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Chat Log from October 25th

> let's get the show on the Iway
<courier> i'll try
* > Houston/33/m
* Minuet is 32 / f/ Australia
<Geez> I'm Mike/41/m/Boston
* courier
* Cboath^ Wash. State/29/m
* happylady is 23/f/Illinois/observing tonite :)
* Nightcat is female/38/Toronto
<Byter> Male/20/blahblarghy/CWRU/Programmer/Weird/Cleveland, Ohio
* NoIsland is 48/M/Virginia and earth
<MrPink> think Han and Leia
<Drew33> Drew 33/m/DC-Balt.
* courier hide mums coming
* Evie is 28/Female/Houston, TX
<jim_____> m 28 california
> If you wish to tell a story tonite, /msg me
<ace^> ace is male/44/detroit mi
* NickFun is 37, Boston, MA
<courier> me malen to
<camguy> m/38/fla
*** courier was kicked by Byter (Stop acting like you are m/2/antartica_)
<MrPink> i hate that
<courier> i love it
<Byter> MrPink: still better then Ihug
<MrPink> hi again all
<MrPink> true Byter
<MrPink> so who missed me? heheheh ;)
<MrPink> speaking of Ihug... :)
<Chninkel> re folks !
<sCream> what'd we do now?
<Nightcat> ooops
<sCream> ?
<MrPink> don't worry sCream :)
> OK... that should shut up some folks...
> some people's kids... <heavy sigh>
> OK... tonite's discussion is all about Masturbation with Fantasies or your personal fantasies about masturbation (I assume)
> Let's get things started with someone whom we all enjoy hearing from... Minuet :)
<Minuet> Thanks :)
> my pleasure ;)
<Chninkel> yeeha ! 8)
<Minuet> Ever since the topic was set I have been examining my fantasies as I masturbate.
<Minuet> I have discovered a few things, the first being that I rarely stick to one mental scenario.
<Minuet> My mind switches from scene to scene, one from a book, tne I may be trying to write, a character from tv, a favourite fantasy partner, a real life partner, every touch may be a different situation.
<Minuet> I might be a woman lying on my bed with the summer breeze caressing my skin one minute, and a mermaid on a sunlit rock the next. A slave girl being taught how to perform, then a porn star showing off my talents for the cameras.
<Minuet> Very occasionally I will however get a scene in mind and live it out.
<Minuet> I will often start in the shower, his hands soaping me, rinsing me, drying me.
<Minuet> I am his, to do with as he likes.
<Minuet> He leads me to the bed and lies me down upon it.
<Minuet> I lie on my stomach and slip my finger dildo against the upper part of my slit, turning it to low, and holding it in place with a bunched tshirt or towel.
<Minuet> This allows me hands free masturbation, the vibrations tickling against my lips and clit, making me push against it for more and pull back when the pleasure gets too great to be borne,
<Minuet> humping against the little plastic roll of pleasure, my body bared to the room
<Minuet> I am his totally
<Minuet> My hands are tied to the bedhead
<Minuet> my breasts bared to his touch
<Minuet> my legs spread and defenceless against the feelings he is creating between my thighs
<Minuet> my hips pulse against his fingers as I lay there moaning softly, pleading for more
<Minuet> he refuses, continuing to tease me
<Minuet> then I realise, there are people watching
<Minuet> a camera whirring, capturing me forever like this
<Minuet> I squirm against my bonds
<Minuet> the action driving his hands against me
<Minuet> and I am lost in the sensations again
<Minuet> I turn the vibe up a little
<Minuet> and bite my lip against crying out as it touches me
<Minuet> rocking against it
<Minuet> feeling his hands driving me further and further towards orgasm
<Minuet> He is talking to the audience
<Minuet> explaining how to stimulate a woman
<Minuet> showing them how to touch, where to touch
<Minuet> what will make me cry out with pleasure
<Minuet> the vibrator turned to high and my body rocks against it as the ripples rush from my crotch throughout my body
<Minuet> I am helpless
<Minuet> I will orgasm for him, exposed here with people watching me
<Minuet> like a insect pinned to a board trying to fly
<Minuet> it is hopeless trying to resist
<Minuet> my body won't allow me
<Minuet> it is driving harder and harder towards completion
<Minuet> the vibrations driving me mad with desire
<Minuet> he is stroking my nipples
<Minuet> and I am begging for release
<Minuet> then I am shuddering
<Minuet> the vibrations making my body trembling
<Minuet> trembling
<Minuet> harder and harder
<Minuet> then exploding against my clit
<Minuet> rocketing through my body
<Minuet> until I am left
<Minuet> limp
<Minuet> on the bed
<Minuet> unable to move
<Minuet> a move will make the still vibrating dildo press against me once more
<Minuet> and that would be too much
<Minuet> ;))
<Minuet> the end
> I should start putting you last.... You're a tough act to follow! :)
<NoIsland> wheew Minuet...another barnburner!!! Great story!!!
<jim_____> mmmmmminuet, fantastic story, as always
<happylady> hot hot hot hot :)
<Mcman^> wonderful, Min
<Chninkel> *gulps*... nuff said ;)
<Cboath^> great story, Minuet!
<NickFun> I'm saving this tory!
<MrPink> wow!!
<NickFun> styory
<NickFun> never mind
<Cboath^> damn, you're good
<Mcman^> you are great
<Minuet> thanks folks - sorry for the delays, my bro in law decided to come into look at the computer as i was typing!!!!!!!!!
<HYDRO1> that was awesome!
<ace^> story..:)
> I started to get nervous of a split
<Nightcat> Minuet, you have outdone yourself once more!!
* Nightcat fans furiously!!
<Mcman^> I agree, Nightcat
* NickFun is still panting
<Minuet> thank you again, now I must leave, before my secret pleasures are discovered
> Next up, I'm pleased to introduce a Virgin (to telling stories)
> g'nite min!
> I still think you should share with them! lol
<jim_____> whew, thanks min
<NickFun> Bye Min! Thanks!
<Mcman^> Night, Minuet
<Cboath^> nite Minuet. thanks again
<Chninkel> nighty min ;)
<Nightcat> night, Min
<Nightcat> and thanks :)
<NoIsland> Bye Minuet...thanks for that winner!!
<MrPink> thanks Minuet, goodnight
> ahem... what was I saying??? Oh yes!! Please welcome HYDRO1 to front and center. :)
> You're on :)
<HYDRO1> Disclaimer: This is my first story, it is unprepaired, and it will probably suck! So just pretend I said something witty, clever, erotic, and gramaticaly correct!
<HYDRO1> I suppose I really have a fetish, because my best fantasies while masturbating always directly involve masturbation!
<HYDRO1> The fantasy I will tell you now, is one I had while visiting home from college.
<HYDRO1> Well, unfortunately I got home early so I was locked out. I had to relieve myself (of my than I new at the time) So I went behind the house, back down into the forest.
<HYDRO1> I am a exceptionally horney person, so it is hard to have any physical contact with my privy member without masturbation!
<HYDRO1> So I begin to masturbate. Masturbation outside is always exhilirating, but it lacked a key ingredient. A fantasy! So I whiped out a variation to a normal one.
<HYDRO1> As began to stroke, I pictured a woman walking along picking berries. She stumbles across me masturbating. At this point, she leaves quickly... but when she gets home, all she can dream about is me
<HYDRO1> She keeps picturing me, jerking myself off, and begins to unbutton her blouse. She rubs her breasts, and pictures me circling the head of my cock with my right hand.
<HYDRO1> She begins to masturbate, and now is having a fantasy about me!
<HYDRO1> I come into her room, and we make passionate love.
<HYDRO1> When I was about to come irl, I invisioned her cumming, fantasizing about us having sex! (complicated, no?) :)
<HYDRO1> Then, I had one of the best mastabatory orgasms ever!
<HYDRO1> The end, happily ever after! ::clap now::
<NoIsland> A very *good* beginning, Hydro, not to mention your finish!
<Cboath^> Great first story HYDRO. nice job
> outstanding story... first time or not :)
<HYDRO1> gracias
<jim_____> great story hydro
<Mcman^> You show definite promise, HYDRO
<Evie> I found that very witty, clever, erotic, and gramaticaly correct, Hydro! :))
> lol
<Drew33> Well done HYDRO..
<MrPink> well done Hydro, good stuff :)
<MrPink> lol Evie
<HYDRO1> thank you'est very'est much'est
> please remember folks... if you have a story to tell, /msg me so I can queue you up.
> Next up, please welcome Jim to front and center stage :)
<jim_____> thanks mick
<jim_____> girls night out tonight, no men allowed
<jim_____> you'll be ok here by yourself tonight, right honey? by the way, i took some money from your wallet
<jim_____> oh yes, i'll be fine "cindy" (make believe name only), have fun
<jim_____> she dresses in all red tonight, as she often does
<jim_____> it matches her red hair, daring, but yet, not trashy
<jim_____> i hop in the shower as she dresses
<jim_____> lightly shaving the base of my cock, it grows larger as i plan for my night
<jim_____> her perfume lingers in the air as i dry off
<jim_____> i quickly walk down to the video store
<jim_____> an older couple is browsing in the xrated section
<jim_____> we exchange glances and an ever-so-slight nod
<jim_____> as i pick out two selections, i notice his hand rubbing her ass
<jim_____> the cashier has a ring in her nose, her hair has a slight purple hue
<jim_____> i pick up a six pack on the way home
<jim_____> sitting on the couch, i'm really getting into a hot 3way lesbian scene
<jim_____> my bare feet to hurt from digging into the coffee table
<jim_____> lost in my lust, admiring my hard cock in my hands, i barely hear the key going into the latch
<jim_____> when my eyes snap to the door, i see not only cindys red dress, but two more in black behind her
<jim_____> busted, i have nowhere to hide
<jim_____> i hear one 'ohmygod' and two other voices expressing shocked laughter
<jim_____> i'm transfixed on cindys eyes, not knowing what to expect
<jim_____> far from pissed, she has a wicked smile on her face
<jim_____> she pushes me back down on the couch
<jim_____> raising one foot and placing it between my legs
<jim_____> moving her high heeled toe under my balls, i can feel it rubbing my asshole
<jim_____> cindy speaks to her two friends, but keeps her stare on my cock
<jim_____> i'm so embarassed that i can't hear exactly what she says to them
<jim_____> but the approving giggles in the air turn my humiliation to excitment
<jim_____> at this point, well, my mind goes 100 mph in my fantasy,
<jim_____> broken bits of being critqued on my style
<jim_____> and all sorts of encouragement from the three women
<jim_____> all of which may someday be re-experience in my head, and typed in
<jim_____> till that day
<jim_____> finis
<HYDRO1> awesome!
<NoIsland> wow...jim...quite a fantasy!!!!!!!!!1
<Evie> great story, Jim!
<Cboath^> fantastic story, jim!!!
<Nightcat> WOW!!
> I love fantasizing about getting caught like that! :)
<MrPink> mmmm, cool story!
<HYDRO1> Yes, me too! That was awesome!
<NickFun> Great one jim!
<Mcman^> fantastic
<happylady> great jim :)
<jim_____> thanks everybody
> no no... thank *you* :)
> I have one more story teller tonite, unless anybody else wishes to share....
> Our last story is from one of our favorite story tellers. :) Please welcome Nightcat to front and center stage :)
<Nightcat> This should have been the easiest of all stories for me to write, because every time I masturbate, I accompany my pleasuring by imagining my favorite things; these are often things that I have never had the opportunity to actually do.......yet :)
<Nightcat> One of my favorite fantasies takes place during Mardi Gras in New Orleans; it is usually a week where one can shed their inhibitions and get caught up in the sheer raw sexual energy of the crowds, the music, the costumes.......all things that allow you to blend in behind a mask and be someone totally different.
<Nightcat> For those of you who have never been, one of the things that happens quite frequently after an evening of lavish parades and drunken revelry, is that a few women in the crowd will get very daring and suddenly bare their breasts. This usually provokes loud calls from both men and women urging other women to do the same.
<Nightcat> I confess that in the spirit of the moment, and being well-disguised in a black and silver panther costume and elaborate mask, I lifted my shirt and exposed my naked breasts to the crowd, excited and nervous all at once. My nipples were already stiff from the excitement and running my fingers over them once made them pucker even more.
<Nightcat> It was exhilarating to hear the whistling and yells of approval, as well as the groans of desire from a number of men close to me and I found myself very aroused; out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a man wearing a vampire costume open his large cloak to show me his erect penis, his hand wrapped around the shaft stroking very slowly.
<Nightcat> As the crowds swirled around me and moved on to the next display of nudity, I stood there watching him. I could see the tip glistening with pre-cum in the intermittent flashes of light provided by the fireworks display; and then he closed up the front of his cape, smiled and disappeared down a side street, in appropriate vampire fashion.
<Nightcat> He was my first real flasher, not like the furtive little men who prey on women in dark hidden places, but instead open and proud of his cock and intending to tempt by his actions. It was then, I think, that I discovered I was a true voyeur, enormously aroused by the thought of watching him masturbate for me, knowing he was a true exhibitionist who would love to continue.
<Nightcat> My curiousity got the better of me, and I extricated myself from the group I was with and slipped down the dark street after him. I was shivering with both fear and anticipation of the unknown, questioning the sanity of my leaving the safety of the crowds and my friends. I walked on for a half a block and decided I was being silly, and started to turn back when he stepped quietly out of the shadows.
<Nightcat> In a very soft voice, he asked me how wet I was and before I could answer, he asked me if I would like to indulge my most secret fantasy. As he spoke, he let the cloak open, exposing his cock, hard and twitching, dripping with pre-cum onto the sidewalk. "This is what you want to see, isn't it?", he asked.
<Nightcat> I nodded and took my hand gently, leading me a few doors down the street to a large antibellum home. He opened the gate and led me into the house, where I could hear the sounds of the small party in progress; nothing loud, just muted conversation, the clinking of glasses and the soft strains of a Charlie Bird CD.
<Nightcat> As he brought me into the main room, I realized I had come into the middle of a small Jack and Jill party, something I had imagined a thousand times in my masturbation fantasies. There were already about ten or twelve people already in the throes of vigorous jerking and stroking, some naked others merely with their breasts and genitals exposed.
<Nightcat> My pussy was so wet at the sight, I just wanted to find an empty pillow to lean back on so I could find my swollen clit and masturbate right there and then. But my host led me past the main room, into a smaller room with two couches in front of a fireplace, which provided the only light in the room.
<Nightcat> There was another couple in costumes and masks on one of the couches, and they were sitting facing each other; the woman, an attractive blonde, had a glass of wine in one hand and with the other was gently stroking the man's slender, long cock that was sticking straight up from the opening in his pants
<Nightcat> Her partner, a small older gentleman, had both his hands inside her loose silk blouse, obviously fondling her large breasts, squeezing them together and then running his open palms across the nipples; they smiled as we came in and then turned their bodies to face the other couch, putting their legs up on the large table
<Nightcat> They stood and began to undress, leaving their masks on, inviting us by gesture to do the same. I unbuttoned my black silk blouse, teasingly, slowly....and let it slide off my shoulders as three sets of eyes watched me. The excitement of what was to come made the large puffy areolae tighten and pucker, the nipples harden and tip up
<Nightcat> My thumbs hitched into the waistband of my leotards and I lowered them over my hips and thighs, leaving me wearing only my black silk panties and my black and silver mask. I stepped out of my sandals and turned to face my mysterious partner. He opened his cape wide, undoing the clasp and swirling it off his shoulders
<Nightcat> I was astonished to see he was totally naked save his mask and that his cock was much larger and thicker than I had thought it was. The head was purple and distended, wet with pre-cum and bobbing up and down as he began to massage his heavy balls. The other couple sat down on their couch, both of them starting to touch themselves as they watched him
<Nightcat> I sat down on the sofa, spreading my legs wide as my hands reached up and circled my breasts, kneading them, feeling the heat spread to my pussy as I watched the other masturbate, listening to the lovely sounds of skin on skin...wet, sensuous
<Nightcat> My fingers slipped quickly down my tummy, and my fingers parted my swollen labia, so hot now, my ultimate fantasy unfolding before me...two men stroking their hard cocks in front of me, while the other woman and I started to slip our fingers into our pussies
<Nightcat> I could see her fingers coated with her wetness and the sound of her fucking herself spurred me on; my fingers found my swollen clit, so engorged now it protruded from the lips, stroking it from side to side, getting into the rhythm the others were setting
<Nightcat> I began to rock my hips against my hands, faster and faster as I watched the others masturbating furiously, the men's hands moving quickly up and down their shafts lubricated by precum and the woman plunging her fingers in and out of her pussy, moaning out loud
<Nightcat> My partner started to cum first, his balls pulled up tight to his body, his legs stiff in front of him as he spurted five, six times...... his cock aimed at his belly so it was coated with cum and the other man erupted with equal force, cumming all over his lady's pussy
<Nightcat> It was too much for us, and both of us started to cum at the same time our legs touching as my orgasm pulsed over and over and I felt her legs trembling against mine as she kept cumming and cumming with me
<Nightcat> And suddenly, it was over and they slipped from the room, closing the door behind them..... and I awoke
<Nightcat> THE END :)
<Drew33> Standing ovation and whistling madly!!!!! Nice tale Nightcat....
* NoIsland turns off the fan, just so it won't throw anything around... fabulous story Nightcat!
<Mcman^> Oh that was wonderful, Nightcat
* Cboath^ is speachless. Whew.
<Evie> that was absitively posilutely FANDAMNTASTIC!!!!
<Mcman^> no joke
* Streichen reaches for the tissues
<Mcman^> you can say that again Evie
<jim_____> whoa
<Nightcat> thanks all :)
* MrPink is certainly giving you a "standing ovation"! ;)
<jim_____> fabuloso nightcat
<Drew33> Still applauding - I want an encore!!
<Ginger69> Hi Evie:)
<Evie> hi ginger
<Nightcat> :)
<MrPink> wow, just incredible
<jim_____> gettin down in new arleans
<Nightcat> all this encouragement keeps me coming back :)
<Nightcat> thanks
<Evie> or is that "cumming" back, NC?
<Mcman^> keeps me cuming also
> Well folks :) That's a wrap for tonite unless any late cummers have a story to tell.