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Have you ever had a women that likes to take a bath on a regular basis? Yeah, right. She’s not taking a bath. She’s locking the door, filling up a tub, taking off all of her clothes…. Do the math! She’s both naked and behind closed doors, where no one can see her. With warm water running over her private parts. She’s masturbating. Only you don’t get to watch!

This is Kasey Chase from Ron Harris. She’s showing us exactly what women like to do behind closed doors!

kasey chase masturbates in tub

This Ron Harris hottie has one leg up in the air, her legs spread, and she’s massaging her pussy as she slowly fingers herself… It’s like the perfect combination, the perfect masturbation storm….

She’ll just have to be quiet because she doesn’t want anyone to know she’s masturbating in the tub while she’s supposed to be taking a bath!

Secret Masturbation Tricks

We already know how women like to use the tub to hide their secret masturbation habits. All chicks do it. “Honey, I’m going to soak in the tub”. Sure thing. Have you soaked in a tub? That’s what hot tubs are for, although not really, because hot tubs are really for having sex. Women like spending time in the tub because they like to get off. Give them a warm bath and they’ll fuck themselves silly masturbating to the facet with warm gushing water hitting their clit, getting them off.

Not Stephanie Richards. This hottie from Ron Harris, well, she’s not even pretending on this point. She just wants to masturbate in the tub. No water, no games, just masturbation.

stephanie richards masturbates in tub

I like chicks like Stephanie Richards. She likes to masturbate and she’s not afraid to admit it!

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