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Male Masturbation

Male Masturbation

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  • Jerika Likes It All
    We took a good look around the Yanks.com member’s area – it’s laid out nicely – and we decided today we would post up one of the most popular girls on Yanks.com. Meet Jerika. We can see why she’s so popular. She’s beautiful and exotic and yet oh so average at the very same time. […]
  • Sexy Shy Renee
    Renee seems like such a nice girl; Clearly she’s on the fast track to being a librarian. But it’s the quiet ones that you always have to watch out for…. Her Yanks.com masturbation interview got kinky when she told us about having sexy outside behind her grandmother’s house….   [See post to watch Flash video]
  • Layla’s Masturbation Stories
    Just when we thought we had heard all of the stories, along comes Layla Monroe and her crazy masturbation stories. Check this – Layla worked in a prison as a prison guard, and used to watch all of the men in prison jerking off! So clearly she’s no stranger to men masturbating… But then when […]
  • Melody’s Masturbation Story
    Melody is not only beautiful, but she loves to masturbate. All women do. During her masturbation interview she talks about how she likes to get off – by herself, with a man, or with another woman. Seems a lot of the women at Yanks.com enjoy getting off with other women! Listen in as Melody tells […]
  • Maggie Talks
    All of know someone like Maggie. She’s the type of chick that loves masturbating and loves to talk about it – any time, any where. You can tell because during her masturbation interview at Yanks.com she talks about her sauna, which is really nothing more than a private place for her to masturbate… Which is […]
  • Masturbation Tricks
    Vienna from Yanks.com seemed to enjoy talking about her secret masturbation habits when she stumbled on a little known secret about masturbation. She’s bisexual – what chick isn’t these days – and because she knows exactly how to get herself off by masturbating herself, she also knows how to quickly get another woman off by […]
  • Cute Pussy
    Ever wonder what a cute pussy looks like? Us too. All of the masturbating hotties on Yanks.com fill out a little interview questionnaire, and one of the questions is what their pussy looks like. And Amberly told us her pussy looked “cute”. Well, now we know. Now we also know that Amberly likes to masturbate […]
  • Tub Masturbation
    Ranushka is an exotic beauty. She’s from Kuwait. And she likes to get off! Well, I guess all of the Yanks.com chicks like to get off… But this one likes masturbate in the tub! [See post to watch Flash video]
  • Shy London
    It must be difficult for women to get up in front of a camera and talk about their masturbation habits. London is shy to begin with, so getting her to talk about what she likes doing to herself when she’s all alone was difficult. But she likes to use both toys and her fingers, although […]
  • Kacey’s Interview
    Kacey’s masturbation interview at Yanks.com was rather amusing really. Turns out she quickly reveals her darkest secret – she likes to masturbate in bars! When she’s trolling for her next lover, she gets so excited that she has to get off right there and then – by her own hands… And then… Sometimes she’s touching […]

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RSS Male – Female Stories

  • Break Time... February 28, 2015
    Everyone needs a stress break at work, right? heavy petting,making out,at work
  • Sisters Can Be Very Great! February 25, 2015
    Let's just say I'm glad I went to school that day. Threeway,sisters,school
  • Cousin Wants More (3) February 25, 2015
    Follow up story to " Cousin wants more (2)" fiction, cousin, young
  • Jerking Off For a Curious Girl February 25, 2015
    She was determinably curious, I was desperately horny. Jerkoff, exhibitionism, panties
  • Fixing Her Computer February 24, 2015
    Cumming in her sock chubby, feet, foot fetish, socks
  • Her Assignment February 24, 2015
    She likes my dirty mind assignment, toys

RSS Female – Male Stories

  • Babysitting For Todd February 28, 2015
    I took care of his kids then he took care of me... older, babysitter, squirting, oral
  • Taking Peeing a Little Further February 27, 2015
    This happened last week - and right out of the blue as well. I TOTALLY wasn't expecting this! Pee, panties, cum, squirt
  • Sweet Revenge With a Happy/Satisfying End For All (Part Two) February 27, 2015
    Let the CFNM fun begin for all, including Frank - at the end. CFNM,masturbating,kissing,watching,beautiful
  • Caught Him With My Knickers February 27, 2015
    First time I ever saw him masturbating masturbation, orgasm, blowjob, pussy licking, mutual
  • CFNM Sweet Revenge With a Happy/Satisfying End For All (Part One) February 26, 2015
    When I found out what my friendly neighbour had done I immediately went into overdrive to get even in such a way that every one was happy and our relationship moved to a more interesting level. CFNM,masturbation,orgasm,neighbour,pool,revenge
  • CFNM Experience With an Old School Friend. February 22, 2015
    I convinced an old school friend of mine to masturbate for me on a nudist (clothes optional) beach while I wasn't naked. cfnm,beach,masturbation,tease,orgasm,group

RSS Male Solo Stories

  • Good Vibrations February 28, 2015
    My first body massager massager, masturbate, orgasm, penis, cock, dick
  • My Peegasm February 28, 2015
    For a while last year, I was fascinated by the idea of peegasms. There is a video on the Internet of a guy who has managed it. He can pee and cum at the same time. So, I figured I could learn to do it too. And I did! Once. urination, piss, pissing, peegasm,
  • Rectal Exam February 26, 2015
    A trip to the hospital for an ordinary rectal exam, I thought. anal, masturbation, doctor, hospital, stroking, jacking,
  • Fun With Porn February 26, 2015
    One of many times I stroked my teenage cock to porn, but this time... pretty sure my mom watched. Masturbating,watched,mom
  • Irish Panty Fetish February 23, 2015
    My first experience living my panty fetish. Panty, Panties, cum, orgasm, Masturbation,
  • Shaving and Masturbating February 22, 2015
    Shaving myself and masturbating and fantasizing about women doing the same masturbating,chatting with women,shaving

RSS Female Solo Stories

  • I need some help please February 15, 2015
    I need some help cumming help,cumming,cum,big tits,gspot,
  • Pleasure and Pain February 11, 2015
    a task from Master master, slave, butt plug, vibe, magic wand, candle, wax
  • Public Rubbings February 11, 2015
    Master request I rub myself in public until my jeans were wet. master, slave, rubbing, public place
  • Humiliation Online February 7, 2015
    My first experience of humiliation - a task from my online Master. master, slave, humiliation, pissing, bondage, online
  • My Favorite Squirt February 5, 2015
    As the title states, my best squirt ever. Squirting, solo, female,strong,edging,dildo,vibrator,bed
  • My Very First Multiple Solo Orgasms January 30, 2015
    Giving myself an orgasm and then giving myself another one female, masturbation, fingering, multiple orgasms

RSS Female – Female Stories

  • Talking dirty February 27, 2015
    I guess you'd call this female-female fingers, arse, pussy, sucking, panties
  • The Holiday - Part 2 February 26, 2015
    I was masturbating while writing this and it took me about an hour. Tits, Pussy, Cousin, Masturbation Stories, Holiday
  • College Roommate Fun February 26, 2015
    My sexy room mate and I had a very wet and wild first time together. sucking, clit, wet, sexy, roommate, college, nipples
  • The Holiday - Part One February 24, 2015
    My longest story yet! Holiday, family, tits, pussy, masturbating
  • Getting Fucked By My Room Mate February 22, 2015
    I've been caught three times, but the first time was an adventure. Tits, Toys, Pussy, Girls, Roommates, Screamers, Clit, Orgasm
  • College Nights At The Spa - The Ladies February 21, 2015
    Silly MeI thought my only clients would be men lesbian, massage, older woman, stripping

RSS Male – Male Stories

  • Sauna Surprise February 26, 2015
    This is about a long wished-for, and now finally experienced male to male jerk off, starting in the sauna. older, younger, jackoff, cum, surprise
  • the unexpected happened February 25, 2015
    I still can't believe it went down like this! cousin, family, masturbation
  • Giving My Frst Oral February 25, 2015
    Early mutual masturbation, first taste of cock mutual, first taste, sixty-nine
  • First Handjob... That Wasn't From My Own Hand February 24, 2015
    Step brother and I giving each other a hand handjob,mutual masturbation,stroking
  • Frankie - New Neighbor, New Friend February 18, 2015
    This story is based on a dream and is fictional. neighbor, friend, first time, black, cum
  • The Rugby Coach February 18, 2015
    Spying on the rugby coach in the showers Spy, Coach

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