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Male Masturbation

Male Masturbation

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  • DIY Masturbation
    Just when we think we’ve heard of every possible way for a woman to masturbate, along comes Heidi to teach us that sometimes when all else fails, you have to get off, and your fingers just won’t do… It’s time to do it yourself….. And be creative!   [See post to watch Flash video] Turns […]
  • Vanessa’s Oh Face
    I know you all want to see some of these girls getting off!
  • Multiple Orgasms
    We found Holly on the Yanks.com site in the Masturbation Interview section. Oh god, how we love hearing chicks talk about how they like to get off masturbating… Holly from Yanks.com was a special treat. No big surprises; Holly is exactly what you think she is and doesn’t pretend to be anything more. She’ll be […]
  • Joys Of Masturbation
    Janessa lost us at hello… She’s so cute and sweet and we just want to cuddle her… She tells us about how she first discovered the joys of masturbation – with a bear when she was younger – and now that she’s all grown up she tells us all about the joys of her favorite […]
  • Anna Gets Off
    Anna doesn’t seem to think she’s hot when she masturbates. She says she “doesn’t get all dressed up and put make up on to masturbate”. Doesn’t matter. It still hot. We don’t visit Yanks.com for their porn stars. We visit Yanks.com for their all natural every day average real life girl next door type of […]
  • Kiki’s Masturbation Interview
    Kiki knows what she likes… Most chicks like this too… Clit stimuation!   [See post to watch Flash video] Watching Kiki get off on video is going to be a special treat! I love the Yanks.com masturbation interviews!
  • Holy Butt Plug
    Kandie is another wild one! Seems when she was younger she enjoyed getting off riding bikes, and then later motorcycles…. Which makes perfect sense if you think about – a motorcycle is like a huge vibrator… Made by NASA! During her masturbation interview she tells us about how she used to make a long drive […]
  • She Squirts
    It’s always the shy ones you need to watch out for. You just never know what they are up till until it’s too late. Marla confused us. On the phone she was very shy and very quiet, and in person it was more of the same. She sort of strikes you as the kind of […]
  • Zoe Cums Fast
    Zoe here cracked us up during her masturbation video! She told us about how she’s a nature girl, and how she learned about the joys of female masturbation by dry humping her teddy bears which is rather common… But then she got into the nitty gritty – and told us all about how she likes […]
  • Red Head Masturbates
    Everyone likes a hot red head, right? How can you not… Ryanne must be wild when she masturbates! Ryanne went to boarding school when she was younger, and learned how to masturbate in the shower – a girlfriend taught her. Hot hot hot! Then when she went home to her parent’s house she would get […]

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Female Masturbation

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  • Sexting With My Cousin May 19, 2015
    Sexting leads to a little bit more sexting,cousin,masturbating,fingering,incest,pussy
  • In The Tub May 19, 2015
    Our time in the tub boobs, fingering, hard
  • Supposed to be a Quickie May 19, 2015
    A quickie turns into more cum, masterbation, fingering, toys
  • Fun With My Little Sister May 17, 2015
    I'll show you mine if... brother, sister, naked, touching, lick, masturbation
  • The Four of Us May 17, 2015
    When I was fourteen, and my neighbor was 13, my sister 13, and her friend 14, we used to have what we called the 'sex club.' This is an absolutely true story, not embellished in any way. Only the names have been changed. club, group, group masturbation, mixed group
  • Thinking About My Step Daughter May 15, 2015
    Things I think about when I stroke..... memories, playing

RSS Female – Male Stories

  • Sharing Tales of Exe's May 21, 2015
    Turning each other on with sexual memories Sex memories, masturbation, oral sex, big cock
  • Innocence Was Gone May 17, 2015
    My road to discovering what masturbation was all about niece , small, uncle , huge
  • Family Friends at The Beach House May 17, 2015
    What I thought was going to be a quite weekend turned out to be all my fantasies of older couples turning into reality. #young/old, #teen, #swinger couple, #big tits
  • The First Encounter May 14, 2015
    Second year of college couldn't be looking greater for Aaron. His interest in science, space and astrophysics didn't get in the way of a healthy stream of babes. However, Aaron never expected to meet the babe of his dreams, on a class camping trip, in a spaceship. alien, slut, big dick
  • Squirting All Over His Face May 3, 2015
    I've been naughty when we were at the restaurant and when we got home, I got the punishment that I deserved. pussylicking,cunniligus,oralsex,cum,squirting,squirt
  • Under the table April 29, 2015
    "He looked at me and bit his lower lip in pleasure." exhibitionist,masturbation,handjob,fingering,cum

RSS Male Solo Stories

  • My First Time-Hawaiian Tropic May 21, 2015
    A late-bloomer, I didn't learn how to masturbate until I was 15. First time, jerk off, cum, orgasm
  • Bathtub Memories May 20, 2015
    Stroking to memories boobs, fingering, hard
  • Polegasm at It's Best May 20, 2015
    How I learnt pleasuring myself when I was younger Asian,Indian,Polegasm
  • Cumming On My Face May 18, 2015
    Like my bio says I'm Bi-Curious. This is a story about me stroking so hard that I shot ropes of cum all over my face. solo, cum, cum eating, facial
  • The Hazards of Extreme Edging May 17, 2015
    The hazard(s) of extreme edging or be careful what you wish for Edging, Cum, Public, Erection
  • Enhanced Masturbation Through Technology May 14, 2015
    Digital Age Masturbation Edging, Masturbation, Orgasm

RSS Female Solo Stories

  • My Landlords May 19, 2015
    It wasn't until my new landlords moved into the house that I realised quite how much I could see from my bedroom window... voyeur,solo,sex,masturbation,orgasm
  • When a Finger Diddler Uses The Bathtub Faucet May 18, 2015
    I'm a committed finger diddler. I don't like toys. It's finger on clit all the time for me. But sometimes I cheat. female, masturbation, bathtub faucet
  • My Latest Squirt May 11, 2015
    I just posted pictures, I figured I'd tell you about them. Squirt, dildo, ,my wife and daughter,Spank
  • Different Philosophies of Edging May 8, 2015
    Why I edge and how I think about it female, masturbation, fingering, orgasms, edging,sister,edging
  • Late Again!!! March 31, 2015
    I seem to have issues with getting things done until I masturbate.. porn, clit, need
  • Preparing For A Date. March 31, 2015
    I was nervous, I invited him to come and see me, my new date. I met him a few weeks ago, a cute guy, we made out in the bar and outside in the alley. He is a good kisser; the last time that we kissed he was sweet, very sweet. Not pushy, not macho, […]

RSS Female – Female Stories

  • A Very Happy Ending May 14, 2015
    The best massage I have ever had massage, orgasm, pussy, wet
  • First Time Having Her - With Her Permission April 22, 2015
    First time with my best friend who'd never let me have her before lesbian, vibrator
  • A Fantasy Woman! April 16, 2015
    Fantasizing of meeting a woman from my church. A follow-up kind of story from a prior Solo posting none, arousal, fantasy, fingering, clit
  • Watching Her April 7, 2015
    This is how my voyeuristic tendencies started, I think. I used to share a room with my sister when we were growing up and have some great memories of it. sister, voyeur, spy, fingering
  • Sleepless At Night. April 5, 2015
    I am a night owl and I usually go to bed late, very late, too late. But that evening my girlfriend was with me and after a nice cozy time together we went to bed early. female-female action, humping,
  • YOU BAD BITCH !!!! March 22, 2015
    " You've been a bad little bitch , it's time for you to be punished " lesbian , milf , teen , incest , forced

RSS Male – Male Stories

  • Gym Shower May 19, 2015
    Locker room shower peep show. This happened the other day Locker room, peeking, uncut
  • His Small Dick May 18, 2015
    It was awesome jacking together and enjoying his little dick. small, cousin, precum, cum, frot
  • Summer Before College May 17, 2015
    My first time randomly happened but I still remember it like it was yesterday theater, first time, jerking off,
  • Morning Wood May 15, 2015
    Watching my cousin sleep went further than I would have thought Morning wood, cousins, briefs
  • The Fleshlight May 8, 2015
    My mate shows me his Dads flesh light mutual masturbation, flesh light
  • Voices in the Dark May 6, 2015
    A follow up story to The Voice in the Dark Masturbating session with an Uncle Uncle, mutual masturbation

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