I told her whatever came through my mind...
<Chninkel> and then I remembered an article I had just read about the G-spot... and I decided to find out if that really existed...
<Chninkel> I asked her about it and she said she had never heard of that... (it was 12 years ago...)
<Chninkel> I tried to guide her and she started exploring the inside of her pussy... by that time, we were both obviously naked and caressing ourselves...
<Chninkel> my cock was hard and throbbing, and I was having a hard time controling myself... and I could hear her ragged breathing coming through the earphone...
<Chninkel> she was moaning softly in my ear... whispering how good it felt... how much her body ached for pleasure... and I kept on urging her on, totally hypnotized by her voice, feeling totally drunk by this experience...
<Chninkel> it was like somehow my voice had the power to give pleasure to this woman... who was 10 years older than me, and obviously extremely turned on...
<Chninkel> she told me about how wet her pussy was, how hard her clit felt under her fingers... how her juices were flowing freely from her insides and coating her fingers...
<Chninkel> I could only imagine all that, since I had never experienced the body of a woman at the time... but the pictures were so vivid in my mind, I could feel her every moan and pant through my whole body...
<Chninkel> so I asked her to slowly slide a finger inside herself... and to probe on the front side of her pussy... caressingt here slowly... I was trying to look confident, remembering what i had read in that article, trying to guide her to find her g-spot...
<Chninkel> her moans were guiding me... telling me how much she loved the feelings... how wet and burning she was side... and I answered in the same way, describing my cock to her... how I wrapped my fingers sooo tight around it and felt the head swelling...
<Chninkel> I told her to look for a place inside herself... about 2cm in diameter which would feel particularly sensitive...
<Chninkel> she told me it felt so good inside she couldn't really pinpoint a particular place... she even let me listen to her wet finger exploring her pussy... and those juices sounded soo good they made my mouth water at once...
<Chninkel> and all of a sudden, she went crazy !!
<Chninkel> she started moaning so loud I as afraid my mother could hear her ! she was whimpering, moaning, panting, barely able to catch her breath... and I was speechless... suddenly struck by a gigantic wave of panic !
<Chninkel> I thought she was dying on me !
<Chninkel> she kept at it for what seemed to be forever... I could hear her body thrashing on the couch and the cat had most certainly left her stomach by then...
<Chninkel> I was totally hypnotized by her voice and the fact that *I* had caused that ????? no way !!
<Chninkel> after a minute or so, she came down from it... all she could say was "oh gods !" and "I can't believe this !"
<Chninkel> I asked her what happened... she said it was soo goood... she felt like she was exploding... and she had never been so wet before...
<Chninkel> my dick was about to explode... when she suddenly started to moan again... loud... very loud... almost creaming at times... it seemed she couldn't get enough of it anymore and was going on without caring and just enjoying herself... telling me how good it felt in the dirtiest way possible !
<Chninkel> I started jacking off as hard as I could... my body tensing more and more... my moans almost matching ehrs in intensity until eventually I exploded in my hand...
<Chninkel> spraying juices all over myself in a huge quantity... after all I had been building up for a couple of hours...
<Chninkel> I was spurting the thickest longest streams of cum I ever recall having produced... and I felt like my head was going to explode... both of them actually... ;)
<Chninkel> when I came down from it, I couldn't hear anything on the other side of the line... so I asked "hello ?"
<Chninkel> "that was unbelievable... thank you so much !"
<Chninkel> "Hey, it was nothing !! I enjoyed it too myself..." said I...
<Chninkel> "do you think we could do this again ???" she asked...
Chninkel> "well..."
<Chninkel> we did it tons during the next few months
<Chninkel> but I never regretted one bit of it ! quite the opposite actually... sometimes I still read the letters she sent me...
<Chninkel> and th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks 8)
<Nightcat> whew!!!!
* NoIsland thought a G spot was what just showed up on my pants.... Great story Chninkel!!!!!!
<Minuet> I bet you got a distinction in phone sex techniques though
<Chninkel> Minuet, I'll give you private classes if you want ;)
> Sounds worth taking a grade of school over again! LOL
<Minuet> you're on Chninkel, your bill or mine?? ;))
<Chninkel> let's see if we can get a grant for specialized studies ;)
<Chninkel> helloooo ? anybody alive in here ? 8)
<Nightcat> yep :)
<Minuet> where did everyone go?
<Chninkel> anybopdy care to get there hands back on the kboards to participate ??? ;)
[23:06] > I'm here :) Thought I was lagged! lol
<NoIsland> LOL
<jim_____> good story chinkel
* Minuet had to go wash her hands after your story so she could type
<Chninkel> thanks jim 8))
> hehehe... it's a good thing, 'cause you're next Min ;)
<Minuet> :)
<Chninkel> yeah, right ;)
> Next up... please welcome Minuet to center stage :)))
<Minuet> ok I don't think I can beat the preceding efforts though
<Minuet> One of my favourite things is watching / helping / making guys come
<Minuet> One of the bonuses of irc is the number of men willing to volunteer for this ;) So when someone I met on an irc channel asked me to see how many times I could make him cum I hardly considered it a chore ;)
<Minuet> Now this would be fun with almost any man but with him it promised to be wonderful because he had a cuseeme cam and was willing to let me watch :)
<Minuet> We made a date for the marathon and the night before I sent him an email asking him to detail some of his fantasies - the weird, the wonderful, the rare, the common and the very ordinary :)
<Minuet> he came on line and we chatted about them
<Minuet> I had one stipulation, if he wanted me to do this he was to abstain for the preceding 24 hours
<Minuet> so after we chatted I sent him shopping (with a hardon ) to get some pieces of different fabrics (he ended up with denim, a rough synthetic silk textured fabric, some fleecy lined windcheater fabric and some soft silk and some briefs (instead of his usual boxers) and most important, a new supply of lube :)
<Minuet> The time arrived. He was online early and obviously in a hurry to get on with it as he turned on the cam and got comfy on the bed with his keyboard
<Minuet> the rule was he wasn't allowed to hold back unless told to do so, after all the idea was to see how many times ;))
<Minuet> so I began typing and the first scenario began….-
<Minuet> he was called into an office from a waiting room
<Minuet> where he was told how glad I was that he had chosen SBFHM ( Sperm Banks For Horny Men) to handle his sperm deposit
<Minuet> he was offered a 'motivator' (ME! surprise surprise)to help him with his deposit, which he accepted
<Minuet> First I had to examine him thoroughly for the records positioning him on an examination table, legs spread and secured in stirrups, then as I carefully stroked and probed I began to strip off my tight little nurses outfit, revealing a cupless bra and other delights
<Minuet> I watched as on my screen he stroked and squeezed and tickled each place as "I" did, my hands were his, I could feel him responding to me
<Minuet> feeling the fullness of his balls, the tautness of his body, watching as he lost himself in the fantasy
<Minuet> when he was close I got him to get on hands and knees reaching back to stroke his now very hard cock
<Minuet> I knew he had never tried this position before so it was wonderful to watch the waves of pleasure shake him as "I" milked him to his climax, his arms buckling with the intensity.
<Minuet> watching as he spurt again and again I was struck by how much more shaken and spent he seemed than previous times when he had cum on his back
<Minuet> A few minutes later we discussed how different it had felt how he had been unable to move in the 'usual' ways and it had changed the whole experience.
<Minuet> I hadn't planned to give him long to recover this early in the evening. I had a sensual build up planned for the next experience, but he was interrupted by a real life visitor and I was left to think and plan while he got rid of them.
<Minuet> Forty minutes later he returned, considerably annoyed and with the mood broken. So I changed plans. <Minuet> Two lovers walking on a beach and drenched by a quickly approaching storm
<Minuet> Racing for shelter and stripping off in the cabin, building up the fire and lying on quilts before it
<Minuet> I began to dry him off with a soft towel (he used the fleecy material) stroking it over his body
<Minuet> then rubbing his skin with denim to warm him
<Minuet> then stroking him using a silk camisole
<Minuet> watching him as he stroked the materials across his body as it began to react
<Minuet> I then poured some of my wine onto his stomach and began 'basting' him with a pasty brush :) watching as he reproduced the sensations with fabric and lube
<Minuet> changing the pace at his request I described him eating me until I came then demanding that he fuck me, doggy style, demanding it harder and harder, telling him how I wanted him to fuck me till I couldn't stand, to feel his cock stretching me, feel his balls slapping against my buttocks
<Minuet> as we fought each other, driving against each other thrusting harder and harder
<Minuet> until he was on his knees facing the camera, and coming hard
<Minuet> shuddering with each rushing pulse then falling back, drained
<Minuet> I was also drained
<Minuet> My wrist was aching and a glance at the clock revealed I had been typing for over 7 hours!
<Minuet> totally spent I couldn't even contemplate waiting an hour for him to recover to try for number four
<Minuet> I fell into my bed and into a deep sleep until the phone woke me several hours later
<Minuet> I had to come out to the computer, and I noticed my man was also awake and online
<Minuet> I messaged him and it became clear he would like to go for a fourth attempt
<Minuet> I smiled and began a fantasy that he had started relating to me the day before, a stranger upon a balcony, good music floating through the summer air, and an invitation to join her as he walked along the street
<Minuet> the wind lifting her dress, showing she was dressed for coolness, not modesty
<Minuet> they danced, suspended above the street, people passing below
<Minuet> then the dancing got heated
<Minuet> hands caressing
<Minuet> lips meeting
<Minuet> then pushing him back on the steps and straddling his lap
<Minuet> swaying and thrusting, driving herself against him
<Minuet> feeling him fill her
<Minuet> while on camera he thrust his cock in and out of a fake vagina, it's vibrator buzzing against his cock, driving him closer and closer
<Minuet> slowly sliding the tool up and down his cock, but his expressions giving away the struggle to hold on long enough for me to finish the fantasy
<Minuet> He filled her with his hot cum and she tensed and then relaxed in his arms, sighing in pleasure
<Minuet> holding her
<Minuet> as people from the floor above excused themselves and scuttled past down the stairs ;)
<Minuet> I watched with deep pleasure the range of emotions as he spurted his hot cum into the toy then removed it quickly as the sensations obviously became too strong to be borne
<Minuet> lying back his chest rising and falling deeply
<Minuet> completely and utterly spent
<Minuet> 12 hours had passed since I began the first story of the night, some of the most incredible hours I could ever imagine
<Minuet> he left to crawl into his bed and I returned to mine, to dream of men and warm hands and smiles
<Minuet> I only hope one day he might read this log so I can say THANK YOU, because
<Minuet> the visions from that night are embedded in my mind and will enrich my fantasies for a long long time
<Minuet> the end
<NoIsland> Wow...I mean Wow Minuet...multiple orgasms....gggrrreat story!!!! :)
<Nightcat> Fabulous story, Minuet!!!!!
<Chninkel> I WANT TO HAVE A DAY LIKE THAT TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Nightcat> wow!!!!!!!
<Chninkel> 8)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
<Nightcat> dam thing didn't work!!
<Nightcat> sorry Minuet
<Chninkel> night all !! 8)
<NoIsland> G'night Chn
<Nightcat> we've had a net split folks
<Nightcat> we'll wait until the others rejoin us
<Nightcat> if anyone made comments about Minuet's presentation, they may have been lost in the split,
<Nightcat> so please feel free to heap praise and adulation on her all over again!!
<NoIsland> For the record Minuet:
<NoIsland> Wow...I mean Wow Minuet...multiple orgasms....gggrrreat story!!!! :)
<Nightcat> when it re-joined
> I hope we're all caught up.... are we?
<Nightcat> it went back to moderated :(
<Nightcat> hang on Mick
<Nightcat> ok folks
<Nightcat> now you can talk :)
[23:42] > Next up... Please welcome NoIsland !
<NoIsland> My experience with the Internet and video cams began with a distance education course I taught. As a test with a few volunteer students, we tried using CUSeeMe to supplement the email and Web-based instruction. It was the beginning of an addiction and a new outlet for my latent exhibitionism...
<NoIsland> 4 students volunteered for the test, installed the free version of CUSeeMe from Cornell, and 2 students even had vid cams. On the first session, I was delighted to find one of those two was an attractive woman.
<NoIsland> During the 2nd on-line session, I suddenly found myself distracted by her grinning image on my screen. My daydreaming caused me to fantasize about taking my clothes off and masturbating while she watched. I so wanted to impulsively "perform" with her looking on.....I nearly lost my train of thought with a sudden sexual arousal
<NoIsland> Months later, I found Mick's page [thank you forever for that Mick!], and read about the IRC channel he established. Although I had used the chat window in CUSeeMe, the mIRC with Micknastys experience has changed my life (perhaps this has happened to some of you) but I digress...
<NoIsland> As many of you may know, the Undernet has numerous CUSeeMe channels. I found these very stimulating. I masturbated several times while watching few women and many men wantonly performing a Jack and Jill; however, there was something missing with these group "gropes," and the video suffered from too many people on the same reflector
<NoIsland> One day I conferenced a teacher using NetMeeting. By now I had an ISDN link into my home and the quality was so much better with the speed. After I finished I decided to check another directory, curious as to what I might find. Several pages down I saw an entry for "MadamM" but it indicated she had only sound
<NoIsland> With my heart pounding I paused as my mouse pointer hovered over the name... what was I doing... and I clicked down starting the call. My exhibitionist fantasy was overwhelming me!
<NoIsland> My left hand had instinctively begun caressing my bare inner thigh as I awaited an answer... I was both relieved and aroused when the call was accepted, and I had to quickly restrain myself as I started to chat, my vid cam sending my image without one coming back. My grin was too broad I'm sure!!
<NoIsland> I heard her mic come on with a snap, but in a lagging voice she giggled and said in a most seductive voice, "Cum on, Big Boy, show me what you've got!" I adjusted the vid cam and moved back from the desk, putting on my headset. I was so hard and throbbing, and breathing in shallow breaths
<NoIsland> I stood up, revealing a large bulge in my shorts and told her how excited this private session made me. She responded by telling me she was only wearing a silk bathrobe and was getting "more comfortable," as she watched
<NoIsland> With the image of her disrobing tingling in my mind I slowly lowered my shorts and removed my T-shirt. My hardon was so rigid it had poked out through the front of my boxers and bobbed up and down with my motions. I very slowly moved my finger tips up and down its taunt shaft and it quivered from the sensual tickling. Pre-cum had oozed from the tip
<NoIsland> I lowered my boxers pulling my swollen prick though the opening and let them slide to my ankles. I squeezed a few drops of lubricant onto my now-dark, red head and, using my thumb and two fingers, slowly milked my cock, spreading the lube. My cock glistened in the light and I heard MadamM moaning through my speakers
<NoIsland> Her moaning was followed by her telling me how wet she was made by my display of masturbation and sexual nakedness. She described how she was playing with one taunt nipple with the fingertips of one hand, while caressing her swollen lips of her labia with the other
<NoIsland> When she told me she was already capable of climaxing very quickly by simply circling her rigid clit, the mental image caused me to nearly cum as I stroked my cock for her. I slowed down by using only my fingers to tickle my sweet spot of skin, just under my swollen cock's head, causing it to bob on my fingertips
<NoIsland> I could hear her moaning and breathing quite clearly now, and she breathlessly begged me to explode for her soon, since she was about to cum. I grabbed my aching cock and began to jack off with one hand sliding up and down on its slippery shaft. My other hand was racing up and down my balls, through my bush and across my stomach in slow motion
<NoIsland> Her moaning got louder and louder rising to series of low screams... I cried out a loud "yes" as my cum surged up and out in a single big stream. My cumming seemed to induce a dizziness and lovely ache in me that spread quickly throughout my groin, up my back to the center of my mind. I sagged on my knees
<NoIsland> Three more spurts squirted out on my pumping hand, the thick cream oozing down my milking fingers. My left hand massaged my first wad around my navel in slow circles and I heard MadamM saying over and over "I'm cumming keep going!!" between loud moans
<NoIsland> As a finishing touch I brought my right hand up to lick my fingers, my tongue lapping each finger, the earthy taste adding to my exhibitionist release. MadamM literally screamed in delight with my last act....
<NoIsland> "We really must try this again" she finally said after a few sweet moments of silence. "I'm buying a vidcam next month and you will have to help me break it in...."
* NoIsland yields the stage to all who follow!!!
* Nightcat turns her fan up to the ULTRA-HIGH postion, and looks for a fresh towel!
<captiand> wheeeewww
> I just love video! :)))))
<captiand> :)
<Lisssa> very good...:)
<captiand> noisland that was goo
<Nightcat> goo?????????????
<Nightcat> Freudian slip, Cap?
> Audio is great... I love hearing what's happening... but a picture... heheh I'd love to help break it in too!
<NoIsland> color is goo too Cat!!
<jim_____> gooey?
<Nightcat> I'm sure, Mick :)
<Minuet> WOW!
<captiand> a slip of the fingers
* Minuet fans herself
* MickNasty fans Minuet and Nightcat ;)
<Nightcat> that'll do it too, Cap
<Nightcat> thanks Mick
<NoIsland> slippery fingers eh, Capt?
<Nightcat> LOL
<jim_____> cool story NoIsland
<Nightcat> my thoughts exactly
* NoIsland says Thanks to you I'm ready for someone else to take the stage!!
> Since the net has sucked wind so badly, you were the last, NoI :(