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Real Amateur Masturbation

Real Amateur Masturbation

We’re all about amateur masturbation and masturbation is all about the orgasm.  This is the real deal and we capture our girls masturbating just like they do at home.  Some like fingers, some like toys, some have visible contractions, some have vocal orgasms, some even squirt.  These are the girls next door and they are cumming for you.

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RSS Video Interviews

  • Stacia Fox
    Every now and then Yanks.com has a stunning chick that is just the perfect combination of beauty and being horny. Stacia Fox fits this description perfectly. She’s a dancer (yum yum!) and on her...
  • Jen’s Got Boobs
      The first thing you notice about Jennsin is that she’s got boobs. So when it came time for them to talk about how she discovered the wonderful world of masturbation, it makes sense...
  • Tasha Ray
    The masturbation interviews are always the favorite part of an update at Yanks.com every week! Meet beautiful Tasha Ray who tells us that she masturbates every morning of her life in the shower. If...
  • Barbi Caught Masturbating
    Barbi lost us at “Hello”. Barbi is 32, from Washington but sounds very Russian, is easy on the eyes, and loves to use both vibrator and her fingers. She likes to stimulate the clit!...
  • Naughty Girl Roxi
      Roxi Smith was a naughty naughty girl. She learned how to masturbate at an early age when she discovered he mother’s vibrator. She quickly determined she wanted a vibrator of her own, so...
  • Lexi Loves Sex Toys
    Here at Yanks.com we learn something every day. Meet Lexi, a hot thirty-something MILF. She likes to use her sex toys when she gets off, which is nothing new. But she REALLY likes her...
  • Mia Presley
    Meet Mia Presley – Yummy! She’s a Penthouse Model and all. And clearly she likes chicks as much as guys! When asked about her first masturbation experience, it turns out Mia Presley was much...
  • Sexy Leyla
      Leyla has it going on. Fit and trim with her sexy red hair, she likes reading and writing short stories. When it comes to masturbation, she loves her vibrator. She calls it “simple...
  • Scarlet’s Masturbation Secrets
    Scarlet seems like such a nice girl, but it’s always the nice girls that hide all of the hottest masturbation secrets. She discovered masturbation at a young and tender age while “cleaning” (watch the...
  • Masturbation in the Snow
    Just when we thought we’ve heard it all… Along comes Emily. She starts off her masturbation interview by telling us she about a ski trip she recently took where she – you guessed it...

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  • Don't Talk, Just Kiss! May 4, 2016
    Airport hotel layover has thunderous returns! blow job, huge cock
  • Handjob on the Redeye May 3, 2016
    After playing a series of shows in the early 1970's on the east coast, the redeye flight home had a happy ending. This is another in the history of my sexual escapades. hand-job cum, orgasm, taste, swallow, airplane
  • Visiting Barbara May 3, 2016
    I stayed with my aunt at two different time, 15 years apart. She was a sexy woman on both occassions. masturbation, aunt, wank, breasts
  • Adele's Black Vinyl Jeans! April 30, 2016
    This is a story of how my fetish with black vinyl jeans started. VIBRATOR, FETISH, SHINY,CUM, VINYL
  • Mum and Me April 30, 2016
    Off school ill, watching TV with my mum and I couldn't believe what was happening Mum
  • Fondness, in the Bath April 30, 2016
    Even as we get each other off and he makes me shudder with orgasm, I try to understand my friend. friends,gay friend,mutual,oral,cum,cumming

RSS Female – Male Stories

  • Early Learning (1) May 3, 2016
    It's in the title.... Masturbation, first time, learning
  • April Auditions April 22, 2016
    Outdoor masturbation in reality and fantasy simultaneously Mutual masturbation fantasy focus
  • Whats Your Fantasy? April 20, 2016
    A walk in the snowy woods draws a heated fantasy Outdoor mutual masturbation
  • Fun With My Cousin - Part 2 April 12, 2016
    This is my second sexual experience with my cousin and it was hotter than the last one. cousin,masturbation,oral,anal
  • The First Time I Gave Head April 9, 2016
    The first time I gave head and i loved it Black,girl,white,guy,oral,blowjob,fingered,
  • Making Salad April 1, 2016
    He's watching. She's in control. watching,masturbation,vegetables

RSS Male Solo Stories

RSS Female Solo Stories

  • Truths about Us May 3, 2016
    I masturbate to orgasm while my beautiful friend watches Female masturbation, girl watching, fisting
  • Long Drives On My Own May 2, 2016
    How I entertain myself on the long trips I take for work. Solo, female, public
  • Being In love with .... April 30, 2016
    When being in love means; ....feeling warm and happy when .... ....getting horny and wanton when .... ....getting desirous when you think about .... Masturbation, Self love, Pussy love, Clit love,
  • The Power of Literature April 27, 2016
    Reading sometimes leads to fun. masturbation, edging, orgasm, cum,
  • Penetration Please! April 26, 2016
    One of the first ways I learned to masturbate. Masturbation, humping, fingers.
  • Kitchen Secrets April 26, 2016
    Kitchen utensils make for great solo masturbation Female solo masturbation using kitchen utensils

RSS Female – Female Stories

  • Becks and Wax May 1, 2016
    Two girls experiment with wax Girl on girl creative, involving wax
  • The First Time April 29, 2016
    The first time my best friend had sex, I gave it to her. First time, lesbian sex, movie theater, other distractions
  • Becks and The Wax April 26, 2016
    Two female lovers discover pleasure and pain through wax Female ,masturbation, wax
  • Masturbate With Me April 22, 2016
    Let's masturbate together while our partners are out. Nobody will ever know. mutal masturbation, lesbian, guided masturbation,flight attedant,mutual masturbation in a hotel
  • Sex and the Art Of Steam Engine Maintenance April 20, 2016
    Unexpected library sex Interesting oral sex with a twist, fun, surprise sex
  • Fantasy Turned Real On the Pier March 24, 2016
    My lover rescues me from a panic attack in a crowd by creating a fantasy that slowly becomes reality. Lesbian, non fiction mixed with fantasy in public

RSS Male – Male Stories

  • The Second Guy With Whom I Had a Sexual Experience: PART II May 3, 2016
    I remember being in the same room several times with Kraig after he masturbated in front of me. We were never alone but usually with a group of people. We spoke to one another but it was awkward. I imagined everyone else could tell but no one ever said anything so that part was certainly […]
  • For my 13th Birthday May 2, 2016
    As my 13th birthday approached, my 15-year-old brother kept hinting that he had something good for me. brothers, mutual masturbation, family
  • My True Life Story April 29, 2016
    A brief history of my male-male sexual encounters sleepover,friends,porno, mutual
  • 8th Grade Jack Buddy April 26, 2016
    new boy in my class likes jacking off as much as I do 8th grade, sleepovers, boners
  • The Two Guys Behind My House April 24, 2016
    Another story from a client. mutual masturbation, gay, homosexual, exhibitionism
  • Jacking Off With My Younger Brother April 19, 2016
    True story about the time I caught my little brother jacking off... he didn't stop incest, jacking off, cumming, brothers

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