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Tender Beautiful Masturbation

Watching woman masturbate is always a beautiful sight. It’s amazing how when they are getting fucked it’s hard, fast, and sometimes brutal, yet when they masturbate themselves on their own they are gentle, almost timid like. Vienna from Yanks.com is a perfect example. Oh, she likes getting drilled like the rest of them. But she likes to masturbate herself also – she likes being tender with herself. This video says it all and speaks volumes… She’s interested in getting herself off by masturbating herself, but she’s not in a hurry… She just slowly slide her finger in and out of pussy, but barely so; Just enough to get her wet and excited…. No need to go deep at this point!

[flv:/videos/vie.flv 420 248]

If you want see her “oh face”, well, you’ll have to check out Yanks.com for the rest!!

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