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Male Masturbation

Male Masturbation

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  • Maya Masturbates
    All women have their own sexy masturbation secrets so it should come as no surprise that Maya likes to dress up in lingerie and high heels to clean the house… And then she masturbates!...
  • Sammy Tyloer
    Sammy Tyler is a wild and crazy chick – and looks fucking awesome for thirty-five years old! She’s done it all, and masturbating is old hat for her… But there was a time when...
  • Kati’s Story
    Life is full of wonderful surprises. Kati comes across as a bit of a bitch at first, smoking during her masturbation interview, rocking back and forth. Her answers for the first sixty seconds of...
  • Kendall Talks
    It’s not often we meet a chick who doesn’t have her own collection of sex toys! It’s not like Kendall is afraid of sex or masturbating herself; She’s bi-sexual, loves getting chicks off, but...
  • Britney Ann
    It’s always the quiet ones that are the best in bed! Meet Britney Ann from Yanks.com. She’s a preacher’s daughter who tells us, during her interview, that she started masturbating at age fifteen. Hot....
  • Jerika Likes It All
    We took a good look around the Yanks.com member’s area – it’s laid out nicely – and we decided today we would post up one of the most popular girls on Yanks.com. Meet Jerika....
  • Sexy Shy Renee
    Renee seems like such a nice girl; Clearly she’s on the fast track to being a librarian. But it’s the quiet ones that you always have to watch out for…. Her Yanks.com masturbation interview...
  • Layla’s Masturbation Stories
    Just when we thought we had heard all of the stories, along comes Layla Monroe and her crazy masturbation stories. Check this – Layla worked in a prison as a prison guard, and used...
  • Melody’s Masturbation Story
    Melody is not only beautiful, but she loves to masturbate. All women do. During her masturbation interview she talks about how she likes to get off – by herself, with a man, or with...
  • Maggie Talks
    All of know someone like Maggie. She’s the type of chick that loves masturbating and loves to talk about it – any time, any where. You can tell because during her masturbation interview at...

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  • Learning to like feet :D October 12, 2015
    I wrote about Rebecca (not her real name) in an earlier story... she and I had a short and very volatile relationship that was equal parts passion and insanity. She was aggressive; letting me know exactly what she wanted at any given time. feet, cum, foot fetish, jerking, masturbation
  • High Speed Fun October 10, 2015
    Playing with my wife in the car pussy, cum, wife, fingers
  • A Gift Subscription October 10, 2015
    Surprising to many, my mom was very supportive in helping me to discover new ways to explore my sexuality. She went so far as to give me an annual subscription to several adult men's magazines. I learned very quickly how to put them to good use. This is the story of what transpired from there. […]
  • First time October 10, 2015
    Nude beach excitement door masturbating, circle jerk
  • Still can't believe I did that... October 9, 2015
    As I have been telling you in previous stories, my step daughter and I did some fun things together. However it pretty much ended when she moved out of state...but not totally. crazy, fingering, orgasm
  • I Skyped my wife October 9, 2015
    A Surprise Call video masturbation, watching

RSS Female – Male Stories

  • Mirror Fantasy October 10, 2015
    This is a fantasy one of my guy friends share with me, and gave me permission to put into a story on here. Fantasy, Masturbation, Caught, Nipples
  • Fiance? Pleasing Me October 9, 2015
    My first story about a fun time last week with the fiance russian,tits,boobs,american,cum,pussy,wet
  • Metamorphosis October 8, 2015
    After all the kids had left the nest, this long time married couple were embracing their new found sexual freedom. Read of the mischief this raunchy housewife gets up to with the blessing of her husband, and enjoy how she seduces one very lucky young man! erotic stories, erotic short stories, erotic fiction
  • Girls Just Want To Have Fun October 3, 2015
    Tina and her best friends Deena and Amber felt like they deserved some time to unwind and relax. Stepping out of their comfort zone, and heading to the most well known nightclub in the area, they soon learn that their friendship can withstand a little sharing... groupsex,erotic,short,story
  • First Full Body Orgasm September 30, 2015
    I got a lesson in the joys of edging and never looked back. masturbation, edging, orgasm, cum,
  • Masturbation For Two September 30, 2015
    Coming home from another long day at the office, this lucky lady is rewarded with a relaxing night of orgasms and stimulation from her husband, along with the help of one very enticing toy. Read about her sexy fantasy now and enjoy it for yourself! masturbation,erotic,short,story

RSS Male Solo Stories

  • Starting out. October 12, 2015
    Start of a beautiful relationship with my hand. Starting out
  • The hotel room October 12, 2015
    Masturbation while staying alone at a hotel room White
  • Confessions of a Porn Addict, The Intro October 9, 2015
    I go in depth about my porn viewing and masturbation. This will be a multi-part series masturbation, fleshlights, drunk, porn
  • Bzzzzzzzd it October 3, 2015
    While having a chat, I was talked into shaving my entire crotch area. solo, male, masturbation
  • Busted! I wish this was Male - Female story October 1, 2015
    Alone in my Hotel Room and I had an audience that I didn't know about. Male Masturbation, Lesbian, voyeurism
  • Discovering Pleasure September 29, 2015
    How I first discovered masturbation, my first orgasm and early sexual experimentation. first orgasm, masturbation, fetish, feet, caught,

RSS Female Solo Stories

  • Non-penetrative finger fun, part I October 11, 2015
    I'm not into toys and don't penetrate myself while masturbating. All of my solo sex is external finger stimulation. This doesn't mean it has to be boring. female, masturbation, fingering, teasing
  • Charter Bus Masturbation October 10, 2015
    What happens when a horny female is stuck on a bus for almost five hours with not entertainment? Let?s read and see. Masturbation, Solo, Female, Bus ride
  • Flight Attendant Exhibitionist Shares Her Love of Masturbating for Men October 7, 2015
    Would you like to watch a real flight attendant strip nude from her uniform and masturbate for you? I am a real stewardess and fly for a Major US Airline, but you won'tsee me like this on your flight or know that I am an admitted exhibitionist. Simply put, I enjoy masturbating for men while […]
  • My First Real Toy October 1, 2015
    The first time I ever used a vibrating toy! Vibrator, solo, first time, toys
  • It had to be me! September 27, 2015
    Naked, at lunch break, in the shop where I work. Public, jilling, wet, squirt, did, filmed, camera
  • Changes in Attitudes September 23, 2015
    As I become more open to sex with other women, I find myself noticing more, looking more and being noticed more by them. woman watching,changing room,masturbation

RSS Female – Female Stories

  • Lesbian In The Basement October 1, 2015
    Kate was bored with her boyfriend Danny, but didn't know how to fix things. She decided to get some ideas from her best friend Sammy and organized a girls night in to chat and drink wine. Little did she know that this girls night would change her life forever and fix all her problems for […]
  • Sex on a Sunlounger September 21, 2015
    A sexy encounter on a sunlounger between a hot young women and her dad's female business associate oral, lesbian, encounter, sex, first time, fantasy, voyeur
  • My first lesbian experience September 19, 2015
    When the opportunity arose in a club, I decided to act on my fantasies. Lesbian, club, fingering
  • Exploring Fantasy... The Reason I'm Here on Solotouch September 18, 2015
    The reason I'm here on Solotouch is to explore my curiosities. I've fantasized about being with another woman for many years, and after some wonderful conversations with some of the amazing women on here I am inspired to share that fantasy with everyone. I dream about having this type of encounter... orgasm, fingering, clit, licking, […]
  • Dirty Girl September 10, 2015
    I got picked up in town by the prettiest woman at the diner. lesbian,older younger, outdoors sex
  • Under the Table September 8, 2015
    I saw two women in a public place, being very friendly. What an amazing sight! voyeur,Lesbian, public

RSS Male – Male Stories

  • A bus ride to Bangkok -Thai style October 12, 2015
    Sex with an unknown man and woman with someone else watching Wank ,thong ,cumshot ,talcum powder
  • Public toilet wank October 9, 2015
    Masturbating and cumming with an older stranger at a urinal wank,masturbate,cock,cum,older,stranger,suit,urinal, public
  • Fun times with a Friend October 6, 2015
    I got a new roommate! Of course that means I have new stories! teens, penis, open, straight, porn, cum, jerk off
  • Handcuffs and back massager October 5, 2015
    I handcuff my straight friend and massage his dick with a massager. Ranch, straight, massager, hockey, alberta
  • Camping fun October 5, 2015
    My first, and only experience with another man Wank, tent, friends
  • The infamous FIRST TIME October 3, 2015
    Always fun to remember that first time you feel that orgasm when figure out how to cum as a kid. Well my first time was done by another boy. Amateur, first time, male on male, orgasm, teen

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