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No hands technique

by Elaine

Wow! I've just this last week discovered heaven. This site is wonderful. I've enjoyed the stories of women just about as much as the men. I sit here, read, pleasure myself - it can go on for minutes, or hours.

Yesterday was a really good day for me, I had a meeting in another city about an hour's drive from here. I drove up horny, planning to masturbate on the way home (I usually don't let myself do it until I'm on the way home, because sometimes I get very wet, & if I'm not extremely careful, I can mess up my clothes. I learned that "the hard way" - very very embarrassing!)....

Anyway, just before I left the hotel where the conference was, I changed into an open-tipped bra (love those things!), put on the Joani's butterfly. Maybe I shouldn't assume that you know what that is - it's a vibrator which will stimulate a woman's clitoris and labia by way of a remote on-off switch. It fits on you like a thong bikini, with good straps going around your waist and your hips to hold it in place. Somebody put some good thought into the design.

I spent some time walking around in a mall, knowing that at least some people could see my erect nipples. If I wear the right sweater, the nipples usually stay erect without my touching them. But every once in awhile, I'll reach up beneath my jacket and give them a little help - just a very brief stroke or pinch, looks just like a random movement of my hand (I hope), and takes only half a second. That way, they stay nice and raunchy and exquistely sensitive for a long time. Then one or both lapels of my jacket will, of course, "accidentally" open and then I'm showing off for anyone who's looking - all the while appearing to be unaware that anything unusual is going on.

I didn't have the nerve to turn on the butterfly in the mall - it's sorta noisy. But I got very horny showing off, badly wanted to touch myself right in the mall. Didn't, of course. In the car, driving home, I used the remote to turn the butterfly on and off, and it was absolutely great - a "no hands jack-off" to use a coarse phrase one of my girlfriends uses. One hand worked a nipple, the other hand steered, and the butterfly took good care of me down below. The neat thing was, I got incredibly close to orgasm, but couldn't quite come. I wished I could lift up my sweater and touch the skin of my breasts, but that would have been dangerous in a couple of different ways. Next time I'll be sure to wear a blouse instead of a sweater, so I can unbutton it (the blouse)- or hey, maybe just find a way to stop at a rest stop and remove my blouse completely, just leaving the open-tip bra and my jacket for "protection".

By the time I got home I was so desperate for a good cum that I just shucked the sweater and bra in front of the mirror, stepped out of my skirt, and used my right hand to bring on a very hard cum - just took about one delicious minute to do it.

After that, naked, I poured a full 6 ounces of whiskey and worked on that slowly, lying down on the bed, while I pleasured myself with my hands for a couple of hours. I must have come 5 or 6 times - really unusual for me, but very very nice!

I just needed to tell someone about that. Writing it has gotten me erect again, doing myself a little through my clothes. That's the neatest thing about this online stuff - I can tell people things I'd never have the nerve to tell them in person.

And now I even look forward to those meetings out of town.

"Easy Reach" vibrator

by CT

Just found your site and am really glad to find there are people who truly enjoy the pleasure a person can have thru masturbation. I can't get enough of it.. I am bisexual and really enjoy sex.

I am a female and have been masturbating for quite some time.

I would like to share one of my favorite ways with you and everyone else and hope they enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoy doing it!!!

First of all, I like to slowly take off all my clothes and then lie on top of my bed naked.

I slowly rub myself all over making my tits very hard and firm. I then have lying next to me this super powered "Easy Reach" vibrator with a variable speed control. I start it on the low speed and slowly move it all over my shaved pussy, making sure that I let it vibrate my clit longer and longer each time I make a pass. I open up my very wet pussy with my fingers and put it on my clit and start to move my body, shuddering from the great feeling I get from the vibrator. About this time, I am really horny and need further relief, so I get out my "9" inch dildo and inset it into my very wet pussy, holding it with my feet so I can rock back and forth and fuck myself!!! Now, I have put the vibrator on the highest speed it has and I am really lost and into pleasing myself. All of a sudden I shoot cum ( I squirt) all over my sheets and my bed really gets soaked from all the cum!!! The cock has come out of me and I reach for it and put it back in, and start to move it back and forth with my hands until I cum a second time, this usually only takes me a very short period of time before I have reached my climax again. I now am really exhausted, yet know I have to get up and change these sheets before anyone sees them.

Hope you enjoyed my story and maybe I'll do it again some time. Maybe I'll leave my address next time so others can share their experiences with me.

Again, love the page!!!!


by Anonymous

I thought you might like to hear about one of my favourite sexual pleasures.

It's not one I repeat very often but when I do it the pleasure lasts for weeks!

I get an ordinary balloon (the pear shape not the sausage shape ones) and fit a large (2 cm) steel ball bearing inside it. If you can't get one of these a glass marble is nearly as good. I then push the balloon up my cunt with my fingers, taking care to ensure that it and the ball go up as far as possible. I then pump the balloon up until it is almost painful inside me. I wait a few minutes and find that I can pump it up a little more. I then tie of the neck with a piece of string and get dressed. As the ball rolls around inside the balloon it gives me the most intense feelings imagineable! I then go out for the evening. If I go to a disco I can only dance with another girl for a few minutes before coming off. I then have to excuse myself and sit down for a while. Sometimes the other girl, usually a nurse like myself has also inserted the same thing and we both come off.

Once I went on a roller-coaster at the fairground and that brought me off 4 times. My screaming went un-noticed as many other women were doing it (Could they ALL be playing my game??). Even if I just go to a bar normal movements make me come. It is such a satisfying orgasm because I feel so very full. I always come off again in the taxi home and it is only with great difficulty that I stop myself screaming out.

I have also tried it with a balloon up my arse at the same time but it can be a bit awkward moving around and sitting down. It is good fun when a few of us nurses get together and have a few glasses of wine to relax us.

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