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Better be in shape

by Anonymous

I have a technique of masturbation I haven't seen mentioned for men at least I think. This involves the build-up of muscular tensions which causes an unusual orgasm. This method requires upper body strength and good physical shape.

To begin with you can strip down to your tight underwear/jockstrap/or speedo bathing suit. Pin and point your hard pecker flat up against your belly pointing straight up toward the bellybutton. Next you find a doorframe, door, or edge of a door. (you can use a chair to stand up on if it is too high) Now comes the tough part! Grab on to the top of the door or frame (feet off of the ground) and let your body hang with your hard dick pressed against the flat of your body and pressed against the surface of the door or frame. Hang as long as you can (it may start to hurt your hands a little). Pause for a moment when necessary (if tired) and hang again and keep repeating this activity. While you are hanging by your hands start to open and shut your legs like you would be making a snow-angel. While you are hanging this way you will feel the extreme tension on the muscles of your body and in your hard dick. It can get tiring but hang on in there! You wont be disappointed. The tension that you are feeling will start to cause a tightening sensation in your cock. As you increase the movement of your legs, a feeling of "wanting to cum" will start emanating from your cock. Suddenly the overwhelming build-up of tension will becom too great and you will have an awesome orgasm without ever really touching your dick! You can also do this on a pole by wrapping your legs around it and trying the same thing.

I also have something else to try which I wouldn't recommend unless you are in good shape. Keep an open mind on this one! It is going to sound strange at first I admit, but if you can keep an open mind you will be in for quite a surprise. As you go throughout out your day, you suddenly and annoyingly get an urge to take a dump, right? When you have that almost imminent feeling of having to "go" slowly start to "jerk Off" in the normal fashion, or wet your cock with spit or lubricant. You will be surprised how good it feels to feel the full muscular sensation of having "To go" while you slowly begin to masturbate. The muscular contractions of "taking a dump" are an imminent involuntary outward push, while the muscle contractions of "having an orgasm" involve the involuntary closing and pinching of the anus. The two heavily opposite reactions of heading "toward an orgasm" and "taking a dump" make the body an erotic battle ground of overwhelming muscular forces. The strain of being on the brink of these two forces is an incredible sensation.

At this point see if you can time your body to where the "outward push" feeling is the strongest and most imminent, with the imminent feeling "inward pull" of your climax. Now you are on the very brink of either cumming or dumping. Pause, take a breath, and fasten your seatbelts for the mindblowing "ride of your life". Give into the "outward push" feeling and squeeze out the dump while stroking to the point of orgasm At THE VERY SAME TIME! You can try and get all the dump (takes practice) out if possible while having the orgasm but it is not necessary to experience the unbelievable feeling of incredibly strong muscular tension battle. You may find the orgasm may stop the actual emptying "dead in its tracks". But you can finish the "dump later". I would not recommend this extremely physical method for the old or people with a heart condition. You need to be in extremly good shape as it is a very strenuous way to have an unbelievable orgasm.

Anal egg

by Eemeli

One day I was sitting in my room and I was bored. I found an unopened condom in my closet and I had an idea to put an small ball inside of it. Then I carefully lubed it and stuck it into my asshole, at first it hurt a bit but when I had done it a couple of times it started to work out well. Next day when I was going to work I left it in my ass and kept it in there the whole day. It felt MARVELOUS!!!!!!

Fantasy computer game

by Kyle

My name is Kyle, and the best times I've had masturbating were while playing a Fantasy game on the computer.

You just enter the names of you and your partner, and it will make up a story for you. As I read the story, I gently massage my dick through my pants. When I get hard, I take off my pants, spit on my hand and stroke slowly. I can stroke for about an hour-it feels so good!!! I pretend I am with the woman in the story which makes me really wanna come. Finally I stroke real hard and shoot. I a so horny writing this.

If anybody has any tips, or if and girls would like to send mail, send to [email protected]

Two in one butt plug

by Anonymous

Reading this page makes me realise how normal I am - seems as if most guys have tasted their own cum, fucked pillows, ect. I wanted to share this one with readers:

I have a 2-in-1 vibrating cockring and buttplug, which I use in public - usually driving or walking around shopping malls. I slip on a condom, wear no underwear, wear very baggy pants and a long top to cover the bulge. I then slip the cockring on, using lube insert the buttplug, and then take the remote cord out of the top of my pants and into my pocket. This allows me to control the vibration and by constantly and quickly varying it from slow vibes to fast vibes, feels like I'm being jerked off. Fortunetly, no one can hear the humming either as the clothes dampen the sound. Makes for an absolutely explosive orgasm and no cleaning up because of the rubber - and the most exciting thing is that nobody knows.

Sextoys are great -I'd like to hear of other guys using them. Try it, you'll love it!

The ways I do it

by Anonymous

I masturbate using one of three methods:

Wet jerk: My favorite. I get completely naked (I can't even wear socks). As I'm undressing, my penis is already swelling in anticipation and I have an erection by the time I'm naked. I then lie down on my bed on my back and proceed to lick my right palm, fingers, and thumb. Then I use my wet hand and apply it to my penis to get it wet. I do this several times to make sure my dick is good and slick. Once I'm wet enough, I fist my penis from the middle of the shaft on up, making sure I squeeze at the top. I then move back down my shaft and repeat the motion. If my hand and penis start to dry out, I simply lick my palm again. By the time I orgasm, my dick is sopping wet and very slippery. I cum on my stomach and continue to caress my dick until all my muscles stop twitching.

Rub down: This is the method I use most often because it's more discreet (I do it at night in bed just before I go to sleep), and it's not quite as messy. When I sleep, I wear underwear only. When I feel horny, I get up and grab the shirt of my hospital scrub uniform. It's very sheer. I lay it down on my mattress and take off my underwear. My dick is, of course, hard already. I lay on top of the shirt, pull the covers over me (in case someone walks in), and slowly rub my cock on the shirt by thrusting my pelvis. Using this method, I cum a lot, because I imagine I'm sliding in and out of a pussy. I cum on my shirt and all I have to do is wipe the cum off my dick and throw the shirt in the hamper to be cleaned later (I do my own laundry).

Vibes: I just discovered this method and have flipped over it. With this description comes a short little story. I have been reading Mick's page for about a month now and love it! I love reading about other guys fisting themselves. While I read the stories, I wear nothing but the bottoms of those hospital scrubs I mentioned earlier. They have an elastic band and are also very sheer. The fabric feels good against my boner. While I read, I'm in a sitting position (obviously) and, as you guys know, when you're sitting and you have a boner, it's even more rigid, especially the head. Anyway, while I read, I massage my dick through the pants by either fisting it or fingering it. It feels very good.

One day, while I was waiting for to load, I went to make my parents' bed (I'm 21 and still live with them). Anyway, while I was tucking in the sheet under the mattress, I felt something rubbery. I lifted up the mattress and saw a vibrator! I had never seen one before! I had a boner already, anxious to read more stories, but seeing that vibrator made me even harder. I took the vibrator back with me to the computer. I already had my sheer pants on, ready to get down. I turned the vibrator on and tickled my dick, balls, and ass with it while I read the stories. Wow! Was I ever horny! I felt so good I had to let go. But, I didn't want to get cum all over the keyboard, so I turned off the computer and went to my room to go fuck myself. I kept the sheer pants on, sat on the edge of my bed to maintain my rigidity, and turned the vibrator on low. I took the 7.5" long vibrator and placed it between my 7' long dick and my stomach. As the vibrator shook in the cradle formed by my dick and stomach, I stimulated the rock-hard head of my penis through the sheer pants. I had never felt such pleasure before! I felt sooo good and I felt so very, very horny! I moaned and trembled as I neared orgasm. I had the stories of guys self-sucking themselves in my mind and how jealous of them I was. I felt the cum literally traveling the length of my dick. When I came, it squirted more forcefully than ever before! And a lot, too. The cum landed in my pubic hair, on my stomach, and on the vibrator. I took out the vibrator and massaged my cum-covered cock through my pants. I felt really good.

I love masturbating and do it at least once a day. When I masturbate, I think of tits, cunts, asses, and dicks. I'm a total bi, but have never fucked a woman. I have fucked a man before, and that same man is the reason why I masturbate today. But, I'll save that story for later.

Orgasm without ejaculation

by Ray

I want to share with you all here a technique to hold ejaculation in masterbation. Orgasm reached by this technique is still good and intense. I've used this technique for more than 15 years, so I'm sure it is not harmful.

Reasons to hold ejeculation in masterbation:

  1. Don't want to mess with cum.
  2. To preserve/save your cum - Ancient Chinese described frequent sex activity is harmful to health, but frequent sex without ejeculation is healthy. Cum was described as "blood spirit". If someone have too much sex activity, loosing too much cum is like blooding severely, harmful to health in the long run.
  3. Energy come back faster after each masterbation. If you masterbate frequently, and if you feel weak all the time, try this technique, you'll find it helpful.

Here is how to do it: When you stroke your penis to the point before orgasm, hold gentlely the base of your penis with your free hand like this. Thumb place above your penis. Middle finger top place between your balls and anus(but closer to the balls). When you start cumming, give pressure to this point with your middle finger at each stress, release slightly between stresses. Do not give pressure with your thumb, your thumb just help to keep position. Don't press your balls. Don't give pressure with other fingers too. Slowly reduce pressure after the stress stop. You'll become skillful after some practice. You won't even waste a drop.


Pillow masturbation

by Bob Hannah

I've been offline for awhile, back now. This is still the greatest site on the adult net. I've just been reading a few of the stories, and I was really excited to see the one by the woman who likes to use a pillow. That's one of my favorite things to watch - a woman straddling a pillow, or lying down and holding it against her cunt, masturbating. I haven't seen the plastic bag trick used yet - but it makes a lot of sense, especially if you like to use a lot of oil or other lube.

Pillows are great for men too. Usually I use my hand (left hand, for those who are nosy) but occsionally I'll get a medium soft, large pillow and fold it, secure it in the folded position with an elastic wrap like an Ace bandage, and have a slow, luxurious "no hands" masturbation that way. My hands are free to stimulate other areas. The tension, or the degree of compression, of the pillow can be varied by making the elastic wrap looser or tighter - and the exact location on my cock which gets the most stimulation can be varied too. It feels almost exactly like slowly sliding my erect cock in and out between a woman's breasts.

I've done this lying down, but I usually prefer to kneel with the pillow in front of me, my thinhs spread. One of the best ways is to kneel in front of two mirrors which are set at right angles to each other, the pillow resting against the mirror in front of me. I sometimes like to watch myself like that. I enjoy watching myself cum, often finishing the last few strokes with my hand and shooting semen right onto the mirror. Other times I'll just let myself shoot right into the pillow.

It's just a wonderful way to masturbate. Writing this, in fact, I've gotten a full erection and I've had to start stroking through my clothes. I'll close this now and go get that pillow!

I'd like very much to hear from anyone else who enjoys this way - especially from the women. - Bob Hannah

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