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Male Masturbation

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  • Jerika Likes It All
    We took a good look around the Yanks.com member’s area – it’s laid out nicely – and we decided today we would post up one of the most popular girls on Yanks.com. Meet Jerika. We can see why she’s so popular. She’s beautiful and exotic and yet oh so average at the very same time. […]
  • Sexy Shy Renee
    Renee seems like such a nice girl; Clearly she’s on the fast track to being a librarian. But it’s the quiet ones that you always have to watch out for…. Her Yanks.com masturbation interview got kinky when she told us about having sexy outside behind her grandmother’s house….   [See post to watch Flash video]
  • Layla’s Masturbation Stories
    Just when we thought we had heard all of the stories, along comes Layla Monroe and her crazy masturbation stories. Check this – Layla worked in a prison as a prison guard, and used to watch all of the men in prison jerking off! So clearly she’s no stranger to men masturbating… But then when […]
  • Melody’s Masturbation Story
    Melody is not only beautiful, but she loves to masturbate. All women do. During her masturbation interview she talks about how she likes to get off – by herself, with a man, or with another woman. Seems a lot of the women at Yanks.com enjoy getting off with other women! Listen in as Melody tells […]
  • Maggie Talks
    All of know someone like Maggie. She’s the type of chick that loves masturbating and loves to talk about it – any time, any where. You can tell because during her masturbation interview at Yanks.com she talks about her sauna, which is really nothing more than a private place for her to masturbate… Which is […]
  • Masturbation Tricks
    Vienna from Yanks.com seemed to enjoy talking about her secret masturbation habits when she stumbled on a little known secret about masturbation. She’s bisexual – what chick isn’t these days – and because she knows exactly how to get herself off by masturbating herself, she also knows how to quickly get another woman off by […]
  • Cute Pussy
    Ever wonder what a cute pussy looks like? Us too. All of the masturbating hotties on Yanks.com fill out a little interview questionnaire, and one of the questions is what their pussy looks like. And Amberly told us her pussy looked “cute”. Well, now we know. Now we also know that Amberly likes to masturbate […]
  • Tub Masturbation
    Ranushka is an exotic beauty. She’s from Kuwait. And she likes to get off! Well, I guess all of the Yanks.com chicks like to get off… But this one likes masturbate in the tub! [See post to watch Flash video]
  • Shy London
    It must be difficult for women to get up in front of a camera and talk about their masturbation habits. London is shy to begin with, so getting her to talk about what she likes doing to herself when she’s all alone was difficult. But she likes to use both toys and her fingers, although […]
  • Kacey’s Interview
    Kacey’s masturbation interview at Yanks.com was rather amusing really. Turns out she quickly reveals her darkest secret – she likes to masturbate in bars! When she’s trolling for her next lover, she gets so excited that she has to get off right there and then – by her own hands… And then… Sometimes she’s touching […]

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  • TALKING TO LIZ January 25, 2015
    Sister's friend likes to hear stories teen, jack and jill, forum
  • sister I wanted January 24, 2015
    I never had a sister but often wonder if we would of played. brother, sister, mutualss
  • Stepdad's Cousin January 24, 2015
    New member in the famiy and we got along super well. Boobs,cousins,sex,
  • Unexpected Threesome January 23, 2015
    This happened while my wife Carole and I were on holiday at a naturist club. It is a true story. wanking,watching,naturist,fingering,wifes friend,panties
  • WATCHING PORN WITH MUM January 21, 2015
    Watching porn with my Mother. Mother, Son, Masturbation, Porn
  • Getting teased then masturbating January 19, 2015
    Small penis teasing that leads to masturbation spt,sph,small penis,tease,teasin,embarrased,little,grower,

RSS Female – Male Stories

  • Thinking of somebody else January 17, 2015
    My man encouraged me to fantasise and it really got me off Fantasy, other men, oral, fingering, doggy style
  • Mutual Pleasures January 16, 2015
    My husband and I like to giver each other a massage sometimes which always ends in fantastic mutual masturbation. boy, girl, husband, wife, mutual, masturbation, cum
  • Teaching him to let go January 14, 2015
    Teaching my husband how to let go and enjoy masturbation, cock, breasts, pussy, cumming, tits
  • Our partnered technique January 10, 2015
    How I like to masturbate with hubby masturbation, female ejaculation, squirting, exhibitionism
  • The Continuing Education January 4, 2015
    The next couple of years - A sequel to Some Unexpected Education (read first) Brother, fingering, stroking, boobs
  • Some Unexpected Education January 2, 2015
    The first steps into the wonderful world of sex First time, masturbating, porn, brother, first orgasm

RSS Male Solo Stories

  • Saturday's Relaxing January 24, 2015
    What was hurried in my younger years is now much more enjoyable and relaxed. penis, solo, masturbation
  • Brother supplied the materials January 21, 2015
    Brother supplied the materials brother, panties, girlfriend
  • The Household Rubber Gloves January 19, 2015
    I had eyed them off for a while as I had been curious, I decided to go for it. Rubber, gloves, household, wank,
  • Getting my butt filled January 19, 2015
    Rediscovering an old way to have fun panties, butt plug, lube
  • Masturbating Stripper and Sissy Dancer January 18, 2015
    I mentioned in the forum what I do for money. Here are the details of what I do, why I love my jobs, and what I do after a shift. stripping, watched, gay
  • Friend's thong makes me so horny! January 18, 2015
    Fantasize about friend after seeing her wearing a thong. thong, black thong, panties, whale tail, ass

RSS Female Solo Stories

  • Days off are a treat January 26, 2015
    Various ways I like to enjoy myself. Solo, online, sexting solo, teasing, male, anal
  • WET CLIT FUN January 24, 2015
    I am19 years old with a huge ass and perky B cup tits. This has been my favorite ways to masturbate since I was about 13. When I get the urge I have to do it . In my car, in the bathroom; in my my dorm with my roommate in the room even! Wet, […]
  • The New Guy [Part One] January 20, 2015
    Emma fantasizes about the new guy in College. Masturbation, Fingering, No toys, Bathroom, Orgasm
  • For the Love of........ January 19, 2015
    My wife's love of pleasuring herself. love,self,pleasuring, orgasm record
  • Wearing my accidentally stolen men's underwear January 18, 2015
    Ever since I accidentally stole a neighbor's underwear, they've become a favorite masturbation accessory! fingering, toys, crossdressing, men's underwear
  • My Day Off January 16, 2015
    Getting off on my day off self-love, masturbation, clit, heavy breathing, orgasm

RSS Female – Female Stories

  • And Then My Friend Came Over One Day January 22, 2015
    The continuing exploits of Me, My Brother, and...My Best Friend lesbian, brother, kinky, best friend
  • Secret with my workout friend January 19, 2015
    I work out everyday at work and like to pleasure myself in the private shower booth. I learned my cute work out friend does as well. girls, masturbation, friends, work,
  • My New Playmate January 16, 2015
    Sara, my 18 year old neighbor and I have become very good friends. This is how it started with her. girls,masturbation, toys, outside, tribbing, kissing, teen
  • Krystal 4 Jill (b.1973), Krystal (b.1971), Lisa (b.1969) January 6, 2015
    Summary: Ahhh, the boys are both in high school and have been for the last couple of years. Forty-three was my last birthday and I've finally given up repressing these constant sexual urges that have been nagging me for the last five years. It's like a light switch went on and I became frequently horny […]
  • A More Recent Account. January 4, 2015
    Mixing Business With Pleasure. Work, shower, friends, pussy, tits
  • A Little Bit Of Everything Continued... January 2, 2015
    Megan teaches me how to shave and I show her how to masturbate. Shaving, Innie, Twin Sister

RSS Male – Male Stories

  • My first time in a public loo January 24, 2015
    I have read so many stories about getting off in a public loo, I wanted to try, with spectacular and very happy ending results, cum, thongs, rimming, Thai boys
  • My Fantasy January 24, 2015
    My Fantasy Technique precum, jack off, buddies, lick, dickhead, peehole, cum
  • JUST CAME IN FOR A HAIRCUT January 24, 2015
    An unexpected bone-us at a hair salon. Male on Male, public sex, cock
  • A Night of Passion January 23, 2015
    First man to man first time, m2m, cock sucking
  • A straight friend in France... January 19, 2015
    Whilst skiing in France, myself and my friend had a few too many and wanked together... bi,teen,cock,penis,wank,straight,straightteen,wanking
  • MUCH HAPPINESS IN THE SAUNA January 18, 2015
    A trip to the newly refurbished gay sauna ending with a variety of help from 2 lovely Thai boys sauna, sucking, rimming, cum

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